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ENTERPRISE is the premier ITSM Tool from the professionals at C2. With more than a decade of experience in IT service desk software and support industry and based on ITIL® good practices, C2 ENTERPRISE ena-bles organizations to streamline IT processes with increased flexibility. The experts at C2 have spent years working with numerous IT service desk software programs, so C2 ENTERPRISE was developed for the everyday reality. C2 EN-TERPRISE enables you to centralize all kinds of requests (incidents, queries, knowledge), to follow up, to manage an ensemble of linked tasks, and to automate their management in a few clicks. C2 ENTERPRISE offers a wide ar-ray of services to maximize the efficiency of your support activity.

With flexible customizable modules, your business processes and functions will have a custom fit with C2 ENTERPRISE. Some of our modules include: automation of complex processes, email gathering and analysis, an entirely customizable web portal for request submission, remote administration and access to the solution, autonomous discovery and in-ventory of IT assets, interactive satisfaction surveys, and more. C2 ENTERPRISE is the IT service desk software that will allow you to in-crease the satisfaction and job performance for your IT and support teams.

time and energy on what really matters,

your business.”

Trace requests from start to finish by tracking information about the user, re-quest history, tasks to be completed, levels of service priority and any informa-tion relevant to the follow-up of requests. Automate follow-up and processing of recurrent tasks by using the automatic creation of requests and batch process-ing, and by adopting intervention tem-plates for your support teams.

Demonstrate your value to your or-ganization by creating request templates fitting the processes determined by the organization, or immediately adopt the IT service desk software industry good prac-tices.

Reinforce IT coherence by consulting real-time information and asset manage-ment to keep a global mastery over your resources.


Grouping and filters to visualize and ef-ficiently allocate resources and requests, while integrating different data from your IT environment

Customizable system map of your en-tire IT assets for an up-to-date, real-time inventory

Email tags to communicate and extract key information automatically

Batch processing to efficiently manage a large volume of requests and allow your support teams to focus on priority issues Shared knowledge base between your support teams with the use of requests for information

Exportable statistical data to create re-ports that meet the expectancies of managers and to allow your support teams to be proactive in their activity

Integration of directory services for a fast implementation into your organiza-tion’s IT environment




Offer the efficiency of the


to all your support activities

C2 WEBCLIENT provides you with a

por-tal for request submission as well as a di-rect help with personalized documentation





C2 WEBCLIENT offers the ability to

the client, through a modern portal, to submit a request from any terminal equipped with internet access. Custom-izable, it integrates into our IT service desk software as an always-open ac-cess point for an unlimited number of clients. Whether it be a company’s IT support or customer service for com-mercial activities, C2 WEBCLIENT is

a must-have tool to reduce the flow of calls to a customer service department, which frees up staff and resources.

A resource center for every user, C2

WEBCLIENT provides relevant docu-mentation for each request, whether an FAQ section, user manual or operating process information. An event log keeps track, for the client and the resource, of every request - processed and pending. With the assistance of other modules, C2 WEBCLIENT is able to gather

pre-cise data input by the user, to trigger ac-tions at the submission of the request, or to integrate the portal into another environment within the company.


Creating an operational service center

Accessible at any time, C2 WEBCLIENT is

the customer-oriented extension of C2

EN-TERPRISE, striving to increase both inte-gration and availability of your customer service.

Listening to users

Integrating easily into a business environ-ment, C2 WEBCLIENT has been designed

so to minimize processing delays and to offer a custom response.

Documents database

To stop wasting time answering frequent



ith C2 WEBRESOURCE you can

access the C2 ENTERPRISE

so-lution from any terminal equipped with internet access to reach your IT service desk software. Useful to remote teams, as well as providing your customer support with better reactivity, C2 WEBRESOURCE

provides the main incident management functions in a simple and ergonomic inter-face. Highly secure, C2 WEBRESOURCE

does away with the need to expose termi-nals outside your organization’s network. C2 WEBRESOURCE allows you to avoid

support and installation of the C2

EN-TERPRISE suite on non-critical terminals and offers more flexibility to your support team. Resources can have quick access

to the management of requests and tasks, clients handling, client history browsing, doing quick searches and looking up into the documentation, generating reports and managing inventory. Security is also a major asset of C2 ENTERPRISE and

C2 WEBRESOURCE. To avoid exposing

your organization’s sensitive informa-tion, access and communication with C2

WEBRESOURCE is done securely, with strong authentication mechanisms.


