Duties and Responsibilities of Officers & Staff of KST Press, Bangalore

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Duties and Responsibilities of Officers & Staff


KST Press, Bangalore

Controller of Printing :

The Controller of Printing is the Head of the Department. He will be directly working under Director (S&V). He is responsible for proper functioning of KST Press.

The other duties are :

1) Inspection of all the Sections.

2) To get the Printing & Binding works done from his sub-ordinate officers and the supervi-sory staff.

3) Undertaking Printing of Tickets and arranging distribution. 4) Procuring of Plant & Machinery and Equipments.

5) Responsible for accepting / rejecting the works & to keep priority for Ticket printing. 6) Planning for expansion, proposals for modernising the press and for creation of new units. 7) Dealing with Labour & Welfare matters of employees and staff.

8) To act as an Adviser to the Administration in all printing matters to the Corporation. 9) Introducing Economy measures wherever feasible.

10) Directly concerned on all matters of the Press.

11) Dealing with all the matters related to the Establishment, Administration, Labour, Ac-counts, Stores and Security Sections of the Press.

12) Budget and Budgetory Control. 13) To exercise delegation of Powers.

14) Indenting, vetting of indents, local purchases, entering into contract with the Firms, issue of instructions to the Units, re-allocation of items, testing of samples and acceptance or rejecting of supplies.

15) Implementing all the Statutory enactments of the Government either State or Central what-ever applicable to the Press, implementing Regulations, Resolutions, Decisions, Direc-tives, and Standing Orders, proposing amendments, modifications, Rules and Regulations, wherever necessary.

16) Inspection of Divisions & conducting surprise checks as and when inevitable. 17) Maintenance of Trade Secrecy.

18) Responsible for introduction of Costing Cell.

19) Responsible for all the correspondence and maintenance of files for effective functioning of stores and maintenance of raw materials.


20) Responsible for proper planning and procurement of all the items including spares meant for the press towards smooth flow of production.

21) Responsible for Local Purchase, timely clearance of advances, maintenance of discipline in the Stores section of the press.

22) Any other duties and responsibilities assigned or entrusted by the Management from time to time.

Deputy Controller of Printing

The Dy. Controller of Printing, works directly under Controller of Printing & Stationery. He will give necessary instructions to Assistant Controller of Printing and to all the Supervisory staff and employees working under him on all the matters related to production and stores floors. He is responsible for proper functioning of Production and Stores.

The other duties

are:-1 . Inspection of all the Production sections and press premises.

2. To get the printing of ticket, stationeries and any other works done from the Assistant Controller of Printing and the other supervisory staff.

3. Undertaking of printing of tickets and Stationeries as per the instructions of the COP&S and arranging distribution of the same as per allocations. Responsible for participation in tender, Printing and supply of Tickets and stationery items for other STU’s and PSU’s. 4, Recommendation of plants, machineries and equipments required for printing and other

processes machineries.

5. Responsible for accepting or rejecting the works and to keep priority for good quality and works.

6. Planning for expansions, new innovation, proposal for modernising the press and for recommendation for creation of new units.

7. Maintenance of Machines, Labour & Welfare matters of employees and staff of KST Press. Recommending Economy measures wherever feasible.

8. Recommending Indenting, getting of indents, local purchases, testing of samples and acceptance or rejecting of supplies.

9. Maintenance of trade secrecy. Maintaining accountability of tickets and stationery raw materials and issual of tickets and stationery.

10. Submission of daily/weekly/monthly target and achievement of ticket stationery and other entrusted works.

11. Motivation of employees for curtailing of wastages & increase of productivity. 12. Supervision of safety aspect [instruction). maintenance of good relation- ship between


14. He has to ensure proper discipline in the press. He is responsible for proper implemen-tation of all statutory provisions applicable to KST Press .

15. Maintain cordial relationship with the employees.

16. He is responsible for procuring materials required for the production. Plan well in advance. He has to plan reduction of staff cost and improve quality of printing. Any other work entrusted by the Controller of Printing & Stationery.

