Mineral raw materials in Finland

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Mineral raw materials in Finland

Erja Turunen, Professor, Dr.Tech

Vice president - Applied Materials, Strategic research VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland


2 03/10/2012

Role of mineral raw materials for Finnish economy

 Mineral raw materials play an important role for an Finnish economy  Mining sector

 Turnover now 1,16 billion €, expected to growth 2,5 billion € up to 2015

 Metal production

 Turnover in Finland 10,8 billion €

 Part of Finnish export is 14% (7,9 billion €)  Machines and vehicle production

 Turnover in Finland 18.5 billion €

 Share of export is 14,5 % (9,4 billion €)

Role of minerals is very strong through the whole value chain


Suhanko, PGM-Ni (UP) Kaustinen, Li (UP) Talvivaara, Ni-Cu-Zn-Co-U (2009-) Ni-PGM Others Kylylahti, Cu-Co (2012-) Laiva,Au (2011-)

Metallic Mines in Finland


Kolari-Hannukainen Feox-Cu-Au (UP) Pahtavaara, Au (1996-) Kevitsa, Ni – Cu – PGM (2012-) Kemi, Cr (1966-) Hitura,Ni-Cu-Co-PGM) Pyhäsalmi,Cu- Zn-S-Ag-Au (1962-) Suurikuusikko, Au (2009-) AU Pampalo, Au (2011-) Orivesi, Au Taivaljärvi, Ag (UP)

Kaukua, PGM- Au- Cu- Ni (UP)

Mustavaara, V-Fe (UP)

Ylitornio, Au (UP) Sokli, P- Nb (UP) Kuusamo, Au (UP) Metallic mines 12 in operation

about 40 under planning (UP) or under exploration – 6 deposits in very active phase

Leena Yliniemi Huittinen,




Raw Materials EIT KIC

Helsinki Node: Otaniemi Innovation Hub

2nd October 2012

Timo Haapalehto (node coordinator) VTT: Erja Turunen, Leena Sarvaranta Aalto: Outi Krause, Ritva Dammert GTK: Pekka Nurmi, Jarmo Kohonen


5 03/10/2012

Otaniemi Technology and Innovation Hub

 Otaniemi is the largest technology, innovation and business hub ín Finland and in Northern Europe (according to the number of companies and R&D centres located within its vicinity).

 Otaniemi is physically located in the City of Espoo (Finland's second largest city) and within 8 km (15 minutes by car) from the centre of Helsinki, Finland's capital.

 Otaniemi features a mix world-class research organisations, academic institutions and over 800 companies from start-ups to multinational corporations operating around a compact 2x2 kilometre campus.

 Twice selected by the EU as one of the most innovative regions in Europe, Otaniemi is a community of over 32,000 people with 20,000 students and 16,000 technology professionals from 110 different countries. There are 5000 researchers within walking distance.


6 03/10/2012

VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland

 VTT is ranked among the leading European research and technology organisations and is committed to responsible collaboration for achieving the EU 2020 goals.

 VTT is a government organisation established by law and operating under the auspices of the Ministry of Employment and the Economy. VTT

operates under the public mandate established for it by the Act on the

Technical Research Centre of Finland 953/2010 (this Act entered into

force 1st of December 2010 and supersedes the Act on the Technical

Research Centre of Finland (144/1972) and all amendments subsequently made to it).

 VTT is impartial non-profit expert organisation acting independently in respect of its customers. The objectives of VTT are to create high level scientific and techno-economic knowledge and know-how and to generate technology and innovations for industry and society.


7 03/10/2012

Customer sectors

- Biotechnology,

pharmaceutical and food industries

- Electronics - Energy - ICT

- Real estate and construction

- Machines and vehicles - Services and logistics - Forest industry - Process industry and

environment - Mining

Focus areas of research

- Applied materials - Bio- and chemical

processes - Energy - Information and communication technologies - Industrial systems management - Microtechnologies and electronics

- Services and the built environment - Business research VTT’s operations - Research and Development - Strategic Research - Business Solutions - Business Development - Group Services VTT’s companies - VTT Expert Services Ltd (incl. Labtium Ltd, Enas Ltd)

- VTT Ventures Ltd - VTT International Ltd

(incl. VTT Brasil LTDA) - VTT Memsfab Ltd

VTT Group in brief

Turnover 307 M€ (2011)

Personnel 3,187 (31.12.2011)

Material and structure designed for  Substitution  Performance  Recycling Product manufacturing  New manufacturing methods e.g. additive manufacturing

 Digital manufacturing

Optimal material streams

 New recovery and recycling technologies

 Industrial symbiosis

 0-waste communities

Green mining

 Management of mine waste and water

 Monitoring

 Mining machinery

VTT Raw materials

New business concepts

 Business models


8 03/10/2012

GTK in Brief

 The Geological Survey of Finland (GTK) is a European centre of excellence in assessment, research and sustainable use of Earth resources. Our mission is to produce and disseminate geological information for industry and society that promotes systematic and sustainable use of crustal resources and the national geological endowment.

 GTK research programmes are geared to creation of innovative technology and applications. GTK serves as Finland’s national geoscientific information centre and participates actively in

international research and project work.

