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(1)3RD SUNDAY OF LENT•MARCH 3, 2013. ST. JOHN LALANDE P. a. r. i. s. h. Mass Schedule Weekend Masses Saturday 5:00 pm Sunday 8:00 & 10:00 am and 12:00 pm Daily Masses (or Communion Service) Monday, Wednesday, Friday 6:30 am Tuesday, Thursday 8:30 am. 805 N.W. R.D. MIZE ROAD • BLUE SPRINGS, MISSOURI 64015. Confessions Saturday 4:00-4:30 pm or by request. Holy Days and Holidays please check the bulletin for Mass times.. Parish Office Fax Email. (816) 229-3378. 229-1362 parishoffice@stjohnlalande.com. Fr. Ron Elliott, Pastor. x 303. Fr. Adam Johnson Deacon Doug Myler. x 305 x 327. Parish Staff Parish Operations Manager, Martin Verstraete x 304 Liturgy/Music Director, Vicky Neely x 338 RCIA & Confirmation, Deacon Doug Myler x 327 Outreach Ministry, Kim Shaw x 306 Bookkeeper, Teresa Rhoads x 307 Secretary, Jean Girardi x 300 Secretary & Annulment Advocate, Mary Engen, Secretary x 300 Advocate 224-5163 Diocesan Victim’s Advocate, Trish Peters (816) 756-1850 Ombudsman Jennifer Valenti (816) 812-2500. St. John LaLande School (816) 228-5895 School Principal, Natalie Helm Asst. Principal, Annie Ogilvie School Secretary, Donna Kappler Kids Club, Lisa McSparin. x 317 x 337 x 316 x 332. Parish Rel. Ed./PREP (816) 229-3378 Coordinator, Amy Davis. x 314. St. John LaLande Early Childhood Center 229-8343 Director, Molly McAnerney. x 342. Bulletin Deadline Please submit items by Monday, 10:00 am to Jean at jgirardi @stjohnlalande.com or call the Parish Office.. St. John LaLande Website www.stjohnlalande.com.

