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A simple solution to complex

storage problems.



Our Services

When there simply aren’t enough hours in

the day, SOS<18 supports local enterprise

with BULK administrative tasks including:

Document Storage Solutions

Facebook Management

Serviced Office Space

Local Advertising in SALT magazine

Marketing material

Mail outs



Publishing (Booklets & novels)

For more information on any of these services,

Contact our office

Ph: 4351 1900


download a brochure from our website


Let us do our job,

So you can do yours!

Whether you just need help with a backlog of files, or you

would like scanning done at regular intervals,

SOS<18 can help you get your life back.

SOS<18 offers a simple solution to your storage problems.

Instead of storing old client files on your premises or

paying for off-site storage, SOS<18 can scan documents,

diagrams and photos onto a tiny USB.





How does it work?

The Result...

SOS<18 will:

Collect your boxes of files

Set up electronic files that match

your current system

Scan each document in high quality


Return a labelled USB (containing all

files as searchable PDF’s)

Provide various destruction and/or

return options

A professionally presented office

Easy access to your own documents

A safe and organized work space

A single, one-off cost

No ongoing contracts or obligations

Will files be easily accessible once electronically stored?

Documents are scanned and stored on a USB or portable hard drive. File setup is created the way you want it & files can be searched by name, file number, box number, date or key word.

What happens to the documents once they’ve been scanned?

We retain scanned documents for a period of one month. Following this, documents are returned or securely destroyed (provided we have received your written permission).

But what about…?

Yes, we can scan in high quality colour

Yes, we can scan photos

Yes, we can scan A3 pages & double-sided documents

Yes, we will return any items that cannot physically be scanned (i.e. USB, SD cards, DVD’s etc)

Even if you are

required by law

to retain documents for 7 years or longer, USB storage

enables ready access to archived files so the originals can be stored at a more remote

(and LESS EXPENSIVE) location.

Professionals should check with your Government body to see if you are keeping

hardcopies unnecessarily.



We would love to be better organized,

but we just don’t have the time.

SOS<18 can take on the backlog of files,

sort & scan them and implement a

better storage system—without using

the valuable time of your employees.

I’d like to make better use of

the spare office, but it’s full

of boxes.

By storing your files on a

USB, your paperwork is

available electronically

and you don’t need to

have it on site with you.

I moved my old files into the basement

because they were becoming a trip

hazard & gathered dust in our main

work area. Now the staff complain

about carrying the boxes up & down

the stairs & no one wants to visit ‘the

dungeon’ to retrieve old documents.

USB’s can be clearly labelled and

stored in a secure desk drawer, filing

cabinet or safe for ease of access.

We store our documents

off-site, but there are

frustrating delays when

we need access to client

files and no end in sight

for the storage costs.

USB storage keeps

access within reach, for a

one-off measurable cost.





Our sales reps & remote workers

phone in all the time for information

from archived client files.

Electronic storage enables your admin staff

to easily email files to remote workers.

You would also have the option to duplicate

USB’s & take them with you or upload them

to a shared drive or cloud storage.

I know it looks unprofessional, but

I don’t think people notice.

People notice. Piles of dusty boxes look

old fashioned and unorganized. This can

deter potential clients and stop existing

clients from recommending your service.



Why SOS<18?

Our incredibly low prices include local collection & delivery.

Our high regard for confidentiality provides comfort for clients dealing with sensitive information.

Our high security cross-cut shredder takes yet another burdensome task off your hands.

Years worth of photos—fetes, concerts & presentations are finally preserved in electronic form. Almost 200 archive boxes filled with client files, enrolment details & general administrative documents were

reduced to one small USB.

We can now access photos that celebrate the landmarks in the history of our school, and client records spanning more than 15 years can be kept in a secure drawer.

SOS<18 returned 1 carton of original documents (at our request) and we then authorised the secure destruction of the rest.

- Sydney Based Private School

3 Ways to Work with Us

‘When my practice first opened, I had intended to scan and store my client files as each was closed. But as a sole practitioner with a part time admin assistant, it just wasn’t practical. Five years later an entire office (and parts of the corridor) were dedicated to file storage. I was looking into the cost of a storage

facility when I came across SOS<18.

They collected my files & scanned the documents into electronic folders that correspond to my archive register. Now I can look up documents by client name, number or storage box, without leaving my desk. I

am required to keep my original documents for 7 years but I found a place in Cessnock that is a fraction of the cost of local storage and I now have a spare office—very happy.’

- Central Coast Legal Practice

1. One Off Setup:

Take advantage of our low, all inclusive rates to finally make the switch to use USB storage. Once SOS<18 have you up to date, your staff can routinely scan files as they are closed,

to maintain the system.

2. Help:

Don’t fall behind on your scanning when staff go on leave. SOS<18 can help while you are short staffed, or during peak times of the year.

3. Maintenance:

SOS<18 can collect & scan on a regular basis—Be it quarterly, annually—We can keep you up to date & organised


$79 now $69


Per Carton


$139 now $97


Per Archive Box




Yes, I would like to organise a collection.

Phone, Email, fax or post the following info and

our staff will contact you to arrange the details.

Business name:__________________________________________

Contact Person:__________________________________________

Phone :_________________________________________________


Collection Address:_______________________________________

Approx. No. Archive Boxes Cartons:

Crates or Boxes: _________________________________________

*A 50% deposit is payable on collection & balance due within 7 days of

completion. Payment can be made by—Cheque or direct deposit :

Acc Name:

SOS Under 18 Pty Ltd







*SOS<18 will never provide your details to a third party without your

written permission.



30—32 Hely Street, Wyong,

NSW, 2259

(opposite Centrelink)


NSW 2259

(02) 4351 1900

Opening hours: 9am to 5pm weekdays

SOS<18 provides service and office support for local businesses as

well as office space for professionals whose clients are under 18.

Simone Castelli

Office Manager

Natasha Vrcek

Assistant Office Manager

Contact Us Today!

Georgia Thomas




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