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-Texas A&M University, College Station, TX, 77843, Adult and Extension Education, Doctor of Philosophy, 1991

-National War College, 300 D Street SW, Washington, DC, 20319, National Security Strategy, Master of Science, 2001

-Golden Gate University, 536 Mission Street, San Francisco CA, 94105-2968, Human Relations, Master of Science, 1984

-Tulane University, New Orleans, LA, 70118, History, Bachelor of Arts, 1977 Professional Experience:

2007 to now: Chancellor, Missouri State University West Plains

2005-2007 Commandant of the Marine Corps Chair, National War College, Ft McNair, Washington D.C. Educated future leaders of the Armed Forces, State Department, other civilian agencies and International Fellows for high-level policy, command, and staff responsibilities through a graduate level course of study in national security strategy. The College is accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools and awards qualified

graduates with a Masters of National Security Strategy. Involved in teaching all six core courses, Fundamentals of Strategic Logic, Military thought and the Essence of War, National Security Decision Making, the Global Security Arena, National Military Strategy:

Concept and Practice, and Field Studies in National Security, and two electives; Human Behavior in Combat and Military Response to Crisis. Conducted curriculum development and elective design. Duties included teaching and research, mentoring, counseling, and evaluating U.S. and international students in a Masters’ degree program.

Adjunct Professor, concurrently teaching for Elliott School of International Affairs, George Washington University and an on line/distance course for Norwich University. Taught IAFF-290, U.S. Strategic Planning for the 21st Century, a 3 semester hour,

graduate course at George Washington University. Taught MH 530, Military Thought and Theory, an on line/distance 6 semester hour graduate course as part of Norwich’s Masters of Military History program.


2004-2005 Chief of Staff, 3rd Marine Division, Okinawa, Japan (Senior Vice President overseeing 10,000 people and $300M worth of

equipment located in different countries, developed and implemented organizational vision, goals, and objectives)

2002-2004 Regimental Commander and Base Commander, Camp Schwab, Okinawa, Japan (responsible for 4,000 people, $75M worth of equipment, community relations, and facilities management to include housing, offices, dining facilities, and recreational buildings),

Distance Education Adjunct Faculty, USMC Command and Staff College. Between 1999 and 2004 concurrently taught graduate level program consisting of three core courses: The Nature and Theory of War, National and International Security Studies, and The Operational Level of War. The American Council on Education has evaluated these courses for graduate semester-hour credit, recommending: 3 semester hours in international relations, 3 in military studies, 3 in organizational management and planning, and 3 in theory and nature of war in the upper division baccalaureate category; and 3 semester hours in military history and evolution of strategic thought and 3 in national security studies in the graduate degree category.

2001-2002 Deputy Director of Operations, Plans, Policy & Operations, HQMC, Pentagon (Vice President overseeing and tracking the major

operations of 172,000 people located in every time zone throughout the world)

2000-2001 Student, National War College, Ft McNair, Washington D.C.

1998-2000 Battalion Commander (responsible for organization of 850 people, operating internationally), 29 Palms, CA,

Adjunct Professor, Central Texas College. In 1999 concurrently taught Man-101, Introduction to Management, a 3 semester hour course. Partnered with college to develop a plan that certified officers from deploying battalion as instructors, thereby providing teachers for college courses while in Okinawa for six months. This effort resulted in 27% of the Marines from that unit enrolling in a college course.

1997-1998 Regimental Operations Officer, 29 Palms, CA (responsible for operations, training and education of 4,000 people)

1996-1997 Congressional Fellow, Officer of the Speaker of the House 1995-1996 Head of Commandant’s Staff Group, leading speech writing

communications team, HQMC, Pentagon

1993-1995 Crisis Action Team Executive Officer and Amphibious Operations Officer, Combined Forces Command, Korea


1992-1993 Student, Marine Corps School of Advanced Warfighting, Quantico, VA

1991-1992 Student, Marine Corps Command and Staff College, Quantico, VA Concurrently served as a volunteer, Literacy Volunteers of America, Alexandria, VA., teaching adult literacy.

1988-1991 Company Commander, Camp Pendleton, CA (responsible for organization of 200, operating internationally)

1984-1988 Assistant Professor, Texas A&M University, College Station, TX. Marine Officer Instructor in the Navy ROTC program teaching NS-303 and NS-304, Evolution of Warfare I & II, each an accredited 3 semester hour course.

Adjunct Professor, Blinn College, Bryan, TX. In 1986 concurrently taught Soc -235, Introduction to Sociology, and Com-135, Mass Communications, each a 3 semester hour course.

