Thank you for your time and consideration

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Thank you for your time and consideration

Built To Serve Businesses


Past And Present

POPP was incorporated in 1981 and our headquarters are in Golden Valley, Minnesota

We are privately held and debt-free

We serve thousands of businesses in Minnesota, Arizona, and Colorado and are:

o A CLEC licensed by the MN PUC

o An IXC licensed by the FCC

o An Internet Service Provider (ISP)

We designed, built, and operate our Network Operations Center (NOC) fully equipped with UPS power, backup generators, and 24x7 monitoring of software, hardware, and bandwidth

POPP’s core network achieves 99.999% uptime POPP is a Hybrid Internet Provider:

o We offer Internet connection options including copper, cable, and fiber

o We offer bandwidth from carriers such as CenturyLink, Comcast, and POPP

We are 100% dedicated to providing the best solutions to support your business processes

Our Products


POPP Generation 7 Business Model

POPP representatives operate as:


we do research and math to provide credible advice


we are authorized to act on our partners’ behalf


we listen, learn, and share knowledge because we care

Our Passion

To Make A Difference By Doing It Better

Our Unique Services

Customized Business Networks

o We partner with multiple suppliers to provide the best network for your business

o Rightsized services – we do the research and math to save you money

Live, Local, Proactive Support

o Available, proactive network advisors

o Help Line technicians with a “we can help with that” attitude

Better Information, Better Decisions

o Relevant, client-friendly information that simplifies network operations


Communication Networks Are

Complicated And Important

Our approach is to simplify the complexity, maximize reliability, and minimize cost

POPP knows the network from the desktop to the world

POPP Offerings

• Internet Connections

– POPP, Comcast & CenturyLink

• Dell SonicWALL Firewalls

• Cisco IP Phones & Toshiba Phones

• Unified Communications


Offering Customizing Rightsizing Benefits

Internet POPP offers over 20 bandwidth copper, cable, and fiber options through multiple carriers including the local cable TV and

telephone companies

Research and do math to calculate bandwidth needed for: fast Internet, VoIP, video, cloud, e-mail, and web sites

 Save money by paying only for bandwidth you need

 Less attractive to cyber criminals and packet storms that overpower processors

 Limit the size of the Internet Playground

VoIP / Voice

POPP offers local, long distance, and toll free services on many types of technologies to align with the type of connection required by your telephone system

Identify the type and quantity of voice services your business needs Design networks with multiple connections to fulfill reliability specifications

 Save money by paying only for voice services needed

 Separate connections for Internet and voice to increase reliability while keeping costs low

Firewall POPP offers state-of-the-art Generation 5 firewall appliance models with deep packet inspection, load balancing, and failover for

businesses that need high reliability and have multiple connections

Rightsize firewalls and configurations (including number of endpoints and VPNs) based on your

business needs Align bandwidth download capabilities with firewall

processor capabilities

 Protect your computer processors, private business information, databases, and reputation

 Utilize load balancing and failover to reduce loss in productivity

 Limit access to specified web sites based on your company policies

 Block unwanted Internet traffic and cyber criminals from infecting your network

 Limit exposure to the Internet Playground and malware



POPP offers on-site, premise-based phone systems and hosted (cloud) IP phone system solutions

Discuss your LAN specifications to determine the type of phone system and number of lines, seats, and services that best meet your business needs

 Scalable systems that adjust to your changing business needs

 Mobility and smartphone integration

 Unified communications

 Outlook and CRM integration

We Rightsize By Doing Research And Math

To Achieve Productivity, Reliability, And The Best Value


POPP Network Advisors

Proactively Communicate Information About:

– Internet and bandwidth options

– Bandwidth needed for cloud services (Microsoft SharePoint, Salesforce, and other cloud hosts)

– Vulnerabilities of having converged communications – Internet and voice on one connection

– Unified communications

– Protection from cyber criminals provided by the Internet

Live, Local, Proactive Support

Proactively provide customized Internet, voice, and IP phone options as your business needs change

Perform Network Rightsizing Reviews–including research and math–to maintain productive, secure, and cost-effective networks Assist with network administration

Assist with network changes that occur due to:

o Business growth (e.g., additional branch locations and telecommuters)

o New communication technology

o Cyber criminal threats

Assist with analysis of actionable information

o Network Vitals Reports

o Voice Time Analytics

o POPP Internet Connection Dashboard

Help you understand your network configurations by using maps and client-friendly terms


POPP Internet Connection Dashboard

POPP technicians and clients can identify top web sites visited and applications consuming the most bandwidth.

Available on Manage My Account at

POPP Help Line And Field Technicians

• Answer all service calls live 24 hours a day, 365 days a year

o One number to call: (763)797-7900

• Communication technology engineers are available to assist with complex configurations

• Focus on:

o Network elements including specifications and configurations

o Interoperability of configurations, options, and settings

o Tools to quickly test and repair slow Internet and voice connections

Fast Service and Repair Tools

Live, Local, Proactive Support

POPP Connectivity Testing (aka Managed Services) 24x7

Every 2 to 5 minutes, POPP servers connect with POPP client premise equipment to test connectivity. If multiple tests fail, we investigate.

TeamViewer 10

POPP technicians can remotely access your desktop to help you identify and/or solve Internet access and speed issues faster.


5+ Connection Types

o Internet

o Voice/VoIP

o Security Line

o Fire Alarm Line

o Point of Sale Line

Network Vitals Reports

Actionable Network Information For Making Better Decisions

10+ Service Types

o E-mail

o Local

o Long Distance

o Voice Mail

o Automated Attendant

o Call Recording

Information Provided

o Location

o Inventory

o Configurations

o Use

o Users

o Costs

Location Types

o Main Office

o Branch Office

o Telecommuters

o Mobile

Better Information, Better Decisions

Easy Access to Reports on Manage My Account


Voice Time Analytics To

Increase Productivity

Voice is the number one preferred method of communication when:

– There is an urgent problem to solve – There is a serious negotiation

– Building a relationship to make a sale or receive a high service rating

What Can You Learn By Analyzing

Incoming Calls:

Time Spent by Clients, Suppliers, and Prospects

Outgoing Calls:

Time Spent by Employees Calling Clients, Suppliers, and Prospects

• Top 10 Incoming Callers

• Incoming Calls from Each State and Country

• Top 10 Phone Numbers Called • Outgoing Calls to Each State

and Country

Voice Time Analytics provide a fast, easy way to identify frustrated clients at risk

Better Information, Better Decisions

Easy Access to Reports on Manage My Account


Client Satisfaction Guarantee

At POPP, we believe that small and medium-sized businesses are important to our community. That’s why we’ve developed unique product and service offerings that save time and money.

We will work with you to customize and rightsize your business network, provide you with live, local, proactive support, and give you better information to make better decisions.

If, for any reason, you are not completely

satisfied within 90 days of becoming a client, we will pay to restore you to your original service. In addition, POPP will match the local phone

company’s changeover fee with a donation to a non-profit organization in your community.* We consider it an honor to serve you and your business.


Wm. J. “Bill” Popp President and CEO POPP Communications


*Guarantee does not apply to connections supplied by other carriers or connections that require

Bill started in the telecommunications industry in 1972 as a wire puller and is now President





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