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IBM G-Cloud

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IBM G-Cloud Systems Management as a Service 2

1. Summary

1.1 Service Description

This offering is provided by IBM Global Business Services and provides a Systems Management capability for the Application layer of software which is deployed on top of a Managed IaaS node. The offering includes

 Deployment of an appropriate monitoring agent onto the node which is being managed

 Proactive monitoring of system alerts which are raised by the monitoring agent from 8am-6pm Mon-Fri and 9am-5pm Sat/Sun and UK Bank Holidays.

 Initial response to system alerts – e.g. restart of failed process or node using procedures provided by the client

 Escalation of any issues which are not resolved to the individual or organisation nominated by the client

This offering is designed to provide the vital first line management capability for the Application layer of a service which is deployed on the cloud. An established and mature team will monitor your node and will provide an initial response to an alert, along with a mechanism to get the client team involved should the issue be more complex.

1.2 Service Characteristics

Lot Software as a Service

Applicability Any organisation which requires the Application layer of a Cloud node hosted at IL0, IL2 or IL3 to be monitored and managed

Contract Duration Flexible – to be agreed in the Call-Off Order

Contract Price As per G-Cloud order.

Lead time to start 2 weeks

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1.3 Why IBM

 Proven track record of delivery to multiple Government departments

 Leading Cloud services

 Leading server and software technology to deliver Cloud services

 Established and mature Systems Management team

1.4 Contact

Contact Name Steve Cliff

Title IBM UK Cloud Alliances Executive

Address PO Box 41

North Harbour Portsmouth Hants, PO6 3AU

Contact Email

Contact Phone 07710 035877


IBM G-Cloud Systems Management as a Service 4



2.1 Context

Cloud providers deliver an OS platform along with, optionally, basic management of the OS. In order to provide a service it is important to monitor and manage the layers above the OS as well. This offering plugs this gap and provides an ability for an issue to be discovered, an initial response to be made, and if necessary a second response support person to be contacted to allow them to resolve the issue.

2.2 What we will deliver

IBM will deploy a management Agent onto your server, and will use the Admin accounts which are provided by you to monitor and manage your server. IBM will monitor the server during service hours, if a relevant alert is raised, IBM will perform a ‘first response’ action, as specified by you. If necessary IBM will then contact a ‘second response’ contact as provided by you.

IBM will provide the following;

 Supply and deploy an management Agent Service on your cloud server

 Work with you to define (and provide the elements under our control) the

appropriate connectivity to allow your cloud server to be monitored and managed by us

 Service shall be delivered from an infrastructure platform that is private, in the context of it being available to the UK Public Sector community only

 Service can be used to manage servers at Impact Level IL0, IL2 or IL3 as appropriate and will be delivered from a pre-accredited infrastructure.

 it shall be the responsibility of the Customer, the Supplier, and the Accreditor to ensure that code of connection compliance is adhered to.

 The Supplier shall have the right to disable or remove Services that can be proven to cause a security risk to the community as a whole. However, the supplier would promptly alert the Service Recipient of the potential service stoppage, providing all available details of the security risk. The supplier would provide the maximum of one (1) hour for the Service Recipient to respond to this incident, prior to disablement or removal of the service.

Service Specification:

 This Service delivers an Application Monitoring service which will monitor your VM by means of an Agent which we will supply


shall be subject to change through change control procedures.

 The Supplier’s accredited and security cleared staff shall be responsible for all on-boarding activities associated with the delivery of a new Service.

 Any test and development Application Systems Management capability required by the Customer will be enabled as IL0, IL2 or IL3 as appropriate and built within the appropriate zone of the infrastructure.

 A secure method of connectivity to the server being managed will be agreed between the Supplier and the Customer.

The Customer Responsibilities:

 Integration of the Service into a wider system or capability.

 Procurement, maintenance and management of the server being managed.

 Provision of suitable administrative account(s) to allow the Supplier to install the Agent, and to perform the appropriate monitoring and first response actions as specified by the client

 Appropriate network configuration and provision of network links/bandwidth where applicable to permit the Supplier to monitor and manage the application

 Should the Supplier determine that the Customer usage of the Infrastructure is not compliant with best practice guidelines then the Customer must comply with the Supplier’s reasonable requests for change.

 Provision of ‘first response’ procedures

 Provision of contact list for ‘second response’

 The Systems Management service is provided on a pan-government accreditated cloud. The Accreditation of the specific instance of the Systems Management in the context of the Customers system will be done by the Customer.

Service Limitations:

 The Service shall be allocated a maintenance window between the hours of 23:00 and 06:00 the window shall be allocated during Service initiation. If the maintenance conducted within the window should implicate possible down-time for the service we would provide prior notification to the affected Customer.

 The Service shall be change managed in accordance with the Service change

procedure. Change boards will sit weekly and changes shall be carried out during the subsequent change window. A maximum of 4 changes during a month shall be included in the Service.

 Configuration changes that cause a reboot/downtime but are deemed urgent shall not impact SLAs and the associated charging mechanism.

 The ability to add move or change the number of Servers being managed in the Customer solution shall be achieved via the Service change procedure and may be subject to appropriate financial approvals.


IBM G-Cloud Systems Management as a Service 6

 Services to manage your servers are limited to ‘first response’ with the ‘second response’ being to contact an appropriate resolver. IBM can provide more extensive management if required, and this can be specified and provided at any stage during the provision of the service.

2.3 Commercials

This will be a Fixed Price as per the G-Cloud order.

Initial work will be carried out under the Strategy and Planning category of the approved G-Cloud 4 IBM SFIA rate table unless agreed otherwise.

Follow on work will be under the appropriate category(ies) of the approved G-Cloud 4 IBM SFIA rate table.

The scope of work will be set out in the Call Off Order Form and agreed by both parties. Follow on services to enable you to complete implementation of cloud services can be provided by IBM. Details should be agreed via the Call-Off Order and priced using the IBM SFIA rate card as described above.

2.4 Key Points

Other key points to note are as follows:

 This offering is subject to availability of IBM resources.

 The pricing and terms on individual call-off orders should be handled as commercially sensitive by the Customer

 Where work is of a sensitive and secure nature, security standards will be agreed between IBM and the Customer, and if necessary IBM will ask the Customer to issue a Security Aspects letter.

 Whilst we do not propose to handle or have access to any personal data, we will suggest and agree alternative approaches such as the use of anonymised data for testing purposes.

 The work is subject to IBM’s Terms of Business, which are attached separately to this catalogue item.