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Academic year: 2021

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 www.trane.com/FortWayne

 www.trane.com/SouthBend

• 800-285-2487

February - March - April - May 2014


Education is Key to Success!

We invite you to enhance your skills and knowledge by attending our quality classes held in Indiana. All of us at Trane look forward to assisting you with your training goals.

Trane in Indiana

All our locations are listed below and are convenient and easy to find. See also Indianapolis Trane map on Page 17.

We’ll include a map with your class confirmation. If you need a hotel recommendation for your class, we can assist with that also.

 5355 N. Post Road Indianapolis, IN 46216  6602 Innovation Blvd Fort Wayne, IN 46818  2301 N. Bendix Drive South Bend, IN 46628  2363 E. Perry Road Plainfield, IN 46168  14299 Commerce Drive Daleville, IN 47334

 2325 Industrial Park Drive Bloomington, IN 47404

 717 Farabee Court, South Lafayette, IN 47905 317-255-8777

260-489-0884 574-288-4914 800-285-2487


Course Date Page

EPA Certification Options 4

Custom Training 5

VFD—Variable Frequency Drives Feb 10 6

Trane Voyager & Precedent Feb 11 7

Trane Intellipak I & II Feb 12 8

Automation and Controls Feb 13 9

EPA Certification Review & Exam Mar 3 10

Electrical Fundamentals for Buildings Mar 4 11

Electrical Troubleshooting for HVAC Mar 5 12

HVAC for Property & Facility Managers

First time for this class since 2010! Mar 6 13 Refrigerant Blends and Safe use of Refrigerant

R410A Mar 7 14

Customer SC Operations

Factory Class—Direct from Trane BAS, St Paul,

Min-nesota! May 13-15 15

Discount for Early Registration 16

Instructors—Lean about our professional trainers &

Map 17


EPA Certification—Two Options

EPA Section 608 Certification for HVAC Technicians

Study on your own OR

Take the formal EPA Certification Class

If you would like a comprehensive class to review the material and then take the exam at the end of the class day, see page 10 for our class on March 3.

If you would like to take the EPA Certification Self-Study program, here are the details:

 Review the Registration Information (page 18) and

com-plete the Registration Form (page 19) and submit it to Trane. Cost for the self-study program is $150.

 You will be sent an ESCO Institute Study Manual to

re-view. When you are prepared, make an appointment to take the EPA Certification test in either Indianapolis or Fort Wayne, with Denise. (800—285—2487 or dlslack@trane.com)

 Upon successful completion of Type I, II and/or III (Universal) test, the student will be mailed back certifica-tion.

 With our formal EPA Certification class or the Self-study program, the student should carefully review the study manual provided. Should the student not pass any portion of the exam and be required to take the exam again, there is no discount available, since Trane is charged for every test.


Custom On-Site Training

Interested in training staff at your own facility? Looking for education on a topic not offered in this catalog?

 Our Custom Training Program may provide the specific, flexible education that you are looking for at your facility or at one of our Education Centers.

 Select one of our standard seminars, or create a topic, to be taught exclusively to your staff.

 Customized education to meet your specific needs. Let us guide your staff to a higher level of expertise! We have trained many organizations on a variety of different subjects. Generally, it’s best to have six or more individuals for a custom training program and we’ll work with you on the dates, times and location.

If you’d like to discuss custom training for your

organization, send an email with your specific needs or call Denise Slack.


VFD—Variable Frequency Drives

This workshop answers questions on the design and operations of Variable Frequency Drives or VFDs. The discussion will look at motor operations and the concept of the drive marriage. Attendees will learn why some motors are not designed for VFDs. Also the class will become more familiar with the HVAC unique calibrations for VFDs and compare fans with drives and pumps with drives. Also included is a review and discussion of the components of VFDs. Lastly the class will develop a simple system for troubleshooting drives and the electrical support.

Please note, this training class is not manufacturer specific.

