This certificate supersedes all insurance documents or information previously provided regarding the card policyholder agreement established.






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Travel Insurance  Certificate

Policy Card Holder


Contract Number


Policy number


Start of cover  *

End of cover  **

* or the date card was contracted if after **or the date contract  expired if prior

This certificate supersedes all insurance documents or information previously provided regarding the card policy holder agreement established.


8th The insurance contract  is governed by the provisions of Law 50/ 1980 of the October, the Insurance Agreement  and other regulatory Spanish rules of private insurance. It is also governed by the terms of the policy.


Insured  Parties(hereinafter referred to as “the Insured”): Holders of a valid Madrid Youth Card.

Beneficiaries: Eligible individuals or legal entities.

Insurer:SegurCaixa  Adeslas, SA Insurance and Reinsurance, residing at 08014 Barcelona, C / Juan Gris 20-­‐26, NIF A-­‐ 28011864.

Excess:amount  that  is exempt  from insurance cover. To be deducted from the value of damages to establish the amount  of compensation or payout  required to satisfy the insurer in the event  of an accident  covered by the policy.

Youth Card  Holder:Individuals who have been  issued  a card which is  for  personal use only and non-­‐ transferable, at the request  of the holder.

Family members:Family members are considered to be only spouses,  civil partners, children,  parents, grandparents, siblings, parents-­‐in-­‐law, sons and daughters-­‐in-­‐law and brothers and sisters-­‐in-­‐law of the Insured, except  for the provision for each type of cover or guarantee.  Legal guardians are also included.



The guarantees covered by the insurer are as follows. TRAVEL ASSISTANCE GUARANTEES

The insurer agrees to pay the Insured all costs stipulated below, the terms and restrictions being clear in each case,  whenever they occur over the course of a journey that  does not  exceed 90 consecutive days.

In general,  the insurer will  provide cover whenever the harmful events occur as long as the Insured is more than 15km from their permanent  address. Insurance cover will be temporarily limited for the duration of the trip.

1. Services  provided  are:

1.1. Medical care for illness or accident  of the Insured abroad

This warranty covers up to a maximum of 4,000.00  Euros  abroad and claims in general:

Medical Fees: The insurance company will reimburse the fees paid to physicians providing insured primary medical care in case of illness or serious accident  abroad , including surgical care as long as the insurer gives its prior consent. Pharmaceutical costs: In addition, the insurer will satisfy the cost  of medications prescribed by the aforementioned physicians.

Hospitalization: To be determined by the medical services of the insurance company, in collaboration with the physicians attending the Insured, the need for the Insured to be hospitalized, the cost of transportation to the medical centre in which the Insured is admitted, stay and medication provided insaid medicalcentre, will be assumed by the insurer, as well as the costs of any surgical intervention where deemed  necessary.

In addition, the insurer will pay up to the limit  on this guarantee any bond that  the centre may request  on admission.

The medical/surgical, pharmaceutical and/or hospitalization expenses will not  be reimbursed when the amount  is less than 9.02 Euros, applicable separately to medical fees, pharmaceutical expenses and hospitalization costs occurring in each claim.

1.2. Emergency  dental  expenses  abroad

The insurer will pay up to the amount  of 60 Euros, the costs of emergency treatment   as a result  of the onset  of acute dental problems abroad, such as infection, pain or trauma, which require emergency treatment.

1.3. Repatriation  or medical  transfers.

The insurer shall cover the transfer, with health and medical care if needed,  of the Insured who has suffered an accident  or serious illness in the course of a trip and, when so determined by the doctor of the insurance company, in accordance with the physician attending the Insured at the site of the accident, to the nearest   medical facility.

When hospitalization occurs, as and when necessary, the insurer will carry out the subsequent  transfer to the domicile or residence of the Insured. Considerations of a


medical nature: Urgency, state of the sick or injured and fitness to travel, as well as circumstances such as weather conditions, distance, etc. , constitute the criteria  for determining whether transportation should take place, where and in what  mode  of   transport and conditions. These are:

-­‐ Air ambulance -­‐ Regular airline -­‐ Sleeper -­‐ ambulance

-­‐ Mobile intensive care unit , etc. .

