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Meeting Minutes

February 12, 2014 9:00 AM – 11:00 AM

Sacramento County Office of Education

10474 Mather Blvd. Mather, CA 95826 Conference Room B

Facilitator: Kimberly Bankston-Lee – Chair

Scribe: Megan Sheffield, TEP Health Program Coordinator and Tasleem Chechi, TEP Health Educator

Meeting Attendees: Kimberly Bankston-Lee, Laurie Comstock, Kate Frantz, Tim Gibbs, Don Knutson, Alexis Koren, Crystal Mantle,

Carol Maytum, Joelle Orrock, Erin Reynoso, Megan Sheffield, Jason Smith, Tiffany Wilson, Julie Lautseu, Tasleem Chechi, Chris Cooper, Lindsey Frietas, Stacy Song, Calpurnia Moua, Jayna Record, Twlia Laster, Elisa Tong MD, Jackie Kaslow,


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Topic Minutes

Welcome and Introductions Meeting began with introductions at 9:05 am. Mission Statement/Approval of

Previous Meeting Minutes

Don read the Mission statement. With the exception of some minor edits, minutes of November 13, 2013 were approved by consensus.

TEP Program Update Presented by Megan, TEP

 New TEP Health Educator, Tasleem Chechi

 Two new Interns from CSUS for this semester. They will work directly with the Tobacco Education Program on CSUS’s new tobacco-free campus policy, effective Fall 2015.  The Phase II, 2014-2017 plan was submitted in December to CTCP. For the next month or

two staff will be negotiating the plan.

 The three draft objectives for the new three year plan will be:

1. At least one jurisdiction within Sacramento County will adopt and enforce a

conditional use permit policy to prohibit the location of tobacco retail outlets within 1,000 feet of schools, parks, and youth facilities

2. At least 3 local agencies (such as school districts, private businesses, community based organizations, etc) will adopt language in their policies that that prohibits the use of non-combustible tobacco products (e.g. smokeless tobacco products,

dissolvable tobacco products) and/or nicotine products that are not specifically approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for use in treating nicotine or tobacco dependence (e.g. electronic nicotine vaporization devices) in places where smoking is otherwise prohibited.

3. The Sacramento County TCC will create collaborative partnerships with 5 key opinion leaders (individuals or groups) resulting in increased support for tobacco-related community norm change strategies.


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Topic Minutes

TEP and the American Lung Association. A total of 14 counties will be attending along with Youths form Yolo County. Twilia will be our spokesperson. Thank you!

 Retail data will be available to all after the Press Release. Retail Survey findings will be discussed during the May TCC meeting

2013 Satisfaction Survey Results Presented by Megan

 26 surveys were completed. The largest # of completed surveys were from those members who reported being with TCC for less than 1 year.

 The results of this survey clearly demonstrate that all members seemed to be very satisfied with the capacity of the Coalition and its members to accomplish the goals of the Coalition.  Survey results will be discussed with the Executive Committee to see how we can improve

the quality of our TCC

 Key informant interviews will occur in the near future in order to collect members’ point of view/feedback on coalition planning process, level of their involvement in the coalition, goals and interventions, perceptions of coalition impact, and etc.

Community Transformation Grant Update

Presented by Kimberly

 CTG has gone from the planning phase into the implementation phase.

 Due to a cut in funding from the CDC, there will only be one objective for the Tobacco Free Living group for this implementation year. The group is focusing on the retail environment. Once the data is released, they will utilize the TEP retail data.

 Twlia: The Tobacco Free Living group has drafted an RFP for a portion of retail environment objective activities. The draft RFP is being reviewed by the CTG steering committee and it will be released later this year.

Subcommittee Updates Secondhand Smoke Youth & Young Adult Cessation

Second Hand Smoke, Presented by Megan

 The last SHS meeting was on November 6, 2013. There has not been a meeting since then. There will be a meeting scheduled in March/April.

Youth and Young Adult, Presented by Joelle


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Topic Minutes

2014 was cancelled.