Assistant Controller of Printing

The Assistant Controller of Printing, is directly responsible for production and will pos-sess sound technical knowledge of all the works connected to each sections and different pro-cesses of Printing. He will work directly under Dy. Controller of Printing and Superiors. He will give necessary instructions to all the Supervisory’ staff and employees working under him on all the matters. He is completely responsible for production of Tickets and Stationeries.

The Duties and Responsibilities are:

1. Production planning for preparation of Ticket Block/Plates/Polymers and Indenting for procuring Blocks/Plates/Ny!o plates for printing of Tickets and Stationeries. Planning and informing stores, well in advance of raw materials for day-to-day production. 2. Planning for all the works, execution of works in all the sections, maintenance of records,

registers and documents pertaining to Ticket Design, Negatives, Positives, Polymer etc., responsible for duplication of tickets and such other printings works.

3. Maintenance of discipline among the employees, their attendance, punctuality and per-missions etc.,

4. Planning and distribution of work and pre-planning of work in each section. Execution of other tendered works of ticket and stationery of STU’s and PSU’s.

5. Responsible for Maintenance of records up-to-date and answerable for duplicate print-ings or audit paragraphs referred to him.

6. Maintenance of Machinery, (Periodically Servicing) Equipments of the sections and Plan-ning for over-hauling and repairing of Machinery and equipment including Numerators. 7. Maintenance of Trade Secrecy of printing of Tickets. Responsible for dislocation’ of

operations at the Divisional level for want of Tickets.

8. Providing necessary details for costing of Tickets and Stationery. Inspection of raw mate-rials and recommendations thereon, as well as compilation of ticket requirements and statements regularly.

9. Compilation of statistics, compilation of informations regarding tickets, scrutiny of in-dents, supervising all the works, secrecy of work orders.

10. Offering suggestions or proposals for improvement and saving or reduction in cost of operations, conducting inventory of materials, tools or equipments.


11 Responsible for the printed stocks and raw materials stored in the sections, responsible for locking and maintenance of keys.

12. Responsible and accountable for all kinds of wastages and burning of scrapped tickets and other money valued stationeries.

13. Dealing with all the correspondence related to the technical aspects of the jobs and sub-mission of reports etc., and,

Any other work entrusted by the superiors authorities.

Assistant Stores Officer

The Assistant Stores Officer, KST Press, will possess thorough knowledge of handling stores section of the press independently including planning for distribution etc., He is directly responsible for all the transactions of the stores and will work directly under Controller of Printing & Stationery.

The duties and responsibilities are:

1 . Supervision and extracting work from officials working under him. Planning to send R.V.s. in stipulated time to Central Office to avail the benefit of Prompt Payment Discount. 2. To deal with all the correspondences of the stores and maintain related files and

corre-spondences up-to-date.

3. Responsible for arranging supplies of raw materials with proper planning to the produc-tion unit as per the bulk indent to avoid loss of Producproduc-tion.

4. Directly responsible for the advances drawn for various purposes making L.P of the items and arranging clearance of consignments.

5. Responsible for getting the indents, consolidate them and arrange the bulk indents for their procurements.

6. Directly responsible for implementing the various procedures issued from time to time by the management and dislocation of works in the press and for timely placing indent to the press.

7. To follow up the purchase action regularly. Inspection of all the materials received in the stores and to report the discrepancy in time. To scrutinise the indents of the divisions and supplies made by the press.

8. To verify the supply Memos of Tickets and Stationery items against the bulk indents. To check the raw materials stores, printed stationery stocks periodically including Ticket stores.

9. Directly responsible for the safe custody of all the items including items like number-ing boxes, hand numbernumber-ing machines and costly stationery items, etc., in the stores. 10. Responsible for maintaining stores keys, locking and sealing of the stores.

Answer-able to all audit queries, excess and shortage of the tickets, stationery, pre- printed stationery etc.,


11. To arrange purchase of items locally as and when required as per procedure. He should arrange procurement of Spares, Plant & Machineries as proposed by the production de-partment.

12. To make proposal from time to time for the disposal of obsolete items or other un-wanted items and to suggest for reduction in costs. To offer proposals for expansion of the stores.

