You take care of your business WE TAKE CARE OF YOUR I.T.

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You take care of your business


Stress Free I.T.


BootUp PC keeps it simple, with all your

services in one place

By understanding your business

we’re like one of your team.

Is your I.T. working for your business?

Find out today with a free audit fromBootUp PC on 01823 210010

or visit

One point of contact makes I.T. easy.

Your maintenance and support team is just a phone call away.

Support solutions designed to grow with your business.


Case Study


Cut your I.T. costs and boost efficiency

The Castle at Taunton is a 4-star hotel and restaurant, based in the heart of Taunton, in Somerset. Set in a historic building, with origins that date back over 1,000 years, The Castle has been run by three generations of the Chapman family, since 1950.

The Castle offers 44 rooms, catering to private leisure guests, business travellers and tour groups. It is also a prestigious venue for weddings, conferences and local events, with a flagship restaurant, plus a bar and bistro.

Working in the competitive leisure sector, The Castle needed an effective I.T. support service for its office network that was easy to use and reduced costs for the business. The service also had to work seamlessly with the infrastructure, which runs the hotel bookings and EPOS, without compromising The Castle’s focus on customer care.

“Choosing BootUp PC brought bottom line benefits, as well as an opportunity to support a local business.” Jon Peilow, Finance Director for The Castle at Taunton, explains;

“Our I.T. expenditure has fallen by 35%,

since switching to BootUp PC.”

“We like to work with local businesses, but from a practical point of view, if there is a major issue, any member of staff can call BootUp PC and a technician is on site very quickly. This means we can run a busy hotel, knowing our I.T. is in safe hands.”

“Crucially, our I.T. expenditure has fallen by 35%, since switching to BootUp PC, over two years ago. Spencer and his team save us money on licence fees. In addition, the system is more reliable, reducing any disruptions to the business and most importantly, our guests.”

”Our monthly support charges are lower,

whilst our I.T. is running

better than ever.”

Jon Peilow, finance director for The Castle at Taunton

Is your I.T. working for your business?

Find out today with a free audit fromBootUp PC on 01823 210010


Is your I.T. working for your business?

Find out today with a free audit fromBootUp PC on 01823 210010

or visit

Maintenance and Support


Technology is great, until it goes wrong

All your emails, invoices and sensitive documents depend on your network running smoothly. It’s easy to think it won’t happen to you, but...

Do you have the support in place if it does?

BootUp PC offers ongoing maintenance and support solutions for businesses like yours, with quick, local support that is just a phone call away, when you need it most.

We take care of your I.T., allowing you to take care of your business.

Our ongoing monitoring and systems

audits offer you the peace of mind that

your business is safe and secure.

We offer

maintenance and support


Is your business data safe?

Find out today with a free audit from BootUp PC on 01823 210010

or visit

Backup and Security


Do you lock up your business at night?

Of course you do, otherwise you may as well invite thieves right in. Well, looking after the security of your business data is just as important. No business is too small to be a target and that makes protecting your client and employee information vital.

What about data backup? Have you checked it lately and is it working? Major data loss caused by fire, flooding or a system failure could put your business in jeopardy.

BootUp PC offers a range of maintenance plans, which include backup monitoring.

Looking after your data today, means you could

save in the long-term.

Don’t bury your head in the sand,

call BootUp PC to keep your data safe.

Our free business consultation helps us to

find the best solution for your needs.

We’ll perform regular checks and monitoring to ensure your backup is running and secure. We’ll protect sensitive employee

and client information, as you go about your business.


Could your business benefit from the latest technology? Find out today with a free consultation fromBootUp PC

on 01823 210010 or visit

Email and File Sharing Solutions


Easy access to emails is essential

In today’s businesses, you need a set-up that allows you to communicate with clients, colleagues and suppliers, no matter where you are. Sounds expensive, right? Sounds like the sort of email solution only big businesses can afford. That’s where you’re wrong.

