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Date: March 17th, 1:00 – 2:00 pm Eastern Event ID 711 316 076

In the midst of customer's changing needs and expectations, one thing remains the same - you must deliver extraordinary customer service every day. And in today's increasingly complex multi-channel environment meeting this goal has never been more difficult.

In this dynamic keynote, Lisa will discuss how an engaged employee and a customer-focused culture are the foundation to loyal customer relationships. Learn how to create and execute service strategies that truly connect with the customer. Lisa will cover how value and relevance at every interaction is necessary and how knowing the customer and providing personalized service can make a difference. This session will give you a chance to examine how well your systems, processes and people are delivering exceptional service experiences at all touch points every day.

Lisa Ford, Speaker and Author. Lisa Ford is a speaker with over 20 years of experience presenting to businesses, associations and government. She speaks throughout the United States and

internationally on topics of customer service, leadership, team issues and change. Lisa is best known for her work in the areas of customer service. She is the author of the videotape series How to Give Exceptional Customer Service, the #1 selling business tapes in the U.S. for over 3 years. Her other videos and audiotapes include: Developing a Customer Retention Program, Building a Customer Driven Organization: The Manager’s Role and Personal Power. Her recent book is


A Week in the Life of a Multi-Channel Customer

Presented by: Sachin Davankar, Product Marketing Manager, KANA, A Verint® Company

March 17th, 2:30- 3:30 pm Eastern Event ID 712 475 571

A historical review of literature in the customer service arena reveals that not much has changed in terms of what customers are asking of their product or service providers. However, with the introduction of new channels and technologies, including the broad consumer adoption of mobile devices, customers are now demanding service across all available channels. As customers hop from channel to channel, organizations strive to meet the demands and are increasingly adopting a customer-centric approach to service. Customer service operations have steadily progressed to become a core strategic component of a company’s operations with increasing funding and requisite scrutiny.

This session will cover a week in the life of a multichannel customer. It presents an opportunity to gain insight from a customer’s perspective and how an organization can help improve and provide a seamless customer experience across multiple channels.

Key Points:

 Power of knowledge

 Tenets of omni-channel

 Creating a seamless experience

 Listening to respond and resolve (social and direct)

 Measuring to improve

 A unified experience

This session will set the stage to understand the relationship between a service quality and service experience, the distinction between service quality and satisfaction, the difference between an attitude and a behavior, and explore the relationships among the concepts to help attract new and retain existing customers.


Agile Responsiveness to Customer Needs

Presented by Don Van Doren, Principal and co-founder, UniComm Consulting and President, Vanguard Communications, and Michael Kropidlowski, Senior Manager of Product Marketing, Aspect

March 17th, 4:00 – 5:00 pm Eastern Event ID 711 291 237

Companies need to meet changing customer expectations while staying focused on their own goals. What’s required in a particular situation will shift from one interaction to another. Incorporating agility into the processes, systems, and CSR actions will become an increasingly important characteristic of companies that continually deliver successful customer experiences.

 What key factors affect the success of customer interactions?

 What capabilities are important to meet customer expectations?

 How does the explosion of new communication devices change interactions?

 How can companies best prepare for these shifts?

Join in this conversation about building agility into your operations. Don will talk about key issues and trends; Michael will describe what’s needed to deliver a successful omni-channel customer experience.

Don Van Doren, Principal and co-founder, UniComm Consulting; President, Vanguard Communications. Don writes articles and columns and speaks frequently at industry conferences. He is recognized as a thought leader in the emerging unified communications marketplace. He is president of Vanguard Communications, an independent consulting firm that helps clients plan, design, and implement innovative contact center technology and processes, as well as develop effective customer interaction strategies. Don has an undergraduate degree from Yale University and an MBA from the University of Michigan.

Michael Kropidlowski Senior Manager Product Marketing, Aspect Software. Michael brings more than 18 years of experience in the customer service and contact center industries to Aspect. As a senior product marketing manager at Aspect, Michael contributes directly to company strategy with a view to market trends and product strategy, focusing on enhanced customer service enabled through unified contact strategies and workforce optimization.

