Omni-Channel Customer Touch Points

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Customer Touch Points

CIO Summit United States

Steve Daniels SVP


Think Tank Description for CIO Summit

The majority of people can give a similar definition of Omni-Channel. The major channels also roll off most people’s mind with ease.

However, when we shift the dialog to a level deeper, we arrive at something called,

Customer Communication Touch Points and you almost assured to get the deer in head lights look.

The main culprit is that that Omni-Channel is always thought of from a transaction (sales or service) perspective. Yet, these Touch Points are the fabric that allows Omni-Channel to bring your brand to life and ensure the desired customer experience and communications occurs.

Key Takeaways:

 Be able to identify Customer Communication Touch Points  Understand the benefits of integrating them

 Obtain a shared vision that is ensures both Brand and Customer Experience are executed to perfection



Omni-Channel Strategy Customer Journey Management

Cost & Compliance Management Enable Next Best Action(s)

(e.g., customer can accept an offer online and banker can

help complete it in Branch) and view of customer interactions across all



sales/service/marketing communications following different events in customer

journey, and coordinate customer interactions across digital and telephony channels

Manage communications compliance (e.g., TCPA) and preferences, optimize cost by eliminating redundant communications tools and by minimizing data movement

needs, reduce vendor dependency and streamline cost in paper channel


Market Trends*

20% 7% 65% 8% 30% 28% 22% 20% 2014 2018 50% 300% 64% 150%

Web Self Service Social (Communities Monitoring etc.)

Phone/IVR Digital Channels (Chat etc.)

Big Channel Shifts

• Culturally and organizationally, financial services businesses are embracing the digital mindset : it takes more than a snazzy website or sleek app to be a digital leader

• Digital maturity is a clear success factor: next gen digital solution includes web self-service and online/mobile engagement touch-points (video/text chat/cobrowse etc)

• These touch-points are being used to improve customer service, reduce cost and deliver offers as appropriate • Effective integration of these touch-points is critical to support cross-channel customer journey

• Companies need to overcome key challenges like disparate data sources, scarce internal support resources, and legacy technology systems

Market Trends



[OPTIMIZE] “Ask me about my overall financial health, look at patterns in my accounts and suggest financial solutions and offer me long

term solutions to my financial needs” [USE] “Whenever anything big in life has happened,

[USAA] can be counted on to move me (and now my husband!) through it seamlessly and with as little

stress as possible” [ONBOARDING] “After a month I would want and

expect them to contact

me to see if there was anything they could do for me and ask how it's all working so far”

[RESEARCH] “I feel way out of control. I have never had anyone teach me anything about finances….!

would prefer some information in a soft way at first”

Expectations are changing on how they want financial partners to

support them



Communications Hub

Customer Facing

IVR & Dialer Online Banking

Email SMS + Push

Chat/KM Video Conferencing

Social Media

Marketing Direct Mail + Servicing Mail

Universal Banker App

MS Dynamics UI

ATM Mobile

Branch Banker Facing

Customer Facing Channels

Branch Phone

Call Center Banker Facing

Call Center Phone Universal Banker App

Marketing Platform Campaigns Offers Alerts Leads List Accounts Interaction History Transaction History

Preferences Action, Predictive Analytics, Content Campaign Management, Next Best

Testing & Optimization Customer

Journey Builder Communications Management

Customer Relationship Platforms Enterprise Customer Data Adobe Marketing Cloud



Next Best Action

CRM & Communications Strategy

Email/Chat/Video-conferencing/ Social Media

Interactions* Customer 360 View* Customer Service Lead Management Omni-Channel and Customer Experience Strategy

* Detail strategy development in progress

CRM Tools Strategy Refresh

Customer Communications Strategy Framework Advanced Telephony Interactions* CRM Governance Campaign/Offer Strategy Enhancements

Banker Tools and Customer Touch Points


Arching Strategy


Conceptual View of Solution

Communications Hub Customer Relationship Platforms

SFDC Chat Co-Browse Calendar Video Conferencing Salesforce CRM Functionalities Knowledge Management UBA Chat Co-Browse Calendar Video Conferencing Customer Service Knowledge Management Marketing Platform Text/Video Chat Virtual Agent Call-Back/Video Conference Scheduling Knowledge Management Email SMS Push Enterprise Data Profile Leads Campaigns Offers Alerts Accounts Preferences Interaction Transaction Inbound /Outbound Telephony Customer Facing Systems Social USB Mobile & App Branch Tablets Click to Call (Web RTC) Co-Browse Operational Database USD Chat Co-Browse Calendar Video Conferencing Dynamics CRM Functionalities Knowledge

Management Account Enquiries

Account Enquiries

Account Enquiries

Customer Journey Builder Communications Management Campaign Management, Next Best Action, Predictive Analytics, Content

Testing & Optimization

Analytics Datastore



Customer touch-point coverage by strategic vendors

Best of Breed or Integrated Suite

Vendor Inbound Telephony

Dialer SMS Push Chat Co-browse

Email Video Social Virtual Agent



Cisco (eGain) EIP EIP EIP EIP

Oracle SFDC/ ExactTarget Five 9 Moxie -LivePerson YesMail LN Ironport Adobe Synaverse Constant Contact Google (Push) Apple (Push) Parature (MSFT)

Low Medium High


Key Takeaways


Touch Points

are the fabric

that allows

Omni-Channel to

bring your brand to life

and ensure the desired

customer experience and communications occurs

Must be deliberate about coordiantating and optimizing all

touch points in order to drive the desired customer experience

and outcomes including advancing the customer journey




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