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Born in Sweden,










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70 190 6828

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Senior lecturer, S





Research and teaching at60% of full time Stockholm



Senior developer, S

olutions with






Developing software at40% of full time Solutions with

Logic (SwL)


Researcher, S



Developed software for truck maintenance and troubleshooting

Scania CV AB


Temporary senior lecturer, SU


Doctoral student, SU


Research assistant, SU

a c a d e m i c

d e g r e e s


Doctor of Philosophy in Computer and System

Sciences, Stockholm University

Thesis:Methods of solving conflicts among induced rules Ph.D.


Licentiate of Philosophy in Computer and

System Sciences, Stockholm University

Thesis:Rule Conflicts - New Methods of Resolution Ph.Lic.


Master of Computer and System Sciences,

Stockholm University

Thesis:Anytime Inductive Logic Programming Master of

Computer and system sciences

p u b l i c at i o n s

Tony was during his Ph.D. studies involved in exploring methods for

Brief summary of

research classifying examples for which multiple and possibly conflicting rules apply. He introduced new methods for handling such conflicts. During his time at Scania he has been working on practical problem as troubleshooting hardware on trucks. He also has been involved in applying data mining to create predictive models for mechanical failures. Tony has done work on developing optimization models for use with heavy trucks. The optimization


settings has been for matching trucks with transport missions to create transport routes that maximize long term profits for customers and optimizing maintenance occasions (maintenance content) to align with intended usage of trucks. He has worked on creating a simple expert system where maintenance experts can express how environmental and operational factors influence maintenance for different mechanical components of a truck. T. Lindgren, Model Based Sampling - Fitting an ensemble of models into a

List of

publications single model,In Procs. of2015International conference on Computational Science and Computational Intellingence (CSCI)pages186-191,2015

R. Gurung, T. Lindgren and H. Bostr ¨om, Learning Decision Trees From Histogram Data,In Procs. of the11th International Conference on Data Mining


T. Lindgren and J. Biteus, Expert Guided Adaptive Maintenance,In Procs. of the2nd European Conference of the Prognostics and Health Management Society (PHME)pages815-820,2014

T. Lindgren, H. and M. Eineborg, Improving the Maintenance Planning of Heavy Trucks using Constraint Programming,In Procs. of the12th International Workshop on Constraint Modelling and Reformulation, Co-located with the19th International Conference on Principles and Practice of Constraint Programming


T. Lindgren, Troubleshooting ECU programmed by Bodybuilders,In Procs. of the1st International Conference on Connected Vehicles and Expo,2012

T. Lindgren, On Handling Conflicts between Rules with Numerical Features,

In Procs. of the2006ACM Symposium on Applied Computingpages37-41,2006

T. Lindgren, Methods for Rule Conflict Resolution,In Procs. of the15th European Conference on Machine Learningpages262-273,2004

T. Lindgren and H. Bostr ¨om, Resolving Rule Conflicts with Double Induction,

Journal of Intelligent Data Analysis(2004), Volume8Issue5, pages457-468

T. Lindgren and H. Bostr ¨om, Resolving Rule Conflicts with Double Induction,

Proc. of the5th International Symposium on Intelligent Data Analysispages60-67, 2003

T. Lindgren and H. Bostr ¨om, Classification with Intersecting Rules,Proc. of the 13th International Conference on Algorithmic Learning Theorypages395-402,2002

T. Lindgren, Anytime Inductive Logic Programming,Proc. of the15th

International Conference on Computers And Their Applicationspages439-442,2000

r e s e a r c h

c o u n c i l

f u n d s

2012-2017,23.7MSEK, IRIS - Integrerat dynamiskt prognostiserande Project leader from

DSV underh˚allsst ¨od

r e v i e w

a s s i g n m e n t s

2016, The European Conference on Artificial Intelligence (ECAI) Conference


committees 2007, ACM Special Interest Group on Applied Computing (SIGAPP) AI Track

o p p o n e n t


e x a m i n e r

a s s i g n m e n t s


pat e n t

F ¨orfarande och system fr fels ¨okning av en p˚abyggnationsfunktion vid fordon, Publication number: SE536187, Inventor: Johan Aneros and Tony Lindgren

p e d a g o g i c a l

a c h i v e m e n t s

Tony Lindgren has been involved in numerous courses. He has developed some of the listed courses from scratch. He has also lectured, administrated, supervised and held seminars for different sizes of student goups ranging from individual students to300students.