 GTK is an agency of Finland’s Ministry of Employment and the Economy


9 03/10/2012

GTK in numbers and expertize

 GTK is one of the largest geological surveys in Europe with focus on minerals and their sustainable use

 Expenditure 57 M€

 Personel 632 of which 82 have Ph.D. degree

 Special expertize: mineral resources, ore geology, mineral exploration, mineral processing, mine environments, applied mineralogy, bedrock geology, geodata management, applied geophysics, institutional strengthening of developing countries


Aalto University

– Where Science








Design Technology Business A community of: •75,000 alumni •20,000 students •4,700 faculty & staff with 340 professors

Annual budget 400 M€ Fundraising goal 200 M€ Match funding (x2.5) 500 M€


Timeline of Aalto University

1871 1849 1898 Aalto University opens 2020 Vision: Aalto is among the best universities in the world 2005 2007 2009 1995 2010

Photo by Aino Huovio Graduate of Aalto University School of Art and Design


Research – base for new innovations

fundamentals of materials; characterization; modelling; systems

mining, processing and production, recycling of materials

substitution / replacement of materials / sustainability / environment

new business models; design

Education – to educate a new generation to change the world

Teaching and education

MSc and Doctoral education

Professional training

Life-long learning


13 03/10/2012






Raw materials KIC

Otaniemi Node University: Aalto University Helsinki University Research Centers: VTT GTK Industry:

Several companies have already expressed their interest

Associate partner:

Oulu University

Also under discussion Lappeenranta and Tampere universisities


14 03/10/2012

Toward the Future - T3 Strategy and Beyond

 By 2030 there will be 15,000 new jobs and 300,000 new m2 of commercial space. According to city of Espoo's T3 strategy plans Otaniemi will be

integrated into the neighbouring Keilaniemi and Tapiola districts creating a unique campus that combines research, art and business


15 03/10/2012

VTT, Aalto and GTK

Experience in European Collaboration

 By June 2012, VTT, Aalto and GTK, in total, have received FP7 contribution 171 M€ from European Commission

To make an impact requires long, established relations with several stakeholders

and a good reputation.

 VTT and Aalto are core partners in the EIT KIC ICTLabs as of 2009. Both have practical experience in the EIT and KIC model. This is an advantage, as the EIT

structure differs greatly from traditional EU projects! We have learned from the experience.

 VTT and Aalto have set up co-operation in financial, legal and operative matters in EIT KIC.

 We have the capacity to establish a co-location centre as well as to handle all the financial and legal issues that come with it



• Bachelor level (3 years)

strong theoretical, scientific base

• Master level (2 years)


• Doctoral level (4 years)


Goals at Aalto University:

• to educate future decision makers who are able to change the world

• to promote culture of creativity and entrepreneurship and to develop ability of the students to enter


17 03/10/2012

Business from technology –

Breeding entrepreneurs


Mining and Mineral Education

and Research

at Oulu Mining School

Research professor Leena Yliniemi University of Oulu




University of Oulu

• Founded in 1958

• 6 faculties

• 16 000 students

• 2900 employees

• Total funding EUR 237 million (2011)

• Among the largest universities in Finland with an exceptionally wide scientific base


Science is our core


• Research in 70 fields of science

• Four research focus areas:

– Information Technology

– Biosciences and Health

– Cultural Identity and Interaction

– Environment, Natural Resources and


• New initiatives: advanced steel research,

international business, mining and mineral

engineering, science-based education


International efforts

• Collaboration agreements with 60 foreign universities

• Erasmus Network

• 1200 foreign employees and students

• 220 foreign teachers and researchers

• 546 foreign graduate and post-graduate students

• 412 exchange students


Faculty of Science

-Department of Geosciences

4 professors,staff about 35

Faculty of Technology

- Process and Environmental Engineering

8 professors and 2 research professors

staff about 200

Continuing Education Center

Oulu Mining School – network- the core partners at

the University of Oulu

Others: Geological Survey of Finland (GTK), Aalto university , Luleå Technical University, mining and mining technology companies,...





Oulu Mining School




Economics and Business administration Medicine Humanities Education Chemistry Geophysics Process and Environmental Engineering


Oulu Mining School

•Master Degree •Doctor Degree


Companies Research Institutes GTK UO KTY Kiviteolli- suus Infra Mining and Mineral Cluster In Finland NMS

NMS-Nordic Mining School

TU Luleå/Interreg IVA Double Degree


Universities Continuing Education Center

Mineral Eng.Lab.

Minipilot – plant



• Designing, building and implementation of the continuous mini pilot plant for mineral processing into the Department of Process and Environmental Engineering.

• Funding ERDF / Council of Oulu Region & University of Oulu, budget 1,5 milj.€

• Schedule: 1.4.2010 – 31.12.2012

• Serves students and researchers at the University of Oulu (open access), as well as mining companies, research institutes and other educational institutions


Research areas

The environment includes all research in the life cycle of mineral processing:

• mineralogical research

• Process research including chemical and physical phenomenon research

• Process development focused on

– effectiveness of industrial management – energy

– environment

– utilization of waste rock – occupational safety

• Instrumentation, process automation – in particular wireless automation and data communications

• Mechanical engineering and diagnostics • Process management





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