Public Administration Institute For Turkey And the Middle East. Member of: International Institute of Administrative Sciences IIAS.







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Public Administration Institute For Turkey And

the Middle East

Member of: International Institute of Administrative Sciences IIAS And International Association of Schools and Institutes

of Administration IASIA


Public Administration Institute for Turkey and Middle East (TODAIE) was founded with an additional protocol to the technical aid

agreement between Turkey and United Nations in 8 May 1952, and gained scientific, financial and administrative autarchy and legal entity with the Law of Establishment no 7163 in 1958 and

reached today by building on its new structure. Since 1992, TODAIE is the Turkey National Representative of the International Institute of Administrative Sciences – IIAS based in Brussels. TODAIE is a member of International

Association of Schools and Institutes of Administration – IASIA.


General purpose of the institution is to conduct

beneficial activities for the development of public

administration in accordance with contemporary

thoughts and approaches, educate people for

administration, help academic people be

educated for the field of public administration

and make sure that the officials are improved

and specialized in the field of Public

Administration as being a coordination centre for

Turkey and the other Middle Eastern Countries



Education and Training


*to improve public administration workforce through educational programmes.

Research and Grants


*to conduct research into the problems of public administration,

*to prepare instructional materials for the institutions on public administration education and training,

*to assign tasks to its specialists regarding measures of improving public administration,

*to declare opinion on public administration

Collection and Publication


*to collect inland and abroad publications on the subject of Public Administration;

*to publish and deal out the TODAIE research projects;

*to interpret and translate the important literature on Public Administration.


Centre of Local Government:

established in 1989 aim is

*to organize education and training programs to the personnel working in local government units and related institutions at a national level,

*to provide consultation service and to plan and apply research and activities that may contribute to the effective and productive working of these institutions.

Continuous Education Centre:

aim is

*to conduct courses, seminars, short-term trainings, etc. based on the request of public institutions in order to fulfill their in-service training needs

*to organise short-term distance learning activities to improve the competencies of the public administrators

Centre of Human Rights and


aim is

*to improve the idea of Human Rights in Turkey

*to aim at the needs of Public Administration on Human Rights and Citizenship Studies

*to gather the national and international sources *to set up scientific sessions.


eGovernment Centre:

aim is

*to corroborate eTransformation within the Public Administration

*to uphold the eGovernment Applications

*to support eTransformation and eGovernment

Applications by training, researching, scientific meetings and workshops

International Relations Centre:

aim is

*to coordinate the international relations of TODAIE and *to represent TODAIE in the international arena.


Research and Grants

Within the scope of research activities, permanent staff, job evaluation, performance, strategy, etc, projects are conducted for institutions upon requests coming from various agencies and institutions.

Lately, the unis has began to conduct academic and applied research projects for

public administration. Currently, the research project named "Audit Service in Turkish Public Administration and Transfer to Internal Audit" is being carried out. Besides, databanks in various subjects regarding public administration are maintained in the unit.

Some of the institutions for which restructuring, permanent staff, strategic planning, performance, strategy activities and other administrative subjects are conducted are as follows:

• Turkish Grand National Assembly • Ministry of Internal Affairs

• Directorate General for Highways

• Directorate General for Turkish Social Service and Children Protection Institution

• Office for Handicapped Affairs

• Sea Administration and Tanker Affairs Cooperative

• Department of Trade and Industry, Chamber of Sea Trade and Union of Stock Exchanges of Trade of Turkey

• Turkey Petroleum Refineries Corporation General Directorate • General Directorate of Petrol Office

• General Directorate of Turkey Iron and Steel Enterprises • General Directorate of Turkey Petrol's Cooperation • General Directorate of The Bank of Provinces • General Directorate of Armed Forces Pension Fund


4.214 public officers were educated in Public Administration Post Grad Program until 2010. 232 General Police Department personnel were trained in the Law Enforcement Master’s Programme until 2010. 125 officers from Ministry of Justice attended the Justice Administration Master’s Program that was initiated in 2003 for the first time until 2010..

Until today, 75 employees from the Ministry of National Education attended the Educational Administration Master’s Programme

that was initiated in 2006 for the first time.

15 public officers continue their education in Public Administration Master’s Programme that was initiated as a night school in 2009.

In the Public Administration Doctorate Program that has been organized since 2002, 16 Doctorate students continue their education in various stages.

During the international short term education programs organised within the scope of the training activities of the institution, information regarding Turkish Public Administration is given to senior and middle level managers coming to TODAIE from different countries. In this respect, the most successful manager candidates are given the opportunity to attend short term management seminars in ENA France, Corsica IRA de Bastia, Luxembourg and China as official guests of Human Resources and Ministry of Social Security of China.


There are 71 courses each course has 3 credits for Master’s Degree

There are 13 courses and 7 seminars for PhD.

* 46 lectures are given by Professors;

39 lectures are given by Associated Professors and

6 lectures are given by Assistant Professors.

Education and Training

Administrative Studies PhD

Programme :

24 credit lectures

Proficiency examination

Submission of Dissertation


TODAIE is accredited by European Association for Public Administration Accreditation (EAPAA) in the category of Master Programmes on Public Administration Master from 1 September 2009 to 31 December 2016.


TODAIE as being a research and

education oriented institution has

so far published 354 books on

fields of public administration,

management, economics, law,

sociology and EU.


*Journal of Public Administration


(covered in SSCI since 2007)

*Turkish Public Administration

Annual (1975)

*Journal of Contemporary Local


*Yearbook of Human Rights

(since 1979)

*Turkish Yearbook of Human

Rights (since 1979)

*Turkish State Organization

Manual (since 1963)


TODAIE has signed Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to elaborate a good governance via educational and research based cooperations among the parties as follows:


National School of Public Administration 15 June 2011


Governance Academy 24 May 2011

Ministry of Human Resources 06 May 2010

and Social Security


National Public Administration Institute 21 Oct. 2010


Public Management Education Centre 20 Oct. 2010


State Administration Academy 04 June 2010


ENA 11 May 2010

Corsica- IRA de BASTIA 17 Dec. 2008


National School of Public Policy 05 May 2010





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