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JORGE LUÍS SALCEDO MALDONADO Phone: 0034-671061567 Profile

Assistant professor of political science and researcher in collective action, new media and the impact of new technologies in political mobilization processes.

________________________________________________________________________ Education

 PHD in Political Science January 2007- ongoing

Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona, Department of Political Science, Barcelona-Spain − Research: The online mobilization networks in antipiracy laws: supranational

and national activism the case of Spain.

 Diploma in Advance Studies in Political Science. DEA. June 18-2009  Master in Initiation to Political Science Research 2007-2008

Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona

− Thesis: Institutions and cooperation in technological organizations. Networks for innovation. Open Source communities.

 Diploma in High Studies in Political Science (DESE) 2006-2007 − Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona

 Graduate degree in Philosophy of Science. 2001-2002 Universidad El Bosque. Bogotá-Colombia

− Dissertation: Complexity Sciences and social science a new perspective  Undergraduate degree in Government and International Affairs. 1996-2000

Universidad Externado de Colombia, Bogotá-Colombia

− Dissertation: “Institutional efficiency: Civil Service performance in Bogotá” Published by the Secretary of Government of Bogotá. 2000.

Other curses and seminaries

 Design and evaluation of questionnaires for survey research, European Survey Research Association (ESRA) and the Research and Expertise Centre for Survey Methodology (RECSM). By Prof. Willem E. Saris, December 10-11st, 2009. Universitat Pompeu Fabra

 Introduction to Social Simulation using Netlogo, organized by SSASA (Simulación Social y Análisis de Sociedades Artificiales) Departament of Sociology (UAB). Novembre 21st 2008.

 Fuzzy Sets. Qualitative comparative analysis. Universidad de Salamanca. IV Escuela de Métodos de Análisis Sociopolítico. (EMAS). Salamanca. June 29th – July 3th 2009.

 Linear Regression, Universidad de Salamanca. IV Escuela de Métodos de Análisis Sociopolítico. (EMAS). Salamanca. June 29th - July 3th de 2009.

 Course in qualitative analysis. Nudist Software. Universidad de Salamanca. IV Escuela de Métodos de Análisis Sociopolítico. (EMAS). Salamanca. June 30th July 4th 2008.


 Global Conference Barcelona Digital. Barcelona. May 20th - 22 2008.  Sentit : Interrogaciones sobre la existencia en tiempos de hiperconsumo

Ciclo de conferencias. CCCB, Institut d’humanitats. Barcelona, March 2007

 Seminari “Moisés Maimónides i la teoria política en el sud d´Europa” Dr. Javier Roiz. Asistente. Barcelona, March 14 and 15 2007. ICPS.

 Institucional Seminary of Complexity Sciences

Semestral seminary. I was student during 2001 until 2006 Universidad el Bosque. Bogotá

Employment Research projects:

• Assistance in the European research project, "Caught in the act of protest: Contextualizing contestation", ongoing.

• Member of the research project Polnet. Internet and Political Participation in Spain. Funded by the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation. (SEJ60082) 2007-junio 2010.

• Member of the research line: Complexity, Government and Politics. Recognized by COLCIENCIAS. 2005 –December 2006

Teaching experience:

• Associated Professor. Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona. 2007-ongoing Barcelona-Spain

o Introduction to Political Science. Faculty of Political Science and Sociology. • Researcher professor in Political Science. Universidad Externado de Colombia.

Bogotá. 2001-2006

Faculty of Finances, Government and International Affaires. o Titular Professor. (Evaluation of the courses 4,1/5).

 Subjects:

• Introduction of Political Ideas. 2003-2004 and 2006-2007 • Political Science. 2002-2003 and 2006-2007

o Associated professor. (professorial chair assistance)  Subjects:

• Public Management: 2001 until 2003 o Teacher assistance as student:

 Subjects:

• Colombian Political History. 1997- 1999 • Public Policy and environment. 2000- • Faculty of Social Sciences.

o Researcher assistance  Subjects:

• History of Civilizations I and II: 2002-2005 o Co-director Seminary


 New paradigms in social sciences : 2004-2005 Administrative and logistic work:

 Annual meeting project. "Caught in the act of protest: Contextualizing contestation". Barcelona. 14-16 April 2010. Logistic organization with Camilo Cristancho under the supervision of Eva Anduiza.

 Convenio Andrés Bello –. December 2003 – February 2004. .

o Person who resumed and selected different kind of patrimonial experience in the competition “IV Somos Patrimonio”

 United Nations Development Programme.. January-June: 2000

o Assistance ship in logistics and research to the International mission of cooperation for Colombian justice modernization.

