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IT Services’ Service Level Agreement






IT Services’ Service Level Agreement:Ticketing Database

This service level agreement describes the computer services provided by the Comptroller’s business officers, departmental staff using the ticketing database and IT Services in support of the Folio Box Office ticketing database.

Ticket Database Configuration

The Folio ticketing database is loaded on the Apps1 server and the department’s data is stored on the User1 server. The School of Visual and Performing Arts, Athletics and Student

Activities have their own separate database and data files. Only the designated network userids provided to ITS by the business officers for these areas will have access to the database and the data files.

The business officers will perform first-tier support, and IT Services will provide second-tier and third-tier support as described in following table.

First-Tier Support Second-Tier Support Third-Tier Support

Verify staff logged on with userid with access to the

ticketing database Refer any questions on how to use the software to MarTech Basic problem

resolution steps for desktop workstations and printers i.e. checking cables, plugs, powering equipment off/on, and follow trouble-shooting steps in Appendix A

Reporting problems with the software not functioning to IT Services Help Desk & resolution follow-up Problem resolution on desktop workstations Follow-up with customer Network connection to server for


Technical support involved in running the database and providing access to it

Follow-up with customer

Full technical support of server supporting the database


Providing the Computing Environment

IT Services will assure availability to the local area network. IT Services will apply routine software maintenance, and upgrade applications software release for the ticketing database and for associated operating and utility systems. Releases will be

applied to the covered units as received from the vendor,

approved by the Comptroller’s Office, and they are agreed to be reliable and fit within the standard campus IT environment. IT Services will make these determinations.

Cost of workstations or workstation parts incurred for repairs, replacement or for additional function or capacity will be the responsibility of Comptroller’s office or department involved. Providing printer supplies and maintenance is the responsibility of Comptroller’s office or department involved.

IT Services Operations routinely backs up campus servers on a daily basis to provide disaster and data loss recovery. The servers supporting the ticketing database and data will be

included in these back ups. Should a restore of any server files be required provides user instructions.

Providing ITS Operations Support

IT Services will work with the first-tier support staff to assist in diagnosis and correction of technical problems which prevent proper use of the ticketing database. IT Services will provide instructions to first-tier support in regards to basic problem resolution and reporting procedures. A copy of the

troubleshooting steps for the ticketing database are included in this document as Appendix A.

First-tier support will provide assistance to their department staff regarding problems in the use of the ticketing database. No application-specific aid will be given by IT Services concerning the ticketing database, other than to log indications that the application may not be working properly. IT Services will

provide follow-up on these reported problems. First-tier support must inform IT Services Help Desk of such problems. Any questions regarding how to use the database should be referred to the




IT Services will provide support services indicated under the previous section, Scope of Services, from 7:30 AM to 6:00 PM Monday-Thursday, and 7:30 AM to 5:00 PM on Friday.

Outside Business Hours Support

The operating status of all ITS’ supported campus servers are electronically monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. However, any problems detected would be addressed when Network support personnel are available to do so. There is no routine support response time established for desktop units or printers during night and weekend hours, unless special coverage arrangements are negotiated with IT Services for specific events.

As many of the events requiring tickets would occur outside business hours, the business officers will provide contingency plans to their client areas to cover emergencies such as printing a hard copy of the seating chart and/or using generic tickets.


Response Time Goals During Business Hours

IT Services will regard the ticketing database as a production environment. Top priority will be given to restoring service within two hours during business hours, when the database is not accessible or not functioning as intended.

Network availability will be maintained at approximately 98% availability of scheduled uptime.

Escalation Procedures

Problems resulting in the ticketing database being nonfunctional should be reported immediately to IT Services Help Desk by first-tier support. The Help Desk technicians will quickly determine which IT Services resources must be informed for quick response, and open a work order for ITS technical support.

If the database is not back in a production level within two hours during business hours, business officers should promptly inform the IT Services Manager of Technical Support, or the Operations Manager or the Director of IT Services.

Reporting Procedures

Prior to contacting IT Services Help Desk, these basic troubleshooting steps should be taken:


‚ Ensure all hardware components are turned on.

‚ Ensure keyboard is in the proper case (caps lock key not on)

‚ Verify network id used has access to ticketing database

‚ Follow troubleshooting steps provided in Appendix A

If the problem persists, have the following information ready to provide the Help Desk.

! Username

! Property Tag or generic id of equipment involved ! Software application - Folio Ticketing database ! Description of problem and complete error message ! What steps were taken to resolve the problem, and

accompanying results of each step.

Call the Help Desk at 6030, or go to the Help Desk in KT 206 or email information to


IT Services’ Service Level Agreement:Ticketing Database Appendix A

Troubleshooting Steps for Database Problems

Should you get an exception error can not find path ... when trying to open the ticket database. Verify the database path is pointing to the correct directory via these steps.

Logon to your pc.

1. Click on Start/Settings/Control Panel 2. Double-click on BDE Administrator icon

On left side of screen - you will see tabs labeled

Databases Configuration

3. If not already selected, click on the Databases tab to view contents. A list of databases should appear. If not, open the Databases directory by clicking on the + sign next to Databases 4. Click on the Tickets NOT the + sign to display the Definition panel on the left.

5. In the Definition panel on the PATH change the word data at the end of O:\Boxofice\data to

ath for Athletics

svpa for Visual and Performing Arts stuact for Student Activities

Example: Athletics people should look like O:\Boxofice\ath Press Enter

6. Click on Object at top left side of your sceen. Click on Apply and answer ok to saving edits. Close screen.

7. Start the Folio ticket software via Start/Dept apps.

Other BDE errors when trying to run Folio

Go to Start/IPFW Icons/Databases/Updates/ run Update BDE

IT Services’ Service Level Agreement:Ticketing Database Appendix A


Troubleshooting Steps for Database Problems

If you get an error stating the database is locked by another user and can not be shared please follow these instructions.

Logon on PC

Click Start --> Settings --> Control Panel Select BDE Administrator

Go into the Configuration tab

Choose Drivers --> Native --> Paradox

On the right side of the screen, choose Net Dir and change it to s:\win32\common\control


IT Services’ Service Level Agreement: Ticketing Database Agreement Partnership Document

The signers of this document agree that their responsible areas will conduct IT support services according to the content of this Service Level Agreement.

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Director, Information Technology Services Date