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How implant manufacturers use Additive Manufacturing to reduce production costs and increase profits


Academic year: 2021

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INNOVMAT – Smolenice, SK

2011-12-13 1

Electron Beam Melted (EBM


) Ti-based medical implants


How implant manufacturers use Additive Manufacturing

to reduce production costs and increase profits


Swedish innovation from the beginning of the 1990’s

Arcam AB incorporated 1997

Listed on Nordic Growth Market

• Main owner (25%) Industrifonden (Industrial capital trust)

Turnover 10.1 M€ (2010)

First EBM system delivered in 2003

About 70 systems installed worldwide

50 people, in Sweden, the U.S., Italy and China

Sales partners in Europe and Asia


INNOVMAT – Smolenice, SK

2011-12-13 3


Electron Beam Melting (EBM


A high energy beam (up to 3.000 W)

is generated in the electron beam gun

The beam melts each layer of metal

powder to the desired geometry

The high beam power gives high build

rate (up to 80 cm3/h) and productivity

Extremely fast beam translation

with no moving parts

Vacuum process eliminates impurities

and yields excellent material properties

High process temperature (700 ºC for

titanium) gives low residual stress –> no need for heat treatment


INNOVMAT – Smolenice, SK 2011-12-13 5



Medical Implants


Arcam Products


Medical Implants


Freedom in design

Excellent material properties

Cost-efficient production

And, for implant manufacturing


INNOVMAT – Smolenice, SK

2011-12-13 7

Design your trademark trabecular structure in CAD

Optimize for osseointegration

Pore geometry (no limitation)

Pore size (down to ~400 µm)

Porosity (up to ~85%)

Competitive manufacturing costs

EBM production cost, typical: < 2 € / cm3 trabecular structure



Pictures of bone growing into EBM-manufactured titanium implants with Trabecular Structures™

Courtesy of Professor Peter Thomsen, MD, Dept. of Biomaterials, University of Gothenburg.


INNOVMAT – Smolenice, SK 2011-12-13 9

Implant Categories

Acetabular cups

Revision cups


Femoral stems





Tibial trays

Femoral knees In production with EBM


Single-step production of solid and porous sections, with structural continuity between them

All-porous implants possible (augments, wedges, …)

No secondary high temperature process to apply the porous structure that could cause grain growth

High process temperature gives low residual stress, and no need for heat treatment after the build


INNOVMAT – Smolenice, SK

2011-12-13 11

Cost Savings with EBM

The additional cost for applying a porous coating on an acetabular cup can be anything from 30 to 60 € per cup

With EBM you produce the cups with an integrated porous

structure, which eliminates this cost

When producing acetabular cups from bar, 60-70% of the stock material is typically machined away

With EBM you only use the material needed to produce


EBM Production Cost, typical

Additive Manufacturing of Ti6Al4V acetabular cups with integrated trabecular structures

Cup Weight Build Batches per Cups per Production size cup, build time / batch week batch cost / cup

(g) (h) (€) 44 71 10 14 16 40 46 79 10 14 16 42 48 87 10 14 13 49 50 95 10 14 12 54 52 104 10 14 12 56 54 113 11 14 10 65 56 123 11 13 10 69 58 133 11 13 9 76 60 143 11 13 9 78 62 154 12 12 9 83 64 165 12 12 9 86 66 176 12 12 7 103


INNOVMAT – Smolenice, SK

2011-12-13 13

CE-certified acetabular cups with integrated, engineered Trabecular Structures™ since 2007

Implants with FDA clearance since 2010

> 40,000 cups manufactured

> 20,000 cups implanted Adler Ortho, IT 2007 Lima-Lto, IT 2007 Exactech, US 2010



EBM lets you design and produce unique trademark

Trabecular Structures™ with minimum investment

EBM offers a unique single-step production

method for solid and porous implants

EBM provides structural continuity between solid and porous sections, and requires no heat treatment

EBM is a proven and cost-efficient technology, with thousands of implanted CE-approved products


INNOVMAT – Smolenice, SK 2011-12-13 15



Medical Implants


Arcam Products




Turbine Blades

Material: γ-TiAl

Size: 8 x 12 x 325 mm Weight: 0,5 kg

Build time: 7 hours / blade

For stages 6 and 7 in the low pressure turbine in General Electric’s GEnx aero engine, where the TiAl (~4 g/cm3) replaces blades made in


INNOVMAT – Smolenice, SK

2011-12-13 17


Arcam AB

Krokslätts Fabriker 27A SE-431 37 Mölndal, Sweden Phone: +46 31 710 32 00

Web site: http://www.arcam.com

E-mail: info@arcam.com

Thank you for your attention!


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