Adrift. Reading 1 When you have finished reading your latest book complete the tasks A-G on task card 1. Reading 2

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Year 6 Pack 2 Autumn 1 2020

Choose a reading, writing and maths challenge a day- plus one from the wider curriculum. Tick them off as you go! It is okay to revisit or repeat things if it helps you to practise core skills.

Reading 1

When you have finished

reading your latest book

complete the tasks A-G on

task card 1

Reading 2

Reading comprehension

Unit A – see

accompanying PDF

Reading 3

Complete the



review for


non-fiction text


your choice

Reading 4

Reading comprehension

Unit B– see

accompanying PDF

Writing 1

This week you can

choose your own pobble activity from or try the one below!



Writing 2

Use the attached character profile sheet to create a character you would like to use in the story you write later this week.

Writing 3

This week you can

choose your own pobble activity from


Writing 4

Use the story idea generator and then write a story using your ideas.


Maths 1

Area and Perimeter

Watch the videos below to remind you how to calculate the area and perimeter of rectangles and triangles and then have a go at the work below. Y1bsazcgM dxURXMdFY&pbjreload=101

Maths 2

Long Multiplication

It’s time to get calculating. Have a watch of the video below to remind you how to do long multiplication. Then complete the calculations at the bottom of this table. There are also some sheets to help you practise your times tables. Good luck and happy calculating! RVYwunbpMHA

Maths 3

Negative Numbers

For this work we are looking at negative numbers. We have done some of this work in Big Maths. Watch the video to remind you and have a go at the work below. oLCXpao6s

Maths 4


This work is about plotting co-ordinates in four quadrants. Watch the tutorial and then have a go at the work below the grid. =r16I6LB2YbQ


Wider Curriculum


Variation and adaptation

We have learnt about how animals and plants adapt and survive in their environment. Watch this video to remind yourself: video/science-ks2--ks3-how-animals-have-adapted/z4y76v4

Choose one of the species below and research the following information: What is it called?

Where does it live?

What are the different adaptations your species has to enable it to survive winter?

Draw a picture and explain the different adaptations your species has to survive, such as: migration, hibernation, growing a thick coat, storing food.

Species to choose from:

Grey squirrel Blue whale American bison Skunk Stoat Brown bear Dormouse Swallow Garter snake

You can present this in any way you wish.


It’s important to be active every day, so here are some ideas for you to try out:

1. Choose a selection of the workouts by Joe Wicks. 30 minute workouts: xBsXs1WmPcektsQyFbXTf9FO

Short, energising workouts: xBuxu3sLztrvWFehzv-LnR2c

2. Create your own workout and teach it to another member of your family.

Include: star jumps, lunges, burpees, skipping, push ups, squats, jogging on the spot.


You are going to have a go at using a drawing grid to create a picture of a lion. Below you will find an image of a lion inside a grid, and a blank grid for you to use. Drawing using a grid is very different to how we normally draw! Make sure you follow these instructions carefully:

 Start with the top left square

on the lion picture. Copy all the detail from this little square into the top left square on the blank grid.

 When your first square is

completely finished, then move right to the next square, and repeat

 Move along the grid,

completing each square one at a time

It will take a while for your picture to come together, so take your time and pay attention to the details!


A little kindness can go a really long way. Make a list of kind gestures that you can do at home. Think of at least five and try to include as many people in your family as possible. Over the day, see how many kind acts you can complete without telling them what you are up to.

Could you unload the dishwasher without being asked? Could you play your brother’s favourite game with him? Could you offer to carry the shopping in from the car?

Think about how your kind gesture might have made the person feel. What happened afterwards? Are any of these gestures things that you could do again this week?


Without Gravity

Question time!

What does the word ‘perplexed’ mean?

Why are the scientists huddling around a machine? Why is their laboratory underground?

What do they do in their laboratory? Do you think anyone knows about it?

Why might they be in ‘BIG’ trouble this time? What is happening in the picture?

Do you think this is just happening in their home?

Sick sentences!

These sentences are ‘sick’ and need help to get better. Can you help?

Something bad had happened. Something had gone wrong. Objects started going around the room. The girls started going around the room.

Sentence challenge!

Can you make a list of verbs that could replace ‘went’ in my sentences below? The girl went across the room.

Can you add an adverb to this sentence? Can you use the adverb in a different place? Can you improve the sentence in any other way?

Perfect picture!

Imagine the same thing was happening in your classroom! Can you draw what it would look like?



Question time!

Imagine you are on a sinking ship. You have 1 minute to grab as many items as you can to take with you on a lifeboat. If you could take 10 items with you to help you survive and be rescued, what would they be?

Can you rank the following 10 items in order of importance in helping you to survive? A mirror A bar of chocolate A bottle of water A map A rope A fishing net An Emergency blanket A mobile phone A flare gun A whistle Sentence challenge!

Can you write a sentence containing a relative clause, starting with a noun? E.G. The ocean, which was usually his greatest friend, was now his worst enemy. Fish, which he usually hated eating, were now the only thing keeping him alive.

Sick sentences!

These sentences are 'sick' and need your help to get better. The man sat in the boat. It was cloudy. He could see lightning. Perfect picture!

Can you draw a picture of the man and the boat during the terrible storm?


Storm-clouds gathered all around him like a pack of wolves surrounding their prey. The tormenting threat of thunder echoed through the night air, as streaks of silvery lightning illuminated the darkness. The storm was far away, for now, but it still filled his heart with fear.

He had made it this far, but how would he survive the night? Would he ever see his family again?

Can you continue the story of the man adrift in the ocean? How did he find himself in this situation? How will he stay alive on the vessel? You could write a diary entry for a day he spends at sea trying to survive.


Reading Tasks 1

Task A Give the book marks out of ten.

Task B Draw a picture of your favourite bit in

the book. Colour it in.

Task C Write down 3 new words you have

learnt from this book.

Task D Draw a picture of your favourite person

in this book. Write his or her name down.

Task E Make up a sentence about your favourite bit in the

book. Why did you like this bit?

Task F Copy out your favourite sentence from

this book. Why do you like this sentence?

Task G Make up three questions you could ask

someone about this book to test whether they

have read it carefully