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Welcome to International Business Management! Our trump cards For whom? Facts and figures Your study track Cases, internship and bachelor project Programme 2016 - 2017 International experiences Your job Continue studying after your Bachelor’s degree Tailor-made tracks Fees Tailored guidance and Student facilities Artevelde University College Studying in Ghent Campus Kantienberg How to enrol 3 3 4 4 5 6 7 10 12 13 14 14 15 15 16 17 19

Open days 2016

Always from 10 am until 5 pm at campus Kantienberg.



Then our bachelor’s degree in Business Management - International Business Management will be your cup of tea. This full three year

bachelor programme is taught in English.*

The saying goes that the world is getting smaller. Developments in communication, IT, marketing ... flash before our eyes at an unpreceden-ted pace. The Uniunpreceden-ted States, China or India are just a mouse click away, that is nowadays our reality.

Employees with an internationally oriented mindset are eagerly sought after by employers: they have learned to be flexible, they can easily deal with changes, they have cross cultural competences … They often possess excellent language skills.

In an internationally oriented environment, Belgian and international guest lecturers will be your guides and introduce you into the world of accounting, management, law, finance, marketing etc. You learn to develop a strong, in-depth and international perspective in order to start building an international career. Combine this with international

cases, study trips abroad … and you will see: you have the world at your feet!

*All our lecturers have acquired the Certificate of Advanced English (CAE)


Personal coaching: every student enrols in ‘Talent & Management Development’, where you acquire a wide variety of skills necessary to succeed in student and business life.

Small class groups for those subjects where the focus lies on the development of business skills and attitudes.

Close cooperation with business life: in-company visits, guest lecturers, international case studies, lecturers with a broad experience acquired in business life … In short: theory comes to life. • Completely taught in English.

A unique intercultural and international student environment.

An entire third year abroad with study experience and internship.

Employability skills eagerly sought after by employers.

Practical international business cases.

Kathy Dewitte

Dean Bachelor of International Business Management

Do you dream of an international career, abroad or at

home? Are you eager to broaden your horizons? Do your

ambitions reach beyond the borders of your country?


For whom?

We attach great importance to the coaching of our


Practice orientation is our main priority. We discuss

numerous cases and organise company visits, practicals and study trips. We work closely with many different companies, including for the graduation internship (±65 working days). We set high quality standards for our students, but also for ourselves. By carefully reviewing the study programme and consulting employers we ensure that our curriculum is closely aligned with the needs of the labour market.

Want to know more?

- Come to one of the information or trial study sessions (dates on the back of this folder).

- Ask for a free and individual guidance interview via




students at Artevelde University College

students in this programme



lecturers students in Ghent


international partners worldwide incoming students from



Your study track

The first year


The first year of the programme consists of a number of basic business courses dealing with various aspects of the business process, complemented by IT- and communication skills. HOW MANY FACE-TO-FACE INSTRUCTIONS?

You get an average of 20 hours per week. However, you also need to work outside the lessons on tasks, exercises, class pre-paration, etc. Altogether you will have to invest about 40 hours a week during your study.


Classgroups in the first year vary between 36 and 72 students. From the second year onwards between 18 and 36 students. WILL I BE WORKING ALONE?

Of course not. We attach great importance to the coaching of our students: the programme starts with a course unit “Talent & Management Development”. Skills such as effective time management, minute taking, planning, organising etc. are not only useful for the future professional life, but also contribute to being successful in higher education. Personal supervision by your study coach will complement this course unit throughout the first year. In the following two years, we continue to work on your development, as to fully prepare you for your professional

ma di wo do vr 08.15 u tot 09.45 u Intercultural communication skills Intercultural communication skills Economics 10.00 u tot 11.30 u Law Chinese 1 Intercultural communication skills 11.45 u tot 13.15 u

Logistics & supply chain management

Logistics & supply chain management Talent & Management Chinese 1 13.15 u tot 14.45 u Banking & Finance 15.00 u tot 16.30 u Economics Law 16.45 u tot 18.15 u Banking &

Finance local cultureDutch and

life. Furthermore, all our lecturers are very approachable and are happy to help students.

This could be your time shedule*

* This may vary from one semester or year to the next. The course schedule above is just one example. different countries


Cases, internship

and bachelor project

Practice orientation is our main priority. We discuss numerous

cases and organise company visits, practicals and study trips. Furthermore, we work closely with many different companies, including for the graduation internship (±65 working days). The

bachelor project consists of a consultancy assignment which

students have to carry out under supervision during a period of four months.

The second year

In the second year of International Business Management clas-ses are devoted to an in-depth study and practical applications for core business processes such as international sales, quality management, purchasing, HR, finances, import and export strate-gies …

The third year

The final year takes you abroad for 1 term of studies at a partner institution worldwide and a final term of internship in an interna-tional company.


