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GREENE COUNTY BOARD OF HEALTH MEETING August 5, 2021 ( ) 6:30 p.m. AGENDA. 2. Greene County Board of Health information packet review


Academic year: 2021

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(21-08-05) 6:30 p.m.

AGENDA 1. Call to Order and Guest Introduction ●

2. Greene County Board of Health information packet review ● 3. Consent Agenda (Pink)

a. July 1, 2021, minutes (Blue)

b. Greene County Public Health Monthly Activity Report (Orchid) 4. Finance Reports

a. Income and Expenditure (Green)

b. Voucher Summary/Then and Now (Goldenrod) c. Appropriation Transfers (Yellow)

5. Governance Reports

a. Governance Committee

b. Performance Evaluation Committee c. Planning and Finance Committee 6. Additional Business

a. 2022 Proposed Fees First Reading b. Juneteenth holiday

c. Resolutions of Appreciation d. Draft Strategic Plan

Next Meeting: September 2, 2021

Time: 6:30 p.m.

Place: Greene County Public Health

Decision needed

● Information item

□ Discussion Item




July 30, 2021

1. Foundational Capabilities

a. Public Health Emergency Preparedness

i. A monkeypox case has been confirmed in a U.S. citizen who recently returned from travel to Nigeria. CDC is working with the airline and state and local health officials to contact airline passengers and others who may have been in contact with the patient during two flights, including Ohio residents. Travelers on these flights were required to wear masks, and therefore, it’s believed the risk of spread of monkeypox via respiratory droplets to others on the planes and in the airports is low. Symptoms of monkeypox most often begin with a prodrome of fever and other non-specific symptoms such as malaise, headache, and muscle aches following an average

incubation period of five to 13 days. New lymphadenopathy can also occur. After the prodrome, which lasts approximately one to three days, a generalized rash appears.

2 . Communicable Disease a. Counts

Greene County Condition by Year-Month Reported to Ohio Department of Health

June YTD

Anaplasmosis-Ana plasma phagocytophilum 0 0


Botulism Infant 0 0

Brucellosis 0 1

Campylobacteriosis 5 12

Chancroid 0 0

Chlamydia infection 35 257

Coccidioidomycosis 0 1

COVID-19 108 5686

Carbapenems Producing Carbapenem-resistant

Enterobacteriaceae 1 4

Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease 0 0

Cryptosporidiosis 1 2

Cyclosporiasis 0 0


E. coli, Shiga Toxin-Producing (O157:H7, Not O157, Unknown Serotype)

0 1

Ehrlichiosis-Ehrlichia chaffeensis 0 1

Giardiasis 0 1

Gonococcal infection 13 93

Hemophilus influenzae (invasive disease) 0 0

Hemolytic uremic syndrome (HUS) 0 0



Greene County Condition by Year-Month Reported to Ohio Department of Health

June YTD

Hepatitis A 1 1

Hepatitis B - Perinatal Infection 0 1

Hepatitis B (including delta) - acute 0 0

Hepatitis B (including delta) - chronic 3 20

Hepatitis C - acute 0 0

Hepatitis C - chronic 6 38

Hepatitis C - Perinatal Infection 0 0

Hepatitis E 0 0

Immigrant Investigation 0 1

Influenza - ODH Lab Results 0 0

Influenza-associated hospitalization 0 0

Legionellosis 1 4

Listeriosis 1 1

Lyme Disease 1 6

Malaria 0 0

Meningitis - aseptic/viral 0 1

Meningitis - bacterial (Not N. meningitidis) 0 0

Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome in Children (MIS-C) 0 1

Mumps 0 1

Mycobacterial disease - other than tuberculosis

Pertussis 1 3

Q fever 0 0

Salmonellosis 0 5

Shigellosis 1 1

Spotted Fever Rickettsiosis, including Rocky Mountain spotted fever (RMSF)

0 1

Staphylococccccal aureus _intermediate resistance to vancomycin (VISA)

