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Easy transportation to the port, railroad and highway

Completed infrastructure Plots for reasonable prices




Through collecting small and medium-sized industrial facilities within a certain area according to a plan we are aiming to;

• Supply convenient industrial infrastructure for investors, • Provide highly qualified, reliable and fast service,

• Increase business volume and employment rate in our region by working respectful for both public and environment as well as with the efficient productivity and sense of responsibility,

• Reduce the ongoing unemployment in our district and also contributing to the country’s economy. OUR VISION

Providing significant contribution to welfare of the society and the progress of the country as well as pre -senting the products and services without compromising quality and corporate value by means of comple -ting the infrastructure, having high production quality and exportation to keep our development by maintai -ning the greatest level of customer satisfaction in any case.


Honesty; Having permanent, long-term and good relationships with employees, investors, suppliers, Customer Focus; Maintaining the highest level of customer satisfaction by protecting our current works as well as creating new job opportunities,

Contribution to Community; Carrying the identity of social responsibility by contributing to social, cultural and all kinds of educational activities as well as being respectful to the environment and a good model,

Willingness; Understanding our region’s vision, mission, corporate characteristics, values to assimilate and behave accordingly and keeping up the best way with all kinds of change,

Quality Policy; Maintaining our production leadership by working with customer focused production, pro -viding high quality and timely products and services with teamwork and preventive approach. Keeping on mind the importance of worker’s health and safety as well as working with social responsibility.


İbrahim AKDEMİR President of the Board of Directors Levent KALIN Vice President of the Board of Directors Mehmet İYİGÜLLÜ Member of the Board of Directors Recep ERALP Member of the Board of Directors Okan ARAS Member of the Board of Directors Alaattin ÜÇOK Regional director of OSB


History of Mustafakemalpaşa OSB

09.01.1989: The first application letter and research report to the T.C

Ministry of Industry and Trade

12.23.1990: The publication of the establishment in the official gazette (No: 20734)

05.03.1991: First Entrepreneur Committee Meeting

(Entrepreneur Committee: The Governor of Bursa Erdoğan Şahinoğlu, The Mayor of Bursa Sadettin Sarcan, The Representatives of TSO MKP Mesut Şenkoyuncu, Şevket Öz, Hüseyin Göksu, Ali Kuyumcu and the representative of MÜSİAD Fikri Hoşgör)

05.08.1991: Site selection

05.01.1992: Special Provincial Administration has participated in OSB Entrepreneur delegation with the letter of Ministry of Industry and Trade.

(The shares of participation: 59% The Chamber of Commerce and Industry,

21% The Municipality, 10% Special Provincial Administration, 10% The Association of Industrialists and Businessmen of Mustafakemalpaşa) 10.06.1992: Purchasing the industrial plot -1.973,315 m2

12.22.1992: The date of project tender (in Ministry)

08.25.1993: The date of infrastructure tender

03.10.1995: OSB enlargement (from 60 to 197 hectares)

03.20.1995: Expropriation of the energy transmission line 08.09.1995: AG-OG Electricity Network Construction Tender

04.18.1995: Tender for supply of infrastructure construction (197 Hectares)

1997: First factory became operational

07.21.1998: Choosing 220 hectares reserved area adjacent to OSB 12.30.1999: The completion of Infrastructure construction

05.15.2006: The completion of natural gas distribution line construction

02.10.2007: Allocating central parcel to Türk Telekom (Turkish Telecommunication Inc.)

07.01.2007: Establishing additional drilling of water wells-pumping stations

12.05.2007: Installing security camera systems with

night vision to exits/entries.

05.07.2008: Renewing the electricity distribution center as

uninterruptible power supplier.

08.12.2008: The contract of treatment facility construction.

03.31.2010: The termination of Entrepreneur Committee, first meeting of general assembly

Organized Industrial Zones are centers of production, exportation and employment. They comprise the pillars of the dynamics of planned industrialization and orderly urbanizations. These Organized Industrial Zones has been achieved a legal entity in accordance with the law no. 4562 by the year of 2000.

The establishment of Mustafakemalpaşa Organized Industrial Zone has been legalized with the announcement in the Official Gazette No. 20734-12.23.1990. The region constructed upon 65 parcels on an area of 220 hectares. While 61 parcels have been sold through allocation, there are still 4 available parcels to be purchased.

The community of investors in the region has grown following the completion of natural gas, electricity, water and road infrastructure facilities. After 2006, the number of licenses escalated from 8 to 57. There are already 10 active units cur -rently operating. The reserve area adjacent to OSB approved by T.C. Ministry of Industry and Trade is planned to be al -locating as a big parcel for industrial investors. Mustafakemalpaşa OSB is one of rare regions that determine the board via general assembly, constructed well-organized infrastructure and also without the burden of credit debts.



