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Quick Guide. Guide to Video Conference Tandberg Edge 95. AV Department Limited Friday, 1 March 13


Academic year: 2021

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System case contents 1 x VC Codec + PSU 1 x HD Camera

1 x Boundry Microphone 1 x Remote Control

1 x Cat 5 cable (Internet to Codec)

2 x DVI to VGA cables (PC in and screen out) 1 x Phono to Phono (Audio out)


Internet Connection (Raw)

Output padded to mic level!!

Incoming VC audio output for connection to local PA (echo cancelled) Combined audio for recording Don’t connect to PA! (Feed back loop)


System Notes

Internet Connection

For a simple set up to dial out. (This may mean that you will not be able to be

dialled into) The connection to the

internet must be a ‘raw’ connection. i.e. a connection that is not subject to any IT policy or firewall.

The connection should be presented on an RJ45 computer network socket.

A wireless connection is not suitable due to band width and connectivity issues. As a consequence the equipment is not WiFi enabled.


System Notes

For a dial able connection. You need a static IP usually provided by a router. The router must have the

following ports open,(See screen shot). The following is the config that works in our office. This is also known as ‘port forwarding’ and must be completed to allow VC traffic. Failure to do so may result in a connection being established but with no video and sound content which would be pretty pointless!


System Notes

You need to assign the open ports to the VC as a device on its network. The following is the config that works in our office.


System Notes

Internet Connection

For a dial able connection. The following settings are visible on the VC. The following is the config that works in our office.


System Notes

To Access the VC via a PC on the same network,

open a browser and type in the IP on the VC.

User: Admin

Password : TANDBERG (caps sensitive)

AVD IP for dialling in is


System Notes

When connecting to another VC system which is ISDN based then you need to

use a ‘Bridge’ that translates the different protocols (ISDN & IP), and allows them to communicate.

AVD’s ‘bridging’ partner is nuVideo http://www.nuvideo.net/

Contact:. Ian Lauder Tel:. 01383 841213 VC:.

IP for Bridge:. ISDN for Bridge:. 01383 845321


Trouble shooting

Q. No network connection and no dial out.

A. In Network Settings check the VC unit has an IP address. Set to DHCP if required.

Q. Connection made but no video or sound received, but the other side can hear and see you.

A. Check the ‘port forwarding’ or ‘Gaming & Application Definition’ has been completed properly and the assigned to the VC unit. (Including triggers!)

A. Check the assigned VC unit has the correct IP as noted on the VC and in the Port forwarding assignation.

Q. What is my dial in IP?

A. With the above in place the dial able IP should be the public IP of the router to which you are connected. Interrogate your router or contact your IT Admin to discover the IP.


Contact Details

AV Department Limited Unit 83 East Way,

Hillend Industrial Park, Dalgety Bay, Fife. KY11 9JF Tel. 01383 825709 Mob. 07905 437662 E. info@avdept.co.uk www.avdept.co.uk


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