13. The stores Officer is the reporting official on all the matters. He will work with disci-pline and also perform any other duties entrusted by his superiors. He will develop coordination with all the officers/officials of the press/divisions and corporations of State Road Transports.

Chargeman [Ticket and Stationery]

The Chargeman posted to any section or shifts of printing press will directly work under Assistant Controller of Printing. He should possess sound technical knowledge of all the opera-tions and different process in printing. He is responsible for smooth working of the section and directly accountable for low production, duplication, poor quality in printing and wrong print-ings including wrong numbering in printing, binding, excess wastages and shortage of both printed and raw materials.

1. Maintenance of punctuality, attendance, wearing of uniforms and discipline of employees working under him. He should offer suggestions / proposals for reduction in cost, wast-ages and for introduction of economy measures wherever possible.

2. Opening of work orders and allocation of work to each cadres, preparation of issue vouch-ers, arranging materials from stores against the job and planning of work.

3. Pre-planning for requirement for the job execution and supervising all the work and maintenance of records.

4. Maintenance of machinery tools, equipments, secrecy of records such as production of tickets, work orders, valuation registers, job cards and login and logout etc.,

5. He is responsible for idling of machines, employees deserting the work-spot, unlawful assembly of employees.

6. Reporting on all matters related to the labour indiscipline, discrepancy noticed to ACP/ DCP/COP&S

7. Responsible for Maintenance of up-to-date records, raw materials drawn from the stores. Responsible for the shortages due to wrong printings or misuse of materials in the sec-tions.

8. Conducting inventory of ticket blocks, numerators spares, equipments, tools and raw materials. Responsible for the issuing permissions to the employees, late coming & ir-regular attendance.

9. Planning for periodical overhauling & repairing of machines, equipments etc., Planning well in advance of raw materials for day-to-day production through stores.


10. Developing co-ordination among employees, developing harmony maintenance of house keeping and labour relationship etc.,

11 . Responsible for maintenance of all the statistics, compilation of information required from time to time.

12. Directly responsible for the issue of work orders, testing of ink, testing of raw materials, (before using any materials duly to be checked) mixing of colors, mixing of ticket books. 13. Supervision of work entrusted to the outside printer’s if any, maintenance of trade

se-crecy. He is directly responsible for locking of all the doors and maintenance of keys. 14. He is directly responsible for arranging items from the stores and other section and for

arranging delivery of items to the stores/other sections without causing idling of labour/ machine or any dislocation.

15. Chargeman is fully responsible to carry out instruction issued from time to time by the superiors. He is responsible for proper implementation of statutory enactments of State/ Central Government as applicable to the labour and also responsible for implementation of directions issued by the management,

Any other work entrusted by the superior authorities.

The Compositor :

The Compositor is fully responsible for setting up types in composing section and he will work directly under a chargeman / leading hand. He should possess knowledge of types and working of the section.

He is responsible for composing all types of matters from the manuscripts and arrange proofs immediately. The compositor, will perform the duties such as corrections, alterations, making up of pages according to gauges, distributions of Types, imposing the printed matters, locking up of forms, carrying out author correction and maintenance of Types and Composing materials including light machines, such as corner cutting, rule cutter, lead cutter etc.,

The Compositor is responsible for wrong setting, unauthorized alteration of Codes in ticket printing and also responsible for approved proofs and manuscripts. In addition to this he is responsible for cleaning of Types and maintenance of cleanliness in the section. He shall discharge any other duties entrusted by the superiors in the composing section. Also he is re-sponsible for loss of Types or Composing equipment’s or Proofs.

Assistant Compositor :

The Assistant Compositor, shall perform duties like Distribution of set matter to the respective cases, setting solid matter, table work, advertisement, leading out pages, pulling groups, alterations of codes on machines, carrying machine corrections, assisting pre-make ready op-erations, form corrections or any other job entrusted by the Superior from time to time.


Machineman :

The Machineman is fully responsible for printing on machine entrusted. He is directly responsible for wrong printings, duplication in printing and wastages of paper, etc., the duties performed by the Machinemen are, oiling and cleaning of Machines, maintenance of machines and the numerators, keeping in readiness the forms required to print, loading and unloading of printed forms and paper, making ready of any types of Forms given for work, roller setting level-ling of impression, setting of colors, mixing of colors, attending minor repairs and adjustments, assisting for overhauling and repairing of machines or assisting while installations of new ma-chines or any other work entrusted by his superiors in the Machine Section.