(2) The theme of our readings this weekend is mercy.. Mass Intentions Please call the parish office at 229-3378 if you would like to request a Mass intention for a loved one, living or deceased, or for a special intention. Monday, March 4 St. Casimir 6:30 am † Amparo Palmares Tuesday, March 5 8:30 am † Sam and Merlene Marcase Wednesday, March 6 6:30 am Special Intention Michaella Gordon Thursday, March 7 Sts. Perpetua and Felicity, Martyrs 8:30 am † Ernie Carrico Friday, March 8 St. John of God, Religious 6:30 am † Janice Officer Saturday, Mach 9 St. Frances of Rome, Religious 5:00 pm † Joseph and Jennie Sercar † John Mann Sunday, March 10 8:00 am † Ernie Carrico Special Intention Marge Bulleigh 10:00 am Special Intention All Parishioners 12:00 pm † Ray Gordon Special Intention Rosemary Gordon 5:00 pm †Marie Schumacher. Readings for the Week Sunday: Monday: Tuesday: Wednesday: Thursday: Friday: Saturday: Next Sunday:. Ex 17:3-7/Rom 5:1-2, 5-8/Jn 4:5-42 or 4:5-15, 19b-26, 39a, 40-42 2 Kgs 5:1-15b/Lk 4:24-30 Dn 3:25, 34-43/Mt 18:21-35 Dt 4:1, 5-9/Mt 5:17-19 Jer 7:23-28/Lk 11:14-23 Hos 14:2-10/Mk 12:28-34 Hos 6:1-6/Lk 18:9-14 1 Sm 16:1b, 6-7, 10-13a/Eph 5:8-14/Jn 9:1-41 or 9:1, 6-9, 13-17, 34-38. Sacramental Preparation Sacramental preparation is available for registered, active parishioners at St. John LaLande.. Baptism Parents should call the parish office for arrangements. Parental preparation is required.. We are a people who survive on mercy, not merit. We need god’s mercy and in turn, mercy must be the hallmark of all who follow in the footsteps of Jesus Christ. For us Christians, mercy must be our guide in our relating to one another. We begin all that we do by asking for God’s mercy; always with prayer. Fr. Ron. From Fr. Johnson’s Desk Q: Fr. Johnson, What is the long black clothing that priests wear? -Stephanie Mann, 3rd grade A: Stephanie, This article of clothing is called a cassock. The cassock is an ankle-length robe worn by priests; its appearance derives historically from the tunic that was worn in ancient Rome under a toga. As history progresses we see a development in the attire that a priest wears. From the 6th century onward, the Church passed regulations forbidding clerics from wearing richly styled clothing, light or skimpy clothing, extravagant ornaments and jewelry. The Council of Braga in 572 was one of the first synods to mandate that clergy wear a tunic reaching to the feet. The Fourth Lateran Council in 1215 decreed that clerics must wear garments closed in front and free from extravagance. The cassock is traditionally a sign of the priest’s poverty, as it would be among the only clothing the priest would own and was often sewn and patched up over the lifetime of the priest. Pope Sixtus V in 1589 proscribed that all clerics should wear the cassock. The cassock has a rich history within our Church and there are symbolic elements to the cassock; most have 33 buttons going down the front, one representing each year of the life of Jesus. Our male servers wear a cassock when assisting with the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. If any of the boys in our parish like the style of a cassock, the diocese is accepting applications to the seminary. In Christ and Mary, Fr. Johnson If you are in K-12 grade and have a question for Fr. Johnson, send them to ajohnson@stjohnlalande.com. Marriage Contact the Pastor at time of engagement. At least 9 months are needed for preparation.. Eucharistic Ministers Needed We are in need of two Eucharistic Ministers to take communion (about once a month) to the Shangra-La nursing home on weekends (usually Sundays). It typically takes about 45 minutes to an hour to visit the dozen or so individuals. Please call Fr. Ron (229-3378) or Tom Mullen (229-5826) if you are interested or have any questions. page 2. St John LaLande Youth Group would like to thank parishioner, David Simoes and his family, for their donation and for David meeting with us after the Maverick's Hockey Game on February 9th. David signed autographs and visited with us after a thrilling 5 to 0 victory by the Mavericks. Mr. & Mrs. Simoes great job — and God Bless!.

