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Martin & Servera Group


Corporate responsibility


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widest range


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Christer Lind, CEO, Martin & Servera

“Martin & Servera is a company full of dedicated employees

with specialist knowledge and experience,” says Christer

Lind, CEO. “Our goal is to provide restaurants and caterers

with the goods and services they need to strengthen their

bottom line.”

Martin & Servera offers a wide range of products, services and concepts – for every type of restaurant business.

“We have over 35,000 customers,” says Christer. “And they all have different needs. If you run a coffee shop, you need a certain type of products and knowledge. If you are the manager for a restaurant chain, you want all your outlets to deliver high qual-ity every day according to your concept. A school kitchen has different needs. Our employees have the knowledge and ideas and the ability to listen in order to help you find the right solution.”

“We have four different areas of operation: Martin & Servera Restaurant Distribution, Martin & Servera Specialist Companies, Cash and Restaurant Services,” says Christer. “This makes us a complete player in the restaurant and food market. From here you can hand pick what you need for your particular business.”

Corporate responsibility is an integral part of Martin & Servera’s mission – in every-thing from smart logistics, environmental issues to quality of animal care and social responsibility.

“We set high standards for our suppliers regarding for example environmental issues and food safety. And we place similar high demands on our own business. Martin & Servera currently offers the market’s widest range of organic products.” “Further expanding our offering of small-scale and locally produced products from all of Sweden is an important part of our long-term work. Our product specialists help you in your daily work,” says Christer Lind. “Our goal is not only to deliver your goods – but also to provide inspiration, service and food enjoyment, to help you to increase your profitability.”

Welcome to a collaboration with Martin & Servera!

Martin & Servera is Sweden’s leading restaurant and commercial kitchen

specialist. We have 35 sales offices, 15 warehouses, five cashes, 2,500

employees all over Sweden and a turnover of SEK 11 billion.

The Martin & Servera Group was formed on January 1’st 2012 as a result

of the merger between Martin Olsson and Servera R&S. Martin & Servera

is jointly owned by Axel Johnson AB and the Oldmark family.

Martin & Servera: Food, beverage,

equipment, concepts and services


When you partner with Martin & Servera it gives you access to

specialized business partners with experience and competence.

We can be found all over Sweden. We have knowledge of your

local market and understand your business. Creating solutions

for different customers with different needs in the restaurant and

catering industry is our specialty.

Our dedicated, service-oriented staff has extensive knowledge of your market – no matter where or at which locations in Sweden you do business. We also offer extensive product knowledge. You will find experts in fresh produce, meat, beverage, equipment and restaurant services. It is all part of our specialist knowledge. The goal is to tailor the perfect solution for each and every customer.

By listening to our customers we are constantly developing the breadth of our product line as well as our service offerings. As Sweden’s leading specialist in the restaurant and commercial kitchen areas, we are grateful to our customers and know that the right product, at the right price and at the right time is critical to every purchaser. Whether you run a hot dog stand, a school cafeteria, a restaurant or a chain operation, working with us will help you find the right goods and services, which leads to more profit for you.

As an aid to your business, Martin & Servera offers you and your staff custom tailored training programs and restaurant concepts and services that save time and money.


& Servera


Corporate responsibility is part of how we build a profitable business. What’s good for the environment is good for us all. It makes a big difference.


Martin & Servera Group

specializes in restaurant and commercial kitchen markets.

is a business partner for many different kinds of restaurant


works closely with you as a customer, understands your

business and your local market.

listens to our customers and understands how to offer the

right product assortment and services.

custom tailors offers that suit your business.

can help you to a strong result.

We help you on your way to a good business – whether you run a snack bar, a tavern, a school cafeteria, a retirement home, a café, or are responsible for a chain with hundreds of outlets.


Martin & Servera Restaurant Distribution

Servera, Martin Olsson, Matsäljarna,

Konservkompaniet, Dalbergs Gross,

Servicegruppen, Strandbolaget,

Riab Heselius

Martin & Servera Specialist Companies

Grönsakshallen Sorunda (vegetable

wholesaler), RP Frukt (fruit wholesaler),

Fällmans Kött (meat wholesaler)

Martin & Servera Cash & Carry

Martin Olsson Cash & Carry

Restaurant Services

Guldportalen, MOR Online,

web features, restaurant training,

restaurant concept




Corporate responsibility is an integral part of

Martin & Servera’s company culture. This means

that we work with a long-term, ongoing

envi-ronmental and quality management plan. This

involves all parts of our business and all of our

suppliers. This provides you, as a customer,

security and business advantages.

We are large enough to make a difference. We affect many people on several levels. Therefore, corporate responsibility is an integral part of our operations. Martin & Servera considers major issues on environmental and animal concerns. We work sys-tematically and long-term on important issues such as quality assurance and social responsibility along with our suppliers. We act in accordance with a clear code of conduct, by which we carry out authorized audits of our suppliers – and in turn their suppliers as well.

Quality assurance is an ongoing process. The environmental requirements in our busi-ness are high, and the same goes for our suppliers and their products. We are working to reduce environmental impact, energy consumption and efficiency of logistics and inventory management. Food safety is another important area. The entire flow of goods – from receipt to delivery to the customer – undergoes a broad and rigorous chain of control measures.

