Summer Solstice SEMINAR

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Summer Solstice


Achieving ‘Net Zero’ Within Your Home

Presented By: Solar Energy USA


Who Is Solar Energy USA?

• GA’s largest residential solar company

• Locations from coast to coast

• 25+ locations by the end of 2012

• Goal: Offices in every state

• Corporate office:

• Powered by 100% solar energy

• Free solar powered EV charging station

• We share a company Chevy Volt

• Solar powered parking lot lighting

• Commercial lighting division based out of Greenville, SC


Introducing Net Zero USA

• Home improvement division

• Specializing in energy efficient home improvements designed to dramatically

reduce a power bill

• Efficiency and solar have a synergistic relationship

• When combined with our affordable solar solutions, our Net Zero

improvement line will allow you to completely eliminate your power bill, thus achieving zero energy

consumption within your home!

• Become energy independent and never pay for power again!


Achieving Net Zero

• Understand your power bill

• Measured in kWh (kilowatt hours)

• Charged for every kWh of power that you use

• Tiered rate - as you use more you get penalized with a higher charge

• Understand where you lose efficiency

• Understand your options for improvement

• Create a plan of attack (we can help)! Over 50% of your

power goes to heating and cooling


Tools For Achieving Net Zero

For Energy Reduction/Efficiency

• Windows

• Insulation

• Attic Ventilation

• Other DIY Improvements

For Energy Production/Independence

• Solar Power

• Solar Thermal


Energy Reduction

- Every Window Is


Created Equally

• Number of panes

• Depth of glass pack

• Low-E

• Argon gas

• Understanding a window label

• U-factor

• Solar heat gain coefficient


Energy Reduction

– Insulation / “Foam In Your Home”

• You’ve heard the radio advertisements advertising the newest type of home insulation

• Spray Foam Insulation is the most innovative, efficient insulation option available

• Watch this video from the History Channel (first 2 minutes)


Why Spray Foam?

• More efficient than traditional insulation

• Creates a thermal barrier

• Shortest payback period and highest return on investment over any other Energy STAR rated product, with average payback


Energy Reduction

–Attic Ventilation (An Alternative To Spray Foam)

• Solar Powered Attic Ventilation is an affordable alternative to Spray Foam Insulation

• Keep your attic space cool without using any power!

• The attic fans work in conjunction with your roof openings by pulling in cool air while pushing out hot air

Fun Fact: Traditional hard-wired attic fans are no longer allowed in new construction (it has been deemed a fire hazard).

30% Federal tax credit eligible!


Energy Production

- How Does Solar Power Work?

• The solar panels on your home collect energy from the sun in DC form and inverters convert it into AC form

• You then use the converted AC solar energy as power within your home

• Solar power that is generated but not used within the home is sent back into the power grid at a credit

• A second type of solar is called solar thermal or solar water heating

• Solar Thermal uses a rooftop collector connected to a series of tubes that go into your water heater and give you free hot water warmed by the sun


Energy Production

- Will The Power Company


Pay Me?

• Yes. We generate 100% of our own SOLAR power at our HQ in Alpharetta. Sawnee EMC


How Many Panels Do I Need?

• That is the million dollar question!

Major factors:

• How much energy do you use?

• How many panels can fit on your roof?

• What are your plans for making your home more efficient?

• Efficiency is normally more cost effective than solar and should be a part of the equation

• BUT right now tax credits cover 65% of the total cost of going solar

• These credits will run out soon!

Average solar install has a 6 year payback!

Our warranty is 25 years, system life is


Energy Independence

- Charging Stations And Solar Powered Cars

• It may sound futuristic, but solar powered cars are already becoming popular

• We share a company Chevy Volt and recharge it with the solar panels that are currently

generating power above your head

• We drive in excess of 500 miles each week for FREE using no gasoline in our solar powered car

• Most auto manufacturers are planning plug-in models, from the $22,000 Mitsubishi iMIEV to the $40,000 Ford Focus EV

• With EV charging stations your garage becomes the fuel station!

Fun Fact: One of our solar customers in Marietta has FIVE EVs!


Our First Net Zero Customer Lives Right Down The Road…

• First installed solar thermal in 2010

• Installed 8 solar panels in 2011

• Installed 8 more solar panels in 2012 along with new energy efficient windows to bring her power bill down to Net Zero

• Lives in Roswell, GA

• 16 Panels

• 3.76 kW

• 30 Tube Solar Thermal Collector

• 80 Gallon Solar Thermal Tank

Fun Fact: This homeowner disconnects from her gas service during spring and summer months


Net Zero Customer Adam B.

• Installed 22 solar panels in 2011 to bring

power bill down to Net Zero

• Lives in Cumming, GA

• 22 Panels

• 5.17 kW

Fun Fact: This homeowner was paid a $1,500 dollar cash incentive from Sawnee EMC days after the solar install was


What About My HOA? - Solar Customer Vince H.

• Installed solar panels in 2011 after talking with HOA about rewriting bylaws to allow solar

• Lives in Cumming, GA in the Polo Country Club

• 22 Panels

• 7.05 kW

Fun Fact: This homeowner was featured in an AJC article about HOA solar allowances and restrictions



• We will help you understand your power bill today!

• We are happy to schedule a time to come to your home and conduct a FREE energy inspection!

• We will help you develop a plan for achieving Net Zero within your home!




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