Keynote – Day 2: Lessons Learned from Hurricane Sandy– what we learned about routing, scalability, control and disaster planning

Presented by: Laura Zink Marx, Executive Director, NJ 2-1-1 Partnership Date: March 18th, 1:00 – 2:00 pm Eastern

Event ID 711 190 741

Today there are over 190 million Americans in 46 states who have access to community resources by dialing 2-1- 1. NJ 2-1-1 has 243 call centers throughout the nation handling 16.8 million calls per year. In this session, we will discuss how a blended cloud


able to bring our customer service organization to new heights of customer satisfaction while preparing for disaster recovery.

• Providing world-class customer service experience without the cost of a physical call center infrastructure

• Closing the gap between what customers expect and the support experience your business delivers

• Taking advantage of a flexible system that offers scalability, routing and control and how to apply this to your contact center

Laura Zink Marx is currently the Executive Director of the NJ 2-1-1 Partnership which has the administrative responsibility for the 2-1-1 dialing code. NJ 2-1-1 is operational 24/7, answering over 240,000 calls last year and providing information for hundreds of thousands of web site requests. Laura has eight years’ experience as a state director and had served for three years as chair of the 2-1-1 US Steering Committee.

Laura is an active member of NJ VOAD (Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster) and sits on the executive committee. NJ 2-1-1 remained operational before, during and after the hurricane

answering over 100,000 calls while leveraging cloud technologies to address many emerging issues and concerns for FEMA, NJ Office of Emergency Management and NJVOAD. Laura is also very active in the Long Term Recovery Process and has deployed specialized staff to help aid in rebuild and volunteer coordination and the building of long term recovery resources.

5 Key Criteria to Deliver Best – in- Class Self Service

Presented by: Gregory Pal, Vice President of Marketing, Strategy & Business Development of the Nuance Enterprise Division, Nuance

March 18th, 2:30 – 3:30 pm Eastern Event ID 714 080 487

The relationship between people and technology has changed. Companies need to deliver intelligent self-service experiences that adapt to the needs of customers and use natural language understanding, speech recognition and conversational technologies to simplify the way customer’s access information and perform transactions.

Whether via the web, voice, or mobile, intelligent self-service solutions deliver informed and effective service how, when and where customers want to engage and weave those interactions into a seamless cross-channel conversation. During this webinar, learn the five key criteria required to deliver best-in-class self-service experiences. You will hear how to increase customer loyalty while lowering operating costs.


Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and a Masters of Business Administration from Harvard Business School.

The Super-Agent - New models for Multi-Channel Interaction Presented by: Jason Lowe, Senior Product Manager, inContact March 18th, 4:00 – 5:00 pm Eastern

Event ID 719 978 101

Are you looking to gain insight on how to better empower your agents to handle all customer needs regardless of their preferred channel? Contact centers are now being tasked with handling multiple channels for

customers to reach them and it has forced them to figure out how to create the “Super Agent” who can leverage these interaction types in a blended environment.

In this session, you will take-away the following:

· What does social mean in customer service, how does this work in the contact center, how do we work around putting context to the conversation and not just take each interaction as a one-off handling

· Handling multiple interactions simultaneously – how to keep your agent focused on the needs of your customer while moving between interactions

· Identifying the best channels for each agent and skilling them to be their best for the customer and the needs of the contact center and how to manage training for agents whether in the office or virtual

Jason Lowe, Senior Product Marketing Manager, inContact. In his role as a Senior Product Marketing Manager for inContact, Jason is responsible for the strategy and development of the inContact Workforce Optimization toolset. Jason has an extensive knowledge of the contact center industry and has worked as a Senior Sales Engineer, Technical Trainer, Customer Service and Business Operations Manager, and Director of Operations during his career. Jason has a Bachelor of Science in Economics from the University of Utah and an MBA from the University of Utah’s David Eccles School of Business