Zoning and Parcel Infomation

OSB size (hectares) 220,00

Taks (%) 0,50

Total number of industrial parcels 65 (5000-48000 m2)

The number of allocated parcels 61

The number of parcels to be allocated 4

The number of companies in production 10

The number of companies under construction 16

The number of workers in OSB (person) 250

Total industrial area 1.257.388,11 m2

Allocated industrial area 1.176.990,95 m2

Industrial area to be allocated 80.397,16 m2

Reserve Area

(Extension Area)

Reserve area (OSB II. Zone): The selection of T.C Ministry of Industry and Trade approved Reserve area (220 hecta -res) by Mustafakemalpasa OSB was made in 07.21.1998. For this reserve area it is planned to allocate for industria -lists as big parcels.

Prepared the Geological and Geotechnical Investigation Reports approved by General Directorate of Disaster Affairs and given a visa by T.C. Industry and Trade Ministry.

15,00 TL/m2 (Cash price)

15,75 TL/m2 (18 month equal installment)

16,50 TL/m2 (24 month equal installment)

17,25 TL/m2 (30 month equal installment)

18,00 TL/m2 (36 month equal installment)

Parcel Allocation

Unit Prices:



Organized Industrial Zone

Settlement Plan



Parcel Allocation and Sectoral Distribution

Investments has Accelerated

In Mustafakemalpaşa Organized Industrial Zone, 61 industrial parcels of total 65 parcels were allocated to 56 several investors for various business activities. These allocated parcels mostly based on machinery, metal and auto supplier industry. Textile sector takes the second place while electronic takes the third.

Investments have accelerated in organized industrial zone in recent years. As well as 10 active businesses, the -re a-re 5 completed building that a-re being p-repa-red to operate; 5 facilities in ongoing construction with ground-breaking has made and also 6 facilities has completed excavation works, ready to start construction.

It is anticipated that investments and the number of active factories are going to increase in coming year. Machinery, metals, auto supply industry 28 pieces 628.105,57 m2

Electronics 7 pieces 160.398,57 m2

Textile 10 pieces 178.016,05 m2

Food Industry 5 pieces 84.342,11 m2

Wood industry, furniture and foam rubber 4 pieces 22.987,64 m2

Printing, cardboard, packaging 2 pieces 31.665,83 m2

Prefabricated building components 2 pieces 47.522,82 m2

Plastic 1 pieces 6.220,67 m2

Feed 2 pieces 17.731,69 m2

Available Parcel 4 pieces 80.397,16 m2


Infrastructure Investments

Road: The divided road that connects Bursa-Balıkesir highway and OSB is 5 km in length and 14 mt in width. In the region, 10-24 meters wide, 17 km length road’s splitting fillings have been completed and stabilized material has been fixed.

Retaining wall: 1080 meter long retaining wall made from concrete wall. 13,110-m/tül curbstones were laid in the central refuge.

Drinking and Utility Water: 16,210-meter distribution lines have been laid.

Water tanks and Wells: 3 water tank and pump station buildings has completed and 5 boreholes has drilled to meet the requirement for process water. By now, water is supplied to facilities.

Drains: 1,480 meters of sewer pipe has been installed.

Rain Water: 5,174 meter storm water system has been made.

Contact and Communication: Telekom Power Plant construction has been completed. In order to make the interior central installation and commissioning, the central was committed to The Chief Directorate of the Turkish Telecommunication Inc. Bursa by the January 2007. All kinds of communications are available.

Forestation: 33.500 acacia trees have planted and still maintaining in order to prevent splitting and filling slope flows.

The distance to the nearest Fire Center 10 km

Is there a fire hydrant system? Yes

Is there an OSB entry/exit security control? Yes

Is there any Internet service provider? Yes-Turk Telekom

Is there a trailer park? Yes

Is there a snow-fighting equipment and team? Yes

Are there any maintenance and repair teams? Yes




Waste Water


ENH and AG-OG electrical network construc -tion was completed by building 4 transformer buildings. Energy has been providing to the re -gion. The energy is continuously supplied for investors via achieving Distribution License.

Waste Water Treatment Facility, has been put in operation in January 2011, with capacity of 2.000 cubicmeter per day.

Electricity Consumption


Year Total Consumption kWh

2010 15.093.686,60

2009 9.578.179,10

2008 10.941.984,80

2007 13.668.900,60

Natural Gas

An uninterrupted natural gas sales cont-ract has been signed with BOTAS. Natural gas started to be distributing by 06.10.2006. Monthly average gas supply is 1.000,000 sm3.