Responsible business creates many different kinds of added value. What is good for the environment is also good for business. With Martin & Servera as a business partner, you can feel secure in your work and in your relationships with your guests. Having a supplier with a long term commitment to environmental, quality and social responsibi-lity can also be crucial, for example, in a quote for a large catering order or in the nego-tiation of a restaurant operation with property owners. As a customer and a supplier to Martin & Servera, you are part of a positive force for change that makes a difference in the quest for a sustainable future.

Did you know that we challenge our suppliers to think smart on environmental and social responsibility issues? As Sweden’s leading restaurant and food service specialist, it feels natural to assume responsibility for the development of our industry. As a major player, we can influence more businesses to take a greater role in social responsibility. The contest “Utmaningen” (“The Challenge”) is part of the work.

Learn more about our responsible business practices at


The code of conduct

helps the Martin & Servera Group to work for reduced

environmental impact, human rights, identification of

business problems and to place demands on producers

and suppliers.

This is discussed in Martin & Servera’s code of conduct:

Legal requirements

Work environment

Health and




Animal welfare

Forced labor and disciplinary actions

Child labor

Salaries and terms of Employment

Freedom of


External Environment


and monitoring



Here you will find the widest

range of food, beverage,

equipment, and services.

Handpicked and quality



directly for you

The goal is to help you to better profitability. We offer custom restaurant services and profitable concepts.

Our customers range from small restaurants to national chains and local municipali-ties. All of them, of course, are equally important. And although everyone has different needs – reliable delivery, good prices and quick service are three common require-ments. Martin & Servera gives you this.

So that you can get the right goods for your business, we have gathered the widest range of food, beverages and equipment available. We keep an eye on the latest trends so that we can offer you the latest new products as well as the best tried and true classics. The aim is to continually develop and improve our product selection. And we offer know-ledge from – to name just a few of our experts – meat specialists, wine experts, vege-table specialists and restaurant equipment specialists.


Dialog with you is important to us. We listen to you and find what you want. As a cus-tomer you have a direct influence on our line of products. Therefore, we carry twenty different varieties of meatballs, frozen and fresh vegetables in different cut styles, premium products and prize fighter steaks. We buy large quantities of certain goods, but also have the ability to offer seasonal specialties in limited quantities. Disposable glasses, take-away bags, elegant cutlery or clothing for the service staff? We will select what suits your business best.

Martin & Servera has the widest range of ecological and environmentally branded goods. The list is updated and renewed constantly. As part of our commitment to the environment, it feels important and quite natural to us.

The shelves in our larders are also filled with locally grown products from small-scale pro-ducers. We are continually working to expand our range of locally produced goods from all over Sweden. As a large company we want to help get small-scale producers grow.

The complete product assortment, and our specialist service, makes it easy for you to always find the right products at the right price.

Customized training programs and services for the restaurant industry

At Martin & Servera you will also find restaurant training and services. These are specially designed to help you, your staff and your business.

• Guldportalen (offers): Inexpensive pre-negotiated expert offers from companies that help you reduce operating costs, save money and make time for your core business. • Utbildningsportalen (education): Web-based training courses for quality assurance

and self-monitoring of your business.

• MOR Online: The best program for restaurant economics on the market.

• Restaurant training: Skills development and training for everyone involved in the restaurant business.

• Restaurant concepts, such as “Utvalt kaffe” (selected coffees, the right kind of equip-ment and service in one agreeequip-ment), HTVÅO (provides additional sales of water from its own source such as still and sparkling water from the tap) and Verre de Vin (provides additional sales of wine by the glass with the ability to preserve still and sparkling wines.)

We specialize in fresh food products. Here you will find everything from fine-cut carrots to beautifully marbled meat.


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Full range wholesaler with sales


Martin Olsson:

Full range wholesaler with




Full range wholesaler



Full range wholesaler with sales



Full range wholesaler with



Full range wholesaler with


Dalbergs Gross:

Full range wholesaler with


RiAB Heselius:




Fällmans Kött:





Grönsakshallen Sorunda:



RP Frukt:




Martin Olsson Cash & Carry:





Martin & Servera Group




Near you!

Martin & Servera is a Swedish

family-owned company,

operating long-term. it gives

you as a customer, security

when you shop with us.

Martin & Servera offers a wide

range of food, beverage, equipment,

services and service. it gives customers

choice, great prices, expertise and an

extensive product range.

Martin & Servera work long-term

regard-ing corporate responsibility. it gives you

as a customer security, quality assurance,

participation and the ability to have a

posi-tive impact on your market.

Martin & Servera are specialists and can

tailor special solutions for your business.

This simplifies everyday issues for you as

our customer.

Martin & Servera drives development.

This gives customers the inspiration and

ideas that lead to increased knowledge


Martin & Servera, 112 89 Stockholm, Sweden


Strandbergsgatan 61


+46 (0)8 672 84 00

Visit www.martinservera.se to find contact information for anyone of the Martin & Servera Group.





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