Traffic Generation for your lead magnet







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Traffic Generation

for your lead magnet

Taught by Kamila Gornia Digital Marketing Strategist & Biz Coach


What’s this all about?

You need traffic to get leads!

Traffic + Offers = Leads & Money

Having an irresistible lead magnet and an

amazing landing page is nothing if you


How many people do I need?

You want to drive traffic TO YOUR LANDING PAGE with

the lead magnet.

How many sign ups do you want to get in the next 30


Don’t be afraid to dream big, we will go through how to



● I want to generate 250 sign ups to my landing page in the next 30 days ● I execute the traffic plan as outlined in here and start promoting it


● After a couple of days of active promotion (maybe once 100-200

people visited the landing page), I will go ahead and check my landing page’s analytics to see what is my conversion rate.

● Looks like my conversion rate is 30% (so, of those 100 people who

visited my landing page, 30 of them opted in).

● Since my goal is 250 sign ups, I now know how much I need to


Yay, math...

(subscriber goal x 100) / (conversion rate x 100) = how many visitors I need to reach my subscriber goal

(250 x 100) / (0.30 x 100) = 25000/30 = 833

I need to get approximately 833 visitors to my landing page in order to reach my goal of 250 sign ups.


Traffic plan Worksheet

Based on what I’m going to present you

here, adapt it to fit your own goals,



Before we get started….

Make it EASY for others who sign up to SHARE your

landing page with others. Tap into the viral potential.

Create the Thank You page as another landing page -

make the sharing buttons prominent and make sure

they link to the original landing page with the opt-in

fields, not the TY page

In the email they receive from you, ask them to share

with their twitter followers/fb fans that they just

joined/downloaded your lead magnet.


Traffic Plan


○ Participate in Facebook groups

■ When are the free promo days? ■ Make a calendar of when to share

■ Ask a question w/ graphic to gauge interest - keep a note of

who’s interested or liked it. Message them later on with a link as a follow-up.

■ Engage with people authentically + be of service, keep a note

of conversations that are happening where you can help

○ Facebook Ads


Traffic Plan


Facebook Page

Post on your page with the link + details on the

lead magnet. Pin this to the top of your page.

If your target is entrepreneurs or bloggers:

Participate in #FollowFriday on various pages.

You can then DM people telling them thank

you, and why you thought they are great and

tell them how you can help.


Traffic Plan


○ Schedule tweets to go out, 1-2 per day (depending on how often

you tweet currently) with different copy to see what gets the most engagement too.

■ You can schedule it out via Hootsuite, Edgar, or Sprout Social,

or ManageFlitter (my favorite).

○ @Mention people who you think might be interested. Don’t assume

they want your opt-in. Start a conversation.


Traffic Plan


○ Write 1-3 blog posts that would be a lead-in to your lead magnet. ■ Something that would make your lead magnet as a clear and

irresistible next step.

■ Make the blog post GOOD, valuable, something that people

would want to share! Include an image on the bottom of the post (and you could include a smaller call-to-action in the beginning too, to tell people to scroll down to the bottom for something special they can get for free) and have the image direct them to your landing page.

■ Distribute your blog posts as you normally do. Facebook,


Traffic Plan


Create a graphic that relates to your blog post and

has a “next step” outlined in the bottom. Pin it to

your boards.

Create it via Photoshop, PicMonkey, Canva, etc

Re-pin it to other “Shared” boards you are a part of


Traffic Plan


Reach out to some of your contacts and let them

know about this lead magnet.

Reach out to your friends and JVs and let them

know about the lead magnet and if they can help

share it.

Reach out to people via FB groups, email, etc with

the link to your blog post that has the lead magnet

featured, position the blog post as a solution to


Traffic Plan

Strategic commenting

Comment on people’s blogs where you know their

audience also comprises of your target. Put your

landing page in the URL link OR put your recent

blog post.

Be helpful, leave thoughtful comments so that it’s

clear you are sincere and not just trying to

comment for the sake of commenting.


Traffic Plan


If you are active on IG, change the link in your

profile to your landing page.

Post some posts/graphics that relate to your lead

magnet with relevant hashtags in the comments

to drive more eyes. Encourage people to check

out the freebie by clicking on the link in the profile.


Traffic Plan

Google Plus

○ Find some G+ communities to join that are relevant to your idea/for

your target audience.

■ Post your landing page for free promo days

■ Post your blog posts that feature the landing page opt-in and

position them as helpful, not as just drive-by spamming/sharing

○ Post your landing page/blog post and share it with people in your

circle that includes your target audience. Check the “share via email” option. Do this RARELY. Only once ideally.


Traffic Plan

PPC ads (Google Adwords)

Set up some PPC ads for your landing page

Do this only if you are sure the sales funnel you

created works well. Ideally only do this if you have

a CVO sales funnel in place so you can have a


Traffic Plan

Guest blogging

○ Find some other blogs you know your target audience frequents and reads ■ Keep a spreadsheet of your target websites to write for. Anything from

BIG to smaller ones with a good audience/engagement.

■ Reach out to them with a proposition for a guest blog.

■ Include a link to your landing page in your author bio. Make sure it’s

linked properly. Put JUST the landing page, especially for a big blog. For smaller ones, you could put website + landing page link.



Check the worksheet (Excel doc) for extra

support on some of these