Who Should Attend?

Service techs, building managers, installers, engineers and architects who specify or design with VFDs.

Date: Monday, February 10, 2014

Class Times: 8:00am—4:00pm Instructor: Nelson Warthan Location: Trane Indianapolis Includes box lunch

Cost: $325


Trane Voyager & Precedent

This one day workshop looks at the Trane Voyager; multi-purpose package unit that can be rooftop or ground mounted. Discuss Voyager operations and it’s unique relation to the building. The class will look at the combination of options and selections of the Voyager. Also you’ll become more familiar with the R22 and the alternative refrigerants for Voyager use. Review the control procedures and control components and options. This section will then be followed by a look at the troubleshooting techniques for the Voyager. Last of all, look at the smaller of the package units....the Precedent. Appraise and recognize the similarity between the Voyager and the Precedent.

Who Should Attend?

Facility operation personnel and supervisors whose job

responsibilities are associated with the maintenance of buildings which have installed Voyager or Precedent equipment. If you work with building design and HVAC equipment or have authority for a commercial facility, this is excellent training. Also this class is a must for all servicing contractors working on commercial


Date: Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Class Times: 8:00am—4:00pm Instructor: Nelson Warthan Location: Trane Indianapolis Includes box lunch

Cost: $325


Trane Intellipaks I & II

Review the latest of the Trane rooftop models! Find out why it is called the INTELLIGENT package unit. Take a look at the

components of the Intellipak and the unit’s relationship to the structure. Examine the controlling triggers and it normal

operation. Attendees will also compare the R22 Intellipak with the R410A Intellipak. The class will discuss and be able to recognize the differences between the Intellipak I and the Intellipak II in structure and operation. Lastly the class will consider the

troubleshooting of the Intellipak. Those attending will become well versed with the IOM, EB110, and the latest of the PTGs.

Who Should Attend?

HVAC technicians, contractors, service personnel, owners and facility operating staff. If you have any of these units at your facility, design using them or work on Intellipaks, do not miss this class!

Date: Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Class Times: 8:00am—4:00pm Instructor: Nelson Warthan Location: Trane Indianapolis Includes box lunch

Cost: $325


This one day training class serves as a basic concept class on building automation and DDC controls. The student will be led through individual component identifi-cation in basic stand-alone systems and then progress up to the massive capabili-ties of a total building automation system. A variety of controllers are discussed, along with their uses and capabilities. This class concentrates on free standing controls systems.

Please note, although Trane Summit Systems will be discussed, this is a much broad-er, non-brand specific controls class.

Who Should Attend?

Owners and contractors or operators of small free-standing systems, will benefit from the class. Also any who actually operate such systems will benefit.

(Note: Summit systems are designed per individual job specs.)

Date: Thursday, February 13, 2014

Class Times: 8:00am—4:00pm Instructor: Chris Phillips

Location: Trane Indianapolis Includes box lunch

Cost: $325


This is the only opportunity this spring to take this course!

This class is designed to prepare the student for the EPA Section 608 certification with the exam given on the same day, at the end of the class. It covers procedures and governmental regulations associated with servicing refrigeration equipment and the recovery and recycling of refrigerants. It also familiarizes the attendee with the ozone depletion and refrigerants. Objectives of the course include:

 Identify the proper safety precautions, including eye and hand protection, used while performing refrigeration operation and service

 Identify examples of CFC, HCFC & HFC refrigerants, the expected replace-ment for commonly used refrigerants and the expected operating characteris-tics of the replacement.

 Demonstrate the use of the Temperature-Pressure Chart to identify refrigerant.

 Identify the common terms and the damaging process associated with ozone depletion.

 Distinguish three common refrigerant cylinders and proper use and mainte-nance for each.

 Review expected procedures to conserve and contain refrigerants and retrofit.

 Proper procedure for using manifold gauges to connect a vacuum pump, vacu-um gauge and refrigerant supply to a refrigerant cylinder to evacuate and precharge the cylinder.