The Machinemen is responsible for unauthorized printings without obtaining strike or-ders from the Chargemen or Leading Hand. He is also responsible for maintaining high stan-dards production of both quality and quantity and also for supervision while printing of Tickets or forms containing numerators. He is responsible to maintain strike orders issued by the Su-pervisors and responsible for cleanliness to be maintained in the Machine Section. Besides he is responsible for smooth running of the Machine.

Assistant Machiemen :

The Assistant Machinemen is responsible to work independently on machines and he will work directly under machinemen. The duties to be performed by an Assistant Machinemen are, oiling and cleaning of any machine entrusted, carrying of forms, washing up of rollers, ink ducts, forms, loading and unloading of papers, tapping up of printed forms while printing, checking of numbering while printing, make ready operations, independently maintenance of numbering ma-chines, roller casting, assisting for repairs and over-handling and any other work entrusted.

The Assistant Machinemen is fully responsible for defective printings, duplications in printing and wastages in printing and for unauthorized printings. He is further responsible for maintaining perfect cleanliness of the Machines & the section and for accountal of paper.

Binder :

The Binder in the Printing Press is responsible for production and maintenance of Books bound by him in the Sections. He will directly work under the Leading Hand & Chargeman (Binding). The duties to be performed by him are oiling, cleaning, of Machines operated by him or entrusted, to work independently on any machines in Binding Section, maintenance of Machine, Make ready numbering, folding, eye-letting, preparation of pads, registers, binding of books up-to full leather preparation of end papers, preparation of folders, numbering of books, minor adjustments and repairs, changing of blades and any other work entrusted by his superiors.

The Binder is fully responsible for loss of production, idling of employees working un-der him, wrong bindings, un authorized preparation of pads, books and loose forms, either new or re-binding


Assistant Binder :

The Assistant Binder in the KST Press will work directly under Binder. He is responsible for loss of production, wrong bindings, unauthorized binding of books, pads and unauthorized repairing of Binding Machines. The duties to be performed by him are oiling and cleaning ma-chines entrusted, tapping of printed forms, working independently on mama-chines, hand number-ing, sewing of books, foldnumber-ing, gathernumber-ing, collatnumber-ing, perforatnumber-ing, seriallnumber-ing, preparation of pads and binding of up-to half calico, counting, bandaging, labeling, packing, checking of tickets, gathering of wrappers, correction of tickets, maintenance of machines, feeding of paper for the job and delivery of materials to the stores. He is responsible for wastages of books, pads, or registers.

Checker & Packers :

The Checkers & Packers working in the Printing Press are directly responsible for loss of ticket production in the ticket Section. The duties to be performed by the Checkers and Packers are noting of corrections recorded by the Printers, counting of printed Ticket Sheets, recording of mistakes and wrong printing while counting, wrapper gathering, arranging for cutting, serialling of tickets, ticket books, while stitching, posting of corrections, hand number-ing of tickets for replacement of defective tickets, seriallnumber-ing, bandagnumber-ing, bindnumber-ing and delivery of tickets. The Checker & Packer will also work independently in the absence of Assistant Binders. He will assist the Machinemen, Binder, regarding rectification / defects in respect of tickets. He shall carry out any other work entrusted by his superiors.

He is fully responsible for defective ticket binding, carrying unauthorized corrections and deletions of corrections in ticket numbering.

Helper (Printing) :

Helpers (Printing) recruited directly to the post will work in various Sections of the Printing Press like Composing, Machine, Binding, and Ticket Section. The duties to be per-formed by them are oiling and cleaning of any machines or equipments, tools, etc., cleaning of spares and numerators, washing of rollers, ink duct fornes, feeding of paper on treadle machine or any hand fed machine, transportation of papers, loading and unloading, transportation of raw-material from Stores to other Sections, gathering of Formes, assisting for wire-stitching, punching, assisting machine repairs, overhauling, preparation of pastes, glue, perforating, num-bering of books, numnum-bering ticket for replacement, counting, bandaging serialling, bundling, packing, eye-letting, roller casting or any other work entrusted from the supervisory staff.


