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Spring-loaded, high-tension banner stand for wrinkle-free displays.

• Durable and professional

• Brushed, anodized aluminum finish • Clamping top bar to hold graphics securely • Easy to change-out

• Two swiveling support feet for balance and stability • Collapsible center support pole for easy transportation

Available in five sizes: 24”, 33”, 39”, 47”, and 60”. All units hold media 78.5” in length.

Looking for a trade show banner stand and display? Showcase your banner anywhere with these

high-quality stands and pop-up display systems. If you don’t find what you’re looking for here,

call a Britten representative to find the right display solution!

The perfect stand for large-format banner displays.

• Sleek, minimalist design

• Simple banner locking system for quick and easy set-up • Eliminates unsightly wrinkles and sagging

• High-quality steel base for stability • Collapsible and easy to transport

Holds banner sizes: 48” to 96” in width and 36” to 96” in height. Banner hem required: to accept no less than 1-1/8 diameter rod.

This snazzy banner stand is simple and easy to use.

• Modern and elegant

• Heavy-duty construction to withstand trade show wear and tear • Telescopic support pole to easily display large graphics

• One-piece base that is stable yet easily adjustable






X-shaped stand for exceptional strength and stability.

• X-shaped stand

• Strong supports joined by a durable PVC core • Heavy-duty graphite arms

• Aluminum legs

Available in two size ranges: 20”x64” to 24”x60” and 36”x79” to 48”x70”

Display rigid graphics with this modern and frameless stand.

• Frameless

• Sturdy and well-balanced • Holds rigid media up to 1” thick • Distinctive m-shaped steel base

Holds banner sizes: 36” graphics.

Additional support: included carriage bolt and wing nut system for rigid displays.

Portable and easy-to-use outdoor a-frame display.

• Withstands outdoor conditions

• Constructed with long-lasting molded plastic frame • Custom-printed panels are quick and easy to change • Collapsible for easy transportion and storage

Holds banner sizes: 36”x24” graphic panels.

Variety of applications: sidewalk signs, sandwich boards, messages boards, and more

The foolproof stand for beautiful, large-format banner displays.

• Classically-styled stand

• Eliminates unsightly wrinkles and sagging • High-quality steel base for strength and stability • Telescopic frame for quick and easy set-up

Holds banner sizes: 30” to 48” in width and 36” to 96” in height.





Flexible and stable banner stand for outdoor environments.

• Versatile outdoor stand

• Use for both single and double-sided banners

• Adjustable x-shape design to accomodate different sized banners • Durable aluminum center tension pole

• Flexible graphite arms

• Sturdy tank base can be filled with sand or water

Holds banner sizes: 24” to 36” in width and 54” to 72” tall.

High-quality frame with easy assembly and continued durability.

• Durable and professional

• Easy to assemble

• Sleek banner display system

• Use with any substrate, from vinyl to rigid • Telescoping banner frame

Holds banner sizes: any size up to 120” in width by 96” tall.

Unique design for great display and effortless assembly.

• Easy to assemble

• Visually appealing • Well-balanced system

• Sturdy stand with a 14” solid metal base • Telescopic square tubing

Holds banner sizes: from 48” to 90” in height and up to 30” tall.

This sleek and lightweight stand is perfect for banners with grommets.

• Flexible and adaptable

• Sleek and lightweight • Telescoping graphite arms • PVC core

• Adjustable angle of display

• Extremely versatile display presentation

Holds banner sizes: from 24” to 48” in width and up to 96” tall.





Retractable banner stand for single-sided banners.

• Simple and professional

• Retractable banner stand

• Adjustable center support pole for multiple heights • Attactive, brushed anodized aluminum base • Easy to change out

Holds banner sizes: from 30” to 78” in height, and widths of 24”, 33”, 39”, 47”, and 60”

Easy-to-use poster hanging solution.

• Adjustable cross-bar base

• Supporting rod accommodates a range of poster heights • Strong adhesive tape holds poster firmly at top and bottom • Eliminates wrinkles

Available in two sizes: 24” wide by 20”-63” tall and 33” wide by 24”-70” tall.

