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1. Stationery and Office Requisition

1.1. Photocopy Papers, Typing sheets, Roneo papers, Printing papers, Papers for Brail Type writer etc.

1.2. Brown paper, Ruled paper, Drawing paper etc.

1.3. File covers, Plastic Filling Pockets (File Hanging Folders), Box files, Plastic files, File Holders (Magazine File) etc.

1.4. Battery (AA, AAA, 9 V), Rechargeable Battery (AA, AAA, 9 V) etc. 1.5. CR Registers, Envelopes, etc.

1.6. Note Books, CR Books, Legger Books, Book 1.7. Staplers, Calculators, Scissor, Puncher,

1.8. Paper pins, Paper clips, Stapler pins, Binding Clip, Drawing Pins, Carbon papers, Pen (ball point), Pencils, Magi board pen, White Board Marker, Chalk, Paper weight, Gum

Pen, Ink pad, Pad ink, File Tags, Spiral Bindings and other Stationery Items etc.

1.9. Date Stamp, Rubber Stamp,

1.10. White Board, Maggi Board, Plastic Name Board etc. 1.11. Pattern drawing paper roll

2. Printer Toners, Photocopy Machine Toners & RISO Machine Ink & Master

2.1. Duplicating ink, Master rolls, RISO Ink & Master Roll and etc. 2.2. Photocopy Machine Toners,

2.3. Printer Toners (Colour & Black), Computer Printer Ribbon, Ink Cartridges, Typing Ribbon, Fax Toner, Fax Cartridge. (Electronic Typewriter/Manual Typewriter etc), 2.4. ID Card Printer Machine Toner and etc.

2.5. Stamp Machine Ribbon

2.6. Nipping press, Manual Board Cutter

3. Office Equipment, IT Equipment

3.1. Fax Machines, Printers, Laminating Machines, Typewriters (English, Sinhala, Tamil), 3.2. Photocopy Machines, Digital Duplicating Machines, RISO Machine

3.3. Cash Registers, Calculators, Adding Machine, Paper Shedder & Franking Machine. 3.4. Finger Printing Machine,

3.5. Computers - Desktop Computers, Laptop Computers, Workstation, Servers & High End Computers.

3.6. UPS & UPS Batteries 3.7. Scanners

3.8. Computers - Software & License.

3.9. Computer – Computer & Laptop Spare parts & Peripherals,

4. Networking Accessories

4.1. Networking Accessories (Network Cables and All Networking accessories) 4.2. Routers, Switchers & Modems


4.3. Camera - CCTV camera and Accessories, Camera, DVRS, NVR, Enclosures, Cables & DC Power Supply,

4.4. Camera – Compact Camera, Video Camera, Tripods and related Accessories,

5. Communication Equipment

5.1. Audio Visual Products OHP, Multimedia Projectors, Screens, Overhead Projectors and Video Conference Systems, Web Camera with Microphone

5.2. Video Recorders, Voice Recorders, Audio Equipment, FM Microphone(Wireless) 5.3. Communication Sets, Telephone Instruments, Stereo Head Sets

5.4. PABX and Intercom System, Public Address Systems, Microphones, Speakers, Amplifiers. 5.5. Mobile Phones, PDAs Etc., Projectors

5.6. Smart Classroom equipment (Ultra-HD Smart Boards-86’, Lecture Recording System, Interactive Display, Digital Teaching Device, Visualizer, Student Response Technology, Interactive Teaching Pad, Smart Teaching Podium, Projector(Shorthrow), Audio system

6. Steel Furniture and Office Furniture

6.1. Filing Cabinets, Filling Cupboards, Racks 6.2. Tables and Chairs

6.3. Beds, Bunk Beds 6.4. Wooden Furniture 6.5. Office Furniture 6.6. Classroom Furniture

6.7. Beds, Bunk Beds, Sofa Sets etc., 6.8. Office Interior Decoration

6.9. Rubberized and Coir Mattresses, Pillows etc.,

7. Electronic Appliances

7.1. Television,

7.2. Fans, Ovens, Deep-Freezers, Refrigerators 7.3. Rechargeable LED Torch

7.4. Vacuum Cleaners, Floor Polishers 7.5. Air-conditioners, A/C Compressor 7.6. Hot Cupboards

7.7. Power Generators 7.8. Water Cooler

7.9. Electric Kettles, Electric Jug, Water Filters

7.10. Home Appliances- Water Filter, Boilers, Water Dispenser, Hot Cupboards, Rice Stemmers.

8. Electrical Appliances,

8.1. LED Bulb & Lights, Tube Lights, Indicator Lamps, Road Lamps & CFL Bulb and All Bulb Models

8.2. Electricity Energy Meter, Water Meter 8.3. Electric Switch Boards

8.4. Capacitors

8.5. Alkaline battery, Battery (AA, AAA, 9 V), Rechargeable Battery (AA, AAA, 9 V) etc.

8.6. Bulbs, Wires, Cables, Switches, plug top, Plug Bases, Plug Tops, Double Gum Tape Roll, Holders, MCB Trip switches & Other Electrical Wiring items,

