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to grow your email list


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Who Should Read This?


Beginner content is intended for marketers just starting out or for those who just need

a refresher.


Intermediate content is intended for marketers with some experience in the subject matter including strategies and tactics.


Advanced content is for marketers who have an advanced level of understanding of email marketing and are looking for advanced strategies and tactics.

Casey is currently a Response Consultant for Professional Services at Return Path. Casey’s agency experience has involved strategic consulting with high visibility brands including Disney, Mars and Adecco to develop, implement and refine email, mobile and social programs that balance a high ROI with a positive, meaningful brand experience for consumers.

Her approach unifies the goals of her clients with the wants and needs of the end user, ensuring that both have more rewarding and positive interactions.

50 Ways to Grow Your Email List

Written By Casey Swanton


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5: Introduction 6: The Basics

Build a Foundation for Positive Subscriber Experiences

11: Bread & Butter

The website opt-in

15: Beyond Digital

Getting the Brick and Mortar Involved

17: Out Of The Box

Making Print and Outdoor Media Work Harder

18: Client Services Capture

Making the Most of Each Touch Point

19: Get Social

Tying Email to Social Media

22: There’s An App For That?

23: Searching For Subscribers


24 : Mixing It Up

Cross brand Strategies



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50 Ways to Grow Your Email List page: 4

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50 Ways to Grow Your Email List page: 5

Increasing both the size and quality of a

subscriber email list is usually a top priority for marketers, and with good reason.

Not only does the email channel typically show a high ROI when compared to other direct marketing channels, it offers marketers a means to further engage and inform their subscribers. Additionally, email can be integrated with other channels to augment outreach efforts and enhance overall campaign performance.

The following recommendations can help increase the number of successful email sign-ups by increasing exposure for the email program and making it easy for email prospects to find and complete the opt-in process.


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50 Ways to Grow Your Email List page: 6

Regardless of which methods you employ to grow your list, make sure that your approach is subscriber-centric and user-friendly.

A primary goal of building an email list should be to create a rewarding and satisfying

subscriber experience from the initial opt-in to the re-engagement email and beyond.

THE BASICS: Build a Foundation for Positive Subscriber Experiences



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50 Ways to Grow Your Email List page: 7

Include clear permissioning and a link to the privacy policy on all opt-in pages and forms.

Setting expectations with new subscribers is essential for growing an engaged and happy subscriber base.

By ensuring that subscribers understand what types of emails they’ll be receiving from the very start, they’ll also be less likely to mark future messages as spam!


Leveraging a splash page that focuses on the

email opt-in is a great way to grow a subscriber base for major launches, new brand awareness strategies, upcoming key events and any

other promotion that depends on building anticipation as well as an email list.



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50 Ways to Grow Your Email List page: 8

Give prospects an easy way out of the

subscription process and back into your website content if they chose not to opt in. This sounds counterintuitive, but prospects who have a positive brand experience are more likely to opt- in down the line.

Additionally, these same site visitors may choose to opt-in on another page once they have

had more time to explore your content. See number 12 to ensure that you close the loop for prospective subscribers!

Create a simplified, mobile-friendly landing page that includes an overview of email program benefits, an opt-in, and basic navigation back to the main website. This ensures that a greater audience will be easily able to opt-in.

4 5


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50 Ways to Grow Your Email List page: 9

Make it easy to opt in by including a limited number of required fields that are clearly identified as such.

If your brand strategy requires a high level of data, consider adding a secondary page or section where users are able to volunteer additional information or adjust preferences.


Keep your opt-in form design simple and

intuitive and you’ll see a lower abandonment rate.


Clearly spell out how your email program can benefit your subscribers and customers and set expectations on what kind of messaging

they’ll receive.



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50 Ways to Grow Your Email List page: 10

Offer email-exclusive deals, information and opportunities to increase the value of your email program for subscribers.

Have an optimized triggered welcome email in place to confirm the opt-in and welcome new subscribers to your program. While this won’t help grow your list, it’s an important step to start things off on the right foot and stave off list attrition!

9 10


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50 Ways to Grow Your Email List page: 11



The website opt-in

Make the email opt-in on your home page noticeable and easy to find! The longer that site visitors have to search for it, the fewer will successfully complete the process.

Put an email opt-in call-out on your content pages or within website headers or sidebars that are consistent across all pages of your website.

The example below from Ford allows subscribers to sign up for email once they’ve already had a chance to explore areas of the site that are relevant to them.

11 12


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50 Ways to Grow Your Email List page: 12

Include an email opt-in on shopping cart checkout pages, but try not to pre-check the sign-up box.

Ensuring that the opt-in is voluntary and

intentional can help reduce the chance of spam complaints and opt-outs down the line.


For sweepstakes and contests, include a benefit

statement, clear permissioning and a checkbox to opt-in to receive promotional emails.


For any sign-up forms for webinars, demos or other online events, call-out your email program and provide a way to opt-in.



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50 Ways to Grow Your Email List page: 13

Make sure that your website footer includes an email program call-out and/or link to your opt-in page.

Include a clear, motivating call-out within the email creative that encourages and/or allows your subscribers to forward an email to their friends.


Make sure that your content is worth sharing!

If you have great offers, tips, information, images or content, your subscribers will be more likely to spread the word.



