Amazon Minisite Megaprofits Video Series Outline

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Amazon Minisite Megaprofits Video Series Outline

Domain: _____________________________________________________________________



1. Topics

a. What do you need/want?

i. High-dollar items, babies/kids/pets ii. Work-related, recreation, hobbies b. What is popular right now?

i. Make sure your trends aren’t regional c. What will always be popular (“evergreen”)?

i. Babies/kids/pets 2. Keyword Phrase

a. Exact searches over 1000, broad searches under 50,000 using Google Adwords Keyword Tool b. PR4 or under on first page Google results

c. 20,000 or less Y! page backlinks on first page Google results

d. Check Amazon for product availability and price (and more topic ideas!) e. Keep this simple and quick; these are GENERAL guidelines

3. Domain

a. Just add a generic word (online, info, shop, store, tips, guide, etc.) to the end of your keyword phrase to get a .com domain

b. Enter your nameservers right away so you can get to work on your site

Building Your Site:

1. Headers

a. Free Images – and

b. Paid Images – or (lots of others out there too) c. Use the free version of Xheader to create your headers

d. I prefer a size of 800x175 (crop/resize images to 175 pixels tall so they don’t distort) e. No more than two images per header; white image background

f. Save your header to your hard drive for use in Artisteer (or your preferred theme) 2. Artisteer

a. Two columns, sidebar on right

b. WHITE background and BLACK text for articles and sidebar c. Header size 800x175

d. Simple, uncluttered, usually light-colored background e. Experiment with the menu


g. Change search button

Site Setup – FlipMe Clone

1. Set up hosting & FlipMe Clone

a. Add domain to hosting account as an add-on domain (create hosting account for reseller hosting)

b. Go into public_html folder for chosen domain

c. Upload, flipmeclone.php, page.php and xmlapi.php files to your public_html site files (make sure all files upload completely!)

d. Enter into your browser and hit ‘enter’

e. Follow screen prompts, entering in all info in all fields. Get the OK from Flip Diva that your site has been cloned. (LOL)

2. Go to your WordPress admin panel ( – the login will be the same as the blog you originally cloned)

3. FlipeMe Clone will populate your site with most of the settings you’ll need. Those you will have to change are as follows, going from top to bottom in your WP admin dashboard:

Manual Site Setup

1. Add domain to hosting or create account if reseller 2. Install WordPress using Fantastico

a. Click WordPress in left sidebar b. Choose new installation

c. Choose domain (if basic hosting) d. Leave directory blank

e. Enter desired WP login username and password f. Admin nickname – admin

g. Enter “admin@” email

h. Site name and description should both be keyword phrase

i. Click “Install WordPress” and follow instructions until installation in complete 3. WordPress Settings

a. Log into your WP admin panel by going to, and using the username and password you just created

b. Posts  Add New

i. Keyword phrase as Title and Category ii. Add image and center

iii. Make this post “sticky” c. Appearance

i. Themes  Install Themes  Upload

1. Find theme on your hard drive, upload and activate ii. Widgets


1. Drag the following from the Available Widgets area over to the Primary Widgets Area on the right

a. Search, Recent Posts (show 10), Tag Cloud, and Calendar d. Plugins

i. Search and find, then activate, these free plugins to add to your site

1. Easy Contact, Easy Privacy Policy, SexyBookmarks, Simple Google Sitemap, and WordPress Database Backup (follow video instruction to utilize each)

ii. Add WP Amaz-One and activate e. Users  Your Profile

i. Check email to make sure it’s the “admin@” email f. Settings

i. General

1. Site Title and Tagline should be keyword phrase 2. Make sure email is “admin@” email (Save Changes) ii. Writing

1. Size of post box – 30 (Save Changes) iii. Reading

1. Front Page Displays – Your Latest Posts 2. Blog pages show at most - 20 posts

3. For each article in a feed, show – Summary (Save Changes) iv. Permalinks

1. Choose Custom Structure, and enter /%postname%/ (Save Changes) v. Contact

1. Recipient email is “admin@” email

2. I choose the “simple math” setting under Spam Reduction Options  Verification Type

3. Go BACK to Pages, create a new page, and type in [easy-contact] in the html tab and Update (this code will pull in the info you entered into the contact page) vi. Easy Privacy Policy

1. Click Create Page and your Privacy Policy page will be created automatically vii. WP Amaz-One - Set up a WP Amaz-One campaign with five posts using your own

affiliate ID and API information. Delete the least expensive/least attractive two product posts. Keep the other three.

viii. Shareaholic – This is your SexyBookmarks plugin. I use “most popular” for Enabled Networks, and then scroll all the way down to the bottom. Under Menu Placement, I choose Below Content, on Posts Only. (Save Changes)

Manual Site Transfer (Transferring the website to the new buyer’s hosting after the sale)

1. Open YOUR cpanel and click on File Manager. There will be a box that pops up – choose Web Root and Show Hidden Files. Click Go.


