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Forbo Flooring Systems is part of the Forbo Group, a global leader in flooring, bonding and movement systems, and offers a full range of flooring products for both commercial and residential markets. High quality linoleum, vinyl, textile, flocked and entrance flooring products combine functionality, colour and design, offering you total flooring solutions for any environment.


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A unique flooring solution


All plus added values at a glance




Finishing accessories


Performance characteristics





Colour overview


Hygiene critical environments


Easy and fast to install


Forbo FloorCare method


Forbo Flooring Collections


Technical specifications





featuring a genuine Colorex tile on top, with comfort antistatic properties

thorough conductivity by a Colorex EC tile on top and a conductive backing, the EC version is the first loose laid vinyl tile for conductive floors

suitable for rough industrial environments, with increased slip resistance by a structured surface



Colorex Plus is a homogeneous vinyl tile that can be loose laid on any kind of floor surface, regardless of its condition, without the need for any specific treatment or preparation. This means that you will no longer need to remove old, scruffy, brittle or simply worn out floor coverings. Thanks to the honeycomb structure of the backing, Colorex Plus tiles can be installed directly on any kind of surface, thereby saving a lot of time and costs.

Old epoxy floors Damaged ceramic Worn out concrete Humidity problems ESD protected areas

Time is money. If your business must continue even while the new floor is being fitted, Colorex Plus is the solution you were looking for. It can be installed in no time with simple tools and it is immediately accessible. This means that business can continue, no downtimes, no disturbing odours, no emissions, no dust.

Even if you were looking for a fast and cost sensitive solution to renovate the floor of your ESD protected area, Colorex Plus EC is the first loose laid flooring system with conductive properties, perfectly conforming to all current international standards for ESD protection.

A unique flooring solution


4 All plus added values at a glance 5

All plus added values at a glance

Unique features


• Loose laid on any type of existing floor surface • Save on expensive, labour intensive and time consuming subfloor preparations

• Honeycomb structure with ventilation effect • No problems with residual humidity, no need for moisture barriers

• Dovetailing system remains hidden under surface • Option to weld the tiles, monolithic look

• Simple and fast to install • Time saving, no need for highly specialised labour • Simple and clean to cut and fit • No need for expensive tools, no dust when sawn • Immediately accessible • Install & use, no waiting time

• No dust, no emissions, no disturbances, no

construction site like conditions • Business can continue, no down times • Genuine Colorex tiles on top • Reliable, proven–and–tried surface quality

• EC type for consistent ESD protection • No conductive glue and no copper strip grids needed • High tolerance to heavy dynamic loads • Suited for rough industrial environments, frequent traffic • Can be removed, re–used, recycled • 2nd use, respect for the environment

Colorex Plus vs. regular Colorex SD/EC

Floor renovation costs comparison

Colorex Plus AS Colorex SD with moisture barrier

Colorex SD no moisture barrier

Colorex Plus EC Colorex EC with moisture barrier

Colorex EC no moisture barrier

The above graph is based on average costs prevailing in the building trade in central Europe today.

Renovating an industrial floor with conventional methods and materials can be extremely time consuming and cost intensive, especially when a moisture barrier is necessary due to rising humidity or when renovating the floor of an ESD protected area.

Do not only consider the immediate costs of material and labour. Downtimes are consequential costs that can be dramatic. How time critical is your business?

Downtime Material & Labour


AS 61 10 07

7 6

Colorex Plus AS / Colorex Plus EC Back view


Colorex Plus AS and Colorex Plus EC are featuring a genuine Colorex surface, with its proven excellence and quality.

Homogeneous material

The surface and the backing structure of Colorex Plus AS and EC are made of the same material. The backing actually consists of manufacturing waste of Colorex tiles, com- pounded and moulded by injection directly onto the backing of the surface tile.


Unlike traditional loose laid flooring systems, Colorex Plus tiles are featuring a unique dovetailing system that remains hidden under the surface, thereby giving you a simply better looking floor and the possibility to heat weld the joints if necessary.

Honeycomb structure

The honeycomb structure of the backing is responsible for the stability, robustness and load bearing capacity of Colorex Plus.

Ventilation effect

If the residual humidity of new concrete or anhydrite screeds is a problem, the honeycomb backing structure of Colorex Plus also produces a ventilation effect by allowing free air circulation underneath the tile. This will assist the natural drying process of new screeds, without the risk that moulds or bad odours will develop underneath the floor covering.


Enhanced slip resistance

Colorex Plus ST tiles are featuring a solid, embossed surface, with certified R11 slip resistance to meet specific safety requirements.