8.7. PVC Pipe, PVC Sun Box , PVC Casing, Switch Box, Flexible Hose, Steel Floor Casing, P.V.C. Roll Plug,


8.8. Driver Units, LED Chip, DDLO Fuse, Push Button Enclosure, Rotary Selector Switch, Current Transformer, Auxiliary Contact, Circuit breaker, Electronic Ballast

8.9. Electricity Meters, Multi-Range Analogue Timer with base, Center Puncher, Voltage Tester

8.10. Electronic Components- IC's, Resistors, Diodes etc. 8.11. Conduit Pipes and other Electrical accessories

8.12. Industrial Sensor, Micro controller Development System, PLC, Robotic Modules & Accessories, Pneumatic Sensor, RF Modules, Tag Readers, Detector Motion

9. Building Materials, General Hardware Items, Machinery and Equipment, Plumbing Items and Bathroom fittings

9.1. River Sand & Metal

9.2. Cement, Bricks, Rubble, ABC and Lime etc.,

9.3. PVC Products, Pumps, Water Pumps, Gum, Ball Valve, PVC Pipes and Fittings etc 9.4. All Bathroom Fittings Items

9.5. Sanitary ware – Ceramic Wash Basins, Tiles

9.6. Steel, G.I. Pipes, G.I. Sheets, Wire Nails, Barbed Wires, Mammoties, Pickaxes, Ladder, Wheel barrows, Asbestos Sheets, Glass Sheets and All Hardware Items

9.7. Door Locks, Door & Window Frames,

9.8. Paints, Polish, Wax, Varnish, Thinner, Turpentine, Distilling Water & All Painting Items 9.9. Chlorine,

9.10. Tools and Machinery 9.11. Tool bits,

9.12. G.I. Dust Bins

9.13. Household, Brooms, Eakle Brooms, Brushes (Plastic and Coir), and Coir Rugs etc., (All Janitorial Items / Essential Items)

9.14. Water Tanks

9.15. Wall Tiles/Floor Tiles, Sanitary ware and Bathroom Fittings/Accessories 9.16. Manufactured Doors (Plywood PVC Doors) etc.

9.17. Iron bars /Iron sheets/ welding rods, 9.18. Bearings, Electric motors, Belts,

9.19. Aluminum Fittings, Ladders and Accessories etc.

9.20. Aluminum cubs for casting, Casting sand, Charcoal for foundry work 9.21. Lathe accessories, valves, gauges,

9.22. Tools for woodworking and fitting work, 9.23. Accessories for steam boilers, thermocouples,

10. Timber

10.1. Timber and Sawn mills Timber

10.2. Plywood Sheets, Boards, MDF boards etc.

11. Medical Equipment and Instruments

11.1. Microscopes, Hematology/Bio Chemistry analyzer, Autoclave, 11.2. Centrifuge etc.,

11.3. Medical and Dental Instruments etc., 11.4. Pharmaceuticals, Medicines and Drugs etc., 11.5. Veterinary Drugs, Poultry Vaccines

12. General Laboratory Equipment, Instruments & Chemicals


12.2. Laboratory Chemicals 12.3. Laboratory Glassware

12.4. Oxygen / LP Gas and All Industrial Gas

12.5. Chill & cooling Water Treatment Chemical (Chiller Plant Chemical) 12.6. Sawing Machines, Iron, Press Machine & Other Garments Equipment.