Access C2 WEBRESOURCE from any

terminal equipped with a web browser. C

2 WEBRESOURCE enables you to use

C2 ENTERPRISE suite in the same way you

would on a workstation

The advantages of a private SaaS

Whatever their equipment and localization may be, your support teams can use the whole C2 ENTERPRISE suite.

Security : a major asset to avoid

exposing your organization’s sensitive information, access and communication with C2 WEBRESOURCE is done

secure-ly, with strong authentication mechanisms.



As soon as an email is sent to support, C2 INTERMAIL filters its

content and transmits key infor-mation to the database

C2 INTERMAIL then creates a request or

updates it and sends a return receipt to the client



INTERMAIL is the component of C2 ENTERPRISE and our IT

ser-vice desk software that allows you and your staff to automatically process the re-ception of emails addressed to your sup-port department. This component is able to extract key information while correlat-ing it with the user’s previous request, and detecting the presence of content tokens in the mail’s body.

C2 INTERMAIL automatically sends a

re-turn receipt to the requester along with useful information pertaining to the fol-low-up to the request through the IT ser-vice desk software. The request is then integrated to the worker process set up in

No request or message will be unan-swered when you use C2 INTERMAIL.

Your staff and resources will be able to more efficiently process a much higher volume of requests by letting the solution deal with routine tasks.

The C2 INTERACTION module also

pro-vides you with new synergies, as every mail can interact with the whole C2


also aims to be a mobile companion as it will allow mobile terminal users to ben-efit from customer support whenever and wherever they need to.

Quality Service

Offering a simple, widespread Quality Service means to optimize your IT service desk software and reach your

customers and automate email processing to increase the quality of service.

Data granularity

The follow-up and management of email templates allows for several levels of infor-mation, from client to supervisor and the resources in-between.

Filter unwanted emails


When a preset condition is met,

C2 INTERACTION takes charge of processing Following a predefined scenario, C


reacts according to the condition´s status and triggers the execution of one or several actions



INTERACTION makes your IT ser-vice desk software manage and automate requests, from the moment it’s submitted to processing to resolution and follow up. The software respects sce-narios you’ve created and customized, which means you can add conditions, actions for conditions, allocate resources to these actions and describe their tasks. C2 INTERACTION ensures that tasks are

completed with optimal efficiency and in-creased functionality.

C2 INTERACTION is the quintessential

productivity module. Thanks to its intuitive tree diagram, C2 INTERACTION lets you

build complex scenarios while guarantee-ing an optimal legibility for your IT service desk software.

With C2 INTERACTION, you can

auto-matically address emails to resources linked to a request (clients, providers, employees, administrators ...), and also assign requests to new resources, modify their status or raise their priority.

C2 INTERACTION is the way to automate

almost every action in C2 ENTERPRISE,

while also allowing you to anticipate crisis situations by being the first to launch an action as soon as an incident is flagged, thus letting support teams concentrate on problem solving rather than dealing with your IT service desk software.


Rationalize your business process

You arrange your priorities and service level agreements with simplicity, C2

IN-TERACTION is able to interact with the whole C2 ENTERPRISE suite so as to

offer maximum efficiency to your support department.

Maximize satisfaction

By automatically allocating resources to the resolution of critical requests, you can offer the best of services to your clientele.

Manage Flexibility

Your human resources can’t always be available, C2 INTERACTION instead

an-ticipates and manages your teams’ time while respecting your planning.

Limitless functionality

Keeping an eye on service contracts, wel-coming a new co-worker ... In any case,




oing further than the usual service catalog offerings, C2 CATALOG will actually help with the Portfolio, Service Level Agreement, Demand, Finance management and Request Fulfillment of your IT department or any part of your or-ganization.