Colorex Plus ST




9 8

Finishing accessories

Integrated system to seal floor-to-wall transition areas with a neat, seamless cove skirting solution made of the same Colorex floor covering material, available in all collection colours and especially developed for hygiene critical environments:

Cove skirting stripe in roll form. 12 m long, standard height 15 mm.

Cove forming profile, can be fitted loose between tiles and wall. 2500 mm long x 50 mm wide, rubber material.

Groove. In order to provide a smooth and weldable connection between the edge of the tiles and the skirting stripe, you will need to plane off a 10-15 mm wide strip of top material at the edge of the tiles. This can be done with a plunge type router.

Preformed internal and external corners, with resin reinforcement on the back.

Finishing accessories

1. The cove forming profile is fitted loose against the wall.

3. The preformed internal and external corner pieces...

5. All components can now be heat welded for perfect hygiene and functionality.

2. Colorex Plus tiles are fitted in place and provided with the skirting connection groove.

4. ...and the cove skirting stripes are installed with contact adhesive.

6. Final result with neat, hygienic and watertight floor-to-wall transitions.


10 11

10 11

Solid ramps for personnel safety and to ease access with carts and pallet jacks. Available in all collection colours, made of the same Colorex floor covering material. Ramps are not provided with dovetails, they can be glued in place with a polyurethane adhesive or textile double sided self adhesive tapes.

Welding rods for Colorex Plus tiles are available in all collection colours, in standard 4 mm diameter and 100 m coils.

Special skirting solution in a decent grey tone for industrial applications or where there is a need to cover a larger gap against the wall. These skirtings are made of a solid MDF core, fully enclosed in a chlorine free plastic profile. 22 mm wide sit-on lip with tiny ventilation holes. Internal and external corners as well as connection pieces are also available.

Finishing accessories

Heavy loads

The honeycomb structure of the backing typically has a high load bearing capacity against both static and dynamic loads. From large powered fork-lift trucks rolling on air tyres down to hand pulled manual pallet jacks with small polyamide or hard rubber wheels, all Colorex Plus tiles are perfectly suited to heavy loads.

ESD protection

The backing structure of Colorex Plus EC is filled with carbon black. Together with the Colorex EC tile on top, it forms a thoroughly conductive vinyl tile. With Colorex Plus EC, no conductive glue is of course required: the backing structure is conductive and all tiles are electrically connected with each other by the tight and secure dovetailing system.

Hygiene critical environments

Owing to the absolutely pore free and smooth Colorex surface with its bacteriostatic and fungistatic properties, Colorex Plus AS and EC are perfectly suited for hygienic applications as well, resisting strong disinfectants and intensive cleaning cycles without problems.

With Colorex Plus AS and EC it will also be possible to form watertight, coved skirtings made of Colorex material with welded inner and outer corners.

Performance characteristics


12 AS 61 10 07 AS 61 10 07 13


Think about renovating an old floor in a large and busy industrial environment: it might look nearly impossible without incurring major production downtimes and significant disturbances to the current activities. Using a loose laid flooring system like Colorex Plus is in most cases the only viable solution.

Combines the indentation and wear resistance of a homogeneous, pressed vinyl tile with the unmistakable advantages of a loose laid flooring system.

- for general industrial use

and factory floor renovations

With Colorex Plus AS you can easily and quickly renovate any factory floor, without downtimes, disturbances or construction site like conditions. With just one flooring type you can accommodate all the various needs and requirements found in any modern factory environment, such as standing or sitting working positions, internal transport pathways, storing areas, technical departments and even rest areas.

Colorex Plus AS is not conductive, it only has comfort antistatic properties, with body voltage values well below 2 kV, wearing any kind of shoe (Tested in-house according to IEC 61340-4-5 and EN 1815).


AS 61 10 07 EC 62 10 04


14 15

- the first loose laid tile

for ESD protected areas

With Colorex Plus EC we have brought our 40 years of experience in the manufacturing of conductive vinyl tiles for the first time in a loose laid flooring system.

The result are thoroughly conductive tiles that are electrically connected with each other by their conductive backing and the tight dovetailing system. Therefore, to ground a Colorex Plus EC floor you just need to connect one tile to ground every 30 m² or so. The connection can be made with a simple piece of electrical wire or a copper strip, attached to any point of the conductive backing of the tile.

In Colorex Plus EC, the proven premium quality of Colorex EC static control tiles are combined with a carbon black filled backing in a injection moulding system.