(3) Lord Hear Our Prayer. St. John Calendar of Events Sunday, March 3. We Pray For: Shelby Nobles and expected child, Pat Durham, Michael Smith, Katrina Smith Henderson, Jack Austin, Kathie Husted, Elena Zukauskas, Glenn Allmon, Janie Wahrenbrock, George Burgard, Tommy Nigro, Medley Van Camp, Barbara Cummings, Nicholas Crook, Matt Comfort, Esther Tweedie, Michael Pribyl, Terry Joles, Samuel Walker Gildehaus, Ben Gagliano, Lil McDonald, Dick Lonowski, John Recter, Catrina Smith, Mary Schieszer, George Bartolomeo, Mary Ann Kriegh, Jeannie Madsen, Tommy Nigro, Keith Green, Tina Hyer Salum, Tom LanFranca, Sharon Bush, Tom Swope, Pat Showman, Rick Gennings, Donna Zion, Chase Jacob-Lee Hilliard, Bonnie Jones, Ana Garcia, Kathy Wood, Donna Bartley, Donna McKeever, Van Wahrenbrock, Linda Olson, Lud and Betty Einess, Cliff Barr, Earl Madison, and all of our relatives and friends who are ill or experiencing difficulties in their lives—that they may know the healing presence of God. Our Father’s Promise GIVE FIRST TO GOD Do you give of your first fruits or from your leftovers? God blessed each of us with talents and skills to earn a living. It is only right to offer Him the first fruits from that labor. God offered us His best – His son, Jesus Christ. We should do the same. “Honor the Lord with your wealth, with first fruits of all you produce;” (Proverbs 3:9). Monday, March 4 7am-6:30pm Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament Church 5:00 pm Legion of Mary LaLande Rm. 6:30 pm Bishop Helmsing Inst. Library 6:30 pm Powered By Jesus Church 7:00 pm ARS Board Meeting LaLande Rm. 7:00 pm SVDP Meeting House Tuesday, March 5 6:00 am Men on a Mission LaLande Rm. 10:00 am Holy Family Guild Parish Center 12:30 pm Bridge Group LaLande Rm. 7:00 pm Bell Choir Church 7:30 pm New Life Prayer Group Clary Rm. Wednesday, March 6 9:00 am Job Club LaLande Rm. 3:30 pm Joyful Noise A LaLande Rm 5:45 pm Joyful Noise B Music Rm. 6:30 pm PREP School 7:00 pm CIA LaLande Rm. 7:00 pm Adult Volleyball Gym 9:00 pm Men’s Basketball Gym Thursday, March 7 6:30 pm Cantor Rehearsal Music Rm. 7:00 pm Choir Rehearsal Music Rm. 6:30 pm Young Adult Group LaLande Rm. 6:30 PM Bible Study Cafeteria Friday, March 8 7am-4pm Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament Church 8:30 am Stations of the Cross Church 5:00 pm Fish Fry Parish Center 7:00 pm Stations of the Cross & Benediction Church Saturday, March 9 6:00 am That Man Is You Parish Center 4:00 pm Confessions Church. Lenten Reconciliation Services The churches below will have their services on the following dates:. Confirmation Class Schedule. We will meet at 5:00 pm in the Parish Center If you have any questions please call Deacon Doug at 229-3378, Ext. 327. March 10, 2013 March 24, 2013 April 7, 2013 April 14, 2013 May 5, 2013 May 11, 2013, Saturday Retreat begins at 9:00 am and Mass will be at 3:00 pm.. The following will begin at 7:00 pm: St Bridget, Wednesday, March 6 Holy Spirit, Monday, March 11 Presentation, Sunday, March 17 St Roberts, Wednesday, March 20 St Mark’s Reconciliation Service will be on Sunday, March 3, at 3:00 pm.. Men’s Sunday Basketball League Sacrament of First Reconciliation Please pray for the children in our parish who have received or will be receiving the sacrament of Reconciliation this month.. Please contact Bob Shaw at 898-1318. Stop by the gym on Wednesday night during Men’s basketball at 9 pm, to sign up. The League begins in mid-March. page 3.

