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Rev. Msgr. William F. Glosser, V.F., M.A., M.Div. 250 E. Hancock St.

Saint Clair, PA 17970

Office Phone………..570-429-0370 Rectory Phone…………..570-429-0701 Office Fax……….570-429-0630

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Assumption BVM School 570-622-0106 Nativity BVM High School 570-622-8110 Immaculate Conception Hall 570-429-0302

Saint Joseph Center for Special Learning

Baptism of the Lord January 10, 2021


(Please check bulletin for changes) Tuesday – Friday 8AM (Chapel)

Saturday – 4PM Sunday- 8:30AM and 10:30AM Holydays – Please check bulletin SACRAMENT OF RECONCILIATION

(Please check Bulletin)

Saturdays 3:15-3:45PM or call the rectory to schedule an appointment.


Prospective parents are expected to attend an instruction session. Please call the parish office to make arrangements and

schedule an appointment. SACRAMENT OF MARRIAGE Arrangements should be made one year in

advance to schedule and plan your wedding.


PREP/CCD classes are offered for our public grade school children. Classes are held

Wednesday evenings 6PM to 7:30PM. Website:

Parish Registration

Parish registration is recommended for all individual persons and families who worship regularly and who intend to participate actively in the life of our parish by sharing their time, talents and treasure. Registration is necessary for celebrating Marriage and Baptism, as well as for the issuing of Sponsor Certificates.

Diocesan Victim Assistance Coordinator

Mrs. Wendy S. Krisak, MA, MCC, LPC, Direct: 1-800-791-9209 Secretary for Youth Protection Pamela Russo, MSW, MS 1-610-871-5200 - Ext 2204

Catholic Bishop Abuse Reporting Service If you have an allegation of abuse against a bishop, please contact the Catholic Bishop Abuse Reporting Service at or by calling 800-276-1562.

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by Rev. William J. Reilly

Most Holy Name Catholic Church, Garfield, NJ

Baptism of the Lord January 10, 2021

“One more powerful than I is to come after me. I am not fit to stoop and untie his sandal straps. I have baptized you in water; he will baptize you with the Holy Spirit... ‘You are my beloved Son. On you my favor rests.’” The familiar scene... the meeting of the cousins, the theme of John’s preaching, pointing out the person of the Christ. The beginning of the ministry of Jesus. The clouds part, the dove of peace descends and the reassuring voice, another epiphany.

We celebrate our baptism, when the Lord reaches down to us, elevates us, making us members of His family, fills us with the gift of grace, and echoes the same words, ‘you are my beloved, on you my favor rests.’ Jesus began His ministry on the banks of the river, and we begin our lives as disciples, not just the day of our baptism, but again today as we offer thanks for God coming to us with His grace.



Monday, January 11, 2021 NO MASS SCHEDULED

Tuesday, January 12, 2021 8AM Ronald Farina

Wednesday, January 13, 2021 St. Hilary 8AM Anthony & Anna Wapinsky

Thursday, January 14, 2021 8AM Anna Rehnert

Friday, January 15, 2021 8AM Richard Underwood

Saturday, January 16, 2021

Vigil Mass for Sunday in Carroll St. Parking Lot 4:00PM Edward Leininger

Sunday, January 17, 2021 Second Sunday in Ordinary Time

8:30AM Walter Lipinsky 10:30AM Frances Matlock


Question: "What is the Catholic understanding of baptism?"

Answer: According to the Catechism of the

Catholic Church (or CCC), water baptism is the first sacrament and gives access to the other required sacraments. It is also the act that forgives sins, grants spiritual rebirth, and makes one a member of the church (CCC, 1213). The Catholic Church also believes that Jesus requires one’s baptism in order to receive eternal life.

Catholics view baptism as the means by which one receives the Holy Spirit. The sacrament is called “the gateway to life in the Spirit” and because baptism incorporates all into Christ.

According to Catholicism, a long process precedes any hope for “salvation.” Required are a

“proclamation of the Lord, acceptance of the Gospel entailing conversion, profession of faith, baptism itself, the outpouring of the Holy Spirit, and

admission to Eucharistic communion” (CCC, 1229). Baptism is necessary because, according to

Catholicism, “By baptism, all sins are forgiven, original sin and all personal sin” (CCC, 1263).

CCC 1274 teaches, “The Holy Spirit marks us at baptism with the seal of the Lord for the day of redemption.” However, there is no security in this seal, for the baptized Christian must be “faithful” to keep the seal “until the end.” Only then will he “be able to depart this life in the hope of resurrection.” Catholics practice infant baptism, which they consider a gift of God’s grace. Infants and young children are “baptized in the faith of the Church” (CCC, 1282).