0 0

Streptococcal - Group A -invasive 1 9

Streptococcal - Group B - in newborn 0 0

Streptococcus pneumoniae - invasive antibiotic resistance unknown or non-resistant

0 0

Streptococcus pneumoniae - invasive antibiotic resistance intermediate

0 0

Syphilis - unknown duration or late 1 5

Tuberculosis 0 1

Varicella 0 1

Vibriosis (not cholera) 0 0

West Nile virus disease (also current infection)

Yersiniosis 3 5


3 b. COVID-19 Response

i. There is an uptick in cases again this year following the 4


of July holiday. Travel and cases at university housing are contributing to the increase in Greene County.

ii. 07/13/2021 Jamestown Library Mobile Vaccination Unit (J. Drew, K. Durham, S. Reporter)

iii. 07/16/2021 Fairborn Fish Food Pantry Mobile Vaccination Unit (K. Durham) iv. 07/16/2021 Ohio Department of Health (ODH) Vaccine Coverage rate discussion.

v. Weekly call with the Governor to discuss health district activities and outreach across the state

vi. 07/23/2021 Association of Ohio Health Commissioners (AOHC)/Ohio Department of Health (ODH) call

vii. 07/27/2021 Centers for Disease Control K-12 planning guidance call (J. Barga, M. Howell)

viii. 07/28/2021 AOHC Vaccine Planning call (M. Howell)

ix. 07/30/2021 Covid-19 Hotwash (K. Caudill, M. Howell, S. Wynn)

x. 07/13/2021 Dayton Daily News, Jeremy Kelley, regarding back to school; if we are providing any additional guidance aside from what the CDC has already provided (L. Fox)

xi. 07/15/2021, WDTN TV 2, Madeline Ashley, request for Zoom interview regarding preparing for the Delta Variant case spikes we're seeing...how is Greene County handling this? Are you seeing people still get vaccinated at clinics or have things slowed down? (N. Stuby)

xii. 07/20/2021, WHIO TV 7, Jim Otte, Zoom interview with D. Brannen regarding daily numbers versus seven-day average of COVID-19 cases and how to read the data.

xiii. 07/22/2021, WDTN TV 2, Madeline Ashley, interview with L. Fox regarding vaccination rates in Greene County, expired doses, clinic dates.

xiv. 07/06, 07/13, 07/20, 07/27/2021 State Public Information Officer calls with ODH (L. Fox)

xv. Press Releases (PR)/Media Alerts (MA)

1. Extended hours and vaccinations at the fair

2. Greene County Board of Health recognizes supporters with resolutions 3. ODH News Release: COVID-19 camp guidance

4. Upcoming COVID clinics 3. Environmental Health

a. Food Establishment/Food Service

i. General and Special Services team members performed inspections at the Red, White and Blue Block Party during the Kevin Sonnycalb Memorial Fireworks Festival at Shawnee Park, Fairborn Block Party, Fairborn Hog Roast, Yellow Springs 4


of July Parade and Fireworks, and the City of Beavercreek Fourth of July Parade and


ii. R. Schairbaum and C. Propes continue to work with a sports bar regarding

documented violations that have yet to be corrected. A follow-up inspection was

conducted on July 8 and a subsequent follow-up inspection was performed on


4 July 14, 2021.

iii. J. Webb and R. Schairbaum have been consulting and assisting Wright State

University (WSU) as needed regarding campus-wide potable water supply issues. The health district has requested that WSU keep the health district informed due to the campus-wide impact on food operations.

iv. Letters were mailed on July 1, 2021, to delinquent food service operations/retail food establishments and vending locations reminding them to renew their food licenses.

All food/vending operations now have renewed their 2021 licenses.

v. A ServSafe Manager Certification course was held on July 19 and July 26, 2021.

b. Body Art

i. A letter of intent has been signed between the health district and Wright Patterson Air Force Base for the health district to provide body art establishment inspections on the base. The process is now awaiting approval from the Air Base Wing Commander.

