New Frontiers Beyond Context Freeness: Di Grammars and Di Automata


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We then use the word vectors trained on English and foreign language monolingual data to extract a bilingual lexicon from these tables.. This lexicon is added to the original parallel

We use sentence representations from pre- trained NMT encoders as features to train classi- fiers for NLI, the task of determining if one sen- tence a hypothesis is supported by another

52 cases of pregnancy were confirmed gestational diabetes mellitus by 75 g oral glucose tolerance test OGTT and enrolled in experimental group.. 123 samples of normal pregnancy were

4.1 Results with Gold Constraints Decoding with gold constraints yields large BLEU gains over LNMT for all language pairs.. However, the length ratio on the dev set increases signifi-

Even when the in-domain data is already included in the set used for training the original system, the domain adaptation techniques are able to increase translation quality.. Using con-

In conclusion, we have found in our present study that the choice of TESA over PESA is probably prudent when paternal age is ≥35 years, as testicular spermatozoa have higher

The former reads the next word from the buffered source sequence and translates it using the available context, and the latter is computed through an AGENT, which decides how many words

In this study, we aimed to define the gastric mucosal findings, to revealed common sides for HP colonization of adult Turkish population, to put forth the clinical features of patients

We use Graph Convolutional Networks GCNs to inject a semantic bias into sentence encoders and achieve improvements in BLEU scores over the linguistic-agnostic and syntax- aware versions

Original Article Coagulation factor XII gene C46T polymorphism and risk of cerebral hemorrhage in a Chinese population.. Departments of 1Geriatrics, 2Neurology, Second Xiangya Hospital,