2. If you have reseller hosting, you’ll be in the right place. If you have regular hosting, use the left hand column to navigate to the domain of the site you want to transfer, double-click on it, and then click on Public HTML.

3. Click Select All, then Compress.

4. Choose .zip file, then Compress All. Your new .zip file will show up in your list of site files. 5. Click on the .zip file, and click Download. Download the file to your site’s file folder. Exit the File


6. Scroll down to Databases and click on phpMyAdmin.

7. Click on the name that represents your site database (not the information_schema). 8. Underneath all your database tables, click on Check All.

9. Scroll back to the top and click on the Export tab. 10. Under Export make sure SQL is checked.

11. Under OptionsStructurecheck the box for Add DROP TABLE / VIEW / PROCEDURE / FUNCTION / EVENT

12. Keep everything else as it is, scroll down and click Go. Save the database to your site’s file folder. Close out of your hosting completely.

13. Go to your domain registrar and change the nameservers to your BUYER’s hosting. Wait for the DNS to propagate. (I’ve had this take up to two days, but normally it just takes a couple hours, if that.)

14. Log in to your buyer’s hosting cpanel. If they have a reseller account, they will have provided you with that account’s cpanel login. If they have regular hosting, you will need to add the domain as an add-on domain. Do that first, then return to the Cpanel home.

15. Click on MySQLDatabases.

16. Under Create New Database, enter desired database name.

17. Click Create Database, and make a note of the prefix and database name in a notepad doc. It will look something like this: helm_ball - helm is the prefix…ball is my database name.

18. Go Back to MYSQLDatabases. Under MySQL UsersAdd New User, choose a username and a password (7 characters or under), and make a note of both the username and password on your notepad doc.

19. Click Create User, and then Go Back.

20. Scroll down to Add User To Database. Choose the user you created, choose the database you created, then click Add. Give ALL permissions.

21. Remember that .zip file full of the site files? Find it now on your hard drive and extract it. 22. After extracting it, right click on the wp-config.php file and open it up.

After the first couple paragraphs, you will see this language:

// ** MySQL settings - You can get this info from your web host ** // /** The name of the database for WordPress */

define('DB_NAME', 'helm_ball'); /** MySQL database username */ define('DB_USER', 'helm_baluser'); /** MySQL database password */


23. The three highlighted fields are where you will replace what is there with the new database name, database user and password that you have copied to your notepad doc. Note that the database name and user both have the prefix. The password does not use the prefix. Do not delete either of the quotes on either side, just replace what is between them.

24. Save the wp-config file and then re-zip the entire file package back up again. 25. In your buyer’s cpanel, click on File Manager.

26. Click Upload in the top menu, and upload the entire .zip file containing your site files.

27. Once it is completely uploaded, the .zip file will show up in the site files. Click on the .zip file to highlight it and then click on Extract. The files will extract and will show up as individual files again.

28. Make sure that all of these files are in the Public_HTML folder. If they are not, simply click Select All, and drag them over to your domain’s Public_HTML folder. (Then, double-click on the folder just to make sure they’re in there.) Close the File Manager.

29. Go to phpMyAdmin, and click on Import in the top menu.

30. Under File to Import, click Browse, and find your database file that you saved into your site’s file folder. Click Go.

31. You’re DONE! You can now log into the WordPress admin panel, and make any necessary changes to the site itself.

Site Transfer using FlipMe Clone

1. Open YOUR website’s cpanel and click on File Manager. There will be a box that pops up – choose Web Root and Show Hidden Files. Click Go.

2. If you’re using reseller hosting, simply upload the file called flipmeadmin.php to the root folder. If you’re using shared hosting, choose your root folder (will be the same as your domain name) and upload the file.

