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Product description

StarOffice is a full-featured office productivity suite that runs on Solaris, Windows and Linux and is compatible with MS Office file formats.

StarOffice main components are • Writer (word processor • Calc (spreadsheet)

• Impress (presentation software) • Base (database)

• Draw (drawing program)

Product Editions and Configurations and

StarOffice and StarSuite 7 will come in the following two editions:

1. StarOffice Consumer Edition – this will contain the five main components and all the features of the core software.

2. StarOffice Enterprise Edition – this will contain all the elements of the Consumer Edition plus the StarOffice Configuration Manager and the StarOffice Software Development Kit. This edition will have two CDs.

The Consumer Edition will be available in the retail box, digital download, SDLC download and the OEM product. The Enterprise edition will be available in the Enterprise Kit and Education Kit. Notes: StarSuite is the Asian language equivalent of StarOffice.

StarOffice and StarSuite are based on the open source code at and benefit from the strong and growing community around

StarOffice 7 main features can be grouped into seven main areas:

1. Interoperability (MS Office, PDF, FLASH)

2. Accessibility

3. Enterprise configuration and management 4. Ease of Use/Productivity

5. Languages – Asian language enhancements, complex text layout 6. Software Development Kit

7. Increased stability, performance

Value Proposition

If you are an enterprise looking for the best alternative office suite to optimize your desktop, then StarOffice is the right choice because it delivers substantial cost savings, full functionality and features, MS Office interoperability, eliminates vendor lock-in with multiplatform support and superior XML file formats and is backed by Sun and its services organization.


• StarOffice reduces total cost of ownership for office productivity while maintaining productivity levels

• StarOffice is a low-risk alternative, ready for the enterprise

• StarOffice is interoperable with many third-party applications and file formats (XML, MS Office)

• StarOffice gives you control and choice • StarOffice is open source and supports

open standards and open file formats (XML)

• StarOffice XML strategy and vision has been validated by customers and


Sales Tactics

• Emphasize StarOffice has lower cost of ownership even after including migration, document conversion and training costs – use third party validation (e.g. Danish open-source report, customer refs) to support this • In addition to cost savings (licensing, no

hardware upgrades) focus on benefits: multiplatform support, PDF, open source and file formats (XML), no vendor lock-in, choice of upgrade timing

• Sell StarOffice if possible, during upgrades. Star deployments can be a long (6-12

months) sales cycle and engaging them at upgrades can shorten it. SMBs have a short sales cycles and could be a better


• Focus on the CXO as the key influencer. StarOffice benefits of costs, no lock-in, XML appeal more to them than to IT staff. • Stress minimal costs associated with

re-training since StarOffice has a familiar user interface and is easy to learn. File

conversion costs can be minimized by not converting files with a lot of macros or complex databases

• Stress interoperability with MS Office, avoid rip and replace. There will be users that require MS Office so point out how the two products can live side by side.

• Sell into organizations with multiple platforms – UNIX and Windows

• Use the Desktop Business Development Team to qualify opportunities, get account support and start StarOffice pilots.

• Sell as part of a bigger Sun solution -Madhatter desktop, SunRays, Sun workstations. Target Customers • Small-Medium Businesses (SMBs) • Global 2000 enterprises • US Government • Consumers/Home Office • APAC office productivity

• Emerging markets (Middle East, Latin America)

• ISVs, Developers in organizations

Target Customer Requirements

Look for customers that have one or more of the following characteristics

• Customers that are looking to save money on office productivity;

• Dissatisfied/angered with being locked into predatory licensing and forced upgrades

• Customers that have some MS Office 95 or MS Office 97 in their organization • Customers that have upgrade cycles of

more than three years

• Customers that have not signed a Microsoft Volume Licensing Agreement (VLA) or their current VLA is running out.