There is no other way to receive Him but by faith. Works, even the work of baptism, are not the reason a person is saved (Titus 3:5).

Catholics teach that a baptized person begins participating in eternal life at the moment of baptism, but they also teach he loses that “eternal” life and the Holy Spirit when he sins.

In all instances of baptism in the New Testament, the act always followed a person’s faith in and confession of Christ, along with repentance (e.g., Acts 8:35–38; 16:14–15; 18:8; and 19:4–5). Baptism is not what gives us salvation. Baptism is an act of obedience after faith. This means as practicing Catholics we follow the Precepts of the Church.

1. One shall attend Mass on Sundays and on holy days of obligation.

2. One shall confess their sins at least once a year.

3. One shall receive the sacrament of the Eucharist at least during the Easter season. 4. One shall observe the days of fasting and

abstinence established by the Church. 5. One shall follow the marital laws of the

Church for a Sacramental marriage. 6. One shall help to provide for the needs of

the Church (Parish, Diocese, Missionary). 7. One shall be support of your pastor’s efforts

and pray for him.

Rest in Peace

Amelia Fredericks, Andrew Prock, Tom Stefansky and Edward Galavage.

Can you say a prayer for people to stop dying? We have been averaging three funerals per week since the middle of November! We need about 40 baptisms!


Second Collection

This weekend’s will be for the Building Fund. January 17 will be for Heat and Energy.

Help Desperately Needed

Help is needed to take down and store the Christmas decorations on Saturday, January 16 from 8:30-12PM. We hope you can join us!

Pieroghial School Begins This Week!

Monday, January 11 at 6PM—Potato Peeling Wednesday, January 13 at 9AM--Pinching

All volunteers need to be in good health! Anyone with flu-like symptoms, fever, etc. should not attend lest you expose all the other volunteers to Covid-19.

The Last Thank You’s of Christmas

With the holidays, the bulletin needed to go to press 7-10 days earlier than usual. Therefore some of our Christmas Thank You’s might be incomplete. To those we missed by name – God knows who you are and He is all that matters.

On Christmas Eve, our thanks to Miller’s Distributing for the box truck to protect Fr. Bill from the elements while offering Mass. However, we did not anticipate the RAIN or Monsoon that evening. Thanks to…

The Bruce T. Hart Funeral Home for the loan of a dozen umbrellas to protect the Blessed Sacrament during the distribution of Holy Communion. Service medals to all the Eucharistic Ministers at the 4PM & 6PM Masses on Christmas Eve and all our other volunteers who got soaked while

distributing Holy Communion and protecting the Blessed Sacrament from getting wet.

2021 Calendars are available in the rectory. We also have the gift of a St. Clare of Assisi lanyard for one’s keys for each parishioner.

Eucharistic Minister Help For January

The following ministers volunteered to assist with the Distribution of Holy Communion during this period of Covid-19. We discourage anyone who might have a pre-existing condition or runs the risk of exposure from volunteering at this time.

4PM Help needed 8:30AM Help Needed 10:30AM Dottie Frie


1/3 Contributions - Sunday Envelopes $ 5,160 Contributions - Other Sunday Giving

(loose) $ 210

Total Plate $ 5,370 Needed to meet Church Budget $ 4,808 Total Contributions 7/1/20 to now $ 146,862 YTD Budget to now $ 129,816 Total Over (Under) Budget $ 17,046 OTHER COLLECTIONS Heat & Energy $ 887

Christmas Flowers $ 20

Retired Religious $ 77

Candles $ 109

Solemnity of Mary $ 805

Christmas $ 1,760 Online Giving for November $ 528.94 Mass Attendance for December 31-January 1 December 31, 6PM………53

January 1, 10AM………...36

Mass Attendance for January 2-3 4PM at Carroll St. Parking Lot………...…..…..160

8:30AM Mass…….………...39

10:30AM Mass……….………...38

The Baptism of the Lord

WSCA Radio

WSCA St. Clair Catholic Radio is broadcasting on Saturdays at 4PM in the Carroll Street Parking lot. Thanks to the ingenuity of parishioners Bob & Ginger Brusok, we are able to broadcast the Holy


Mass on FM 88.3 for those in and within the radius of 250 feet in the Carroll Street Lot. Yes folks, you can attend Mass and receive Holy Communion in the comfort of your heated cars. However please consult the parish webpage and Facebook for cancellations in the event of inclement weather.

Homeschool Families of the Diocese of Allentown

are invited to a “virtual” gathering on Sunday, January 10 at 7:00pm. We will join together in praying the rosary for the needs of the Church, the world, and our families.

To participate, please email Father Kevin Bobbin, Chaplain to the Homeschool Community

( before January 10 to receive the Zoom invitation.