 Describe proper use of manifold gauges to connect a recovery unit to a refrig-eration system to recover refrigerant in the vapor state.

When registering for this class, you will be mailed a study manual, which you should review prior to class to ensure passing the EPA exam. The exam will be sent in for grading. Cards will be issued and mailed back to those who pass.

Should the student not pass any portion of the certification exam and be required to take the exam again, there is no discount available, since Trane is charged for every test.

Date: Monday, March 3, 2014

Class Times: 8:00am—5:00pm Instructor: Elmer Franklin Location: Trane Indianapolis Includes box lunch

Cost: $350


This course will give the attendee a basic knowledge of voltage, current and resistance relationships as applied to relays, motor control circuits and other types of control circuits. It also covers troubleshooting and installation of lighting circuits including 3-way and 4-way switches. In addition, the course offers hands-on labs in which students participate in a variety of exercises including wiring a circuit to a circuit breaker panel and analyzing the other circuits wired to the panel; draw, wire and power up a series and 2 parallel circuits having switches and lights; use a meter to measure the voltage on a thermocouple, wire a motor starter and determine the proper overload heater element size; and test solenoid valve operation.

Another great day of electrical training is available on Wednesday (see page 12). Get a more comprehensive electrical education by also taking Electrical Troubleshooting on Wednesday, March 5!

Who Should Attend?

Facility operation personnel, technicians, and management who are required to maintain electro-mechanical equipment or building lighting circuits.

Date: Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Class Times: 8:00am—5:00pm Instructor: Elmer Franklin Location: Trane Indianapolis Includes box lunch

Cost: $325

Save 10%! Register by Feb 17 see page 16


Don’t miss this popular electrical training session! After an overview of electrical terminology, the student will learn the operation of various electrical devices used in HVAC systems and the procedures for trouble-shooting them. The course will incorporate principles of relays and other switching mechanisms and fundamental reading of schematic wiring diagrams. The attendee will become familiar with HVAC electrical devices and circuits and will be able to use this knowledge to troubleshoot electrical controls and electrical systems. This course has one lab exercise and the students will work in groups of 2 using a schematic to identify faulty electrical components. Also the instructor will demonstrate trouble on commercial air conditioner/furnace system components. Please note: Those attending this course should have a basic knowledge of electricity, including voltage, current and resistance. The Electrical Fundamentals class the day prior is a

great way to get you up to speed (see page 11).

 Identify components and operation of the small building power feed, circuit breaker panel and simple branch circuits, including approved wire color-coding.

 Locate, identify and state the function of relay and motor starter pats, describe the operation of a relay and motor starter and identify the various relay types.

 Identify the various switch writing arrangements and their operating characteristics.

 Review procedures for using various meters for troubleshooting circuits for opens, shorts and effective components.

 Identify the expected operation at each terminal of a thermostat.

 Learn the basic troubleshooting procedures to successfully isolate circuit problems using a refrigeration schematic wiring diagram.

Who Should Attend?

Facility operation personnel, owners, contractors and technicians with knowledge of electrical basics, wishing to better understand electrical components, circuits and troubleshooting techniques used on HVAC.

Date: Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Class Times: 8:00am—4:00pm Instructor: Elmer Franklin Location: Trane Indianapolis Includes box lunch

Cost: $325


HVAC for Property and Facility Managers

If you are involved with property or facility management or maintenance, this class will help you get a greater insight into the management of HVAC. It familiarizes attendees with air

conditioning principles, system components, functionality and operation. Attendees will review basic refrigeration principles, the inter-relation of components of an air conditioning system, basics of heat and heating systems, pumps, zoning, air handlers, power distribution, fundamentals of controls and other pertinent

information. Understand what factors in building operations impact human comfort levels. Explanations of common refrigeration applications and VAV strategies for providing comfort will be offered. Indoor air quality issues will be reviewed, along with sources of contamination. Descriptions of zones and single and multiple zone air handlers and VAV system options can improve comfort are supplied. Also controls and building

management the control strategies will be highlighted. The components and tactics used in developing a maintenance management system will be analyzed.