(4) Your Gifts to God & Parish. Please pray for the builders of St. John LaLande Bill Glass, Pat Brady, Bob Brady Are all apostles? Are all prophets? Are all teachers? Do all work mighty deeds? Do all have gifts of healing? Do all speak in tongues? Do all interpret? Strive eagerly for the greatest spiritual gifts.. Last Week Envelopes .....................................$22,807 Plate...................................................$990 Envelopes Year-to-Date Donations .............$975,421 Budget-to-Date ($29,339 per week) .................................................$1,026,856 Difference................................... -$51,435 Percentage Difference……………. -5.0%. The cold, snowy weather hits us in several ways. We have the added expenses of clearing snow, purchasing ice melt, and higher heating costs. Sometimes the weather can keep parishioners from attending Mass on the weekend. The result from all this can be both higher bills and lower donations. Our maintenance people work hard to clear the walkways and keep the interior warm and comfortable so our parishioners have a safe, inviting place to gather and worship. Thank you once again for supporting your parish and its works. Martin Verstraete. For Mobil Phone Donations. -1 Corinthians 12:29-31 God provided us a Cornerstone, precious in His sight. He calls each of us, as Living Stones, to be built into a dwelling place upon this Cornerstone, which is Christ Jesus our Lord and Savior. At St. John LaLande, we are surrounded by Living Stones, those who serve the Lord through service to each of us and our parish community. So that we may pray in thanksgiving for their stewardship, please provide their name(s) to the Parish Office at 229-3378.. New Bulletin for SJL We are going with a new bulletin provider (JS Paluch) that allows us to have more pages with the inside pages being in full color. These changes allow us to incorporate pictures and more space to communicate on what is going on around SJL. With these changes, the bulletin will take us longer to create and edit. Therefore, there will also be new deadlines. Bulletin notices are due by Monday 10am beginning February 25. At this time we will look at our space and decide if we need to cut out pages. This gives us time to get into this new practice. Please send to jgirardi@stjohnlalande.com title Bulletin Notice and the week. Bulletin information must be sent in Word or Publisher only. Pictures should be sent at a jpeg. If you need help or have questions on what to send in please contact Martin: mverstraete@stjohnlalande.com During holidays-JS Paluch requires 10 days before the holiday to submit. Bulletin notices for March 23 & 24(Palm Sunday) are due in the office no later than 8:00am Wednesday March 13. Please make sure you date when you want your notices in. We will send this bulletin in to the publishers on March 15. Bulletin notices for March 30 & 31 (Easter) are due in the office by 10am, Monday March 18. To ensure that your notices are in the bulletin please send weekly to the parish office.. Office Support. Church/Sanctuary Cleaning. Sunday, March 3 Dan Gaylord Judy Gaylord, 228-3844. Saturday, March 9 Kim Hoffman, 816-550-9614 Beth Creason, 816-686-2044 Sandi Hoeppner, 228-4860. Sunday, March 10 Roger Stonfer, 228-8486 Mary Lou Stonfer. Saturday, March 16 Kellie McDermott, 228-3094 Susie Mahlberg, 228-4454 Kathy Mann, 229-6215 Mary Mann, 229-3389. Sunday, March 17 Don Prososki, 229-9851 Phyllis Prososki Sunday, March 24 Phyllis Carrico, 229-3795 Denise Park page 4. Saturday, March 23 Joan Montgomery, 229-6888 Amy Storts, 228-4504 Maxine Sharp, 847-2657 *Please call the parish office to let us know so the Church will be open..