Stores Superintendent

The Stores Superintendent should supervise the functioning of different sections of the stores.

1. Indenting :

Scrutiny of all the bulk indents. Ensure proper indenting. Forecasting of demands on con-sumption, change in model etc., ensure indents are prepared as per the schedule of indent pre-scribed by the Corporation.

2. Performance of Suppliers :

Ensure delivery schedules for all the purchase order given. Chasing of suppliers – re-ports on performance of different suppliers.

3. Stores Management :

Stores management and stock yard management.

4. Issue Management :

Scrutiny of indents received from Divisions/Corporations and issue of materials to all Divisions/Corporations. Ensure all the materials indented by the Divisions are arranged, liasoning with workshops for R/C assemblies and other R.C. items. Ensure proper flow of assemblies to Depots from Division workshops & vice-versa as per the norms fixed.

5. Inventory Management :

Ensure maintenance of inventory norms fixed for different category of items. 6. Scrap Management :

Receipt of scrap materials from the divisions arranging in different lots. Transfer of scarp materials to regional workshops, delivery of scrap items.

The Stores Superintendent is also responsible for over-all functioning of stores & gen-eral administrations at Stores level.

7. Stores suptd disposal cell at Cental Offices :

Responsible for conducting Tender-Cum-Auction regularly and over-all incharge of dis-posal cell. Circular instructions earlier issued in this regard will also be inforce. Any other work entrusted by the superiors.


Store Keeper :

1. Scrutiny of demand and fore-store keeper.

Scrutiny of demand made by the user department and to forecast the demand taking into consideration of average consumption, stock, outstanding etc.,

2. Indenting :

Timely indenting as per the schedule of indent fixed by the Corporation. 3. Delivery Schedule :

Receipt of purchase order. Furnishing delivery schedule to the suppliers. Regular chasing of purchase orders of supplies.

4. Receipt of Supplies :

Preparation of various documents relating to receipt of materials on different modes of payments. Arranging inspection of these materials. Preparation of receipt documents and trans-fer of accepted materials to the concerned sub-stores. Preparation of documents in case of rejected materials.

5. Stores Management :

Receiving the accepted materials. Storing of these materials in different storing systems. 6. Issue of materials :

Following different procedures laid down in issue of materials to depots, divisional work-shops etc.,

7. Inventory Management :

Maintaining of inventories of different category of items as per the norms fixed. Follow-ing of procedure fixed for inventory management.

The store-keeper is the custodian of stores and he is responsible for the over-all func-tioning of stores.

Any other work entrusted by the superior.

Junior Assistant (Stores) :

1. Maintenance of Receipt Control Register.

2. Sending of Receipt Vouchers & Triplicate Copies of the bills to Stores A/c’s. Section. 3. Noting the Purchase Orders on the Indents and pursuance of Purchase Orders

pertain-ing to Raw Materials.

4. Placing of Express Indents in Respect of urgent raw materials on Controller of Stores and Purchases, pursuance of that.


5. Pursuance of Indents in respect of raw materials & posting the indents in stock bin cards.

6. Issue of Raw Materials to press and posting the issues in stock bin cards and sending the Issue Vouchers to Stores A/c’s. section.

7. To maintain files in respect of Receipt Vouchers and Issue Vouchers.

8. Local purchase of items as per orders from time to time & collection of paper from Central Stores & outside firms as per terms of the Purchase Order. To maintain ad-vance register & settlement of adad-vances.

9. Preparation of Bulk Indents in respect of raw materials.

10. To maintain Issue Control Register up-to-date in respect of Issue of Printed Forms & Stationery.

11. Preparation of Issue Vouchers in respect of Supply of Stationery and Printed Forms to various sections & Divisions & Regional Workshops etc., and posting of the items in stock bin cards.

12. Re-conciliation as regards correct posting with Stores A/c’s section.

13. Preparation of Stationery Indents noting the Purchase Orders on the indents and pursu-ance of the purchase orders till the items are received & posting the indents in stock bin cards.