 Government secretary of Bogotá, Colombia. June-December. 1999.

o Researcher in the project of institutional efficiency. Local major of Tunjuelito.


 Papers in Journal.

“With a new model of glasses, a proposal to measure the Knowledge Society” in Revista colombiana de filosofía de la ciencia. First semester Bogotá 2007, ISSN 0124-4620. Vol. 6. No. 12-13. P.89-108

“The public administration as a complex an adaptative system” in Revista Ópera Externado University , Bogotá: 2007-2008 ISSN: -1657-8651

“¿Could be that democracy reduces or favors corruption” in Zero Revista. Ed. Externado University. V.14. Bogotá: 2005 ISSN 0123-8779

“Open source an option to Colombia” in Zero Revista. Ed. Externado University. V.16. Bogotá: 2005 ISSN 0123-8779

• Reviews:

“The Wealth of Networks. How Social Production Transforms Markets and Freedom” Foro Interno, Universidad Complutense de Madrid. December 2008. ISSN: 15784576 “Moral sentiments and material interests”, journal Foro Interno, Universidad Complutense de Madrid. December -2007. ISSN: 15784576

 Books chapters

“Assessing Internet Mobilization – A Methodological Approach for Integrating Source Analysis and Survey Data” with Camilo Cristancho Published by DGP, General Direction of Participation, 2009, ISBN 978-84-393-8202-7


aplicaciones/Complexity: Science, Knowledge and its applications. Published by Universidad Externado de Colombia 2007, 356 pp. ISBN/ISSN : 958-710-219-2

“The co-evolution of Education”. Co -author with Jorge Mejía. La política universitaria en la sociedad del conocimiento/ The universitary policy in the society knowledge. Publisher by Magisterio, Bogotá: 2004 ISBN: 958-20-0757-5

 Research Note.

With Anduiza, Eva, Marta Cantijoch, Clèlia Colombo y Aina Gallego “Political uses of Internet in Spain” in REIS Spanish Journal of Sociologist Research Nº129 .P.133-146,CIS  Books.

Anduiza, Eva, Aina Gallego, Marta Cantijoch y Jorge Salcedo. 2010. Internet y participación política. Madrid: Centro de Investigaciones Sociológicas.

 Conferences:

o Seminar "Citizen Politics: Are the New Media Reshaping Political Engagement?" Barcelona, “Assessing Internet Mobilization – A Methodological Approach for Integrating Source Analysis and Survey Data” with Camilo Cristancho, May 28th-30th 2009, Barcelona, Spain

o European Consortium for Political Research. . Graduate Conference. New Technologies and Politics: New Patterns of Relationships between Political Actors. Development of free software: Political and social incentives to participate in free software movement. August 26th/ 2008. Barcelona Spain.

o “Agreements and negotiations about common goods and cooperation ”Inter universitary forum of Complexity Sciences. April 24th-28th, 2006. Bogotá, Colombia

o “Beyond economic rationality” Subject: Action Theory. Bosque University Postgraduate in Philosophy of Science, November. 2005 Bogotá, Colombia, o “Complexity and social organizations” Postgraduate in Philosophy of

Science. Subject: Complexity and Social organizations. Bosque University, March. 2003 Bogotá, Colombia.

Awards and Honors

 Pre doctoral fellowship, (Agency of Research of Catalan Government AGAUR-and European Social Fund)

 Fellowships for a research stay AGAUR. Languages Skills:

 Spanish: Mother tongue  English: Advanced level.

o Department of Languages. Scientific Writing. September-December 2009. Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona


o Department of Languages. January-June 2009. Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona.

o Advance courses in Reading, writing and conversation. London, summer July-September 2007 Burlington School. School Certificate.

 French : Intermediate-basic

Four courses approved, Diploma with grade: C.  Catalan : Intermediate

Computer Skills

 Competent in Nudist. Qualitative analysis.  Web analysis:

o Competent in Issue Crawler.-Software for hyperlink analysis. o Competent in Alexa. Software for traffic web analysis.

o Competent in Browsers and search engines. Advance web search. o Digital methods initiative. (Google scrapper, Google analytics…) o Competent in Mozilla, Internet Explorer.

 Network analysis:

o Competent in Ucinet and Net-Draw.  Use of statistical data/ quantitative analysis.

o Competent in STATA and SPSS  Competent in online survey:

o Survey Monkey  Competent in Office 2007.

 Online bibliographic management program: Competent in Zotero and RefWorks  Competent in use Ubuntu-Linux and Open Office.





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