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GoToWebinar. Attendee Guide


Academic year: 2021

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GoToWebinar Attendee Guide

Table of Contents

Register for a Session ... 3

Cancel Your Registration ... 4

Join a Session ... 5

Join a session from your email invitation or calendar ... 5

Control Panel ... 6

Auto-Hide Control Panel ... 6

Audio Pane ... 7

Use your telephone ... 7

Mute your audio ... 8

Know who's speaking ... 8

Raised Hand ... 9

Questions/Chat Pane ... 10

Polling/Voting... 11

Leave a Session ... 12


GoToWebinar Attendee Guide

Register for a Session

To attend a session, you'll first need to register using the Registration URL in your email invitation. After you register, you'll receive a confirmation email with information on how to join the session when it's time.

1. Click the Registration URL in your invitation email.

2. Fill out all required fields in the registration form and click Register.

3. Once you've successfully registered, you'll see a Registration Confirmation page.

• If the organizer sets up automatic approval, you'll immediately receive a confirmation email with information on how to join the session.

• If the organizer sets up manual approval, the organizer must first approve your registration before you'll receive a confirmation email.

4. When it's time for the session, just click the Join URL in your confirmation email. Don't share the Join URL with anyone – it's unique to you.


GoToWebinar Attendee Guide

Cancel Your Registration

You can cancel your registration so you no longer receive emails about the session. Cancel Your Registration From the Registration Page

1. After you have registered for a session, you are taken to a Registration page. Click cancel your registration at the bottom of the page.

2. Click Yes, Cancel Registration on the "Are you sure?" pop-up message to cancel your registration. You will be taken to a Registration Canceled page. Cancel Your Registration From the Registration Email

1. Open your Registration email from your inbox.

2. Click the cancel your registration link at the bottom of the email. You will be redirected to the Registration page.


GoToWebinar Attendee Guide

Join a Session

Join a session from your email invitation or calendar

1. Open the email invitation you received from the organizer or your calendar. 2. Click the Join URL when it's time to start.

3. If you're on a desktop computer, you may need to first download the Citrix Online Launcher file to launch the session. If you already have the app installed on your desktop, you can join by clicking the daisy icon. If you're joining a meeting or webinar, you can download the


GoToWebinar Attendee Guide

Control Panel

When you first join a session, your screen should look like this. The Control Panel Toolbar appears in the upper right side of your screen. Click on the Grab Tab button to unhide the Control Panel. The Grab Tab button is that tiny little red or orange button with a white arrow in it.

You can use the Control Panel to manage your session. To free up space on your desktop, you can collapse the Control Panel and use the Control Panel Toolbar to continue to manage your session.

Control Panel Toolbar: From the Control Panel Toolbar, you can hide the Control Panel, mute

yourself (if you have been unmuted by the organizer), view the webinar in full screen and raise your hand.

Audio Pane: Contains the dial in information.

Questions/Chat Pane: Ask questions for the Chair or converse with attendees.

Auto-Hide Control Panel

The Control Panel may automatically minimize after a period of inactivity. To maximize it, please follow instructions above. To prevent the Control Panel from closing repeatedly, do the following:

1. Once you have maximized the Control Pane, click on “View” at the top.

2. Click on "Auto-Hide Control Panel" - this action should remove the check mark next to the option. 3. The Auto Hide feature is now disabled and can be utilized manually with the Grab Tab

****Please note that this feature only exists for Windows PC users, and unfortunately not available for Mac Users.


GoToWebinar Attendee Guide

Audio Pane

Once you have joined the online portion of the session, audio information may appear on your screen. If not, it is also provided in the Audio pane of the Control Panel. Click on the + sign on the Audio tab to open the Audio panel.

Use your telephone


GoToWebinar Attendee Guide

PLEASE NOTE: You will be entered into the meeting muted. This is a GoToWebinar default setting.

Mute your audio

• You will only be able to speak to the group if the organizer unmutes you. Raise your hand (see page 9 for instructions) if you wish to speak.

• You can mute/unmute your audio from your Control Panel by clicking the microphone icon or telephone icon .

• You must dial the toll-free number, enter the access code followed by your unique Audio PIN before you or the organizer can unmute you.

Know who's speaking


GoToWebinar Attendee Guide

Raised Hand


GoToWebinar Attendee Guide

Questions/Chat Pane

If you have any questions during a webinar/web meeting, you can enter your questions into the Questions / Chat pane for the Chair or panelists to answer. You can also send Chat messages to other attendees.


GoToWebinar Attendee Guide


When the Chair has determined that all attendees are ready to vote on a motion, the Chair will instruct the organizer to launch the Poll. Your screen should look something like this:

Make your selection.

The organizer will not close the Poll until 100% participation has been achieved.

Once the Poll has been closed, the Chair will instruct the organizer to share the Poll results.


GoToWebinar Attendee Guide

Leave a Session

You can leave a session at any time.

Leave a session

1. Click File from the Control Panel and select Exit – Leave Webinar.



GoToWebinar Attendee Guide

2. Select Yes in the dialog box.


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