(5) School News March 2-8 March 4-8 March 5, Tuesday March 9 & 10, Sat.-Sun. March 13, Wednesday Mtg. 6:30 pm March 14, Thursday. March 15, Friday. March 18-22. Book Fair open ITBS Testing School Board Mtg. 7pm Mass Greeters: 3rd Grade First Communion Parents Parent Teacher . Conferences, 1-6pm Noon Dismissal NO School, Prof. Dev. Day Kids Club CLOSED Spring Break - NO SCHOOL. OPEN REGISTRION 2013-14 Open Registration for 2013-14 School Year: begins February 25. Forms will be available in the school office. 2013 TRACK SEASON Registration for the 2013 Track season is now open. Boys and Girls in 4th – 8th grade are eligible to compete. Register online at Parochial League website plkc.org.. Headline Vitamin C and be pain free! Vitamin C can do more than boost your immunity. Scientists recently discovered the antioxidant found in produce such as bell pepper, kiwifruit, tomatoes and oranges also help your knees against arthritis. Of middle aged people who were studied, those eating high doses of vitamin C were less likely to have bone degeneration which leads to the development of knee osteoarthritis. Ten years of taking these high doses, their knee tissue was assessed with an MRI showing these conclusions. Other antioxidants found in green veggies such as spinach, can protect against agerelated wear and tear. Popeye was onto something!. FORE THE KIDS GOLF TOURNAMENT 2013 We are pleased to announce that we will be returning to the Blue Springs Country Club for the 14th annual Fore the Kids Golf Tournament on May 3rd. Gather your team and make plans to join us for this great event!. Almsgiving Project This year, our parish we are working with Mother’s Refuge and Birthright. Please take a cross down from the bulletin board in the narthex . The crosses have requests for items and opportunities for prayer. Bring back items and place in boxes by March 17.. -SJL Health Ministry. ANNUAL GARAGE SALE It’s time again to start cleaning out those closets and get ready for the annual Altar & Rosary clothing, toys, books, household items, and small appliances sale. You may start bringing items to the Parish Center on April 20th and the sale will run until April 26th.. (contact Kim Shaw 229-3378 if you have any questions). All proceeds are used to provide for the needs of the altar and rectory.. Lenten Fish Fries. ALTAR & ROSARY SOCIETY MEMBERSHIP. Fridays - February 22nd, March 1st March 8th & March 22nd - 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. Meal includes: Your choice of Baked or Fried Fish, served with Baked Potato & Salad Bar with all the trimmings, Grilled Cheese, Mac & Cheese, Green Beans, Cole Slaw, Bread, Dessert and Drink.. All ladies of the parish are invited to join one of our guilds. We have three guilds that meet at various times, so hopefully there is a time and date that fits your schedule. Please contact the parish office for further information or pick up a brochure from the kiosk in the church narthex.. Fried Shrimp is a Side Order Adults (13+): $9.00 Children (6 – 12): $5.00 Children (5 and Under): Free Side of shrimp (quantity of 12): $3.00 Family Maximum: $30.00 All Proceeds benefit St. John LaLande Parish and the Knights of Columbus Council 6506.. DCCW BI-ANNUAL CONVENTION All ladies of the Diocese are invited to attend the bi-annual convention of the Diocesan Council of Catholic Women to be held on April 3, 2013 at 9:00 a.m. at Our Lady of Lourdes parish in Raytown. It is a great social gathering with Mass, lunch, and speaker. For further information, call Mary Engen, 224-5163. page 5.

