Working together, we will achieve

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It is hard to believe that half term is upon us already. It feels like only yesterday we were welcoming all the children back to school after what had been a long time away. I would like to thank the children for the way they have returned to school. Whilst we have endeavoured to keep school like they knew it, we have had to make some necessary changes. However, the way that the children rose to the challenge of the new way of school was outstanding.

I would like to extend my gratitude to you as parents/carers for adapting to our new systems and routines; for your patience and understanding as we navigated our way through the unknown. Your support has been incredible, and we would not have been able to achieve what we have this term, without your cooperation. There have been challenges along the way, but we have worked through these together to ensure that the school has been able to remain open to all children.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank the staff for adapting the way they have had to work to ensure the school remained open. They have been tireless in making sure that all the steps and routines that we have put in place, were adhered to at all times.

This half term saw the retirement of the longest serving member of staff here at Applegarth—Mrs Aldous. Mrs Aldous has worked here for 43 years and I know many parents reading this will remember her from their own time at Applegarth. After 43 years service to the school, I am sure you would all agree that she has earned the rest and the time that she will now get to spend with her family. From all at Applegarth, farewell and thank you Mrs Aldous.

Finally, I would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a peaceful half term break, and whilst you may not be able to do some of the normal half term activities, I hope you enjoy the time you get to spend together as a family over the next two weeks.

Message from Mr Brown

Working together, we will achieve

FAMILY NEWSLETTER 23rd October 2020

Issue: 26


A Fond Farewell

This September we sadly said farewell to Helen Aldous who has worked at

Applegarth for 43 years in various roles across the school. Helen started at

Applegarth in 1977 as a dinner lady, then went on to work in the Kitchen for

22 years. She eventually decided that she would like to be with the children

and supported them in our Breakfast Club, and at lunchtimes, until recently.

Helen has decided that the time is now right for her to retire gracefully and

spend some valued time with her family.

Luckily for us she isn’t too far away, and we’ll be sure to see her for a catch


We would like to say a very BIG THANK YOU from staff and the children for

her dedication and commitment at Applegarth, and wish her every

happi-ness and a well-deserved “Retirement” and for her to enjoy every moment.


This week in Year 3

We have learnt that animals, including humans, need food to survive and

get their nutrients.

We sorted animals into carnivores, omnivores and herbivores based on

their teeth. Carnivores need canines to rip through meat. Herbivores need

molars and incisors to cut, grind and mash their vegetables and

plants. Omnivores have all of the teeth because they eat a bit of


We looked at the digestive system and used household

objects to re-enact how food travels through our bodies.

First the food is crushed and broken down in the mouth.

Then it goes down the oesophagus into the stomach

where gastric juices help liquefy the food. It then gets

sent to the small intestine, which absorbs all the

nutri-ents, then to the large intestine and colon where waste

is stored.

We played a classifying game to help us understand

the different characteristics and adaptations animals

have. Some have fur to help keep them warm, some

lay eggs and some can swim.


The start to the school year has been a slightly different one to how we normally meet our

new teachers. In light of that, we thought we would share a little information on our

teachers and put names to faces. Each week will be a different year group and getting to

know the teachers.

Meet the Teacher

Parent Gym

Name: Miss D

Favourite book: ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’ by

Roald Dahl

Favourite school meal:

Sharon D’s Irish Shepherd’s Pie

Dream holiday destination: Maldives

Giraffe Class– Year 2

Turtle Class – Year 5

Pangolin Class– Year 3

Name: Miss Joseph

Favourite book: ‘Noughts and Crosses’ by Malorie


Favourite school meal: Roast Turkey & Stuffing

Dream holiday destination: New York

Fun fact: I can speak Spanish! Hola, Como Estas?

Gorilla Class– Year 2

Giraffe facts: Giraffes have been spotted with a

rare pigment condition that makes them

com-pletely white. Unfortunately, this also makes

them very valuable to poachers.

Gorilla facts: Gorilla’s spend around a quarter of

their day eating mainly leaves and shoots, they

have been known to also eat snails, ants, and



If you wish to speak to a teacher they are available to speak to you by telephone request.

Please call the Office on 01689 841528 and ask for a call back.

Nursery– Miss Bew

Bat– Mrs Robinson/ Miss Carr

Bee– Mr Quinnell

Dolphin– Miss Alveranga

Dugong– Miss Walker

Elephant (KS1 ELP)– Mrs Burton, Mrs Makin

Giraffe– Miss D (Deflorimonte)

Gorilla– Miss Joseph

Panda– Mr Ray/ Miss Takacs

Pangolin– Mr Wadsworth

Rhino (KS2 ELP)– Mrs Andrews, Mrs Irwin, Mrs Williams

Sloth– Mr Sorrell

Shark- Mrs Grant-Warsop

Tiger– Mr Radford/ Mr Robertson

Turtle– Mr Leggatt

Whale– Mr Johnson


Our Butterfly Bank

This week, we were lucky enough to have a planting opportunity

working alongside the London Wildlife Trust on our chalk Butterfly

Bank. Dugong class and the Enhanced Learning

Provision children helped plant chalk friendly

plants onto our bank, which will hopefully grow

and become havens for our butterflies. The

chil-dren used trowels to dig the holes and helped one

another to plant on the bank. Each child was able to plant 4 plants!

We were very lucky to have a nice sunny day, and then rain the day

after to give our new plants a drink. The London Wildlife Trust will be

back at the beginning of 2021 to do some seed drops, so look out for more updates on

our Butterfly Bank throughout the year.

After half term we will begin our next Discovery topic of History for Years 1-6. Each

phase will be looking at different time periods within History, discussing what it

means to be a historian, looking at a range of source material and asking lots of

ques-tions and finding the answers to them. Years 1 and 2 will be learning about the

Tu-dors and Stuarts, including looking at the famous explorers of the time, the countries

they visited and discussing both sides of the impact of their visits. Years 3 and 4 are

learning about the Ancient Greeks and their influence on the modern world. We

look at how they interacted with other countries and the diversity in the ancient

world. Years 5 and 6 are learning about World War 1 and the different areas of the

Commonwealth that helped with the cause.


Clean air day!

Friday Stars

Saran, Aminata, Isiah

Jason, Sima, Mary, Kyara,

Amelia-Rose, Meleena

Benjamin, Nylah,

Malachi, Betsy, Cairo,


Isaac, Michael, Daniel,

Karma, Kallum,

Summaiyah, Zayne,

Kasper, Michelle A.

Ernest, Lavinia




Evie, Faith, Sandino,

Genesis, Daniella,

Charlie B, Shannon,


Chance, Adino, Raiz,

Jenson, Aisha, Bobby

Adam, Rachel, Amoy,

Chrisley, Kayden, Fahmida,

Joana, Alissa

Damien, Anna, Bryan,

Tochi, Wiktor, Jocelyn,

Alicja, Christopher,

Amari, Deborah

Here are all the children that have

shown great behaviours at break and

lunchtime! Each will receive one of Mr





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