Keynote – Day 3: Turn the Channel of Last Resort into a First-Rate Customer Experience

Using History, Memory and Knowledge at Key Moments of Truth to improve customer satisfaction

Presented by: Elaine Cascio, Vanguard Communications March 19th, 1:00 – 2:00 pm Eastern

Event ID 719 064 419


the channel of last resort or the channel they use when they need to escalate an issue. This fact makes delivering an exceptional customer experience even more critical for voice interactions. Learn how using data in smart ways can alleviate customer frustration and turn around a negative journey. Understand how the powerful combination of history, memory and knowledge will improve the customer experience within and especially across channels. Learn how to create the kind of personalized conversations that make the difference between a satisfied, loyal customer and a dissatisfied one.

Elaine Cascio, Vice President, Vanguard Communications. Vanguard Communications is an independent consultancy specializing in strategic solutions for customer contact. Elaine is a passionate advocate for customer-centric self-service design based on clearly defined customer experience and channel strategies. She conducts workshops, speaks at conferences and blogs and writes about multi-channel strategies and IVR design. Elaine holds degrees from Dickinson College and the University of Virginia.

Workforce Optimization Best Practices to Unleash Multi-Channel Operational Excellence

Presented by: Sean Murphy, Speech and Text Analytics Product Marketing Lead and Stefan Captijn, Director, Product Marketing Genesys

March 19th, 2:30 – 3:30 pm Eastern Event ID 714 906 920

Running a multi-channel contact center operation has never been an easy task. With the staggering pace of new channel adoption, frequent product or service launches and more stringent compliance rules, just keeping your operations in motion and ensuring your operations team does not waste valuable time on manual tasks becomes a struggle, which often prevents you from even

attempting to optimize and automate business processes and key performance indicators.

Learn how to reach operational excellence in your multi-channel contact center by managing expenditures while fostering good customer experiences across all channels of contact by optimizing your workforce to:

 Reduce operational costs

 Optimize your key performance indicators through actionable analytics


Stefan Captijn, Director, Product Marketing, Genesys. With over 20 years in the IT and

Customer Service business, Stefan has an unusual mix of experience having served in IT, Consulting, Marketing and Business Development roles. Stefan started with Genesys in 2000 and currently Stefan serves as Product Marketing Director for Business Application. Stefan has a passion for running, cycling, loudspeaker building and enjoys public speaking and travelling the world.

Are Your Customers Satisfied Across All Channels? Do you know where your customer’s experience is falling apart?

Presented by: Joe Alwan, Vice President and General Manager of AVOKE Analytics, Raytheon BBN Technologies

Date: March 20, 1:00 – 2:00 pm Eastern Event ID 713 776 130

When your customer uses multiple channels to solve their issues, it’s difficult to pinpoint where they may encounter a bad experience. Is it an unanswered email, a disconnected chat session, or an incorrect answer? Could their reason for contacting your organization be so complex that no self-service channels were able to help and they were ‘forced’ to call the contact center. Understanding multi-channel behavior is critical.

Identifying issues in interaction channels can create avoidable call volume in your call center. In this session we will discuss:

1. How looking at the whole call provides you with a greater understanding of the problem’s root cause so you can prioritize corrective actions and define process improvements

2. Why Voice is a critical element of the multichannel mix

3. How to use analytics to identify emerging business trends and issues that affect your company Joe Alwan, Vice President and General Manager of AVOKE Analytics, Raytheon BBN Technologies. Based on 30 years of research and practice, companies select AVOKE Analytics to optimize customer satisfaction, revenue and cost efficiency. Joe was previously VP/GM of call center solutions at Empirix, and has 25 years of experience turning technology innovation into practical business solutions.

60 Ideas in 60 Minutes

Presented by: Conference Vendors Date: March 20, 2:30 – 3:30 pm Eastern Event ID 714 426 359