The C2 CATALOG means your IT depart-ment including the service desk will have

linking to your configuration items. This will empower your IT department as you can provide reports on expenditures and the revenue generated and saved by your team. You will easily be able to justify IT department and service desk expendi-tures by assigning a cost (and effort) to each job. Each intervention has an effort and cost that is saved by using your in-house department. The true cost of a

An effective way to understand and manage the definition, costs and structure of your service delivery chain.

Perfect management tool for any organi-zation that wishes to improve manage-ment of their services.


C2 PROFILER offers useful functionality

in the management of customer relations and incident processing thanks to its interactive surveys

C2 PROFILER enables you to generate

user feedback and thus produce statistics on customer service quality

QUESTION 1 QUESTION 1 Are you using... Are you satisfied with...


a module of communication be-tween users and customer ser-vice, C2 PROFILER allows you to setup

interactive polls to make a precise diag-nostic or inquire about client satisfaction after an intervention.

Fully customizable, these polls can be deployed over the whole service center or specifically sent to the client. For ex-ample, on a call to customer service, it enables you to audit a request so as to direct it toward the right resource or raise its priority. Moreover, it helps your support teams to be rigorous in their respect of your business or client man-agement processes.

After the resolution of a request, C2

PROFILER enables you to ask about a customer’s opinion so as to adapt in-cident management processes or set prospective paths towards the improve-ment of customer service. You can also use C2 WEBCLIENT in compliment to

C2 PROFILER to have the user benefit

from these surveys directly from his ter-minal.

Able to intervene at several points in your request management process, C2

PROFILER bolsters the flexibility of your customer service. You’ll be able to spare your support department from repetitive questions and tedious processes, and


Your communication agent

Spare your support department from re-petitive questions and tedious processes, and your service agents will then be more available to resolve incidents.


C2 SDK feeds the C2 ENTERPRISE

database with external web data services

Your service desk is powered by all

your business processes. Deploy new synergies by integrating the organization’s entire information system




SDK is the true resource center of the C2 products. C2 SDK provides

all your web services with the possibility to interact with C2 ENTERPRISE. C2 SDK

for example can help you find out how to integrate your HR system into C2

EN-TERPRISE, migrate data from your CRM template without breaking data templates, and even unify departments and process-es into a single streamlined procprocess-ess. If you have a question about the capabili-ties of your C2 system, C2 SDK will have

the answer.

With C2 SDK, different IT systems within

your organization that have never been

ficiently and have centralized data. C2 SDK also increases the security of

your systems by integrating all of your web systems while eliminating the need to expose your database outside of your organizational network. C2 SDK will make

your systems, processes and team mem-bers more efficient and more productive by fully integrating systems across your organization.

Integrated business processes

Are you using different IT systems within your organization? C2 SDK lets them

com-municate and centralizes their data.

Bolstered security

Thanks to C2 SDK you no longer need to

expose your database outside your organization’s network to integrate all your web services.




edicated to IT departments, C2

AS-SET enables the discovery and com-plete inventory of your organization’s IT assets through your IT service desk software. Displaying the precise charac-teristics of each and every workstation or compatible hardware, it enriches the C2 ENTERPRISE suite with information

crucial to the management of incidents and issues linked to your computer sys-tems. Automated, it allows you to retrieve at regular intervals a workstation’s pro-file, model, as well as operating system, installed updates and in-use software. It

also lets you integrate custom elements, or data coming from the C2 ENTERPRISE

suite like a history of requests linked to the workstation or one of its components, or the maintenance log. C2 ASSETs allow

you to keep a watchful eye on your assets. Up-to-date information about every com-ponent of your IT assets, and

management of maintenance or replace-ment operations is available on your IT service desk software at the flick of a switch. You’ll also have full control over your environment and can rationalize op-erating and upgrading costs.





2´s ability to deliver outstanding results has attracted hundreds of clients, including a who’s who of top brands and world-class IT managers across many industries – from retail, gaming, and insurance to financial services, health, education and business to business. We work side by side with our clients to help them develop relevant, effective, IT Service Management (ITSM)


CANADA and U.S. toll free: 1.866.978.1200 +1.450.978.1200,


A watchful eye over your assets

Up-to-date information about every com-ponent of your IT assets, and manage-ment of maintenance or replacemanage-ment op-erations at the flick of a switch.