14. Placing Express Indents in respect of Stationery items and pursuance thereof with Controller of Stores & Purchase.

15. To maintain files in respect of S.K. Copies pertaining to Receipt Vouchers & Issue Vouchers.

16. Posting of Receipted items from Receipt Cell.

17. To maintain Indents properly received from Divisions, Corporations and Workshops etc.

18. To maintain files perfectly pertaining to the above subjects referred and to carry out any work given by S.K. or by superior officers from time to time.

19. He will take out items with assistance of helper accordingly.

20. Packing work will be done under his supervision and he will prepare packing slips after checking the contents proposed for packing.

21. To prepare gate passes for outgoing items.

22. Placing indents on Chargeman and posting the items in stock bin card and pursuance with Chargeman for urgent items.

23. He will be in-charge of all files & it is his personal responsibility for correct and up-to-date filling date-wise.

24. Noting the acknowledge copies of the issue vouchers on Issue Control Register and to file them chronologically & to pursue the units to send acknowledged copies.

25. To consolidate the Requirements given by the Divisions, in respect of Stationery & Printed Forms & to re-allocate the surpluses items to the required Divisions and allied


26. Dispatch of Issue Vouchers to various Divisions, on receipt of the priced copies from stores A/c’s Section.

27. Correspondence as regard to dispatch of materials to various units. 28. Any other work allotted by S.K. or by the undersigned from time to time.

EST SECTION : Superintendent :

a) Over all supervision of the work, Adm. Section in general.

b) Direct supervision over the maintenance of files, registers in respect of office & residen-tial telephones, inclusive of Central Office i.e. external, internal, intercom.

c) Pursuance of work regarding the allotment of telephone with the telephone department in respect of central office.

d) Marking the Tappal in the presence of Dy. Controller of Printing.

Supervisor (EST)

a) To control and to attend to the work regarding sanction of loan for house construction / Hypothecation under HDFC scheme or any other scheme i.e., in vogue with the help of Case Worker.

b) Supervising the Medical Reimbursement cases. c) Supervising the allotment of quarters.

d) Supervision over the work of Motor Vehicle, Two Wheeler & Car advances. e) Supervision over reprographic section.

f) Maintenance of Monthly Diaries of R.M.’s / D.C’s and any other officers if attached. g) Maintenance of references of Transport Minister/M.L.A’s /MP’s/MLC’s/Chairman & Trade

Union Reference / Govt. Letters.

h) Journey Approval of Controller of Printing & Stationery .

i) Maintenance of C.L. account of staff of Adm. Section. Issue of Duty pass / City pass in respect of staff of ADM Department

j) Issue of Holiday Circular on receipt of the Notification. k) Maintenance of Seniority list of Press employees l) Dealing with Promotions

Supervisor (ACCOUNTS)

a) Supervising the accounts & financial matters. b) Supervising medical reimbursement bills.

c) Supervising salary, encashment, retirement benefits.

b) Costing


f) Attending to court matter g) Attending to gratuity claims

i) Any other work entrusted by superiors

Junior Assistant (ACCOUNTS) :

a) Payment of BESCOM Bills, Telephone Bill, Petty Bills, Paper Bills etc., b) Drawing of salarys press employees.

c) Encashment gratuity, pay fixation bills. d) Dealing with court matter.

e) Any other work entrusted by superiors

Assistant (EST) :

a) Receiving of applications and maintenance of files for housing loan and maintenance of registers thereof attending to the work of sanctioning of loan under HDFC scheme or any other scheme if introduced, (Right from the receipt of applications till the loans are sanc-tioned) – conducting of meetings in this connection.

b) Scrutiny of applications for house construction / HP and processing for sanction.

c) General correspondence with the HDFC in this behalf to correspondence with the ac-counts department.

d) Any other work / entrusted by the official / superiors.

e) Maintenance of Service Registers, P.F. and Personal Files of Press employees. f) Dealing with sanction of increments, encashments etc.,

g) Dealing with Telephones both official external (internal and intercom) / residential and all connected correspondence, and follow up actions thereafter.

h) Maintenance of registers and files.

i) The work of sanctioning of Telephones / disconnections / restoration etc., with the Tele-phone Department inclusive of restoration / barring of S.T.D. facilities etc., .

j) Maintenance of Capital Budget as per the Accounts Manual.

k) Certifying of Electricity bills and correspondence thereof (the metre reading shall be certified by the concerned electrical engineer ).

l) Maintenance of circulars / CEO’s / GSO’s / distributing of armed forces flags / other flags etc., and correspondence to be made in this behalf.

m) Any other work / if entrusted by the official superiors.

