Hosted Call Center. ACD (Automatic Call Distribution)

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Hosted Call Center

ACD (Automatic Call Distribution)

Solutions for Call Centers

Hosted Call Centers and Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) solutions meet customer needs for small, medium and large companies. Enhance your business by upgrading to either basic call center funtionality or our fully featured product complete with Gold & Platinum levels, with additional

supervisory and agent features including intigrated ACD, IVR, call recording capabilites and more.

Gold and Platinum ACD Packages

ACD Gold Agent provides call centers with a supervisor’s dash-board that shows calls in queue and agent activity, and allows supervisors to download detailed

statistics and reports.

ACD Platinum Agent provides additional supervisory features such as Monitor, Whisper and Barge-In, Customizable Agent Status Codes and Agent Wrap-up with Customizable Disposition Codes as well as an advanced agent dashboard.

Hosted Call Center

For customers who need a fully featured call center, ITS Fiber Hosted Call Center, powered by Telax, provides industry leading and feature-rich call functionality for organizations of any size. Traditionally complex features like Interactive Voice Response (IVR), Workforce Management (WFM) and Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) with skills-based routing, are made simple to deploy and support.

Since this is a hosted solution, this means that your call center does not need any dedicated premises-based equipment or specialized IT personnel to manage the system. Compared with traditional premises-based solutions, the Hosted Call Center lowers costs and reduces complexity for end users. The hosted architecture provides the following additional benefits:

*Designed for maximum reliability and availabilty *Compatible with PSTN, VolP and mobile networks *Expert support available 24/7

*Custom solutions tailored to your specific needs


ACD Supported Features Featured Packages




Comfort Message

Dynamic Announcements - Queue Position / Wait Time Entrance Message

Estimated Wait Message Music On Hold Message

Periodic / Multiple Announcements Whisper Message

Advanced IVR

Includes IVR

GUI IVR Developement Self-service IVR

IVR with 3rd Party Data Dips (Read/Write) Call in prompt recordiong

Prompt file uploads MVR bulletins

Outbound notification with reconnect to queue option

Advanced IVR

Includes IVR

GUI IVR Developement Self-service IVR

IVR with 3rd Party Data Dips (Read/Write) Call in prompt recordiong

Prompt file uploads IVR bulletins Queue bulletins

Multi-lingual support (English, Spanish, French)

Directory Integrations

Personal Directory

Call Recording

Call Record Always

Work Force Management


Automated scheduling Schedule optimization

Adherence (real-time & reporting) Vacation automation

Agent shift-trade marketplace

Licensing Requirements

Per Name Agent Pricing Additional per Queue License

Requires Additional Supervisor License Requires Additional Suto Attendant License Per Concurrent Agent License Required

ACD Feature Package


ACD Supported Features Featured Packages

Overflow Secondary Overflow Number Re-Queue if Unanswered Skills Based Routing

Routing Capabilities



After Hours Routing Call Delivery Circular Call Delivery Next Available Call Delivery Similtaneous Call Delivery Uniform Emergency Treatment Forced Forwarding Holiday Routing Overflow Calls

IVR bulletins

Configurable hot keys Mobile device routing

Ergonomic (minimun keystrokes, body nuetral posture)

Routing Capabilities

CRM integrated screen pop IVR data and call info screen pop Agent scripting tool

Inter-agent presence view Inter-agent chat

Integrated agent view of queues/waits Global Daily Statistics View

Personal Agent Statistics view

GUI call transfer (agent, queue, external)

Intelligent Routing

Identity Routing (by CLID, DNIS, CRM) ANI or Geography-Based Routing Routing by DNIS

Routing by Type of Day Routing by Time of Day Queue priority routing Agent priority routing CRM-Based Routing


ACD Supported Features Featured Packages

Service Level Report


Private Line Calls

Queue Performance Analysis Queue Summary

Scheduled Reports Frequent Caller Summary Group Call Statistics Hourly Usage

Inbound Number Statistics Customized Reports Daily Traffic

Email Reports - Sceduled Export Reports




Agent / Supervisor Activity Agent Activity

Agent Summary Agent Utilization Report Call Detail by Timezone Call Duration Summary Call Leg Detail

Call Log Calls By Day

Quality Management

Call recording tagged w/ dispositions and agent notes IVR survey (in queue, agent transfer, auto transfer) Screen capture & recording

Desktop app usage monitor Agent chat logs


Schedule mobile agents Silent Monitor

Supervisor Desktop Client Supervisor Real-Time Dashboard Supervisor Web Client

Traffic Analysis

View Agent Private Line Calls


Supported Features Feature Package

Re-Queue Calls Unanswered by ringing agent Route Calls In Queue when agents logout Screen Pop - CRM Integration

Service Levels Configuration Set Max Queue Length Zero Out Of Queue Max Agents In Queue Max Calls In Queue Max Time In Queue Multiple ACD Groups Multiple DID Per Queue Multiple Langauge Support Play Ringing When Offering Call Priority Queuing

Allow Call Waiting

Automatic Agent Logout (Unanswered Calls) Audible Alerts when Thresholds Met Configurable Alerts

Configurable Zero Out Key Departments

Disposition / Wrap Up Codes (Customizable) DNIS Support

Agent Capabilities



Agent ACD Pass Code Agent Available / Unavailable Agent Login / Logout Call Agent

Call History - Dialed, Recieved, Missed Call Supervisor

Conference In Supervisor Defer Queued Emails

Log Into Multiple Groups Simulataneously


ACD Supported Features Featured Packages

Schedule IVR dail outs Login Restrictions

One-click business continuity capability Real-time Statistics Display

Role based & Granular access levels

Supervisor Capabilities



Alerting - Customizable Answer Agent

Barge-In Call Agent

Configurable Real-Time Display and Email/SMS alerts Configure Contact Center Settings

Customizable Agent Statuses

Email Notification when thresholds are met Graphical Statistics Dashboard

Webchat queuing

In queue priority call back requests In queue voicemail to email Inbound voive queues

Queued/automated outbound calls Skype call queuing

Socail media queuing (Twitter/Facebook) Universal ACD (multi-channel/modal queues) Voicemail queuing


Automated queuing of abandoned calls Blended agents (inbound/outbound) Callback request visability

Change call priority or queue of call in real time Change call back priority, retry perios in real time Click-to-call queing

Email queuing Deferred Email Queue


ACD Supported Features Featured Packages

Call Center Group Features



Agent Logged into Multiple Queues Agent Login From Phone

Agent Visual Login Indicator from Phone Agents behind SIP trucks

Agent Unavailable Reason Codes Customizable Agent Unavailable with Visual Indicator Agent Wrap Timer





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