Once approval has been received a contract will be developed. At that point, health district team members will go through the process of obtaining permission to access the base to perform the inspections.

c. Mosquito

i. The mosquito control program continues for 2021. The program had a slow start but now more mosquito complaints are being received. Larvicide is being applied to known problem areas and neighborhoods that have mosquito problems each year.

Trapping of mosquitoes has begun.

ii. ODH will test mosquitoes for West Nile Virus (WNV) this year. Seventeen pools of mosquitoes in Ohio have tested positive for WNV. Forty counties have submitted mosquitoes so far in 2021. Greene County will be submitting mosquitoes at the end of July. No human cases of WNV have been reported in 2021.

d. Solid Waste

i. The solid waste hauling vehicle registrations have been processed. Vehicles are being inspected and plans have been made to schedule the inspections of vehicles from large companies to ensure that all standards are met for these vehicles.

4. Maternal Child Health a. Early Intervention

i. Early Intervention team achieved 100% on the Federal Transition compliance review.

b. Early Childhood Home Visiting:

i. The health district is reviewing the feasibility of bring the Nurse Family Partnership to Greene County.

5. Health Fairs/Festivals/Events

a. 07/12/2021 Xenia YMCA Summer Camp Tobacco/Drugs/Healthy Lifestyles (J. Drew, K. Durham)

b. 07/14/2021 Beavercreek Parks and Recreations Summer Camp Tobacco/Drugs/Healthy Lifestyles, (J. Drew, K. Durham)

c. 07/19/2021 Bellbrook Athletics Coaches mandatory staff meeting My Life, My Quit tobacco

prevention program (K. Durham)


5 6. Public Information

a. Press Releases and Recognition i. UV Safety Month

ii. National Parks & Recreation Month iii. Minority Mental Health Awareness Month iv. National Picnic Month

v. Eye Injury Prevention (4


of July) vi. Independence Day

vii. 07/12/2021, WHIO TV 7, Mike Campbell, regarding cleanup of home on Texas Drive in Xenia after a child death; L. Fox referred him to Xenia Code Enforcement per Mark Isaacson.

viii. 07/14/2021, WHIO TV 7, Michael Gordon, regarding Baby & Me Tobacco Free program, increase in sexually transmitted infection numbers across the county.

S. Reporter and J. Reynolds participated. Interview expected to air 07/28/2021.

ix. 07/20/2021, WHIO TV 7, Gabrielle Enright, in-person interview with M. Isaacson regarding the mosquito control program and how to prevent and avoid mosquitoes.

The interview aired on July 20 and 21, 2021.

x. 07/22/2021, WHIO TV 7, Michael Gordon, regarding Air Quality Index/Air Quality Agreement interview and public health issues for sensitive groups.

7. Approved External Meetings and Presentations

a. 07/01/2021 One Stop Permitting (S. Collins, M. Howell, J. Webb)

b. 07/02/2021 Xenia Red, White & Blue Block Party, Xenia (J. Drew, D. Owsley) c. 07/07/2021 Central State University Extension meeting (J. Drew)

d. 07/07/2021 Mumbai meeting (K. Caudill)

e. 07/08/2021 Early Intervention Administrators meeting with Four Oaks (P. Hamer)

f. 07/09/2021 Central State University Healthy Collaborations (J. Barga, M. Howell, S. Wynn) g. 07/09/2021 Association of Ohio Health Commissioners (AOHC) Public Affairs meeting