Junior Assistant

a) Maintenance of registers / files regarding / officers of quarters for officials / officers pertaining to Central Offices.

b) Processing of Medical Reimbursement claims of official / officers of KSRTC.


d) Issue of holiday circulars. e) Dealing with Leave Orders

f) Inward work pertaining to administration department. g) Dispatch work pertaining to the administration department. h) Dealing with default files of press employees.

i) Dealing with Inspector of Factory files

j) Any other work entrusted by the official superiors. Typing Pool :

The in-charge of the section will monitor the work of the section. He should also have a glance on the typed letters for proper presentation of the matter to avoid complaints for im-proper typing.

Helper (Office):

Helping in general the work of the section Driver :

He shall work as per the advise of Controller of Printing & Stationery.

Press Security Section :

Divisional Security Inspector :

The divisional security inspector is directly working under controller of printing & Sta tionary. He will give necessary instructions to all the staff working under him. He is completely responsible for the security aspects of the press.

The Other Duties & Responsibilities are:

a) Responsible for alloting shifts for the security guards b) Reporting of late coming employees.

c) Reporting regarding employees smoking in the press premises. d) He has to supervise the registers maintained at security gate. e) Supervise the delivery of tickets & stationary from stores. f) Take inventory of Tickets & Stationary stocks available at stores.

g) Attended to any enquirys and serving of absent reports for the concerned employees. h) Any other work entrusted by the official superiors.

¨sÀzÀævÁ gÀPÀëPÀ :

1. ¨sÀzÀævÁ ¹§âA¢UÀ¼ÀÄ PÀvÀðªÀåPÉÌ ¸ÀA¥ÀÆtð ¸ÀªÀĪÀ¸ÀÛçzÀ°è ºÁdgÁUÀ¨ÉÃPÀÄ. 2. ¨sÀzÀævÁ ¹§âA¢UÀ¼ÀÄ ¸ÀjAiÀiÁzÀ ¸ÀªÀÄAiÀÄPÉÌ PÀvÀðªÀåPÉÌ ºÁdgÁUÀ¨ÉÃPÀÄ.


4. ¨sÀzÀævÁ gÀPÀëPÀgÀÄUÀ¼ÀÄ vÀªÀÄä PÀvÀðªÀåzÀ ¸ÀªÀÄAiÀÄzÀ°è PɼÀPÀAqÀ zÁR¯Áw ¥ÀĸÀÛPÀUÀ¼À£ÀÄß ¤ªÀð»¸ÀvÀPÀÌzÀÄÝ. C) ZÁeïð zÁR¯Áw ¥ÀĸÀÛPÀ D) ªÁºÀ£ÀUÀ¼À M¼À £ÉÆAzÀt ¥ÀĸÀÛPÀ E) ªÁºÀ£ÀUÀ¼À ºÉÆgÀ £ÉÆAzÀt ¥ÀĸÀÛPÀ F) Qð zÁR¯Áw ¥ÀĸÀÛPÀ G) r¥ÁZÀðgï ²Ãmï H) ªÁºÀ£À dRA zÁR¯Áw ¥ÀĸÀÛPÀ IÄ) ªÁºÀ£À ¨ÉæÃPïqË£ï zÁR¯Áw ¥ÀĸÀÛPÀ





8. ªÉÄïÁ¢üPÁjUÀ¼À eÉÆvÉ ªÀiÁvÀ£ÁqÀĪÁUÀ, ²¹Û¤AzÀ, «zsÉÃAiÀÄvɬÄAzÀ ªÀwð¸À¨ÉÃPÀÄ.