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Featuring a wide range of configurations and options to choose from,

the versatile Dräger Movita


family gives you enhanced loading capacity

together with virtually unlimited positioning capability.



EasyGlide™ bearings

Electrical sockets

Ergonomic grips

Gas terminal units

Vertical front rails offer easy, infinite height adjustment of shelves, drawers, extension arms and other workstation components

Rails for accessories

A broad portfolio of harmonised accessories and equipment carriers can be combined



Enhanced versatility

The Dräger Movita family of ceiling supply units can enhance care-area efficiency in a number of ways. By getting devices and media supplies off the floor and positioned exactly where you need them, the Movita supports improved patient access, optimised workspace ergonomics and safety, overall ward hygiene as well as faster clean-up and turnaround times. Together with options such as our Mova Cart 2.0 and MediaDocking®, the

Movita lets you completely reconfigure any care area within minutes.

Custom-built manoeuvrability

Through a wide range of modular components, the Movita can be tailored to suit your individual needs. Movita arm profiles are available in the lengths of 500, 750, 1,000 and 1,250 mm. Freely combinable, they provide a span of up to 6 m for the complete double-arm system. Arms and column feature 330° rotation. Conveniently located keypads and large, ergonomically shaped handles allow a single operator to quickly and precisely readjust the Movita in any dimension. An optional remote control is available. Its colour-coded rotational joints are equipped with our DualBrake plus™ braking system to ensure safe operation.

Highly customisable

Through a wide range of modular components, the Movita can be tailored to suit your individual equipment requirements. The unique MediaDocking option offers even more efficiency by giving you complete, single-step media connectivity during docking, eliminating the need for time-consuming and error-prone manual connection of hoses, cables and lines. Integrated cable management and storage space for power supplies help keep these dust magnets out of your working environment. The Movita can even be fitted with Dräger Color Line media panels to compliment a room colour scheme that promotes both healing and well-being.

Very mobile

The Mova Cart 2.0 lift adds even more mobility to the mix. For example, a MIS equipment set-up on a Mova Cart 2.0 can be easily connected, lifted and positioned within minutes – great for multifunctional operating rooms. Both our traditional docking and the innovative MediaDocking systems feature magnetic optoelectronic coupling control, ensuring the safe and secure connection of docked equipment; e.g. medium-weight anesthesia workplaces like Dräger Primus.

The Mova Cart 2.0 can be used as a mobile base for our Evita V500 and Babylog VN500 ventilators.

Movita Head

The Movita supply head is a compact solution for the OR and ICU, offering up to 120 kg load capacity. The head features front, rear and bottom panels for media installation.



Twin vertical stainless steel tubes can be fitted directly beneath the head to accommodate rack components in three standard widths. The rack is accessible from all sides, making it ideally suited as a general work surface or for device positioning.

Movita Column

Available in lengths of 400, 500, 750, 1,000, 1,250 and 1,500 mm, the Movita supply column features full-length media panels on both sides as well as the rear of the column for the installation of terminals for gases, electricity or data as needed. Vertical front rails with a total loading capacity of up to 270 kg offer easy and free height adjustment of shelves, drawers, extension arms and other workstation components.

Movita lift systems

The Movita lift is the ideal solution where vertical positioning of equipment and media supplies is crucial. It takes 20 seconds to move a maximum load of 180 kg through the full vertical lifting range. The Movita lift express moves up to 80 kg in half that time.

System components




Enabling quick and safe changes in OR-configuration. In times of limited hospital budgets, you need new OR concepts to efficiently handle the growing number of patients. Flexibility in OR configuration is essential in improving efficiency.


System components



Dräger Mova® Cart 2.0

With Mova Cart, you are choosing a mobile, flexible and safe workplace concept. Streamline your workflow and reduce the workload on your operating room and intensive care staff with an efficient and highly mobile device transport and docking system.




Rails & Holders

Optional rails can be used in combination with a wide range of Dräger accessories, as well as conformity-assessed third-party equipment.



Shelves & Drawers

Drawers and document compartments can optionally be added below the shelves. The automatic closing function ensures that drawers and documentation modules close silently.





Infusion Management

Adaptation for infusion pumps and other equipment that can be attached to the Movita column.



Dräger Movita® Cable Management System

The integrated Movita® Cable Management System will help you

organize your workspace and improve your workflow. Developed for use in both OR and ICU environments, the Movita® Cable

Management System was designed to meet the needs of surgeons, anaesthesists, nurses and cleaning staff alike.

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Technical Data

Ceiling mounting Suspended ceiling depth up to 1,200 mm

Mounting on concrete ceiling uses heavy-duty anchors (other construction also possible)

Arm length 500 mm, 750 mm, 1,000 mm, 1,250 mm and their combinations

Non-height-adjustable Movita Height-adjustable Movita

Movita Lift Movita Lift Express

1-arm system Column/head Column/head Column/head

500 mm 270 kg /120 kg – – 750 mm 270 kg /120 kg – – 1,000 mm 270 kg /120 kg 180 kg /120 kg 80 kg 1,250 mm 270 kg /120 kg – – 2-arm system 1,000 mm 270 kg /120 kg – – 1,250 mm 270 kg /120 kg – – 1,500 mm 270 kg /120 kg 180 kg /120 kg 80 kg 1,750 mm 270 kg /120 kg 180 kg /120 kg 80 kg 2,000 mm 270 kg /120 kg 180 kg /120 kg 80 kg 2,250 mm 270 kg /120 kg 180 kg /120 kg 80 kg 2,500 mm 270 kg /120 kg – – Service components*

Media Head max. 24 outlets

Media Column 400 max. 30 outlets

Media Column 500 max. 36 outlets

Media Column 750 max. 48 outlets

Media Column 1,000 max. 66 outlets

Media Column 1,250 max. 84 outlets

Media Column 1,500 max. 102 outlets

Swivelling range and stops 330° at all joints, possible stop settings every 8° resp. 15°

(intermediate bearing every 15°) Lifting speed** and max. height adjustment Movita lift: <20 sec. for 600 mm ± 25 mm

Movita lift express: <10 sec. for 600 mm ± 25 mm

Colour RAL 9002 or Colour Line, “munsel-blue”, anodised aluminium,

other colours on request

Classification Class II b acc. to MDD 93/42/EEC appendix IX,

UMDNS Code: 18-046

* Max. number of service components (electrical outlets and terminal units) based on components corresponding to DIN-CE standard ** Lifting speed may vary depending on the country-specific mains voltage




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