(6) Spring Trash Bag Sale For a limited time only, you can help the school by purchasing trash bags – something you would purchase anyway. Spring Cleaning time will soon be here! Get your world renowned trash bags plus all these benefits: - BENEFITS St. John LaLande and SUPPORTS a local business color) - DURABLE 2.0 ml TRASH BAGS made from RECYCLED PLASTIC. - 10% DISCOUNT for cases (10 rolls of the same size/ - Available in THREE SIZES. You can place your order on the form below and turn it into the school or parish office by April 5. Please include payment with your order. There is a limited supply and bags will be sold on a “First come, First serve” basis. Checks should be made payable to St. John LaLande School. Parishioner’s Name ______________________________. Telephone _________________. For each size, please indicate the number of rolls being ordered. Blue 55 Gallon/16 bags per roll $10 per roll or $90 per case (there are 10 rolls in a case). Yellow 39 Gallon/25 bags per roll $10 per roll or $90 per case (there are 10 rolls in a case). White 15 Gallon/65 bags per roll $10 per roll or $90 per case (there are 10 rolls in a case). Questions? Please contact Mary Jo Welman at mjwelman@comcast.net or 816-525-5075..

(7) MATTHEW A. TURNER, DDS, PC Parishioner. Krysti Fisher, Parishioner. 229-1433. ADA, MDA. Family / Cosmetic Dentistry 629 N.W. Mock, Ste. C, Blue Springs. GKCDS EJCDS AGD, ADC. CLIFF L. BARR. 831 NE Lakewood Blvd. Lee’s Summit, MO 64064 816-373-7230/816-352-0391. $-&7&-"/% ,"/4"4$*5: .0. 30% OFF ANY SERVICE. 816-231-2000. (New clients only). Kurt F. Hanneman, D.D.S. Elizabeth A. Ward, D.D.S. Family Dental Care Grain Valley/Blue Springs ~ 816-229-4560 ~. LORETTA POLZIN Insurance Consultant. Parishioner 18110-B E. 24 Hwy. Independence, MO. &OE4U4 4VJUF *OEFQFOEFODF. 796-9111. r 'BY . BUSINESS & PERSONAL FINANCIAL PLANNING. #*--8&45300'*/( FREE ESTIMATESt"--5:1&4300'*/(. (816) 847-9900 Industrial. -*$&/4&%*/463&%'03:0631305&$5*0/. Ralph & Trish Hernandez, Parishioners. Commercial Residential. "--803,(6"3"/5&&%i*/83*5*/(w. Mobile (816) 985-7968 fepi@sbcglobal.net. . Rodney M. Loesch CFP® CDFA™ Financial Advisor. 1-800-844-4494 ext 105 1100 S. 7 Hwy. Dr. James B. Indiveri, D.M.D. Board Certified Orthodontist, ABO 816.229.7011 816-229-1245 1305 N. 7 Hwy. 816.224.6777. In Blue Springs. Heating & Cooling, Inc. r. r . 300 West R.D. Mize Rd. Blue Springs, MO 64014. 10% Off any Service Call 0GG3FQMBDFNFOUPG)FBUJOH PS$PPMJOHVOJU PS0GG Replacement of Entire System. (816) 246-4646. Your local family owned grocer since 1948. 920 NW Technology Drive, Lee’s Summit. Oak Grove Rental, Inc. (816) 690-6800 Trevor & Jennifer Harris - Parishioners Ken & Donna Harris - Parishioners 1/4 mile north of I-70 in Oak Grove. www.oakgroverental.net. Anthony Trakas, D.D.S. ORAL and MAXILLOFACIAL SURGERY /8.PDLr#MVF4QSJOHT Parishioner. 229-9225. America’s Community Bank Since 1888. "EWFSUJTJOH4BMFT0QQPSUVOJUJFT Liturgical Publications, Inc. r1SJPS0VUTJEF4BMFT Experience Necessary. FRIENDSHIP MANOR Tammy Moppin, Property Manager /84VNNJU4Ut#MVF4QSJOHT .0t  . r#BTF1BZ1MVT$PNNJTTJPOT  GBYt  5%%4FSWJDFtXXXODSPSH & Bonuses Affordable Apartments A National Church Residences Community r.FEJDBM%FOUBM*OTVSBODF Flexben Benefits. Sell Ads Like This One!. r(FOFSPVT,&NQMPZFS Matching Contributions r5SBWFM3FRVJSFE. email: jNVFMMFS!-1JDPNGPSNPSFJOGPSNBUJPO or call JeanBUFYU48. 816-228-8900. www.SeekAndFind.com. www.tuckerchiro.com. ©2012. Need help delivering your message?. Email: jbecker@4LPi.com. 320 N.W. Woods Chapel Rd., Suite A Blue Springs, MO. 816.836.2200. Member FDIC. 1-800-950-9952 ext. 2536 or 913-645-0542. “Experienced, gentle, chiropractic & accupuncture care.”. www.midwestgastro.com.   XXXBNDPNNCBOLDPN. Call Jon Becker today at. TUCKER CHIROPRACTIC. Colon Cancer Screening Painless Hemorrhoid Treatment Board Certified, Gastroenterology. 8FTU.BJOt10#PYt#MVF4QSJOHT .0. Bulletin Advertising Delivers!. r1BJE7BDBUJPOr)PMJEBZT. Marc K. Taormina MD. Blue Springs ONLY Home-Owned Community Bank. NATIONAL CHURCH RESIDENCES. A lifeline for hurting marriages You are not alone. Retrouvaille-Christian Peer Ministry www.HelpOurMarriage.com 1-800-470-2230. FOR AD INFO CALL Jon Becker 1-800-950-9952. r WWW.4LPi.COM. ST. JOHN LA LANDE PARISH, BLUE SPRINGS, MO. B 2C 02-0542 01-03-2013 13:54:38.

