Handling Debit Card, ATM, & Point-of-Sale Fraud

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Handling Debit Card, ATM, & Point-of-Sale Fraud

First Things First

You have noticed fraudulent transactions involving your Debit Card, ATM, or Point-of-Sale (POS). You should contact us immediately to have your Debit Card closed to avoid further fraudulent transactions.

Please call us at 770.448.8200 Ext. 2392 for Debit Card Fraud Statements and ATM/POS Card Fraud Statements.

Actions We Need To Take

• Debit Card involved will be closed immediately.

• If you suspect Visa Credit Card fraud, call us at 770.448.8200 Ext. 2391.

Getting Started

To file your fraud case we need the following: For Debit Card Fraud

• Complete Debit Card Fraud Statement Form (see form ACU 9937.2). Make copies of this form and complete one form for each dispute on your account.

• Debit Card Application (see form ACU 4507). For ATM or Point-of-Sale (POS) Fraud

• Complete ATM/POS Fraud Statement. (see form ACU 9937.3).

• If multiple transactions are involved, list transactions on the Unauthorized Transaction Form (see form ACU 9937.4). • Complete Personal Statement (see form ACU 9937.5).

• Debit Card Application (see form ACU 4507).

We suggest that you complete the Cardholder Dispute Form (see form ACU 9937.4) for both Debit Card Fraud (Signature Based) and ATM or Point-of-Sale (POS) Fraud. If a copy of your police report is available please include it.

Fax or Mail

You may fax copies to the Fraud Department: • 770.448.1248

Be sure to also mail the originals to us. • Mail to:

Associated Credit Union Attn: Fraud Department 6251 Crooked Creek Road Norcross, Georgia 30092-3107

You can also submit Fraud Statements via Secure Support, our secure e-mail service within Online Banking.

Wrap It Up

• Be sure to provide us with as much detail as possible. • Complete and submit all the required forms.

• Be prompt. This can be a lengthy process with very strict guidelines and deadlines. Help us meet them. • If you should need help in completing these documents just give us a call at 770.448.8200 Ext. 2392.

If a false Debit Card, ATM, or Point-of-Sale complaint is made to ACU, we may charge a fee of $25 per hour for the research process. We also reserve the right to close the Debit Card and/or account associated with the fraudulent claim.

Final Note

You will be contacted by mail or e-mail once your case is resolved.


ATM/POS (PIN Based) Fraud Statement

(Use this form for ATM or Point-of-Sale “POS” withdrawals only)

Please complete this form in detail along with an attached unauthorized transaction sheet and personal statement. Please be aware that the card will be closed (if it is still open) before we begin the case process.

Today’s Date: ____________________________________________________ Member Name: ___________________________________________________ Phone Number: ___________________________________________________ Debit Card Number: __________________________________________ Member Number: _________________________________________________ • Did you authorize or participate in the transaction(s)?





• Were you contacted by the Credit Union concerning possible fraudulent activity with your Debit Card?





• Did you allow anyone to use your Debit Card?





IF YES: Please explain the circumstances: ___________________________________________________________


Are there any joint owners on your account?





IF YES to the above question, we suggest each person who had access to the Debit Card complete a fraud statement

and attach to this form.

• Did you have possession of the Debit Card on the date of the alleged fraudulent transaction(s)?





IF NO: The Debit Card reported as:


Never Received






Returned to ACU Date the Debit Card status was reported: ____________________

• Did you receive any text/e-mail asking for your card number, expiration date, etc.?





IF YES: Did you respond with any sensitive information? ________________________________________________

_____________________________________________________________________________________________ • Did you notify the police and complete a police report?





IF YES: Do you have a case number?




No Case #____________________

• Did you inquire with the police department regarding availability of obtaining photos at the ATM machine or POS merchant?





Upon review of this fraud dispute, your maximum liability for losses to your account may be up to $50.00 if you have notified us within two business days of discovery that your card was lost or stolen.

If a false Debit Card, ATM, or Point-of-Sale complaint is made to ACU, we may charge a fee of $25 per hour for the research process. We also reserve the right to close the Debit Card and/or account associated with the fraudulent claim.


Cardholder Dispute Form

Fraudulent Use of a Credit Card or Debit Card

Cardholder Information

Cardholder Name Home Phone

( ) Work Phone ( )

Mailing Address Street City State Zip

I Requested the Card: Yes

No Card Number Number of Cards Issued

Type of Card: Credit Card Debit Card

At the Time of the Fraudulent Transactions, my

Card w County ___________________

Precint ___________________ Case No. _________________

as: In My Possession Lost Never Received Stolen

Was law enforcement notified? Yes

No Date Cardholder Discovered Loss Date Cardholder Reported Loss to Credit Union

or Processor Date of First Fraudulent Transaction

• I complete this Cardholder Dispute Form for the purpose of establishing the fraudulent use of my Credit Card or Debit Card).

• I did not give, sell, or trade my card(s) to anyone nor did I give anyone permission to use my card(s).

• I have no knowledge that my spouse or minor child(ren) made any transaction(s) on or after the date of the first fraudulent transaction indicated below.

• I did not receive any benefit from the unauthorized use of my Credit Card or Debit Card.

• I did not use my card nor authorize the use of my card by anyone else after I discovered the unauthorized use of my card.

• I have examined all of the unauthorized transactions and in each instance I did not originate the transaction nor authorize it.

• Further, I did not receive proceeds or benefits from any of those transactions.

Total amount of unauthorized transactions (itemized on the back of this page or on an attached page: $ Name and Address of Unauthorized User (if known)

Please provide details (if necessary) on a separate sheet. Signatures

I give my consent to the credit union to release any information regarding my card and/or card account to any local, state, and/or federal law enforcement agency so that the information can, if necessary, be used in the investigation and/or prosecution of any person(s) who may be responsible for fraud involving my card and/or card account. I swear this Cardholder Dispute Form is true and understand that making a false sworn statement is subject to federal and/or state statutes and may be punishable by fines and/or imprisonment.

Member’s Signature Date


ACU 9937.4 (11/14)

Unauthorized Transactions

Date of Transaction $ Amount of Transaction Merchant Name

Total $ of Unauthorized Transactions: $


Personal Statement

Page _____ of _____

______________________________ ________________________ ________________________ Member Name Member Number Share Draft Account Number

____________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________ Member Signature ACU 9937.5 (Rev 11/14)


Card Type Requested: qDebit Card

q Replacement Card For Lost Card ($5 fee). q Replacement Card For Stolen Card.

q Reissue For Damaged Card (Current Card Will Deactivate When New Card Is Ordered).

q I Have Changed Names And Request A New Card.

Card Number


Record Date

ACU 4507 (10/14)

Debit Card Application




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