2012Vetenskaplig metodik och kommunikation inom data- och Course responsible

or shared course responsibility

systemvetenskap (METOD),7.5ECTS,300students

2008Anv¨andning och programmering av spelmotorer (SP6),7.5ECTS,40


2008Logik (DSK1:LOG),7.5ECTS,160students

2007Logik och diskret matematik II (ID1001),7.5ECTS,30students 2007Diskret matematik inom IT (DSV2:DM),7.5ECTS,90students 2007AI i spel (SP4),7.5ECTS,60students

2007Logik och Diskret matematik (2I1032/2I1602),7.5ECTS,40students 2007Anv¨andning och programmering av spelmotorer (SP6),7.5ECTS,40


2007Uppsats fr DSP80(SPU),15ECTS,40students

2006Logik och diskret matematik II (2I1045/2I1605),7.5ECTS,30students 2006Logik (DSV1:L),7.5ECTS,140students

2006AI i spel (SP4/2I4187),7.5ECTS,70students

2006Artificiell Intelligens (INT1/2I1140),7.5ECTS,40students

2006Logik och Diskret matematik (2I1032/2I1602),7.5ECTS,40students 2005Logik (DSV1:L),7.5ECTS,160students

2005AI i spel (SP4),7.5ECTS,30students 2004Logik (DSV1:L),7.5ECTS,190students 2004AI i spel (SP4),7.5ECTS,50students

2003Artificiell intelligens (2I1140),9ECTS,40students 2015Forskningsmnen inom data science,7.5ECTS Involved in


2008Vetenskapsteori (POS/IC2002),7.5ECTS

2007Objektorienterad programmering (GES:OOP/DSK1:OOP),7.5ECTS 2006Spelkonstruktion (SP2/2I4285),7.5ECTS

2005Spelkonstruktion (SP2/2I4285),7.5ECTS 2004Spelkonstruktion (SP2/2I4285),7.5ECTS


Tony has produced lecture slides as well as exercises and solutions to the

Course material

exercises. He has also developed software to be used in the mentioned excersises.

Tony has completedthe the course below and are participating in pedagogical


education seminars at Department of computer and Systems Sciences at Stockholm University.

2004Universitetspedagogik i teori och praktik del1(UPiToP1),3ECTS 2012Universitetspedagogik2(UP2),3ECTS

a c a d e m i c

s u p e r v i s i o n

2015Richard Gunnarsson and Mattias Kedling, Trust in e-solutions: what is Degree projects

required, and how can it be achieved?,15credits

2015Harsha V.R. Singaraju, A format for handling automation in

requirements management,30credits

2014Nezrin Huseynova and Andres Vazques, Fraud methods on the Internet, 15credits

2014Stefan Cupaiuolo and Max Ros´en, Evaluation of SAP-UI5,15credits 2014Peter Ledberg and Anton T˚angring, Databases for handling large data

sets - An evaluation of machine learning tools in Hadoop,15credits

2013Erik Wikander, The chicken or the egg? Obstacles to the establishment of

contactless mobile payment solutions in the Swedish consumer trade,15


2012Jonas Andersson and Lena Candia, Implementing Business Intelligence

-A staffing company case study,15credits

2012Binyam Gherense and Albana Shosholli, Green IT - A cross-sectional

study that examines the driving forces that can be the basis for Swedish companies choose to implement Green IT,15credits

2007Patrik Lindegr´en, Real-time outdoor environments in Java - A study of

Java Monkey Engine,30credits

2007Simon Nkangi, Widgets kontra Gadgets - En jmfrelse av Yahoo! Widget

Engine och Google Desktop Gadgets,30credits

2007Karl-Adam Bredwad, Fool me twice - An implementation and

evalutation of bluffing algorithms in Texas Hold’em,30credits

2013- Co-supervisor for Ram Gurung at Department of Computer and Doctoral students

Systems Sciences at Stockholm University.

e d u c at i o na l

a d m i n i s t r at i o n

Tony has been programme coordinator for the Computer and Systems


coordinator Sciences batchelor programme at Stockholm University during2007-2008

and from2015- present time.

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java,prolog, C, C++, C#,pascal,sql Languages

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2004 ·The paperMethods for Rule Conflict Resolutionwas awarded the title Awards

Best Student Paperat European Conference of Machine Learning

2008 ·Presented data mining at the Swedish Institute for Infectious Disease Invited talk


Swedish · Mothertongue Languages

English · Intermediate (conversationally fluent)

Wind surfing · Cooking · Running