Colorex Plus AS

Colorex Plus EC

Typical performance values of Colorex Plus EC, field measured by independent testing institutes:

Resistance to ground IEC 61340-4-1 6.2 x 104 Ω

Person/footwear/flooring system resistance

IEC 61340-4-5 9.5 x 105 Ω

Body Voltage (Walking Test) IEC 61340-4-5 and ESD STM 97.2 66.4 V


16 AS 62 10 07 17 AS 62 10 04 ST 60 10 60 ST 60 10 60 16 Colorex Plus ST 17

- higher tolerance to

rough conditions and enhanced slip resistance

When performance and safety are first priority and rough conditions of use are prevailing, Colorex Plus ST is the right answer. With its dirt resistant dark grey colour and the studded surface, the Colorex Plus ST tiles are the ideal solution not only to pave high traffic areas like for example forklift paths, but also for production halls and factory sections in general where the floor is being particularly strained by the activity.

Grease, oil, chemicals, heavy dirt and any kind of waste falling on the floor will not harm Colorex Plus ST. Loose dirt can be vacuumed and the floor can be cleaned with scrubber drier machines mounting normal brushes. Also with Colorex Plus ST, like with any other Colorex Plus floor, the perfect fit of the dovetailing system will not require seam welding when wet cleaning methods are used.

Injection moulded in one solid piece. The slightly rough, structured surface with round dots has a certified R11 slip resistance rating.


Sahara Jasmine Kiwi Gobi Oasis Quartz Niagara Adula Montblanc Pacific Dark grey EC 62 10 04 EC 62 10 21 EC 62 10 11 EC 62 10 15 EC 62 10 25 AS 61 10 05 AS 61 10 22 AS 61 10 07 AS 61 10 13 AS 61 10 27 ST 60 10 60 AS 61 10 05 19 18

Colour overview

Colour overview

Additional colours from the Colorex® collection available upon request. Inlaid company logos and signs possible on AS and EC tiles.


AS 61 10 05 AS 61 10 05

20 Hygiene critical environments 21

Colorex Plus AS/EC is an ideal solution also for the pharmaceutical industry and related applications, where clean room like conditions are prevailing.

The smooth, compact and absolutely pore free surface of the tiles is certified bacteriostatic and fungistatic by its own nature, without any factory coating that might wear off. Colorex Plus AS/EC is of course also easy to clean and to maintain, resisting without problems all the intensive cleaning cycles and strong disinfectants which are typical to hygiene critical environments.

Hygiene critical


Floor-to-wall transitions can be sealed with neat, seamless covings as well as inner and outer corners made of the same Colorex material, heat welded with the loose laid tiles. We provide all accessories dedicated to this solution, which is unique among loose laid flooring systems and is coming from our know-how in vinyl flooring for clean and aseptic environments.


EC 62 10 07

23 22

Packaging & delivery



Easy and clean to cut



Easy and fast to install

Colorex Plus tiles are packed in dedicated, solid wooden crates, containing 160 tiles each = 59.14 m². Smaller quantities are packed in boxes of 5 tiles each = 1.84 m².

Colorex Plus is a thermoplastic product which can react to temperature fluctuations by shrinking or expanding. It is therefore important to acclimatise the tiles prior to installation, at least 48 hours in the areas where they will be installed.

To ground Colorex Plus EC floors, you just need to provide a connection to earth every 30 m² on average. Simply use a piece of electrical wire or copper strip attached to any point of the tile backing. For large areas with a perfectly flat subfloor, also a classic grid of self adhesive copper strips can be considered.

The tiles are very easy to cut. For straight cuts, best results are obtained with a heavy duty guillotine, like those used to cut high pressure laminates (HPF). Alternatively, a circular saw for wood or even a handheld electric jigsaw can be used. Colorex Plus tiles are clean, they do not produce any dust when sawn, but just swarfs.

Heat welding of the seams is not mandatory and completely up to your own requirements and preferences. For example, hygiene critical areas or applications subject to frequent spillages of large quantities of liquids should always be welded. A welded floor can also result in an aesthetically valuable monolithic look.

A crew of two skilled floor installers can reach an average of 300 m²/day installation performance on free areas. Colorex Plus tiles are immediately accessible, allowing for a maximum of movement freedom for both the installers and your own staff.


25 24

Colorex Plus AS and EC do not carry any factory coating. Depending on your own requirements and preferences, a polymer sealer can be applied after installation for later ease of maintenance. If this is the case, follow the manufacturer’s instructions on how to apply, correctly maintain and strip & renew the sealer.

The following care and maintenance advice applies to Colorex plus AS and EC without any coating, as they are delivered.