Natural Gas Consumption


Year Total Consumption (sm3)

2010 11.514.998,00 2009 7.718.875,00 2008 10.487.984,00 2007 11.382.722,00

Water Consumption


Year Total Consumption (m3)

2010 376.949,00

2009 341.512,00


Location and Benefits

The nearest highway (km): Bursa-Balıkesir 3 km. The nearest port (km): Bandırma 60 km.

The nearest railway (km): Susurluk 15 km. The nearest airport (km): Bursa Yenişehir 80 km.

- With the location of 60 km from the Bandırma port, 20 km from Susurluk highway and (0) zero km from newly built highway, this OSB is an attraction center that can be accessed easily.

- Cheap, trainable and sufficient labor is available. - Taking place in a significant market place

- Having opportunities to take advantage from University, Vocational Schools, Vocational Institutions, Official Hospital, Small Industrial Sites and Vocational Training Centers.

- Having well developed industrial facilities that oriented for service industry. - Having moderate climatic conditions.




Established on 14,920-m2 plot, 288 m2 closed area in 2006,

the factory, is producing liquid carbon dioxide with 12,000 tons of annual production capacity. The produced gas is presented to customers with a latest model vehicle fleet. The factory exports 30% of its production and has 13 emplo

-yers. The factory working with full automation is meticulously analyzed automatically at every stage of production.

Phone:+90 224 632 60 09 Fax:+90 224 632 60 10


Has been serving in infrastructure market in Bursa since 1976, the company, entered to valve manufacturing busi

-ness by producing the first Asteknik brand butterfly valve in 1985. Since 1997, Elmak has been producing in 8000 closed of total 48,000 m2 area as the first factory within the region.

R & D Laboratory has technical-engineering department. With 90 employers and various quality certificates, Elmak, has exported 40 percent of the production to Europe.

Phone:+90 224 632 62 60 Fax:+90 224 632 62 67


Phone:+90 224 632 60 20 Fax:+90 224 632 60 25

Bursa Sevinçler Machine was founded in 1985 to produce custom-designed machines in Bursa. Hydraulic presses and

hydraulic apparatus production has been added to

producti-on lately. Starting in 1994, the productiproducti-on of sanding machi

-nes has expanded product range. The firm has been marke

-ting 50 percent of its production to Russia, the Balkans and the Arab countries and aimed to export to Europe and Ameri

-ca. The company works with 7/24 service mentality and 5 ye



Being one of the significant samples of the investment-developing model that adapted to technological applications

for specified type products, the company has been

establis-hed in 2005 to produce home textile variants such as tergal, organza, and microvual and devore fabric. The company is

also utilizing the latest technology of production with 64 units wide-width water-jet looms and has been built on 33,500-m2

plot with 6000 m2 closed area, has 30 employers.

Phone:+90 224 632 63 68 Fax:+90 224 632 63 72


Phone:+90 224 632 60 01 Fax:+90 224 632 60 03

Established on 14,000 m2 plot with 1,053 m2 closed area,

the company, is making business in some production areas

such as, industrial rubber-based materials, rubber-silicone tit

tires, diaphragms, gaskets, o-rings, pads, single and doub

-le hoses in various diameters, thickness, height, color, and so on. The company generates its products with 1 automa

-tic and 1 manual feed printing presses of tray size 600x600

and with capacity of 200 tons of and rubber hose ø60 shaft

extruder line.


Phone:+90 224 632 60 60 Fax:+90 224 632 60 50

Tarkim is a company uses cutting-edge automation techno

-logy, equipment and apparatus that are constructed upon 40.000 m2 of land. Tarkim is Turkey’s first producer of bioe

-tanol. The company has initiated its investments in 2001 and

has started production in 2004 by establishing partnerships

with leading companies in the world. Tarkim’s new product methoxymetan (Dimethly Ether) is used as a propellant in the aerosol industry. Consumption of Methoxymethane is enco -uraged as it is classified “Non-Ozon depleting” in Montreal

and Kyoto Protocols.



Established in 1992, the company operates in the field of

pres-sure vessels and water chemicals. In 2004, the company began technical cooperation with VKK Standard Kessel who is Germany and the world’s leading manufacturer of steam generators. The

company has been in business on 7 thousand m2 closed of

to-tal 67 thousand m2 area. The company has producing Steam

and hot oil boilers, Autoclaves, Economizers, Waste Heat Boi

-lers, Heat Exchangers, Serpantine groups, pressure vessels and Turkey’s first and only high-frequency welded pipes.

Phone:+90 224 632 60 70 Fax:+90 224 632 60 80


İzmir Yolu Güllüce Köyü Karşısı Organize Sanayi Bölgesi Mustafakemalpaşa BURSA / TURKEY Phone: +90 224 632 60 41 - 42 Fax: +90 224 632 60 43





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