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Max Weber Fellow, European University Institute

Via delle Fontanelle 10, Villa La Fonte, 50014 San Domenico di Fiesole, Italy +39-055-4685-685 (office), +39-334-269-8362 (mobile)


Curriculum Vitae

Personal information

Place and date of birth: Rome, 15 April 1974 Nationality: Republic of San Marino

Current academic positions

European University Institute, Florence 2007-08

Max Weber Fellow, affiliated to the Law Department

University of Lausanne 2007-08

Adjunct Professor (professeur remplaçant), Chair of European Law

Main research interests

EC Asylum Law and Policy

International Human Rights and Refugee Law

Patterns and Forms of Legal Europeanization in non-EU Countries EU Constitutional and Institutional Law


University of Lausanne, University of Milan “Statale” 2006

Ph.D. in Law, highest distinction (summa cum laude)

Thesis: “Family Unity and the Dublin System - Between Migration Management and Respect for Human Rights” (in French)

Université Libre de Bruxelles, Odysseus Network 2003

Certificate, summer school “European Union Law and Policy on Asylum and Immigration”

University of Lausanne, University of Geneva 2000

LL.M. in European Law and International Economic Law, highest distinction


Dissertation: “The Protection of Individuals with Regard to the Processing of Personal Data by the Community Institutions – Systematic Aspects” (in French)

University of Rome “La Sapienza” 1999

University degree in Law (laurea in giurisprudenza), highest distinction

(110/110 e lode)

Dissertation: “The Personal Scope of Application of the EC Directives on Public Procurement” (in Italian)

Previous academic positions

University of Lausanne 2006-07

Adjunct Lecturer (chargé de cours), Chair of European Law

University of Lausanne, Swiss National Science Foundation 2003-06

Research Assistant (collaborateur scientifique) on the project “Implications and Perspectives of the European Migration Policy for the EU Member States and for Switzerland”

Project director: Roland Bieber

University of Lausanne 2001-06

Teaching Assistant (assistant diplômé), Chair of European Law

Tasks: curriculum design, essay supervision, tutoring and grading, substitute teaching

University of Rome “La Sapienza” 1999

Teaching Assistant (cultore della materia), Chair of Administrative Law Tasks: tutoring and grading

Teaching experience

University of Lausanne 2007-08

Undergraduate lecture course “Advanced European Law”

Postgraduate lecture course “Internal Market Law: Free Movement of Persons and Economic Freedoms” (with Astrid Epiney)

Postgraduate seminar course “Constitutional Law of the EU”

University of Lausanne 2006-07

Undergraduate lecture course “Advanced European Law” Postgraduate seminar course “Constitutional Law of the EU”



University of Lausanne 2007

Ph.D. thesis honoured with the “Mario Prezzi G.E.I.” award

Invited talks in conferences and courses (selected)

2nd Global International Studies Conference, University of Ljubljana, World International Studies Committee

July 23-26, 2008

“The EU, its Western Neighbours, and the Functionally Driven Harmonisation of Asylum Standards”

“Integration Without EU Membership in Europe: Models, Experiences, Perspectives”, EUI, Florence

May 22-23, 2008

Report on Switzerland: “The Slow Emergence of a Dogmatic Structure from a Chaotic Practice of Legal Europeanization”

“3. Schweizerische Migrationsrechtstage”, University of Bern Sept. 3-4, 2007

“EC Law and the Expulsion of Third Country Nationals - Towards Common Return Procedures?” (in French)

Master Programme in State Management and Humanitarian Affairs, University of Rome “La Sapienza”

March 29, 2006

“European Asylum Law and Policy - an Introduction”

Advanced Course in EU Law, University of Milan “Statale” March 20, 2006

“European and International Asylum Law – the Geneva Convention, the ECHR and EC Law” (in Italian)

“The Enlargement and the Political and Economic Future of the European Union”, University of Madrid “San Pablo CEU”

March 25, 2004

“Crisis and Evolution: the European Asylum Regime in the Perspective of the Enlargement”

Swiss Federal Tribunal Nov. 2002 - Feb. 2003

“The Foundations of European Law” (in French, with Roland Bieber)

“Perspectives of the Nice Treaty and the IGC in 2004”, Centre for European Constitutional Law (Athens)

Jan. 26, 2001

“The Agenda of the 2004 Intergovernmental Conference and the Role of the National Parliaments in ‘Ordinary’ Decision-making at EU Level”



Monographs and textbooks

“L’unité familiale et le système de Dublin – entre gestion des flux migratoires et respect des droits fondamentaux”, Helbing & Lichtenhahn, Basel, 2006, XVII + 411 pages

“Droit européen des transports” (with R. Bieber and M. Delaloye), Helbing & Lichtenhahn/ Bruylant/LGDJ, Basel/Brussels/Paris, 2006, XXIX + 413 pages, German edition forthcoming

“Précis de droit européen” (with R. Bieber), Stämpfli, Bern, 2004, XVI + 378 pages

Law review articles

“Evoluzione e continuità: la partecipazione degli enti territoriali alle procedure decisionali dell’Unione europea nel progetto di Costituzione europea”, Diritto e Cultura 1-2/2003, special issue: Quale costituzione per l’Europa – Consolidamento e innovazione costituzionale nel ‘secondo’ Trattato di Roma, pp. 459-483