Property managers, facility managers, owners and maintenance supervisors of buildings and HVAC systems.

Date: Thursday, March 6, 2014

Class Times: 8:00am—4:00pm Instructor: Elmer Franklin Location: Trane Indianapolis Includes box lunch

Cost: $325


Class only


Class and R410A Exam

This course covers the service procedures for using refrigerant blends and the precautions when working with refrigerant R-410A. It includes service

procedures using the various T-P charts, charging procedures and for determining evaporator superheat and condenser sub-cooling.

For those wanting to take the exam, the test will be given at the end of the class and then sent in for grading. Scores will be mailed back to the student.


Facility operation personnel, contractors and service technicians who have a working knowledge of refrigeration systems wishing to work with blends and refrigerant R410A.

Date: Friday, March 7, 2014

Class Times: Class only: 8:00am—11:30am

With Exam & Box Lunch: 8:00am-12:45pm Instructor: Elmer Franklin

Location: Trane Indianapolis Cost: $165 Class only

$215 Class, Box Lunch & Exam


Factory Training, Trane College of Building Automation, St. Paul, Minnesota

In the Tracer SC™ Operation course, students learn to operate and modify an installed Tracer SC™ system. This highly interactive course includes presentations and hands-on workshops where students practice using the software applications integral to a Tracer SC™ building management system.

Upon completion, participants will be able to:

 Monitor and controls the building’s mechanical systms

 Respond to alarms and events

 Add and modify schedules

 Create, view and edit data logs

 Perform area overrides

 Add and delete users

 Backup a site

All Attendees must register direct with Trane College of Building Automation:

Call Toll Free: 855-803-3563 Email: tranecba@trane.com


Orders for training courses by Federal Government employees should be made out to our Federal Government reseller, EC America, Inc. and paid for by credit card. Purchase Orders will only be accepted for amounts greater than USD5000. Credit cards

statements for training will list EC America as the payee.

Date: Tuesday—Thursday, May 13 –15, 2014 (2.5 Days)

Class Times: 8:00am Tuesday—11:30am Thursday Location: Trane Indianapolis


Discount for Early Registration

Register for any of our one-day or two-day classes at least two weeks prior and provide your form of payment, to receive the discount!

Class price $695 with 10% discount = $625.50 Class price $350 with 10% discount = $315.00 Class price $325 with 10% discount = $292.50 Class price $165 with 10% discount = $148.50 Class price $215 with 10% discount = $193.50

Discount does not apply to EPA Certification Self Study Program.

Deadline for Early Registration Discount is shown with cost information with each class listing.


Elmer Franklin

has been working in the HVAC industry for over 45 years and has been teaching in this trade for 35 years. He is a graduate of the Michigan Mott College’s Applied Science Mechanical Technology program and the Air Force Refrigeration Specialist program. He’s NATE certified and previously specialized in the building operation and maintenance field, providing technical training for 600 employees that maintained 4000 Ameritech buildings.

Nelson Warthan

has been associated with Trane since the early 1990’s and has been in the industry over 40 years as a speaker, trainer, facilitator and consultant. He has broad experience including work as an HVAC tech, in facility and property management and in facility design and construction. He has been in the US Army, Air Force as well as the Army Reserve. He has taught in college and holds Masters, Bachelors and Associates degrees and is completing his Ph.D in Engineering Man-agement and Operations.

Chris Phillips

—Back by popular demand after a 5-year break! Chris has over 18 years in the industry and has worked in design, installation, programming and ser-vicing of controls on a variety of brands. Currently Chris specializes in Service Sales at Trane where he is able to provide a variety of solutions to a multiplicity of existing building problems.


