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Academic year: 2021

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RESTful based API for VRM

RESTful based API for VRM

in Cloud Environment


Chu JunSheng B Khasnabish Meng Yu

Chu JunSheng, B. Khasnabish, Meng Yu

Wednesday March 30, 2011






VRM Requirements

VRM in practice

Problem Statements

Issues for Discussion


VRM Requirements

VRM requirements identified in Beijing meeting.


Grouping virtual resources hierarchically is the efficient

Grouping virtual resources hierarchically is the efficient

way to manage and schedule virtual resources.

Resource Authentication and Authorization during





resource access control and resource request.

Support flexible virtual resources scheduling to satisfy

different services/applications requirements.

different services/applications requirements.

Support inter-cloud resources sharing to infinitely

extend the cloud capabilities.


VRM Framework

Interface-1: Used for resource request, status query, system configuration, etc.

Interface 2: Used by Client to

Interface-2: Used by Client to

bind/utilize the allocated resources, system configuration, etc.

Interface-3: Used for resource

registration/deregistration, resource scheduling, monitoring, etc.


VRM in practice

Industry&SDO API Function Description Resource Types

b h id b h l d i

IBM WebSphere CloudBurst


provide access to WebSphere virtual images and patterns.

Cloud groups, Hypervisors, Networks, Storage, VM, IP groups, IP addresses.


create and manage cloud

resources, including compute,

Cloud, VDC, Cluster, VM, vNet, Public Address, Backup, Volume, only

, g p ,

storage, and networking.

, p, , Snapshot, Network Interfaces

Oracle Cloud Resource Model


interact with the resources to achieve provisioning, associating, modifying, and

ti i f titi

Cloud, VDC, Zone, Template, VM, Volume, vNet, Archive, Network Interface, Snapshot, Assembly I t S l bilit G

retiring of entities. Instances, Scalability Groups.

VMware vSphere/ Infrastructure


provide a way of interfacing with the Virtual


VDC, Cluster, Template, VM, Resource Pool, Datastore, Network

VMware vCloud REST API provide support for API Versions, Log in/out, JSON,


p pp

developers who are building interactive clients of VMware Cloud Director.

, g / , Organizations, Network, Catalog, vDC, Media Image, vAppTemplate.

Rackspace Cloud S


allow developers to build th i l ti t f

VM, Server Addresses, Server A ti Fl I B k

Server JSON their own solutions on top of Rackspace's infrastructure.

Action, Flavor, Image, Backup schedules, shared IP Groups.



manage cloud infrastructure, include deployment, autonomic scaling and monitoring.

resource types: Compute, Network, Storage. sub-types: NetworkInterface, StorageLink


g g , g


provide the means to access cloud storage and to manage the data stored.

Container, Accounting, Data Object(Files, Block Devices, Object Stores, Database


Problem Statements


t i t


d l

d/d t




lti l

In current virtualized cloud/data centre environment, multiple

hypervisors are deployed to

Eliminate hypervisor vendor lock-in,

Avoid service unavailability when some same type of hypervisor upgrade or

Avoid service unavailability when some same type of hypervisor upgrade or patch failed.

Satisfy different service requirements, such as better support and performance, disaster recovery, business continuity, security, etc.

Offer customers multiple choices to select their preferred platforms.

Disadvantages in current VRM model

Different hypervisors provide different kinds of APIs.

Different virtualization platforms provide different views of hierarchical resources.

Different hypervisors have different ways to describe resource attributes.

A unified VRM model is needed to aggregate and manage different

A unified VRM model is needed to aggregate and manage different

kinds of resources provided by multiple hypervisors.


Lightweightg t e g t


Issues in VRM

What kind of VRM model we need?

Integrate resources provided by multiple hypervisors.

Access control to resource registration.

Resource scheduling to resource request.

Resource binding and utilization to resource client.

How to hierarchically organize virtual resources?

How to hierarchically organize virtual resources?

Easy to migrate Services/Apps to VRM platform.

Implement DC/LAN functions in VRM platform.

Virtual resources sharing/isolation

Virtual resources sharing/isolation.

Easy extend system capabilities.

How to implement the interface in resource interactions?






What need the group to do?

Reach a consensus on the VRM model.

Reach a consensus on the hierarchical resources



Identify the necessary attributes of the resources.

Identify basic resource functions VRM need support

Identify basic resource functions VRM need support.

Come up with a unified API to facilitate resource



VRM Model

Function entities in VRM platform to perform functions such as resource (de-)register, resource provisioning, monitoring and configuring, etc.

(de )register, resource provisioning, monitoring and configuring, etc.

VRP (de-)registers to VRM.

VRC inquires VRM to provide demanded resources.

VRM checks the required resources from delivered resource pool.


VRC interacts with VRP to bind and utilize the allocated resources.


Virtual Resource Management

An unified REST API is provided for interaction among Resource Manager , Resource Client and Resource Provider.


If a hypervisor need provide resources to the cloud, it’ll support the API.

Adaptor decouples the unified REST API from any particular hypervisor in multiple hypervisor environment.


What is REST?

REST t d f R t ti l St t T f

REST stands for Representational State Transfer.

Architecture style for distributed hypermedia systems.

Focus on resources (not services).

Cli t / S d

Client / Server mode.

Lightweight and Simple (compare to RPC/SOAP/WS-*)

REST principles

Id tifi ti f

Identification of resources

Resources addressable .

Resources hierarchically organized.

A uniform, constrained interface in REST.

Representation oriented, such as XML, JSON, XHTML, etc.

Communicate statelessly in REST.

Evolved in parallel with HTTP 1.1

HTTP basic authentication


HTTP response status codes.

Data format and headers (Version Content Type etc)

Data format and headers (Version, Content-Type, etc).


What is REST?

Example Request: Retrieve attributes about a VM instance “345"

Example Request: Retrieve attributes about a VM instance 345 .

GET /cloud123/vdcs/vdc234/vms/vm345 Host: cloudplatform.com Authorization: Basic xxxxxxxx Accept: application/vnd.ietf.cloud.VM+json (username+ “:”+password) X-CloudOPS-API-Version: 1.0 Example Response: HTTP/1.1 200 OK Content-Type: application/vnd.ietf.cloud.VM+json Content-Length: nnn { "name" : “vm345", "uri" : "http://cloudplatform.com/vms/vm345" "run status" : "STARTED"run_status : STARTED ,

"description" : "This VM is deployed for web service" “cpu” : “2400” , “memory” : “2048” , “disks” : { [“/disk1”, “128”] } , “volumes” : {} , "back_up" : "http://cloudplatform.com/back-up?vm=345" ... “resource state” : { 13 “resource_state” : { “state” : “READY” } , “created” : “March 24, 2011 15:34:34 GMT”, }


Why is REST?

Features of cloud resource

Hierarchically organized.

Assigned with addressable URIs.

Assigned with addressable URIs.

Accessed and described with http protocol.

Operated statelessly.

Cloud VRM and REST are made for each other

Cloud VRM and REST are made for each other.

REST is becoming a preference for for resource



IBM WebSphere CloudBurst

Sun (Oracle) Cloud API





Next Step

Identify the indispensable resource attributes.

Identify the basic actions on resources.

Work on the draft




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