“Le cadre réglementaire des traitements de données personnelles effectués au sein de l’Union européenne – situation présente et perspectives de développement”, Revue trimestrielle de droit européen, 2002, pp. 283-309

Contributions to edited volumes

“La Suisse, le système de Dublin et l’influence du droit communautaire sur son droit d’asile”, in A. Epiney, M. Haag, A. Heinemann (eds), Le défi des frontières - Mélanges en l'honneur de Roland Bieber, Nomos, Baden-Baden, 2007, pp. 812-830

“Le droit communautaire et l’éloignement des ressortissants de pays tiers – vers des procedures de retour communes?”, in A. Achermann, M. Caroni, A. Epiney, W. Kälin, M.S. Nguyen, P. Uebersax (eds), Annuaire du droit de la migration 2006/2007, Stämpfli, Bern, 2007, pp. 69-96

“Le développement des politiques migratoires de l’UE dans le cadre du programme de La Haye” (with R. Bieber), in A. Epiney, M. Wyssling (eds),

Annuaire suisse de droit européen 2006/2007, Stämpfli/Schulthess, Bern/Zurich, 2007, pp. 61-99

“Referenden im Ratifizierungs-prozess der Europäischen Verfassung” (with R. Bieber), in A. Epiney, S. Theuerkauf, F. Rivière, M. Wyssling (eds),

Annuaire suisse de droit européen 2004/2005, Stämpfli/ Schulthess, Bern/Zurich, 2005, pp. 253-266

“The Common European Asylum System in an enlarged Europe - Memo for the Next Generation of EC Asylum Legislation”, in J.M. Beneyto Pérez (ed),

European Union at Twenty-five: Political and Economic Challenges, Dykinson, Madrid, 2005, pp. 99-116


“L’harmonisation du droit matériel de l’asile au sein de l’Union européenne” (with R. Bieber), in A. Epiney, S. Theuerkauf, F. Rivière (eds), Annuaire suisse de droit européen 2003, Stämpfli/Schulthess, Bern/Zurich, 2004, pp. 147-170

“Monitoring the Delimitation of EC Competences: Some Remarks on the Current Debate’s Order of Priorities”, in R. Miccù, I. Pernice (eds), The European Constitution in the Making, Nomos, Baden-Baden, 2004, 141-152

“Addressees, Counsellors, Legislators. What Role for Regional and Local Authorities in the Union’s Decision-making Procedures?”, in J.M. Beneyto Pérez (dir), B. Becerril Atienza (coord), El gobierno de Europa, Dykinson, Madrid, 2003, pp. 299-326, also published in I. Pernice, J.M. Beneyto Pérez (eds), The Government of Europe, Nomos, Baden-Baden, 2004, pp. 89-112

“The Role of National Parliaments in EU Legislative Procedures - Reform Perspectives”, in D. Melissas, I. Pernice (eds), Perspectives of the Nice Treaty and the Intergovernmental Conference in 2004, Nomos, Baden-Baden, 2002, pp. 94-101

Book reviews

C. Kaddous, A. Auer (eds), “Les principes fondamentaux de la Constitution européenne”, Common Market Law Review, 2007, pp. 1188-1190

T. Christiansen, E. Kirchner (eds), “Committee Governance in the European Union”, and M. Andenas, A. Türk (eds), “Delegated Legislation and the Role of Committees in the EC”, Common Market Law Review, 2002, pp. 1205-1207

A. Cassese, C. Lalumière, P. Leuprecht, M. Robinson, “Leading by the Example: a Human Rights Agenda for the European Union for Year 2003”, Common Market Law Review, 2001, pp. 805-806 (with R. Bieber)


British Council, Migration Policy Group, “2007 Migrant Integration Policy Index”, Brussels, 2007 (contribution as expert for Switzerland)

Jo Leinen MEP, “Proposal for a Solution of the Constitutional Crisis”, Brussels, May 2007, available online at, full version in German (drafter, with R. Bieber)

Forthcoming publications

Monograph: “European Constitutional Law” (with R. Bieber), to be published in the Kluwer European Law Library Series, in preparation

Paper: “EC asylum legislation, international human rights standards, State discretion: clarifying the terms of the equation” (working title), to be published as a Max Weber Working Paper, in preparation


Paper: “La notion de réfugié entre droit international, européen et suisse: défis communs, réponses divergentes?” (working title), to be published as a contribution to the volume edited by UNHCR/OSAR and titled “L’harmonisation du droit d’asile européen et le droit d’asile suisse, compte tenu du droit international des réfugiés et des droits humains”, in preparation

Language skills

Italian: native

English, French: fluent

German, Portuguese, Spanish: reading knowledge


Professor Dr. Roland Bieber

Honorary Professor, Jean Monnet Chair of European Law University of Lausanne, Law Faculty, CDCE

Bâtiment Internef, 1015, Lausanne-Dorigny (Switzerland) Tel: +41 21 692 27 90

Fax: +41 21 692 27 85


Professor Dr. Vlad Constantinesco

Professor of Public and European Law

Robert Schuman University, Institut des hautes études européennes 11, rue du Maréchal Juin - BP 68, 67046 Strasbourg (France)

Tel: +33 3 88 14 30 07 Fax: +33 3 88 36 86 11


Professor Dr. Bruno de Witte

Professor of European Law

European University Institute, Law Department Via Boccaccio 121, 50133, Florence (Italy) Tel: +39 055 4685 728

Fax: +39 055 4685 200





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