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Cultivation of Female Vocational College Students Professionalism


Academic year: 2021

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Cultivation of Female Vocational College Students Professionalism


Sichuan Business Vocational College, 610091 fduanduan@126.com

Abstract: With the development of social, women gradually increase in the political, economic, and life

in all areas of their status, and playing an increasingly important role. Professionalism of female vocational college students is the demand for personal growth and success, and also the key factor to enhance the employability and entrepreneurial competitiveness and influence the quality of vocational education training. In this paper we put forward new ideas and directions on how to cultivate a good female vocational college students’ professionalism.

Keywords: Female vocational college students, Professionalism, Countermeasures

1 Introduction: Research Status and Problems of Female Vocational College

Students Professionalism

With the development of the theory of career planning, professionalism research began to rise and deepening. Currently professionalism study of Higher Vocational College Students was gradually increased. Ma Lianhe launched a professionalism survey for graduated students in one college, analyzes that the dominant literacy of students in vocational colleges: vocational skills and practices are better than professional habits; the hidden literacy: students’ professional ethics are better than the career awareness [1]. Li Rongxian and other scholars analyzed the necessity of the current vocational College

students’ professionalism, and proposed development of quality vocational education strategy is to coordinate the development of soft power and hard power [2]. Chen Zhiqiang focused on the cultivation

of professionalism and its relationship with employment competitiveness [3]. Chen Ting and Chang

Linong focused on how to train female vocational college students’ correct values [4]. Xu Huiqing started

exploring and thinking on cultivating medical professionalism female students [5]. Currently, there are

some researches on the cultivation of vocational college students’ professionalism, but for half the number of vocational education students, the researches for female vocational college students is less. Occupation as a means of survival and realize the value of life stage, exists in human life. Everyone is filled with the desire to succeed. Occupation Professionalism has become the decision factors for success a personal development and Life. The employment problem of college students has become the focus of the society. According to the Ministry of education statistical data, by the end of 2013, the National University College Girls number about more than 5 million people. Affected by the traditional concept of the impact of “weak diploma”, the employment situation of female vocational college students is relatively more serious. The psychology of female vocational college students have a sense of frustration, the lack of a clear positioning of occupation, the lack of understanding, and the lack of confidence. Female vocational college students in the pursuit of self and self realization of the value of motivation are weakened by Chinese social inherent cultural concept. In the fierce competition in the employment situation, female vocational college students want to get a good job, only rely on single professional skills is not enough. The modern enterprise in the recruitment and use of talents, they often emphasize professional skills, but also pay more attention to comprehensive occupation professionalism. Good occupation professionalism has become a threshold of occupation admittance. It’s requiring vocational colleges to improve the understanding of the female college student occupation professionalism, and strengthen the cultivation of occupation professionalism.

This paper will take the female vocational college students as the research object, according to the specific problems of occupation professionalism; provide some countermeasures of strong operability and high availability.



2 Overview of Female Vocational College Students Professionalism

Occupation professionalism refers to the completion of the basic quality and ability should have post occupation development goals of a person. It is the specifications and requirements of the occupation. This is the comprehensive quality, including occupation moral, occupation awareness, occupation ability, occupation habits and so on. It requires the occupation not only have occupation skills; but also have professionalism, sincerity, loyalty, collective honor, positive, politeness, etc. The student occupation professionalism is the key factor of the success of future occupation career. It has become the main content of higher vocational colleges to cultivate high-quality skilled talents to adapt to social needs. In recent years, the higher vocational education develops fast, the number of female students keeps increasing, they have become an important force in business skill type and application type talents. On higher vocational college female students quality concerns, more and more reflected in the “occupation professionalism”. But Mycos survey data shows, higher vocational students' turnover rate is higher than undergraduates. They have the problem, such as the narrow basic knowledge, instable professional knowledge, not objective understanding of their own, not good at dealing with interpersonal relationships, occupation career planning is not clear, etc. The reason is the lack of occupation professionalism. Therefore, when carry out the quality of connotation construction in higher vocational colleges; we must take the occupation professionalism education of female vocational college students as an important part of quality education.

3 Approaches and Strategy for Cultivation of Female Vocational College Students


Professionalism directly affects the quality of vocational career development of female vocational college students. If female vocational college students do not have a good professionalism, will lead to career development is limited. Guide and nurture female vocational college students’ professionalism is an important issue in vocational training. Therefore, under the professional development needs of complex new era, we must explore new strategies to cultivate female vocational college students’ professionalism.

Training with good professionalism female vocational college students, we need focus on social, school, and themselves.

Cultivate of female vocational college students professionalism, must pay attention to the social and business needs. Currently, there is a gap between the actual requirement of the enterprise and talent cultivation in vocational college. On the one hand, there is a gap between the actual requirement of the enterprise and professional skills; On the other hand, enterprise pay more attention to loyalty, spirit of cooperation, hard-working, diligent and professional ethics, and put it on the top of the selection and appointment. These must be taken seriously enough and sufficient investment. Based on core skills in a professional, through diverse curriculum, diverse capabilities structure, multi-qualification certificate, female vocational college students professionalism will be improved. Third, there is still distance between school vocational personnel training and personal development of female college students, career transition vocational ability is still weak. This requires good professional sense of belonging, occupation knowledge and skills, professional behavior habits. This quality is relatively stable, will help female vocational college students for future career development [6].

For the Cultivation of female vocational college students Professionalism, colleges should strengthen the quality education, to carry out occupation planning education, care for occupation value, Building occupation environment.