• Customers who need office productivity on UNIX so they can consolidate their workstation and PC into one UNIX workstation that does both day-to-day work and office productivity

• Customers that need the standard or typical office suite functionality • Customers that have a reasonable

amount or complexity of MS office files


Features/Benefits Table

High level features are listed here, refer to the end of this document for information on detail features/functions/benefits


StarOffice competitors can be grouped into three types:

• Main - MS Office

• Secondary Traditional – Corel

WordPerfect Office 2003, Lotus (IBM) SmartSuite

• Secondary Emerging – ThinkFree, Office 602, Hancom Office

• StarOffice strengths over MS Office – Significantly lower price/lower licensing

costs – up to 80% less expensive – Superior XML implementation

– Control of upgrade path and computing environment (nor forced upgrades) – Choice, not locked-in to any vendor; able

to choose office suite, OS, hardware and switch easily (multiplatform support) – Non-proprietary/open – especially file

formats (XML), communicating with XML-based files and systems.

• StarOffice strengths over WordPerect and Lotus SmartSuite

– Lower priced office suite

– Better MS Office interoperability – Stronger commitment to office

productivity (part of madhatter desktop, Sun workstations etc.)

• StarOffice strengths over ThinkFree Office, Office 602, Hancom Office – More features and functionality – Better MS Office interoperability – Superior XML file formats – Stronger commitment to office

productivity (part of madhatter desktop, Sun workstations etc.)

Where to Sell

• Enterprises (primarily Sun accounts) who are in a pilot now or enterprises waiting for stability release before deploying • US Government as accessibility support

will open this segment

• Key verticals where StarOffice benefits are valued: retail, financial services, banking

• Asia Pacific as there are many Asian language enhancements – usability, stability

• Organizations that have multiple

operating environments, especially ones that are considering a Linux/Solaris desktop

• Emerging markets (Latin America, Middle East)as StarOffice 7 has support for complex languages

• Organizations that would like to adopt open source products (show link between StarOffice and

Where Not to Sell

• Customers that can afford Microsoft’s new licensing policy and can upgrade to current version of MS Office.

• Customers that have made MS Office part of the IT infrastructure in the form of “middleware”

• Customers whose office productivity requirements include large amount of macros and complex database


• Customers that have a large amount of MS Office files or very complex MS Office files


Feature Benefits

StarOffice Configuration Manager (SCM) Easy to deploy and manage StarOffice users in an organization

Save/Export to PDF Share documents easily and across platforms using the PDF standard.

Improved MS Office compatibility – specifically import/export of graphics, text frames, charts, forms conversion

Exchange files easily and quickly with MS Office users

Protect investments in Office documents as they can be read, edited and saved in their native MS Office file format.

Ease of use enhancements – keyboard macro

recorder, database report autopilot Easy to learn and use and increasedproductivity Asian language enhancements, notably vertical

text support in word processor and spreadsheet, new fonts and spellcheck in Korean

Increased usability of StarSuite

Save/Export to FLASH StarOffice presentations and drawings can be viewed from any browser

Small Device Support StarOffice files can be viewed and edited on PDAs and edits can be transferred back to StarOffice

Accessibility functionality

Allows people with physical disabilities to access StarOffice functionality

Compliance with section 508 of US Government Disabilities Act

Complex Text Layout, Bi-directional support StarOffice can be used to author documents in complex languages

StarOffice Software Development Kit (SDK) –

APIs, examples, documentation Allows organizations to integrate existingapplications with StarOffice/StarSuite or create enhancements to existing applications

Create custom applications that work with StarOffice/StarSuite

Inclusion of all three v6.0 product updates,

document recovery feature Increased stability, usability and performance .


Product StarOffice 7 Office Suite 1.1

Pricing • Retail: USD $7995 MSRP

• Enterprise, SMB: Tiered volume licensing starting at $60 • Education: Media Cost and


• Download: USD $79.95MSRP

• Download: Free

Product Specifics

Writer - Word processing X X

Calc - Spreadsheet X X

Impress - Presentation X X

Draw - Graphics X X

Base - Adabas D (Software AG) Yes - Licensed No; Databases must be integrated StarOffice Configuration Manager

(SCM) X - Includes a new user friendlyinterface, roaming profiles, single sign on, security and authentication features.