13. Surveying Equipment’s and GPS etc. 14. Cleaning Material

14.1. Disinfectants, Soap, Industrial Soap and Air Fresheners, Washing Liquid and Powder etc.,

15. Safety Equipment

15.1. Fire Protective Equipment,

15.2. Safety Shoes, Gum Boots, Gloves, Mask, Protective Helmets etc., 15.3. Fire Extinguishers.

16. Motor Vehicle Spares, Vehicle Repairs and Lubricants

16.1. Oil and Lubrications, Coolants, 16.2. Motor Spare Parts

16.3. Tyres, Tubes

16.4. Batteries (Car, Bus & Lorry) etc.,

16.5. Vehicle Repair (Petrol/Diesel) – Cars, Van, Double Cabs, Lorries, Busses, Three

Wheelers and Motor Bicycles etc.,

16.6. Vehicle Service and Interior Cleaning

16.7. Vehicle Canopy, Cushion, Covers, Vehicle Seats, Seat Covers, Carpeting etc.,

16.8. Air Conditioning, Auto Electrical, Tinkering, Painting, Engine and Other Motor Vehicle Repairs.

17. Sports and Musical instruments

17.1. Sports Items

17.2. Musical instruments 17.3. Fitness Machines

18. Uniform Materials, Curtain Materials, Textile and Leather Products

18.1. Cloth for Uniforms Materials (Shirting Material, Suiting Material, Saree etc.) 18.2. Bedding (Bed Sheets, Bed covers, Pillow Cases etc.,)

18.3. National and other types of Flags and Banners 18.4. Raincoats, Belts, Caps etc., (for Security Officers) 18.5. Umbrellas

18.6. Mosquito Nets 18.7. Carpets

18.8. Shoes, Raincoat, Gum Boots, Safety Boots, Umbrella, Shoes, Socks. 18.9. Leather Papers, Canvas Products, Thread

18.10. Curtain Materials. 18.11.Diploma Cloaks

19. Books, Printing, Binding Works & Souvenir

19.1. Books and Periodicals

19.2. Printing of File Covers, Envelopes, Letter Heads, Books and Periodicals etc., 19.3. Laminating, Binding of Books

19.4. Printing of Magazines, Journals, Registers 19.5. Book Bindings


19.6. Printing of Official Identity Cards, Students Identity Cards etc. 19.7. Printing of Banners

19.8. Printing of Diaries 19.9. Scrolls

19.10. Souvenir made out of Brass, Bronze, Glass, Wooden, Clay, Cockets ect.,

19.11.Advertising – Medals, Plaques, Sign Boards, Digital Printing, Digital Name Board Printing.

19.12. & Flex Printing

20. Equipment Repairs

20.1. Repairs, Services and Maintenance of Laboratory Equipment (Medical, Dental, Science, Agriculture and Engineering Lab equipment)

20.2. Repairs, Services and Maintenance of Refrigerators, Deep-freezers, conditioners, Auto Air-conditioners and other Electrical Appliances

20.3. Repairs, Services and Maintenance of Computers, Printers, Scanners and other Computer Peripherals etc.,

20.4. Repairs, Services and Maintenance of Equipment (Typewriters, Calculators, Photocopiers and other Office Machinery etc.,)

20.5. Repairs, Services and Maintenance of Household Electrical Appliances 20.6. Repair and Maintenance of Boilers and accessories

20.7. Repair and Maintenance of Automobile components used for practical work 20.8. Repair and Maintenance of Lathe, Milling, Drilling machines, Grinding machines

20.9. Repair and Maintenance of CNC milling machines, CNC lathe machines, Wire EDM machines

20.10.Repair and Maintenance of wood working machines and tools 20.11.Repair and Maintenance of 3D printing machine

21. Hiring of Vehicles and Equipment

21.1. Hiring of Construction Equipment (i.e. JCB, Excavator, Compressor etc.,)

21.2. Hiring of Vehicles (Busses/Lorries/Vans/ Cars/Gully Vehicles etc., (within Kandy area)

21.3. Hiring of Photographic /Video Equipment 21.4. Hiring of Chairs (Steel/Plastic) and Tents

21.5. Supply of skilled and un-skilled Labour, Cleaning and Garden Maintenance Services

22. Other Services

22.1. Flower and Other Garden Plants, Flower Pots, Plant Maintenance

22.2. Food and Refreshments (Supply Food and Catering Services & Water Bottles) 22.3. Laundering Facilities 22.4. Rattening of Chairs 22.5. Transport of Goods 22.6. Transport of Passengers 22.7. Transport of Cadavers 22.8. Janitorial Services 22.9. Gully Services

22.10.Supplying of Skilled and Unskilled Labourers 22.11.Cutting and Pruning of Trees

22.12.Polishing of Wooden Furniture 22.13.Interior Decoration and Curtaining


22.14.Rent out Hall and Buildings / Houses 22.15.Hiring of Vehicles

22.16.Lending Canopy & Sheds 22.17.Tailoring Services




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