 All School Districts applied to the TUPE grant in December. Cessation, Presented by Dr. Tong and Kimberly

 UC Health Tobacco Cessation Initiative Program Using Electronic Medical Records o EMR will be modified to include a two-way referral order to the California

Smoker’s Helpline and upcoming changes to inpatient and outpatient workflow o The UC Davis modifications will be shared across UC Health to establish a

UC-wide tobacco cessation network.

o The next two year plan is to strive to improve how tobacco us addressed in users

o Evani is now the Project Manager for the Program

o UC wide Nursing and Pediatric Champions are all on board

 STAND is working on a research grant with Dr Tong from UCDMC. They will be studying young adult peer to peer cessation with motivational interviewing.

Medi-Cal: Mass mailing to safety-net clinics were conducted, from which there was a significant boost in the number of calls to the Helpline. In the future they plan to conduct a mass mailing to Indian Health Clinics.

Training by The Center- The Legislative Process

Presented by Lindsey and Stacy, The Center

Policy Update Presented by Kimberly and Tim

 On February 18th, the City of Sacramento Law and Legislation Committee will be meeting to discuss an ordinance to amend the current tobacco laws to include outdoor dining areas as the next place where smoking is prohibited. A minimum of 20 supporters are needed at this meeting. In addition please provide a testimony of your support either at the meeting and/or by submitting a letter. Sample letters can be found on the SOL project website. Stickers were distributed to wear at the council meeting. Kimberly, Tim and Don will be speaking at the meeting. Meeting will take place on February 18, 2014 at 3:00PM at the City


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Topic Minutes

Hall (915 I Street, 1st Floor Council Chamber). Presented by Lindsey, The Center

 A few new bills were introduced, but all three bills (see below) did not meet the deadline. o AB 746 - Secondhand smoke

o AB 1142 – State beaches and parks: smoking ban o AB 320 – Tobacco use programs

 SB 648- Electronic cigarettes: restrictions of use and advertising o Stuck in G.O. since 8/5/2013

 Currently introduced bills:

o AB 1500 - Cigarettes, tobacco products, and electronic cigarettes o AB 1504 – Single-use filter cigarettes

Presented by Dr.Tong, UCDMC  SB 493 was passed

o The bill would authorize pharmacists to perform other functions, including, among other things:

1. To furnish self-administered hormonal contraceptives, nicotine replacement products, and prescription medications not requiring a diagnosis that are recommended for international travelers

2. To furnish self-administrated hormonal contraceptives Nicotine replacement products

School District Brief Survey San Juan School District, Presented by Jayna Record

 Have submitted their 3 year plan. Currently, piloting a program at their High School. The district also has an active H1 Reach 1 club, which advocates healthy living and healthy choices (a Tobacco free theme). They also have seven new CSUS interns who carry one-on-one intervention with students who were referred or through database query due to drug-related suspensions. All students suspended due to drug-drug-related issues are being


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Topic Minutes

Sacramento City School District, Presented by Alexis Koren

 Are continuing with their current project, Pregnant and Partners Teen grant. The big push is to find out who is pregnant in the district in the hopes of longitudinal data. Database is currently in the works.

Elk Grove School District, Presented by J Watkins

 Submitted their TUPE grant, which was over 300 pages. Undergoing a brief intervention for those students who were suspended due to alcohol & drug related issues. In regards to e-cigarettes, last year there was one report of a student with an e-cigarette. As of this year (so far), there was been a total of 35 students (10 high school students, 25 middle school

student) caught with e-cigarettes. The district is currently in the process of getting their board policy changed so that there is equal punishment throughout middle school and high school.

Announcements  Next Newsletter will be sent out in April. Topics that the newsletter will cover are: Electronic cigarettes and Retail data

 Upcoming meeting presentation topics: e-cigarettes

 Don: Sacramento Earth Day 2014 will be on Saturday, April 19, 2014, 11 a.m. to 4 p.m, at Southside Park. There were will be over 100 tables and vendors, fee per table is $25. Next Meeting Wednesday, May 14, 2014 9:00 -11:00 AM

Sacramento County Office of Education 10474 Mather Blvd. Mather, CA 95655 Boardroom

Adjournment Kimberly adjourned the meeting at 11:00 a.m.

Minutes Distribution: PHAB, TCC Members and available to the public






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