3. When the file has completely uploaded, open a browser tab and type in: and hit enter. FlipDiva will show up – just follow the directions on the screen, and download the file and save it to your website’s project folder for use later. Close your cpanel.

4. Open up the SITE BUYER’s cpanel and click on File Manager. Again, there will be a box that pops up – choose Web Root and Show Hidden Files. Click Go.

5. If they have a reseller account, they should have given you the cpanel information for the domain account they have created. If they have shared hosting, you’ll log into the cpanel, go to the file manager, and choose the root folder for the domain.

6. Underneath the line where you choose the file to upload, you will see a box for permissions – permissions must be set at 755 BEFORE uploading any files.

7. Upload the four files (, flipmeclone.php, page.php and xmlapi.php) to the root folder. Make sure all files are uploaded 100% before moving on.

8. Open a browser tab, and type in and hit enter. FlipDiva will show up and ask whether you want to create a database or already have one. Click on the option to create the database.


a. Domain – your domain without the http:// or www. b. Path – leave this as-is

c. Cpanel Username – your BUYER’s cpanel username d. Cpanel Password – your BUYER’s cpanel password e. Host (localhost) – just type in localhost

f. Desired Database Name – create a name for your database no longer than 7 characters g. Desired Database Username – create a username (I usually use the first three letters of

my Database Name and “user”), again, no longer than 7 characters h. Desired Database Password – create a password for your database 10. Click Install Backup.

11. If there are no errors on the next page, click the Install Backup button. 12. You’ll see a message stating “Cloning Complete. View Blog”.

13. Now you can log into the WP Admin panel for this site using the same logins you used when it was on your own hosting.

Site Organization

1. Create a “main” folder somewhere you can easily find it. Title this folder “Minisites”.

2. Within this folder, create folders for each new website based on keyword phrase or domain name. I put a number 1 at the beginning of the site name so that all of these folders show up at the top of my list.

3. Each of these folders is where you will place everything related to that particular site – header, themes, main image for your sticky post, backup files, etc.

4. The sites will stay here until a site is sold.

5. When a site is sold, I create a NEW folder with the buyer’s name as the title, with a 0 in front of the name. This folder will then show up above the sites folders.

6. I take the entire site folder and place it into the buyer’s name folder once it is sold. This way, at a glance, I can see which sites need to be transferred and which sites are still for sale.

7. When a site has been transferred to the new buyer, I email them the themes, and delete the buyer’s name file with the zero in front of it.


1. A big list is good; a BUYING list is better.

2. Offer free reports in exchange for an opt in. Ideas: a. How to Install WordPress

b. How to Configure WordPress Settings c. How to Transfer a WordPress Site d. How to Create a Web Banner for Free e. How to Do Niche Research

3. Create video tutorials

a. Use Jing – it’s free for up to five minutes of video

b. Create a video tutorial on any of the above subjects and give away in exchange for an opt-in.


c. Place these videos on YouTube with a link back to your site where people can opt in to receive a different free product.

4. Create free themes

a. Give away a set of free themes or, b. Sell them for $2 or $5

c. This is a GREAT way to build your list.

5. Choose a few IM-ers you admire and ask if they’d send an offer to their list.

6. Become a valued member of forums and post there – but be careful, it can be a time-suck!

List Nurturing

1. Building = acquiring; nurturing = keeping!

2. Create a real relationship with honesty, integrity and transparency.

3. Talk to your listmembers as if they are friends and respond to them when they email you. 4. Send free gifts, and offer products in a wide range of prices so everyone can purchase. 5. Do NOT lie to appear “bigger” than you are. Be real. Be you.

6. Treat your listmembers the way you like to be treated as a member of a list.


1. I recommend learning how to do everything yourself before you outsource. How else will you know that the outsourcer is doing things correctly?

2. Outsourcing will save time, but cost money, resulting in a lesser bottom line. It’s a trade off and may be worth it to you.

3. If you cannot create stunning headers, I highly recommend outsourcing this task. The header is the first thing noticed on a website.

4. Look to Warrior Forum classifieds (Warriors for Hire), or Fiverr alternatives for great outsourcers.

5. To keep a great outsourcer, pay them a bit more than is required, compliment them and leave them great feedback.

6. Always ask to see samples of their work, whether it be design work, site setups, writing, etc. 7. Make sure your instructions are clear and be aware and respectful of time differences and




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