First year


Accounting 5 Talent & Management Development 6 Business economics 5 International Business English 5 Marketing management 5



Foreign Language * 5 Logistics & supply chain management 3 Banking & Finance 5 Intercultural Communication skills 6

Law 5

Economics 4

Choice*: Foreign Language: Francais des affaires German 1

Spanish 1 Chinese 1

Programme 2016 - 2017

Bachelor of International Business Management


Credits (C)

A credit indicates the weight of a course unit

(= ‘subject’) in a degree programme. It gives you an idea of how many hours you have to work on a course unit in one academic year. One credit is good for 25 to 30 hours of work (going to lessons, studying, tasks and group assignments).

The intention is to convert the credits for which you register into credits or credit certificates. These certificates show your proficiency in a particular course unit. To gain credits for a course unit you need to obtain 10 out of 20. A bachelor’s degree programme comprises 180 credits. As standard this means an average of 60 credits each year.

Semester system

An academic year consists of two semesters. There are three periods in which exams are organised:

1. in January, after the first semester 2. in June, after the second semester

3. in August and September, during the third examination period A number of course units will run over the entire academic year.


“Learn to develop a

strong, in-depth and

international view in

order to start building

an international career.”



Second year


International Strategy IBM 6 International Sales and Marketing 5 Foreign Language 2A* 3 International Business Communication A 3 E-skills IBM 5 Operational Excellence IBM 5 Talent & Management Development 2IBM 5


People Management IBM 6 Finance & Accounting IBM 7 International Trade IBM 6 Foreign Language 2B * 3 International Business Communication B 3

Ethics 3

Choice*: Foreign Language 2A: French 2A

German 2A Spanish 2A Chinese 2A

Choice*: Foreign Language 2B: French 2B German 2B Spanish 2B Chinese 2B Third year SEMESTER 3A SP Foreign Experience 30 SEMESTER 3B SP

Talent & Management 27 Development 3IBM

- Internship - Bachelor project

20 7

Business Plan 3IBM 3



International experiences

A unique multicultural immersion during classes with the

international student population.

International focus in courses from the first year onwards.

One-week study trip short or long distance in the second year.

Entire year abroad (study experience and internship) in

the third year.

I would highly recommend this

programme to anyone who

wants to broaden his horizon

and aims at an international


Of course I was a bit agitated the first day I arrived at campus Kantienberg in Ghent, Belgium. Luckily I wasn’t the only one. A group of people from all over the world gathered for the introduction days. Thanks to the contagious enthusiasm of the lecturers, we all felt at home almost immediately. There also are quite a lot of Belgian students in our group, which came in really handy for questions about local habits.

Very quickly we were immersed in a real-life international business environment: practice-oriented and in close relation with employers in the field of activity.

Ghent truly is an amazing city. Being situated only 30 minutes away from Brussels, Antwerp, Bruges, the coast, France and the Netherlands, it’s the ideal starting point for discovering both Belgium and Europe. The city itself offers a fabulous blend of medieval heritage and trendy discoveries, not to mention the extended range of pubs which serve the best beers in the world.



“The business world changes

continuously. In this

programme you feel the



Your job

Just the right job: what can you do?

• Ever growing global field of work as a junior manager (sales – export – HR - ...)

• Opportunities across industries (socical profit – banking and finance – IT and services – consumer goods – government work)


Continue studying after your

bachelor’s programme.

Second bachelor’s degree

At the Artevelde University College a shorter study track can be followed which leads to a second professional bachelor’s degree. Do you want to focus on the written or spoken language? Then the Journalism study programme is the perfect addition. Graphic and Digital Media is also a logical advanced course. (All taught in Dutch)

Advanced bachelor/postgraduate/further


An advanced bachelor’s degree programme gives you the opportu-nity to deepen your knowledge. In addition, there are many post-graduate degrees and short courses, for example the postpost-graduate course Business Event Management (taught in Dutch)

Master’s programmes

At the Ghent University Association you can find many other bachelor’s, master’s and further courses related to your degree. This allows you, for example, to progress through a bridging programme to a master’s degree programme, such as a master’s in communica-tion studies. All the necessary informacommunica-tion can be found on (in Dutch).

Also check out and for study possibilities throughout Flanders.

Member of the Ghent University


Artevelde University College is part of the Ghent University Association. Thanks to this collaborati-on our study programmes are geared well towards one another. This allows you to easily progress to a further course of study (such as from a profes-sional bachelor’s to a master’s degree programme at the university).


“The enthusiasm of our

teachers is really contagious.

They bring the real world

into the programme through

practical examples. You can

see they love the subject

they are teaching.”

Tailor-made tracks

Students of International Business Management can enrol in

February. It is, however, possible that the student will have

to study an extra semester. Whether the individual study track is realistic for the student, needs to be discussed with the curriculum coach.

• Exceptions are possible on the basis of previously obtained credits at tertiary level.