Our location in Indianapolis is an easy drive from most locations and simple to find.

We’ll send a larger map to the training location when you register for class.

Trane in Indianapolis

5355 N. Post Road Indianapolis, IN 46216 317-255-8777


All classes require a Registration Form; see next page. If you need more forms,

please feel free to make copies. Send the Registration to Brittany by fax, email or mail; see below.

 A credit card number, check or Purchase Order number must accompany registration. You may send us a Purchase Order number, if you have a Trane account, which we will invoice. We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover.

Register early! Space is limited!

 You will receive a confirmation upon enrollment—A class confirmation is required for attendance to a class. It is the student’s responsibility to contact Trane if a confirmation is

not received prior to the class.

 When taking exams, please review the manual supplied prior to the class to ensue your success in passing the exam. Sorry, but Trane cannot offer discounts if you are required to re-take an exam, as we are required to pay for every exam given.

Box Lunch is included in all full-day classes.

An Early Registration Discount is available when registration and form of payment is submitted 2 weeks (14 days) prior to a class. See Page 16 for more details.

If there is still space in a class, we will be happy to accept student enrollments up to the

start of the class.

 We make every effort to hold classes. However, we reserve the right to cancel a class due to low attendance, weather or illness. Each student will be notified in the event of a cancellation and your payment will be refunded in full. Our liability will be limited to return of the registration fee.

 Questions: Denise Slack 800-285-2487

Note: Accessing a refrigeration system requires an EPA Certification.

**** Due to the difficulty and expense in scheduling classes and trainers, no re-funds will be granted for cancellation after the Early Registration Deadline which is 2 weeks or 14 days prior to class. You will charged the cost of the class, how-ever with less than 14 days prior, another attendee may be substituted at no addi-tional cost.






Email: Brittany_pikula@irco.com FAX: 317-251-8556—Attn: Brittany Mail: TRANE—Attn: Brittany

5355 North Post Road Indianapolis, IN 46216


Name 

Organization Name 

Street Address 

City, State, Zip 

Work Phone 

Work Fax Email 

Total Amount due

Credit Card Type  Visa Master Card American Express Discover

Credit Card Number

Expiration Date 

Signature of Card Holder Name Printed on Card Purchase Order No. 

(if you have a Trane account) Who is your contact at Trane or Trane Account Manager? Registering for:

Class(es) & Date 


Airgas Refrigerants Little Giant Fieldpiece Regal Beloit

Belimo Movin Cool Gates Belts Glycol

Clarcor Filters Panasonic Black Iron Pipe & Fittings Portable A/C Rentals

Dynamic Rawal Devices Capacitors PTAC’s

Fluke Meters RIB Relays Communication Wire NuCalgon

Hart & Cooley Rydlyme Compressors Refrigerant ReKlaim

Honeywell Southwarks Metal Contactors Genteq

ICM Controls Venture Tape Motors Safety & Cleaners

Klein Tools 3M Products Chemicals ServiceFirst



5355 N. Post Road 6602 Innovation Blvd.

Indianapolis, IN 46216 Fort Wayne, IN 46818

Near old Fort Benjamin Harrison Off Ludwig Road-1 mile West of Meijer-Lima Road



2363 Perry Road, Suite 140 2301 N. Bendix Drive, Suite 400

Plainfield, IN 46168 South Bend, IN 46628

2.5 miles west of 465 off of I-70 exit 66.

Go north to stoplight and east on Hadley Road. Near airport, at Bendix and Lathrop



14301 Commerce Drive 717 Farabee Court South

Daleville, IN 47334 Lafayette, IN 47905

1/2 mile east of I-69, exit 34; on State Road 67;

enter on Commerce Drive From Hwy 52 turn east on Kossuth to Farabee


23215 Industrial Park Drive, Bloomington 47404

From intersection of Vernal Pike & 37 South, go west on Industrial Park Dr. Trane on left behind Circle City Supplies.



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