Beautiful and eco-friendly banner stand.

• Strong and lightweight

• Visually stunning • Made from bamboo

Available size: 39” wide by 78” tall.

Roll-up stand, perfect for displaying compact graphics.

• Durable and professional

• Spring-loaded, retractable display structure • Brushed aluminum base

• Chromed-plastic, decorative end caps • Quick and easy set-up

• Versatile solution for table-top presentations and trade show displays

Holds banner sizes: up to 11” by 17” graphics.





Dual-sided banner stand solution.

• Accommodates double-sided banners

• Sturdy metal clamps securely hold banner at top and bottom • Prevents unsightly wrinkles

Holds banner sizes: 23.5” wide by 63” tall and 31.5” wide by 71” tall

Durable, double-sided roll-up display handles the rigor of outdoor use.

• Sleek and professional

• Double-sided display

• 50 lbs. heavy-duty base securely holds media upright in breezy conditions • Features wheels for easy maneuverability

• Collapsible center support pole for easy transportation • Waterproof, black powder-coated steel finish

Available in size: 33” wide by 78.5” tall.

Hanging poster stand keeps banner wrinkle-free and looking good.

• Fully adjustable stand

• Durable metal clamp system secures the poster at top and bottom • Spring-loaded center support pole

• High-quality and heavy-duty zinc tripod base • Allows for two posters to hang back-to-back

Holds banner sizes: from 18” to 48”.

High-tension, retractable banner system.

• Durable and professional

• Two-sided banner stand

• Brushed, anodized aluminum finish • Stainless steel stabilizing foot • Collapsible 3-piece support pole • Spring-loaded

Available in three sizes: 33”, 39”, and 47”, holding graphic units 78.5” in length.





Quick-change, retractable banner stand for crisp, clean displays.

• Durable and professional

• Brushed aluminum base

• Clamping top bar to hold graphics securely

• Unique clamping bottom roller for quick change-outs • Spring-loaded support pole

• Stand supports an optional halogen lamp that can be installed at the top of the unit

Holds banner sizes: 33”.

Giant, adjustable banner stand to turn heads and command attention.

• Sturdy and stylish

• Spring-loaded retractable base • Thick anodized aluminum

• Supports optional LED or halogen lamps to enhance visual presentation

Holds banner sizes: 38” to 124” tall by 39” wide.

Beautiful banner stands made from natural bamboo.

• Strong and beautiful

• Made from lightweight bamboo • Easy to carry and transport • Quick assembly

Holds banner sizes: 24” wide by 72” tall.

Mounted display ideal for windows, mirrors, and point-of-purchase.

• Attaches to any smooth surface with two extra strong suction cups • Use both indoor and outdoors

• Four ultra-durable graphite arms

• Holds grommeted banners securely in place • Keeps visuals tensioned and wrinkle-free

• Center-hub attachment area of only 3” by 6” for a variety of display options

Holds banner sizes: up to 18” wide by 48” tall.





Portable table top banner stand.

• Durable and professional

• Miniature banner stand to hold small graphics • Easy to transport and store

• Portable 1-piece design • Compacts to fit in a pocket

Holds banner sizes: 8” to 11” wide by 15” to 18” tall.

Folding trade show counters.

• High-quality pop-up counter • Heavy-duty solid wood top • Beautiful glossy finish

• Rugged frame has magnetic bars for attachments • White PVC back panel

• Durable plastic shelf

Supports graphic sizes: 78” wide by 37” tall.

Pop-up, portable display system opens and closes in seconds.

• Versatile display

• Quick and easy to set-up

• Six graphic panels make up display • Multiple ways to arrange panels • Six white foam board panels

Graphic panels size: 27.5” by 39”.

Two arrangements: wall or a triangular column.

Durable brochure stand is the ideal display solution for trade shows and events.

• Rugged construction with elegant styling

• Holds brochures on both sides of the stand • Locking glass and metal frame

• Consists of six brochure shelves • Supported by a sturdy base

• Shatter-proof glass and chromed metal stand

• Collapsible center support pole for easy transportation

Holds brochure sizes: A4 and larger than letter-sized on both sides of the unit.








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