Week of Prayer for Christian Unity 2021

Join us with our brothers and sisters from our neighboring Protestant Churches on Sunday, January 17th at 2PM in St. Clare of Assisi Church. Pastor Jack Murray will deliver the sermon. We will pray for the unity of all Christians.

The Office of Adult Catechesis & Evangelization

(ACE) will be offering a webinar for adults serving in parish ministry roles to provide details on the new diocesan partnership with the Franciscan University of Steubenville Catechetical Institute, which will replace the ICF program. The virtual information session will take place Wednesday, Jan. 20, 2021 from 6:30 to 8:30 PM.

Because this partnership will involve certification requirements for parish ministry leaders, it is recommended that all pastors strongly encourage their parish Directors of Religious Education, Catechists, and Youth Ministers to attend the webinar.

The Zoom login for the information session can be found below, and should be shared with the parish ministry leaders in the above listed roles as well as any other staff who you believe may benefit from this information: Topic: Catechetical Institute: Parish Ministry Leaders

Time: Jan 20, 2021 06:30 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

Topic: Catechetical Institute: Parish Ministry Leaders

Time: Jan 20, 2021 06:30 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

Join Zoom Meeting Meeting ID: 890 8472 1398 (no passcode)

For questions, please contact Alexa Smith at

Thank you.

Online Giving

Thank you to those who are using the online giving service provided through the diocese. If you are interested, here is the link for payments:

Catholic Bishop Abuse Reporting Service

If you have an allegation of abuse against a bishop, please contact the Catholic Bishop Abuse Reporting Service at or by calling 800-276-1562.


In Memory of Richard Bell

$50 Bill & Diane Haney $50 Charlotte Shields

In Memory of James Brady

$25 Cathy Heim

In Memory of Kathy Chaklos

$25 Greg & Gail Senich

In Memory of Bill Everly

$25 Justine Crolic $50 Ed & Linda Pavao

In Memory of James Hess

$10 Nancy Whitaker $10 Patrick Hand $10 Dottie Frie $10 Louis DeMarkis, Jr. $10 Ann Plachko $10 Rightus Family

$10 Anne Bridget McCormick $10 Mike McCord Family $20 Suzette Frantz

$20 Mary Alice Brennan & Robert Whalen $20 Theresa Panchison & Lucille O’Connor $20 Bob & Janet Gronski

$20 Tony & Lorraine Klazas $20 Mrs. Luby DeMarkis

$20 Jerry Hesse & Barbara Mahoney $20 Joan Harrison & Daughters $20 Cathy Heim

$25 Joseph & Amelia Holden $25 Kathleen Holden & Kathy & Catherine Helm $25 Tim & Gwen Holden $25 John & Suzanne Domalakes $25 MaryAnn Stencovage $25 Paul & Patricia Domalakes $25 John & Joan Holden $25 Jim & Millie Dimmerling $25 Mark A. Hesse

$25 Jack & Barbara Hoffman $25 Albert & Shirley Morgan $25 James & Evelyn Compton $25 Mike & Rita Postick $30 Mike & Colleen Mochnoc $40 William & Carol Sutzko $50 Richard & Nancy Menchey $50 Eileen Bergman

$50 Bill & Midge Umbenhauer $50 Mary Evelyn Trinkle $50 William & Miriam Siegfried $200 David & Mary Silcox $200 Fred & Betty Miller

In Memory of Georgene Jones

$20 JoAnn Brennan $25 Jennifer Slifka $25 Kourtney Edwards $50 Nancy Olson

In Memory of Edward Leininger

$10 Sarah Donohue $20 Marie Balulis

$20 Mary & Mike Dwyer $20 Michael & Susan Pozza $20 Sara McSurdy

$20 Paul & Carol Shandor $25 Cathy Heim

$25 John & Maryann Ebling $25 Phil & Joan Kurilla $30 Jane Donovan

$40 Mr. & Mrs. Michael Dennis $50 Joann Brennan

$50 Anna Thomas & Lynn Bucklar $50 Jim & Margaret Lengel

In Memory of Edward (Ted) Manion

$10 Sarah Donohue $10 Barbara Piccioni $100 Kathleen Hughes $100 David & Lori Miller

In Memory of Joseph McElvaney

$100 Cyrus & Suzanne Dolbin

In Memory of John Mentzel

$10 Margy Coleman $20 Terry Widel

In Memory of Mary Ann Zurat

$20 Bob & Janet Gronski $20 Dolores Lipinsky $20 Bob & Kathryn Tebin $25 MaryAnn Stencovage $25 Florence Kuperavage $30 Mary Adams & Family







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