ABOUT US. As well as developing billing software, we also act as consultants to our clients, adding value to your business wherever we can.

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Inform Billing is a privately owned and passionately independent company offering billing

solutions to telecoms, IT, VoIP and managed print resellers.

With a management team boasting more than 40 years’

experience in both telecoms billing and the general

billing market, we pride ourselves on our vast market

knowledge and ability to provide a wide range of billing

services that deliver real benefits to our customers.

As well as developing billing software, we also act

as consultants to our clients, adding value to your

business wherever we can.

Not only has Inform Billing given us a professional,

flexible solution which is adapted to our complex

requirements but they have also given us the expertise to

manage it and keep control of our customer relationships.



Why choose Eclipse?

Call data records and/or other charges are rated and verified quickly Eclipse will take millions of calls from multiple suppliers, import them quickly, rate them accurately and produce billing values to be billed to customers

Charges are rated according to flexible, user-defined structures

Eclipse has the ability to manage recurring and one-off charges with a great deal of flexibility – either monthly, quarterly, six-monthly or annually

Multiple billing outputs to choose from

Having imported calls and calculated recurring charges, Eclipse can then produce billing outputs in multiple formats including paper, PDF/ email and online billing

Integration with existing software

Eclipse can communicate with other software packages either by direct inte-gration or as an export/ import routine including CRM, accounting, provision-ing and direct debit software programmes

Unlimited reporting

Not only does Eclipse comes supplied with a range of standard reports for both customer and data related information, an almost unlimited range of bespoke reports can be created using the in-built report generators

Eclipse is a billing system that allows you to manage customer account

information and billing data from a single platform, providing a complete and

straightforward view of all charges.

Benefitting from over a decade of continuous development, Eclipse is also fully

supported in-house by Inform Billing with training and ongoing support offered

as standard.


Give your end-customers 24/7 online billing access and the ability to manage their

Use with Enlighten

On premise or hosted?

Eclipse is available as either an ‘on premise’ solution, installed onto your servers and managed

by you, or alternatively Inform Billing can provide hosting in a secure environment allowing

you and your staff 24/7 access.



Enlighten is an on-line portal that allows your end-customers to view,

download and analyse their billing information as well as update their

account settings.

24/7 account access

Your customers can view their charges and itemisations – both for the current period and historically over a period of 15 months

Branded to your own identity

The portal is designed to match your branding, to fit in with your website and to compliment your service offering

Secure system with username and password

Customers can be assured that their account information is hosted in a secure environment, only accessible by them

Downloads and reports available

Customers can effectively manage their accounts; with the ability to download bills, run reports and analyse their call data

Hosted by us

Enlighten is hosted by Inform Billing but accessed through your own website. You don’t have to worry about the system maintenance and can easily add it to your site


When telecoms systems reseller Unify saw the

opportunity to expand into selling calls and lines,

it was Derby-based Inform Billing they turned to

for advice, and who they credit with giving them

the confidence to take the plunge

Historically Unify had used a third party to supply lines and minutes and then to bill their customers. With their base size, Unify were keen to maximise profit and knew that taking control of the billing process would enable additional

revenue streams.

Eddie Bird, joint managing director at Unify says “The idea scared us to death; we knew the risks and the implications if we were to get it wrong. We didn’t want to mess up and lose customers to our old supplier.

“We looked at other billing products on the market, including one of the market leaders, but weren’t instilled with confidence. No product appeared to be particularly better or cheaper; we just needed a partner who would support us through the process.”

It was on the advice of a ‘Tier 1’ carrier that Unify got in touch with Inform Billing and were immediately impressed by the advice and support on offer. Eddie continues “They ultimately

encouraged us to go for it. Their experience in the industry gave us the confidence we needed and they were there to support us throughout the transition. They helped us to migrate the lines and advised us on maintaining a healthy relationship

sign you up and then disappear.”

Shaun Bodsworth, managing director at Inform Billing says “We know from many years’ ex-perience that some re-sellers are very reluctant to take the plunge into what they see as the

unknowns of billing. This is where we can add significant value - our job is not just to sell billing software but also to provide additional services, where appropriate, to help new entrants into the re-sale market.”

Nicola Cook, Financial Director at Unify says the transition was much easier than anticipated: “The software is fairly straight-forward and training is provided. We had been warned by others that we’d need a full-time billing specialist in-house and that it would take a week to do our billing run. After looking at the software we realised that we already had the skills in-house to manage it and once all CDRs are received we get our billing run done in a day and a half.”

Eddie concludes: “We celebrated our tenth anniversary in business earlier this year and since signing up with Inform Billing we have doubled the profits of our network business. Not only that, but we have full control and visibility over our customer’s billing, something that we never had


Inform Billing gives

Unify Business Solutions

the confidence to diversify into calls

and lines


To find out more about Inform Billing or to book a demo to see

Eclipse and Enlighten in action, visit:

01332 92 70 80 | info@informbilling.co.uk | @inform_billing

Chatsworth Court | Alpha House | Uttoxeter Road | Hilton | Derbyshire | DE65 5GE




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