However, the air ambulance can only be used in Europe and countries bordering the Mediterranean.

1.4. Travel  expenses  of accompanying parties

If the Insured should be hospitalized or die abroad, as a result  of a risk covered by the policy, the insurer shall provide the next  of kin named onthe policy either a return ticket  by train (first  class), return airline tickets (economy class)  or public transport  departing from anywhere in Spain in order to reach the hospital of the Insured.

1.5. Accommodation expenses for accompanying individuals.

In the case of the previous cover, the insurer will pay, up to the amount  of 42 Euros  a day and a maximum of 10 days or 420 Euros,  for the accommodation costs and board of the companion. This warranty shall apply even if the companionis travelling with the Insured.

1.6. Repatriation of mortal remains from overseas

If, in the course of a trip abroad, covered by the policy, the death of the Insured occurs, the insurance company will take care of all necessary paperwork and

expenses to transport  the remains of the deceased to the place of burial in Spain. At   no time will this cover apply to the funeral/ burial  costs and administration.

1.7. Urgent  messaging  service

Notwithstanding, the insurer shall relay urgent  messages arising from the application of the cover by the Insured which can not  be sent by conventional means via  its emergency control service.

1.8. Location  and delivery  of checked baggage transported  by air,  ship, rail  or coach In cases of total or partial loss of checked baggage and personal effects due to

transport, damage, fire or theft, provided that  travel is by plane, boat, train or bus, the insurer will help deal with the complaint, check  the facts and assist  in the efforts to search, locate and return said lost  items.

1.9. Location  and  delivery  of baggage transported  by air,  ship, rail  or coach In case of delay of more than six hours of checked flight  luggage, the insurer will compensate the Insured with a maximum of 120 Euros.


1.10. Early  return of the Insured  due to bereavement of a relative.

If the Insured has to interrupt  the trip due to the death of a relative, the insurer will either provide a rail ticket  (first  class), airline tickets (economy class) or any other mode  of  public transport  to the place of burial of the deceased in Spain.

1.11. Early  return  of the Insured  due to hospitalization  of a relative.

If the Insured needs to interrupt  the trip due to the hospitalization of a family member, the insurer will either provide a rail ticket  (first  class) airline ticket (economy class) or any other mode of public transport  to the hospital where the relative has been admitted.

1.12. Early  return  of the Insured  due to serious  injury  at permanent  residence or at a place of work.

If the Insured has to interrupt  the trip because of a serious accident  in the habitual residence  or  the workplace, the insurer will provide a rail ticket  (first  class) , airline tickets (economy class ) or other means of public transport  , to their permanent   residence  .

1.13. Sending  medicines  abroad

Also,  should the Insured be abroad, the insurer will send all the necessary

medication for the treatment  of serious injury or illness incurred during the trip, that   which can not  be obtained in the place where the Insured person  is. Drug costs are borne by the Insured.

1.14. Sending  cash  abroad

In the event  of duly justifiable exceptional circumstances, the Insured should require   an advance of funds for emergency expenses, the insurer will get  a prior

endorsement  or formal commitment  to a refund of the amounts to be borrowed.   Borrowed funds  must  be returned to the insurer within a maximum period  of 60 days. The maximum limit  is up to 1,500 Euros  or the equivalent  in the local currency. 1.15. (Non-­‐binding) personal  liability during travel

This warranty covers up to 60,000 Euros of insured capital, per policy, per claim and per year and has an excess fee of 90 Euros.   Compensation required from  the Insured, being directly or indirectly legally responsible in line with the legislation of the country where the claim is made,  can be material, physical or property damage and caused to third parties arising from events that  occurred during a trip.

Within the limits of the sum insured, which is set, the benefits included are listed below:

-­‐ The payment  of compensation resulting from the liability of the Insured . -­‐ The legal defense of the Insured in proceedings before the civil courts,  using company designated lawyers and solicitors. Unless there is agreement  to the contrary, in any judicial proceeding resulting in a loss covered by the policy, the company will assume the legal counsel against  the claim of the affected party or their heirs, appointing lawyers and attorneys to defend and represent  the Insured


during the legal proceedings against  him/her relating to any civil liability claim covered by this policy, even if such claims are unfounded.

