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H-SIP Questions and Answers


Academic year: 2021

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H-SIP Questions and Answers

What does H-SIP stand for?

• H-SIP stands for Health System Improvement Pre-Proposal Form.

What is the H-SIP?

• H-SIP is a form that health service providers will complete as an initial step in submitting health system improvement requests to their LHIN for approval. Please note that this is not part of the Integration Order process.

What is a health system improvement request?

• It is a request to add, expand or change a health service for the purposes of improving health care and/or health status of the community.

Why has the LHIN developed the H-SIP Process?

• The H-SIP process has been developed collectively by Ontario Local Health Integration Networks (LHINs) to facilitate and standardize the way health system improvement requests are submitted to LHINs.

• H-SIP is designed to capture the intent and scope of a health system improvement proposal. The purpose of a pre-proposal stage is to allow the LHIN to review and provide feedback on a proposed improvement prior to the health service provider committing resources to develop a detailed business case.

Who is required to use the H-SIP form?

• All LHIN funded health service providers who would like to submit a health system improvement request that requires LHIN approval

Can I still submit proposals without using H-SIP?

• No. Health service providers that submit proposals outside of the H-SIP process will be asked to resubmit using H-SIP.


What if I submitted a health system improvement proposal before H-SIP was available?

• Proposals received by the LHIN prior to SIP will be reviewed within the guidelines identified for H-SIP.

Where do I find the H-SIP form?

• The H-SIP form can be found on your local LHIN website or on WERS (Web Enabled Reporting


• A Microsoft Word version of the H-SIP form is available for download to assist in preparing an electronic submission

How do I submit an H-SIP?

• It can be submitted through your local LHIN’s web site or

• It can be submitted through WERS

• Please read the H-SIP guidelines before submitting

Is there a date that H-SIPs need to be submitted by?

• H-SIP can be submitted any time throughout the year.

Can I prepare my submission over time by saving my progress using the on-line form

provided on the LHIN’s web site.

• No. The system does not enable users to save their work.

• A Microsoft Word version of the H-SIP form is available for download to assist in preparing an electronic submission.


On what criteria will H-SIPs be evaluated?

• The extent to which the proposed improvement results in one or all of the following: o better integration across the health system

o sustainable quality improvements in care o improved patient safety

o reduction in barriers to care

o significant increases in efficiencies

o How it will improve the LHIN population health

o The LHIN IHSP priorities supported by the proposed improvement

• Key challenges to achieving the proposed improvement

• The extent of consultation with other health service providers and community partners across the LHIN

• Resource requirements

• Financial feasibility

What happens after I submit my H-SIP?

• Following the LHIN’s review and evaluation of the H-SIP, a health service provider may be invited to submit a detailed proposal and a business plan for further analysis by the LHIN.

• Guidelines for the development of a detailed proposal and business case will be provided by each individual LHIN.

How will I know if the LHIN received my H-SIP?

• When an H-SIP is submitted through a LHIN website or WERS you will receive an automatic email

response containing a summary of the proposal.

How will I know if the LHIN wants the full proposal?

• Following the LHIN’s review and evaluation of the H-SIP, a health service provider may be invited to submit a detailed proposal and a business plan for further analysis by the LHIN.

Can I submit my H-SIP to more than one LHIN for the same pre-proposal?

• Yes. You need to identify on the SIP form the other LHINS you are submitting to and submit an H-SIP to each of the LHINs identified.


Do I need to submit my proposal or an H-SIP form to the Ministry of Health and Long Term


• No. You need only to submit your H-SIP to the LHIN.

What if my proposal involves a capital project?

• Proposals containing capital projects should follow the ministries capital process.

• You should also submit a capital project to the LHIN using the H-SIP form, that details the operational impact of the capital project.

Because you are creating this process does this mean there are currently additional funds


• H-SIP was not created in response to additional funding availability.

• H-SIP has been established to provide a standardized process for LHINs to receive unsolicited proposals for health system improvements and facilitate the LHINs feedback to health service providers.

• H-SIPs will be used to inform the LHINs environmental scan, provide information for strategic planning, opportunities for funding will be consistent with the LHIN’s Integrated Health Service Plan and Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care priorities.

Do I have to be a MOH funded health service provider to submit an H-SIP?

• H-SIP is intended to used by LHIN funded health service providers.

Does the H-SIP have anything to do with HAPS or HAAS

• Health service providers who wish to include to a health system improvement proposal in their HAAS must have a prior approved H-SIP.

What if I have questions?

• Refer to the H-SIP guidelines document • Please contact your local LHIN

• All LHIN contact information can be found at www.lhins.on.ca

What if I do not have access to a computer?



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