Promotion of female vocational college students’ professionalism is through their own efforts to learn, practice, acquire knowledge and put it into conscious behavior. From getting way, daily behavior cultivation is the foundation. It can be through the daily behavior standard, guide, management to


M & D FORUM achieve, such as to participate in the exercises, cleaning and so on; it also can be achieved through participation in the second classroom activities and campus culture, enterprise culture, industry culture, etc.

This paper from the following seven aspects puts forward the direction and solution for cultivation of female vocational college students’ professionalism:

First, higher vocational colleges should put female vocational college students professionalism cultivation in the daily professional teaching, play the role of professional teaching, to establish the mode of work-study combination and college-enterprise cooperation. (Experiential training, post practice, employment practice). Vocational colleges should actively carry out post occupation professionalism analysis, summed up the corresponding professional group of occupation professionalism standards; establish the system with training and teaching together; to deep cooperation between colleges and enterprises, as an important way to strengthen the female vocational college students’ professionalism. They can understand professionalism by experiment, training and practice work.

Second, higher vocational colleges should set up the “occupation professionalism” as a compulsory course; and around the “occupation professionalism education”, electives additional related content, such as humanities courses. It’s including communication etiquette, business culture, patriotism, literary, artistic appreciation, music and film, mental health. Humanities curriculum is a full range of comprehensive, very real, very specific, its influence is omnipresent. These courses should have continuity, systematic, integrity, diversity, to let the female vocational college students can benefit from it, and can freely choose. The course should be started when the female students in low grade. Avoid the temporary case that many colleges set up the occupation guidance class in high grade; this class is the temporary type. Continue to explore the unique carrier, paths, and methods for occupation education in higher vocational colleges, to formation of a group of high quality courses by occupation guide, to realize the occupation achievements by the attraction of the curriculum culture. At the same time, a series of investigations carried out by the colleges, given the specific research and countermeasures, for present situation and actual demand of the college female students. Which has important theoretical and practical significance to enhance the female vocational college students’ occupation accomplishment. Third, during the period of college, the way of work-study combination, in good for female vocational college students experience the true occupation environment. But there are limits for college conditions, such as inadequate college enterprise cooperation, the lack of practice place. In the process of occupation education reform, using the “Simulated company” mode can effectively solve the problem of not enough experience time and place. Through the “Simulated company” operation mode, creating a workplace environment, occupation role play, let the female vocational college students in the "learn by doing”, to occupation professionalism enhancement.

Fourth, let the skills competition become a catalyst for development of the professionalism of female vocational college students. The skills competitions in higher vocational colleges, not only test the female vocational college students’ professional skills, but also test the comprehensive quality, occupation professionalism. Skills competition is also the guideline of enterprise and the social demand. Competition tests endurance, tolerance, teamwork and other occupation professionalism of female vocational college students. At the same time the competition also brought a rethinking on the training mode of teaching and education of talents, and promotes enterprise and college cooperation. To encourage broad participation of female vocational college students in skills competition and entrepreneurial activity, can strengthen their occupation habits, help to analyze their problems and shortcomings. At native and abroad there are many occupation skills contest, such as the national undergraduate accounting information skills contest, “innovation cup” national college skills competition, “first skills” contest in some provinces and cities, the national medical college and university students’ clinical skills competition, national university art skills contest, Jilin Province female occupation skills contest and the “Jilin net sister” electronic commerce entrepreneurial skills competition, world skills competition and so on. But there is still less skills competition for female


M & D FORUM vocational college students.

Fifth, teachers’ occupation professionalism plays a guiding role in the female vocational college students’ occupation consciousness. By means of improving teachers' occupation professionalism play a direct impact on the occupation professionalism cultivation of female vocational college students. The spirit of dedication of teachers, encourage the enthusiasm of female vocational college students in their future post; the practice enterprises, skills of teachers, enhance the adaptability of female vocational college students in their future post.

Sixth, to carry out the ideal, faith and inspirational education for female vocational college students, is the mission of ideological and political work, and also the requirements of occupation professionalism. In the occupation professionalism education for female vocational college students, using the psychology, the successful theory and self-efficacy theory, by scientific education activities, arouse the occupation consciousness and achievement motivation of female vocational college students. Inspirational is mainly to support the spirit and confidence for female vocational college students, which has the power of insist to do something. Inspirational education can make the female vocational college students to delight themselves, self motivation, correctly deal with setbacks, and self management ability. In particular, such as forum, reading meeting and sharing meeting; inviting outstanding alumni to give lectures, can help female vocational college students learning and improve personal accomplishment. Only learned self-confidence, they can be confidence in occupation.

Seventh, with the growth of age, female vocational college students will move into society, and establish family. With the improvement of social civilization, modern women’s independent consciousness strengthen, they assume responsibility for employment and life. Therefore, it is particularly important to physical and mental health. On the cultivation of female vocational college students occupation accomplishment, pay attention to the mental health, develop a lifelong habit of exercise, meet the requirements of the future society, has gradually become an indispensable part of life for female vocational college students’ daily learning. Therefore, popularize some mental health theory and method, such as yoga, brisk walking, cool running and other aerobic exercise, to create a good mental and physical carrier for play better occupation professionalism

4 Conclusion

Cultivation of female vocational college students’ professionalism is an important topic in the work of talents cultivation. Based on the analysis of female vocational college students’ status, in this paper we explored the operating mechanism for the cultivation, proposed some methods and countermeasures for a better cultivation. However, these are preliminary attempt; expect people to have further study on female vocational college students’ professionalism of higher vocational education.


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