The Insured must comply completely with the defense, promising to grant  powers and lend assistance wherever necessary. Whatever the verdict  or outcome of the legal proceedings, the Company reserves the right to take legal action to proceed against  such a verdict or outcome, or to accept  it.

When a conflict  between the Insured and the company arises as a result  of having to sustain the former in the claim contrary to the defense of the policy holder, the company shall notify the Insured , without  prejudice, to perform the necessary due diligence which , by its urgent  nature, maybe necessary for the defense. In this case the Insured may choose between keeping the legal counsel provided by the

company or trust  their defense to someone else.  Should this be the case the

company will be obliged to pay the legal costs of such representation,  up to the limit   of the sum insured as the overall limit  set  for all services listed in this warranty. -­‐ The constitution of judicial bonds required by the Insured to guarantee their civil liability. If the courts demand bail to jointly cover both civil and criminal liability, the company will deposit as security half of the required bail amount, to the limit  of the sum insured set  for all services related to this warranty.

-­‐ Payment  of legal costs and other expenses inherent  to the claim.

For the purposes of this warranty, any natural or legal person will be considered a third party with the exception  of:

-­‐ The policyholder and the Insured.

-­‐ The spouse of the Insured or, if applicable, the civil partner/common law partner -­‐ The ancestors and descendants living with the Insured.

-­‐ The partners,  directors, employees and individuals dependent  on the Insured   during the period of dependency.


In addition to the General Exclusions outlined in the General Terms and Conditions governing the policy, the following criteria and consequences  thereof shall not  be eligible  for  cover:

A. Cover  for  individuals:

a) Pre-­‐existing medical conditions of the Insured , except  for the guarantee of " transfer or repatriation of the deceased " .

b ) Diseases or pathological states caused by the voluntary consumption of alcohol, drugs , toxic substances, narcotics or drugs purchased without  a prescription. c ) The refusal or deferral of the transfer agreed by the Company’s medical service , for reasons attributable to the Insured or his/her companions.

d) Rehabilitation treatments. e) Periodic or medical check-­‐ups.

f) All things related to prosthetics, orthotics or orthopedic and osteosynthetic materials.

g) Events occurring during a trip taken for the following reasons: a) with the intention of receiving medical treatment,

b ) because the Insured party has been diagnosed with a terminal illness. h ) Accidents in the workplace while carrying out the following activities: -­‐ Work  on construction sites, scaffolds or at height  , wells or loading docks.


-­‐ Use  of press, cutting, lathe, construction sawing or agricultural machinery. -­‐ Use of cutting instruments such as knives, machetes or shears.

-­‐ Handling of goods or heavy or dangerous objects.

-­‐ Handling of toxic, corrosive, flammable or explosive material. -­‐ Working in the armed forces or security services.

B. Baggage  cover:

a) Goods, professional materials, tickets for travel, collections, certificates of any type , identity documents and all documents and paper certificates in general, credit   cards,  money,  jewelry, any content  stored electronically, documents recorded on magnetic tape or film.  To these purposes personal computers are not  considered   professional equipment.

b ) Losses resulting from an object  that  has not  been handed over to a courier/carrier that  has either been lost  or forgotten by the Insured . c ) Damage due to normal wear and tear , inherent  defect , or weathering . d ) Theft  during while camping , caravanning , or while staying in any non-­‐ fixed   housing .

e) Damage to luggage which is not  adequately packaged or identified, as well as fragile or perishable goods.

f ) Theft, except  for the provisions of the compensation warranty for the theft  of unchecked  baggage or personal effects. .

C. Personal liability cover:

a) Compensation for damage caused to property of employees and staff under the Insured.

b) Claims for asbestosis or any disease, including cancer, due to the manufacture, production, processing, assembly, sale or use of asbestos or products containing it. c) Economic losses that  originated from the Insured’s activity as a director, executive director of private companies, associations or clubs, or as a trustee or business administrator.

d ) The civil liability arising from running a trade or business, carrying out  a

professional paid service or a position or activity in associations of any kind ,even if it   is honorary in nature.

e) Claims arising from accidents suffered by the staff under the Insured .

f ) The liability for damages caused directly or indirectly by any disturbance of the natural state of the air, land, sea  or ground water, soil and subsoil, and in general , the environment, caused by :

-­‐ Emissions ,discharges ,blasts ,tanks, leakage, dumping ,gas leaks, spills or leaks of pollutants of any kind.