BootUp PC offers hosted email solutions from big names, such as Google and Microsoft. These flexible and affordable email packages allow you to share mailboxes, calendars and contacts. We can also introduce you to cloud computing, which allows you to work from any PC, whether it’s at home, in the office or overseas.

Access all of your documents and files on the move.

It’s easy and we have the expertise to integrate

cloud computing with your current system.

Get a BIG business email solution for a

small business budget.

Stay flexible, affordable and scalable on the cloud. Gain remote access to your


Does your website need a revamp?

Find out today with a free consultation fromBootUp PC

on 01823 210010 or visit

Website Design and Hosting


Invest in your online presence to reach

more customers

It’s often the first place people look, when finding the products and services they need. Get it right and you’ll reach a wider audience and boost sales.

Get it wrong and you’ll lose out to your competition.

BootUp PC offers a complete

website design and hosting package.

And you get full support.

We’ll ensure your website is always up and running — that way you can focus on running your business.

Hassle-free website solutions to

suit your budget.

Attract more visitors to boost sales. Make a splash online


Phone Systems


Your phone system could be holding back

your business

If customers get stuck in a queue or staff are difficult to reach, when they’re out and about, you could be losing out to your competition.

BootUp PC offers you an affordable alternative to a traditional phone network, with 3CX Phone System. This web-based solution is easy to install and manage, with lower purchase and expansion costs, to save you money on your phone bills.

Upgrading to a modern phone system offers better rates on worldwide calls and allows for remote working, ensuring your technology keeps up with your business ambition.

BootUp PC’s flexible support plans include 3CX support

and maintenance, offering you a complete I.T. solutions

service that works for your business

A low cost solution with BIG rewards,

helping staff work remotely and cutting

your bills.

Web-based phone system that’s scalable, flexible

and easy to use. Call forwarding means crucial

calls are never missed, enhancing the customer experience.

Are you ready to upgrade your phone system? Find out today with a free consultation fromBootUp PC


Broadband and Networks


You just want your business to keep

running, no matter what

You don’t want to know the difference between Ethernet and ASDL, you just want to know your network isn’t going to fail, when you need it most.

Perhaps you’re moving office and need a complete networking solution or you just want your computers and all digital devices to talk to each other. The BootUp PC team can handle all your networking needs.

There’s no use having all the latest software and high spec machines, if you’re running it all on an old system that’s not up to the job.

We offer routers, switches, network point,

cabling and wireless solutions and

we can install them all for your business.

Do you need to review your network?

Find out today with a free consultation fromBootUp PC

on 01823 210010 or visit

We supply and install, so you’ll know who to

call for ongoing support.

We’ll discuss all the options to find the best solution

for your budget. Our quality suppliers provide the

speed, service and support you need.


Hardware and Software


You know you need to upgrade your I.T.

equipment or software

But you don’t know where to start. It’s a minefield and if you get it wrong it’ll be expensive to put right and could even lose you business. You need the best solution for your budget, but you’re no I.T. expert.

Let BootUp PC take care of your upgrades.

We’ve got the best relationships with suppliers, offering you competitive deals. We take time to understand your business, ensuring you make the right investment.

Whether it’s building new PCs and laptops

or getting the latest software,

we’ve got it covered.

Expert advice and competitive prices

ensure you make the right investment.

Buying locally means we’re on hand to offer support when you

need it most. Purpose-built PCs

mean you only pay for what you need.

Is your I.T. working for your business? Find out today with a free audit fromBootUp PC


The Only Answer


Does your current support provider:

• Ensure you speak to the same person every time you call, by assigning you with a dedicated engineer?

• Deliver all your I.T. needs under one roof to make life easier? • Allow you to rate every job to push customer care standards up? • Offer flexible payment packages, allowing you to control your costs? • Give you expert advice on hardware and software at great prices? • Keep your data secure, so you can focus on running your business? • Offer a friendly, professional service that makes your I.T. stress free?

If the answer is NO to any of these questions,

then get in touch today.

Your BootUp PC technician is keen

to be part of your team.

Find out how we can help with a free consultation fromBootUp PC

on 01823 210010 or visit


We’re here to support your business


01823 210010




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