(M. Howell)

h. 07/09/2021 AOHC Board meeting (M. Howell) i. 07/09/2021 AOHC all member meeting (M. Howell)

j. 07/12/2021 Public Health Emergency Preparedness Kick Off meeting with ODH k. (M. Howell)

l. 07/12/2021 Reflective Supervision with Early Intervention Administrators and Infant Mental Health Consultation team (P. Hamer)

m. 07/12/2021 Communicable Disease Nurses Organizational meeting (D. Owsley) n. 07/13/2021 Tobacco Free Ohio Alliance quarterly meeting (K. Durham)

o. 07/14/2021 Ohio Tobacco Grantee Kick-off Policy Training Tobacco-Free Schools presentation (K. Durham)

p. 07/14/2021 Beavercreek Parks and Recreation Summer Day Camp health education program outreach (K. Durham, J. Drew)

q. 07/14/2021 Technical Review Committee meeting at Greene County Regional Planning (M. Isaacson)

r. 07/15/2021 Nurse Family Partnership meeting (J. Barga, N. Kessinger) s. 07/16/2021 AOHC Board meeting (M. Howell)

t. 7/16/2021 Minority Health Matters, Springfield (N. Kessinger)



u. 07/19/2021 Bellbrook Athletics meeting vaping presentation (K. Durham) v. 07/19/2021 Governor DeWine conference call (K. Caudill)

w. 07/19/2021 Radiation meeting (K. Caudill)

x. 07/21/2021 Early Childhood Mental Health Collaboration meeting (P. Hamer)

y. 07/21/2021 ODH Comprehensive Home Visiting Integrated Data Systems (OCHIDS) Data Advisory Group meeting (N. Kessinger)

z. 07/22/2021 Early Childhood Coordinating Committee meeting (P. Hamer, N. Kessinger, J. Reynolds)

aa. 07/22/2021 Xenia Police deliberate food tampering of police officers meeting (D. Brannen, K. Caudill, R. Schairbaum, J. Webb)

bb. 07/22/2021 Healthy Families America Advisory Committee (P. Hamer, N. Kessinger, J. Reynolds)

cc. 07/22/2021 ODH Community of Practice Teams meeting (J. Hahn, N. Kessinger, B. Magato, J. Reynolds)

dd. 07/23/2021 HEALing Communities Study (M. Howell) ee. 07/23/2021 AOHC all member call (M. Howell)

ff. 07/26/2021 YMCA Board meeting (J. Drew)

gg. 07/26/2021 Elder Abuse Prevention meeting (J. Gruza)

hh. 07/27/2021 Ohio Environmental Health Association fall conference planning meeting (J. Gruza, T. Myers)

ii. 07/28/2021 Cedarville Fall Sports Coaches meeting vaping presentation (K. Durham) jj. 07/28/2021 Nurse Family Partnership call (J. Barga, M. Howell, N. Kessinger) kk. 07/28/2021 AOHC Vaccine Planning call (M. Howell)

ll. 07/30/2021 Montgomery County/Greene County Local Emergency Response Committee (M. Howell)

mm. 07/30/2021 AOHC all member call (M. Howell)

8. Approved Workforce Development Training and Conferences (All)

a. 07/06/2021 Health Families America – Diversity Informed Tenets meeting (N. Kessinger) b. 07/07/2021 Ohio State University (OSU) Health Equity Series: Conversation on

Environmental Exposures (T. Myers)

c. 07/21/2021 OSU Health Equity Series: Food Systems and Food Insecurity (R. Schairbaum, T. Myers)

d. 07/08/2021 ODH Public Health Emergency Preparedness 101 (K. Caudill)

e. 07/13/2021 Health Families America Family Resilience and Opportunities for Growth Scale (FROG) Preparing Your Team (N. Kessinger)

9. Personnel

a. Jennifer Alfaro joined the health district on 07/26/2021 as human resource generalist.

b. 07/06/2021 B. Magato received her Infant Mental Health credential.

c. J. Hahn, B. Hamilton, L. Koszycki, T. Robertson, P. Spradling and K. Sullivan all received their Early Intervention Supervisor credential and have received or will receive the

$1.00/hour workforce development incentive increase for obtaining and maintaining their supervisor credential as approved at the June board of health meeting.

d. Nancy Kessinger obtained her Master of Science, Nursing – Leadership and Management

from Western Governors University.


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