Forbo FloorCare method

The structured surface of Colorex plus ST requires a different and more simple set of techniques for its care and maintenance.

Cleaning after installation

• Vacuum the floor to remove dust and dirt

• Scrub with water and neutral cleaner, low speed rotary machine and green scrub pad • Pick up dirty water with water vac

• Allow the floor to dry

• Dry polish with a low speed rotary machine with red buffing pad to restore the original smooth surface of the floor

• For Colorex plus EC conductive floors, any coating, sealer or maintenance products you use can affect the conductive performance of the floor. Always pay attention that any product is duly certified for use on conductive floors.

Regular cleaning for small and low traffic areas

• Wipe with impregnated single use towels or vacuum the floor • Remove spots with a damp mop

Periodic cleaning for larger and high traffic areas

• Spray clean with a low speed rotary machine and a red buffing pad • A scrubber dryer with red pads can be used instead

Occasional maintenance

• Scrub with water and neutral cleaner, low speed rotary machine and green scrub pad • Pick up dirty water with water vac

• Allow the floor to dry

• Dry polish with a low speed rotary machine with red buffing pad to restore the original smooth surface of the floor

• For large areas, a scrubber dryer with green scrub pads can be used instead • Additional dry polishing with red buffing pads will still be required

Forbo FloorCare Method

Cleaning after installation

• Vacuum the floor with a brush attachment to remove dust and loose dirt

• Scrub with water and neutral cleaner, rotary machine and scrubbing brush

• Pick up dirty water with water vac

Regular cleaning

• Vacuum the floor with a brush attachment • Remove spots with a damp mop

Periodic cleaning and occasional maintenance

• Scrub with water and neutral cleaner, rotary machine and scrubbing brush • Pick up dirty water with water vac

• A scrubber dryer with scrubbing brushes can be used instead


26 Forbo Flooring Collections 27

General purpose Acoustic Conductive Dissipative Tiles Slip resistant

Marmoleum/Artoleum ● ● Marmoleum Acoustic ● Marmoleum Ohmex ● Marmoleum Decibel ● Marmoleum Sport Marmoleum Dual ● Cork linoleum ● Eternal ● ● Smaragd ● ● ● Effect ● ● ● Surestep ● ● ● Safestep ● Sarlon Tech ● ● ● Sarlon Quartz ● Sarlon Traffic ● ●

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Forbo Flooring Collections

Forbo Flooring Systems offers you the most comprehensive range in commercial resilient floor coverings. Below you will find the overview of our core ranges.

Technical specifications

EN 14041

Technical specifications

Colorex Plus meets the requirements of EN 649

Colorex Plus AS Colorex Plus EC Colorex Plus ST Total thickness EN 428 10.5 mm 10.5 mm 10.5 mm

Surface smooth smooth studded

Collection size 5 5 1

Commercial very heavy EN 685 34 34 34 Industrial general EN 685 43 43 43

Tile size (without dovetails) EN 427 608x608 mm 608x608 mm 608x608 mm

Tile weight 4.6 kg 4.6 kg 4.2 kg

Total weight EN 430 12.4 kg/m2 12.4 kg/m2 11.4 kg/m2

Abrasion resistance EN 660-1 Group M Group M n.a. Light fastness EN 20 105-B02 ≥6 ≥6 ≥6 Resistance to chemicals EN 423 Excellent Excellent Excellent Slip resistance DIN 51130 R9 R9 R11 Electrical resistance IEC 61340-4-1

– < 1 x 106

EN 1081 (R1; R2)

Impact sound reduction EN ISO 140-8 12 dB 12 dB 12 dB Body voltage generation -

Walking test IEC 61340-4-5

ANSI/ESD STM 97.2 < 2 kV < 70 V < 2 kV EN 1815

Thermal dilatation coefficient 0.11 mm/m°C 0.11 mm/m°C 0.11 mm/m°C Resistance to loads

(performance may vary, subject to local conditions)

Powered pallet trucks and forklifts: total weight up to 2.5 t with hard wheels and up to 5 t with air tires.

Static loads: 50 kg/cm2 – Dynamic loads: 90 kg/cm2

Shipping units 160 tiles = 59.14 m2/crate

5 tiles = 1.84 m2/carton

Colorex Plus meets the requirements of EN 14041

Reaction to fire EN 13501-1 Bfl – s1 Bfl – s1 Bfl – s1 Slip resistance EN 13893 DS: > 0.50 DS: > 0.50 DS: > 0.50 Body voltage EN 1815 < 2 kV < 2 kV < 2 kV Electrical resistance EN 1081 n.a. < 106 n.a.





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