(8) There’s no place like St. John’s.. HUTTINGER CONSTRUCTION CO.. And, like you, we’re happy to call it home. And we’re proud to be here celebrating 15 years of service. Thank you for your business and your trust.. Single Ply Roofing Systems Commercial - Industrial - Institutional www.huttingerconstruction.com Parishioner. (816) 228-5555. Thinking of Buying or Selling?. Debbie Miller, Agent. LAW OFFICE. Gail Yancik, P.C.. Oswald Roam Rew & Fry LLC. Direct: (816) 223-9540 Office: (816) 994-0473. Parishioner. Julius Oswald, Parishioner. www.GailSells.com. 816-229-8121. Call For Free Market Analysis. www.meyersfuneralchapel.com 1600 W. Main Street Blue Springs, MO 64015 Phone: 816.229.3276. American Family Mutual Insurance Company and its Subsidiaries. American Family Insurance Company Home Office - Madison, WI 53783 © 2011. 002130 - Rev. 6/11. Private Instructions On All Instruments. Skilled Nursing, Residential Care Outpatient Therapy. 816-228-5655. Marty and Kim Meyers, Parishioners Dennis and Julie Meyers, Parishioners. Bus: (816) 373-0068 Cell: (816) 616-2537 dmille6@AmFam.com. #MVF4QSJOHTr228-5656 Ted & Betty Meyer - Parishioners. www.stmarysmanor.com. Cleantrust Certified FOR YOUR EVERYDAY CARPET, TILE, AND UPHOLSTERY CLEANING. 816.861.1550 See our monthly special at www.aasrestoration.com Bruce and Amy Storts, Parishioners. MY HOME CHILDCARE CUSTOM SERVICES KELLY MELLEN Parishioner 707 SUMMIT BLUE SPRINGS, MO 64015. 816-229-3614 816-267-1144. MARY CAROL. D. Mark Monheiser, D.D.S. & Associates Gentle Quality Cosmetic & General Dentistry for the Entire Family Parishioners. 1100 N.W. Jefferson Ct., Blue Springs. 229-3828. Turning 65. Parishioner. Medicare Division of Solutions for Seniors Call (816) 365-0413 Tom LanFranca, Parishioner. (816)210-6731 RE/MAX Elite (816)795-2523. Joe Brooks, Vice President 517 Lacy Rd, Independence, MO 64050 816r816.588.6391 cell. QBWJOHKPF!IPUNBJMDPNrXXXBTQIBMUXJ[BSETDPN * FREE ESTIMATES *. &)8:t*OEFQFOEFODF .0 48)8:t#MVF4QSJOHT .0 .JSSPSJNBHFDBSXBTIDPN. PAVING * REPAIRS * STRIPING * SEALCOAT * CONCRETE. BLACKTOP MAGIC PERFORMED DAILY. Need help delivering your message?. 2400 NW South Outer Road Blue Springs, MO 64015. Bulletin Advertising Delivers!. 816-220-2233 www.cavanaughpet.com. Call Jon Becker today at. 1-800-950-9952 ext. 2536 or 913-645-0542 Email: jbecker@4LPi.com www.SeekAndFind.com. Buy a King Specialty Pizza and Get a FREE Queen single Topping.. “HELPING PEOPLE ENJOY HEALTHY PETS” Dine In ONLY (Not valid with any other coupons or promotions.). $VSU.$BWBOBVHI%7.r.JOEZ4ISPVU%7.r%POBME4UVLFZ%7.. BACKER LAW FIRM, LLC.. 816-283-8500 www.backerlaw.net Joe Backer Parishioner. Knights of Columbus - Council 6506. Salvatore Garozzo invites you to enjoy. the same Garozzo recipes we have been serving for over 12 years at Salvatore’s on Hwy. 40. We offer Fine Dining, Carry-Out, & Catering. Call us for your Holiday Event.. &)XZt. Paul Hildman, Grand Knight 816-419-3341 - pjhildman1@hotmail.com Jeremy Radford, Field Agent. FREE APPETIZER w/coupon and purchase of any entree. $5.95 max value. Limit 1 coupon per table.. In service to one, in service to all.. www.salvatores.us. r+FSFNZ3BEGPSE!,PG$PSH ©2012. FOR AD INFO CALL Jon Becker 1-800-950-9952. r. WWW.4LPi.COM. ST. JOHN LA LANDE PARISH, BLUE SPRINGS, MO. A 4C 02-0542 01-03-2013 13:54:38.



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Altar Servers Needed for Stations of the Cross Stations are celebrated each Friday during Lent at 6:00 PM in Church, with the first one beginning on Friday, February 28th..

Sunday 8:00 am, 10:00 am (Signed), 12:30 pm (Spanish), 5:00 pm at

SATURDAY VIGIL MASS: 5:00 pm (Church) SUNDAY MASSES: 7:30 am, 8:30 am, 10:00 am,.. and 12:00 Noon (Church) MONDAY thru SATURDAY MASS: 8:30 am HOLY DAYS OF

6:00 PM- Wedding Rehearsal (Luigs) at SJ Church 6:30 PM- SJ Finance Committee Meeting in SJ Cafeteria 7:30 PM- SJ Parish Council Meeting in SJ Cafeteria Friday, October 15..

Parish Office Hours Monday - Friday • 8:00 - 3:30

Saturday 5:30 pm Vigil Mass (Church) 7:00 pm Polish Mass (Chapel) Sunday 8:00 am Church 10:00 am Church Family Mass?. 12:00 pm Church 6:00 pm Church

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4:00 PM Mass at Holy Cross Church in English 4:00 PM Mass at Saint Mary Nativity Church Sunday January 14th - Hospitality Sunday 7:00 AM Mass at Saint Mary Nativity Church 8:35