-­‐ Radiation, noise, vibration, odours, heat, temperature changes, electromagnetic fields or other types of wave.

-­‐ Toxic or polluting fumes caused by fire or explosion. D. Exclusions to all covers:

1. The following risks and their consequences are generally excluded, for all types of cover in the contract:


involvement  in criminal acts, or their ,intentional/unintentional actions of gross negligence.

b. Extraordinary events, defined as:

-­‐ The following natural phenomena: earthquakes, tsunamis, extraordinary floods, volcanic eruptions, cyclones and the fall of space debris and meteorites.

-­‐ Those caused by the violence of terrorism,  rebellion,  sedition, riot  or unrest. -­‐ Acts or actions of the Armed Forces or the Security Forces in peacetime. The consequences  of the actions of the Insured being of unsound mind  or under psychiatric treatment.

c. The events in those countries listed as unsafe in travel advice issued by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, or which are subject  to embargo by the Security Council of the UN or other international bodies to which Spain is associated, and the events in any international conflicts or interventions involving the use of force or coercion.

d. Those occurring during the Insured’s participation in betting, challenges or fights, except  in self-­‐ defense or necessity.

. 2 Unless expressly included in the Specific or Special Conditions and the Insured pays the appropriate additional premium,  all risks and consequences are excluded arising from:

a. Skiing and / or related sports.

b. The practice of motoring and motorcycling in all its forms, big game hunting,  scuba   diving or diving of any kind, sailing in international waters on ships not  intended for public passenger transport, horse riding, climbing, potholing, boxing, wrestling in all its forms, martial arts, parachuting, ballooning, hang-­‐gliding,  gliding, and in general, any sport  or recreational activity of a notoriously dangerousnature.

c. Those occurring during the Insured’s participation in competitions or training and preparatory tests.

d. The use of,  either as a passenger or a crew member, aircraft unauthorized for public passenger transport,  including helicopters.

. 3 In addition to the above exclusions,  the following situations are not  subject  to cover:

a. The services that  the Insured acquires independently, without  prior notice and without  the consent  of the Company , except  in cases of urgent  need . In such cases,   the Insured must justify the urgency and provide supporting documents and original invoices for those services.

b. Expenses incurred after the Insured has returned home, incurred outside the scope of the insurance cover, and in any case, claims after the conclusion of the travel dates under the contract  or after 90 days from the start  thereof, subject  to the provisions of the Additional Terms or the Specific or Special Conditions are not   included.

4. The Company is exempt  from liability when force majeure impedes any of the facilities and services provided in the policy.



To  make a claim for any of the services covered in this policy please call SegurCaixa   assistance on: 91.359.04.26.


By signing the card contract  the Insured party gives  his  or  her  consent  for their personal data  contained in the policy or additional documents,  to be treated, either manually or by automated processes, in the files of the policyholder and / or the insurer in order to subscribe, develop, manage and enforce the insurance contract,   providing services  where appropriate.  The provision of such data  is necessary to cover all eventualities.  The rights of access, rectification, opposition and cancellation are regulated by Organic Law 15/1999 which may be exercised by the policy holder or, if applicable, the insurer indicated in this certificate.


This certificate is a summary of the conditions of the policy, the provisions of which   take precedence should there be a discrepancy. This document  is intended to provide information about existing insurance covers. These covers are subject  in all cases to the requirements, terms and conditions of the policies taken out  by the policyholder.

CaixaBank Electronic Money , EDE , SL , Gran Via  Carlos III , 84-­‐98 , East  Tower, 1st   Floor 08028 -­‐ Barcelona  NIF B65866105

Entered in the Mercantile Registry of Barcelona, volume 43345 , folio 58, sheet  B 426061 , 1st  entry





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