Fees academic year


Tuition fee: enrolment and examination fees






€ 105,00 € 470,00 € 890,00 € 3500,00 Coursebooks and equipment (subject to changes)


Bachelor International Business Management € 520,00


Study method

Tailored guidance

Let’s not beat around the bush: your study succes goes hand in hand with the effort you put into your studies. Remember that we are ready to provide tailored guidance to suit your individual needs.

Responsive teachers

Where possible, we work with small classes and responsive teachers. So that you feel at home with us.

Individual study track coaching

Every student gets an individual study track coach to help you during your studies and discuss the progress of your studies with you and help you to make the right choices in your study track.

Entry courses and training courses

You can use training courses (mathematics, spelling, IT, language skills, coping with stress, etc.) to take your skills up to a higher level, either before or during your course of study. (Dutch spoken only)

Students witch specific needs

Students witch specific needs are given special attention. Are you an elite athlete or an entrepreneur? Are you combining work and study, or do you have a learning disability or some other disability? Students with special needs can ask for special arrangements.

Study method

Your study course coach helps you find a good study method, gives tips on planning and structuring or for examinations.

Student facilities

Looking for a room, a bicycle, sports or culture?

Are you having a tough patch, financially or emotionally? Or do you simply have a practical question? Our Student Services Department is there for you! Check

We’re also there for assistance on the choice of course and reorientation, special conditions, financial assistance for students, social and legal assistance, language, psychosocial guidance, mediation, further study and job applications, business plus study, information skills and more ... coaching you where necessary.


think. act. become.

There are 13,159 students studying at Artevelde University College. That means 13,159 different personalities, talents, interests and future plans. This requires a tailored approach. Our 1,200 employees encourage each and every student to help shape their own course of study. The wide range of guidance we offer can give them a boost when needed.

During your course of study, you will gradually get more opportu-nities to add your own accents, not only through graduation sub-jects or electives but also by cooperating on prosub-jects, participating in master classes, by carefully selecting your work placements and bachelor’s project, etc. This lets you do your own thinking in your own way, making you an excellent professional and a richer personality. Well equiped for an exciting job, to continue studying, for lifelong learning.

A good degree

- Many of our degree programmes are market leaders in Flanders and have received excellent scores from the review committee (check the reports for yourself on

- A degree from Artevelde University College is something that employers like to see. A bachelor’s degree gives excellent prospects for a job: studies have shown that time and time again. More than 95% of our students find work within one year of completing their studies.

- Would you rather keep studying? Your bachelor’s degree is an excellent step towards a master’s degree programme or other advanced programmes.

Other programmes at Artevelde

University College

Bachelor (taught in Dutch)

Business Management, Office Management, Communication Management, Journalism, Graphic and Digital Media, Social Work, Early Childhood Education, Preschool Education, Primary Education, Secondary Education, Occupational Therapy, Speach Therapy and Audiology, Podiatry, Nursing, Midwifery, Dental Hygiene (New Programme!).

Advanced Bachelor Programmes

Arts Therapies, Special Education Needs and Remedial Training, Schooldevelopment, Oncology

Postgraduates and Life Long Learning Courses Associate degrees


Studying in Ghent

According to statistics, Ghent has the biggest student population in Flanders, but we simply reckon that Ghent is the coolest city in the world!

Culture, going out or sports: there are opportunities, whether you are in student accommodation or commuting daily. Ghent is easy to reach by train, tram or bus. On top of that, it’s a great city for cycling.

The nice thing about Ghent is that it is much more than a university town. Artevelde’s city is buzzing throughout the year. There are not only the legendary Ghent Parties - people can spend every Thursday evening in the Over-poortstraat, into the wee small hours. And we haven’t even mentioned the many city parks, museums, restaurants, pubs, streets and squares yet ...

Student accommodation or not?

Around the city you can find various kinds of student rooms, from large to small and from budget models to places that are a bit more pricey.


CAMPUS KANTIENBERG Kuns tlaan Citadellaan Ter Pla ten Ov erpoorts tr aa t Muinkk aai Muinkschelde Kantienberg Voetweg Sin t-Pie tersplein Sin t-Pie tersnieuws traa t Muinkpark 15



If you choose International Business Management, most classes will be taught on the Kantienberg campus. Our largest and most recent campus is situated in the centre of Ghent.

In addition to a series of specific practice rooms there is an up-to-date multimedia library and a student canteen offering varied and healthy meals.



How to enrol?

Please consult our website for further details:

More information

Open days

Always from 10 am till 5 pm at the campus:

Saturday 12 March 2016, Saturday 23 April 2016, Saturday 25 June 2016, Saturday 3 September 2016.

Want to grab a business bite?

Come and “feel” International Business Management with the current students! (Several Wednesday afternoons between februari and may 2016)

Join our Facebook-page for International students:


ACADEMIC YEAR 2016 - 2017

Bachelor of International Business Management

Artevelde University College

Voetweg 66 9000 Ghent +32 9 234 71 20

Open Days 2016

Always from 10 am until 5 pm at the campus Saturday

12 March Saturday 23 April Saturday25 June Saturday 3 September






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