If possible, for all emails that are forwarded through calls to action within the content, add a banner or call-out to the template that includes motivating copy and a link for the friend to sign up to receive emails.



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50 Ways to Grow Your Email List page: 14

Include an opt-in link in the footer or content of all commercial emails so friends are able to opt-in even if the email was forwarded through the forwarder’s email client.

Feature a prominent forward-to-a-friend link within your welcome email series to capitalize on new and engaged subscribers.



Consider sending an email that highlights

sharable content and/or the multi-channel share features that are available for subscribers to spread the word about your brand, products or offers. For true Refer-A-Friend programs, create motivating, user-friendly landing pages.


Include a call-out to join your email program on transactional emails for customers who are not subscribed to your email program.



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50 Ways to Grow Your Email List page: 15

Turn in-store customers into email subscribers by informing shoppers of the benefits of the email program and offering them an option to opt-in at the point of sale.

Take some of the pressure off of your in-store employees to spread the word by including signage and point of purchase call-outs that briefly highlight the benefits of your

email program.

24 25


Getting the Brick and Mortar Involved


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50 Ways to Grow Your Email List page: 16

If you’re already sending email receipts, modify the template to include a call-out for your email program and a link to the opt-in form.


Include an email program plug and benefit statement on printed sales receipts.


If you have a loyalty program in place, ensure that it is tied into your email program.

Allow members to opt-in to receive standard sales emails in addition to loyalty program communications.


Leverage QR codes as a quick way for savvy in-store customers to jump right to your mobile friendly opt-in page.



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50 Ways to Grow Your Email List page: 17

On print advertising pieces in magazines and newspapers, call-out the benefits of the email program and include both the website address and/or a QR code


Promote your email program to customers and

prospects on your physical mailing list. On direct mail pieces, call out the specific benefits of an email subscription or online membership and provide simple, clear instructions on how to opt in.


Plug your email program on printed collateral and brochures.


Highlight the benefits of the email program on advertisements displayed in spaces with a captive audience, like public transportation ads.

Provide a link or QR code that directs visitors to the mobile site or mobile opt-in page.



Making Print and Outdoor Media Work Harder


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50 Ways to Grow Your Email List page: 18

Provide your call center with scripts that briefly highlight the email program and allow callers to opt-in to receive promotional messaging.


Add a descriptive link about the email program

in the email signatures for client/prospect facing representatives. This strategy works great for B2B or for brands that leverage one-to-one lifecycle or customer service email programs.



Making the Most of Each Touch Point


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50 Ways to Grow Your Email List page: 19


Tying Email to Social Media

If you have a presence on Facebook, create an email opt-in tab that calls out the benefits of the program and allows visitors to join your list.


Do not require Facebook visitors to like your

brand before opting in to receive emails. Across all age groups, email still has a commanding lead on how people would like to receive

promotional based messages. Requiring a “like”

and an email address may contribute to page abandonment and the loss of an opportunity to contact the visitor across both channels.



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50 Ways to Grow Your Email List page: 20

For Facebook, customize the text, image and links that are published to the site when a subscriber shares email content and offers.

Ensure that the messaging that is displayed is engaging and actionable for friends.


Within your social profiles, ensure that website

links direct users back to a relevant landing page that contains a benefit statement and opt-in for the email program. This can be accomplished by updating the footer, header or side bar to contain an email program call-out and opt in form.


What to do

What not to do


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50 Ways to Grow Your Email List page: 21

Promote the benefits of your email program on the social sites that you have presence on and provide a link to the opt-in page.


If your brand is very active on Pinterest or your website sees frequent traffic from the site, ensure that the sidebar, header or footer on all of your content pages contain an easy to locate email opt-in.

Make opting in easy for interested visitors as pinned images can often link to deep site content.


Call out specific email exclusive offers on social sites and provide links back to the opt-in page.

Ensure that these pages offer navigation back to main content pages to allow visitors to further explore your brand and your site.


On all Pinterest-friendly content, ensure that when the pinned image is clicked, users are linked back to a content page that contains an email program opt-in.

Pinterest Image links to relevant web page with email opt-in



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50 Ways to Grow Your Email List page: 22

If you have a mobile app, add an email opt-in option within your app settings, intro screens or content pages.

Already linking to an email account and sending transactional messages? Include a permissioning statement and checkbox to opt-in to receive promotional emails and extend the opportunity by including an opt-in link within the email content.

44 45




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50 Ways to Grow Your Email List page: 23



Call-out your email program on SEM ads, especially if you have an offer for new

subscribers. Not only will you get more email addresses, you may capture more sales from prospects who are shopping around for savings.

If your brand leverages search ads, include a link to your email program opt-in.

46 47


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50 Ways to Grow Your Email List page: 24


Cross-Brand Strategies

If your brand is involved with, or contributes to altruistic causes and your logo is featured on their site, request that the logo be a live link that directs traffic back to a relevant site page that contains an option to opt-in to the email program.

If your brand is included in another company’s promotional email, ensure that the landing page includes an opportunity to opt-in to the

email program.


If your brand is cross-promoted on another brand’s preference center or opt-in form, make sure that permissioning is very clear or use a double opt-in process.

This can help increase subscriber trust and

reduce the chances of spam complaints and opt- outs down the line.