Languages Core languages: English, German,

French, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Simplified Chinese Spanish, Swedish,Traditional Chinese. Additional languages planned: Brazilian Portuguese, Arabic

*26+ languages (in various stages of completion)


Platforms Windows, Linux, Solaris Windows, Linux, Linux PowerPC,

Solaris, Mac OS X, FreeBSD, IRIX, Linux/390/HP-Unix

Spellchecker Licensed, commercial quality Community developed

Extras + Templates Over 100 clipart images and templates – Licensed, commercial quality

Community developed

Extra Filters Document filters – commercial

quality Community Developed

Extra Fonts Agfa Asian fonts

Windows metric-compatible fonts Must be downloaded from open-source sites (e.g., Bitstream) Services and Support


Product StarOffice 7 Office Suite 1.1

Documentation Printed document includes:

General: • Set up Guide • Users Guide For Enterprise: • Migration Guide

• Software Administration Guide • Database Connection Guide • Creating and Using Forms

Electronic document files

Quality Assurance Extensive tests through Sun Quality

Assurance program Community organized

Training • Web-based Courses

• Instructor Led Training

Community organized; 3rd-party

support Enterprise Support Services • Patches and Upgrades

• Deployment, Migration Services • Help Desk Support

• Training

• Sun's Support Forum • Documentation

*Discontinued products supported for five years after Last Ship Date.

Community newsgroups and mailing lists (self help support); 3rd-party


End User Support Services • 60 day end user support certificate (included with retail, etail,pre-installed, and

download products) • Sun's Support Forum

Community newsgroups and mailing lists (self help support); 3rd-party


System Requirements

Solaris Operating Environment

Solaris 8 Operating Environment (SPARC Platform Edition) or higher

Java Runtime Environment 1.4.1 or higher Installation of GNOME 2.0 (Sun's GNOME available form

GNOME 2.0 or higher required for support of assistive technology tools via Java

accessibility support

Java Access Bridge v1.0.3 to enable accessibility features only (see Memory 128 MB

Disk Space 300 MB

Display X Server with 800x600 or higher resolution with 256 colors. Linux

Linux Kernel version 2.2.13 or higher glibc2 version 2.2.0 or higher Java Runtime Environment 1.4.1 or higher GNOME 2.0 or higher required for support of assistive technology tools via Java

accessibility support

Java Access Bridge v1.0.3 to enable accessibility features only (see CPU Pentium-compatible PC Memory 128 MB

Disk Space 300 MB

Display X Server with 800x600 or higher resolution with 256 colors

Microsoft Windows

Microsoft Windows 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP Java Runtime Environment 1.4.1 or higher Java Access Bridge v1.0.3 to enable accessibility features only (see CPU Pentium-compatible PC Memory 64 MB

Disk Space 250 MB

Display 800x600 or higher resolution with 256 colors Filters Microsoft Word 5.0, 6.0, 95, 97, 2000, XP, 2003 Excel 4.0, 5.0, 95, 97, 2000, XP, 2003 PowerPoint 97, 2000, XP, 2003 WordPerfect 4.1, 4.2, 5.0, 5.1, 6.0, 6.1 WordPerfect for Windows 5.0, 5.1, 6.0, 6.1, 7.0

Ami Pro2 1.1, 1.2, 2.0, 3.1


Java and JavaScript™ technologies OLE, DDE

ODBC, SQL, Active Data Objects (ADO) POP3, IMAP4, VIM, NNTP, SMTP XML and iCAL import/export calendar support

HTML and RTF LDAP, HTTP, FTP Year 2000 compliant


StarOffice 7 and StarSuite 7 Evaluation CDs

There are two StarOffice/StarSuite 7 evaluation CDs:

1. StarOffice/StarSuite limited life CD – this is a fully-functional CD that expires after 90 days. Users would then need to re-install a standard version but configuration settings and

StarOffice files that were created using the evaluation version would remain intact. Large quantities can be ordered from the vendor (information on this would be forthcoming) and small quantities (<50) can be ordered from Java Cart

2. StarOffice/StarSuite 7 Enterprise Evaluation Kit

This kit contains standard, fully-functional CDs (no expiration) and a 90-day RTU license, which can be renewed. This kit is orderable from the pricelist.

For More Information

internal website: http://software/desktopsolutions/staroffice

external websites: and





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