1980-1984 Aerial Observer flying in OV-10 and UH-1 aircraft, New River, NC (operating internationally)

1977-1980 Platoon Commander & Company Commander, Jacksonville, NC (responsible for organization of 200, operating internationally) Publications:

Op-ed & Opinion Letters

Devotion To Education Must Match Acclaim For Award-Winning Film Community College Week, May 30, 2011

“MSU-West Plains Showcases Itself Before Higher Ed Head,” Houston Herald, Feb 10, 2011

“Picking Up Crumbs,” Inside Higher Ed, Oct 12, 2009

“Culture Does Not Conflict With College,” Howell County News, Aug 26, 2009

“The Impact of Higher Education? Priceless,” West Plains Daily Quill, Aug 12, 2009

“Corporate Donors Can Make a Huge Difference,” Chronicle of Higher Education, Mar 27, 2009

“An Open Letter to President Obama,” Inside Higher Education, Feb 19, 2009 “There Is No Bad Time For College,” Houston Herald, Dec 11, 2008


“A+ Program a Wise Investment in the Future,” West Plains Daily Quill, Sep 12, 2009

“Prestige or Purpose?” Kansas City Star, Apr 19, 2008

“Chancellor’s Column: Ozark Globalization,” West Plains Daily Quill, Dec 7, 2007 “What We Should Tell Our Kids About College,” Springfield News-Leader, Oct 26, 2007

“No U.S. Role in Lebanon,” Baltimore Sun, Aug 24, 2006, p. 15A. “Education IS Recognized,” Marine Corps Times, Feb 7, 2000, p. 62. Articles

“Heads I Win, Tales You Lose: Forcing Unconditional Surrender on Germany,”

Marine Corps Gazette, Dec 02, p. 42-44.

“The Russo-Japanese War: Defining Victory,” Marine Corps Gazette, Nov 02, p. 69-71.

“War and Politics: Married or Divorced,” Marine Corps Gazette, Oct 02, p. 33-35. *“Special and Incentive Pay: Sailing Away From Jointness,” Joint Force

Quarterly, Summer 02, issue # 31, p. 77-81.

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“Wild and Crazy, Bold and Daring, or Reasonable and Prudent,” Marine Corps

Gazette, Sep 00, p. 67-68.

“Green Fields Beyond,” Military Review, Jan-Feb 00, p. 77-80.

“CAX: It’s Time to Raise the Bar, Not Lower It,” Marine Corps Gazette, Jun 99, p. 46-47.

“Exercising the Operational Art in Steel Knight VII,” Proceedings, Jul 98, p. 72-75.

“Defending Inlandia: A Flawed Deployment Doctrine,” Joint Force Quarterly, Autumn/Winter 97-98, issue # 17, p. 130-134.


“The Long View of Politics,” Marine Corps Gazette, Jul 97, p. 52-54.

“Coalition Rules of Engagement,” Maj A. Macdonald, USA, co-author, Joint Force

Quarterly, Summer 95, issue # 8, p. 124-125.

“Minefield Breaching: Doing the Job Right,” Armor, Jul-Aug 92, p. 19-21.

“Will the Next War Be Like the Last One,” Marine Corps Gazette, Mar 92, p. 37-39.

“Characteristics of Successful and Unsuccessful Writers for a Military Journal,” Doctoral Dissertation, Texas A&M University Aug 91, 141 pages.

“Word From the Front,” Maj J. Taylor, co-author, Marine Corps Gazette, Jun 91, p. 62-71.

“Philosophy of Command and Commander's Guidance,” Infantry, Mar-Apr 91, p. 13-15.

“A Captain's Eye View of Gallant Eagle,” Marine Corps Gazette, Dec 88, p. 29-30.

“Major Gifts: Building an Effective Program,” Dr. Robert Walker, co-author,

Non-Profit World, Jul-Aug 88, p. 15-17.

“Supervision,” Marine Corps Gazette, Nov 85, p. 60-61.

* Based on NWC 2001 paper that won the Marine Corps Association Excellence in Writing Award.

Book Reviews

What High Schools Don't Tell You: 300 + Secrets to Make your Kids Irresistible to Colleges by Senior Year, by Elizabeth Wissner-Gross, Springfield News-Leader, Sep 13, 2007, p. 2B.

The Bear Went Over the Mountain: Soviet Combat Tactics in Afghanistan, by Lester Grau and The Soviet-Afghan War: How a Superpower Fought and Lost, edited by Lester Grau and Michael Gress, “When Goliath Fell,” Marine Corps

Gazette, Apr 02, p. 76-77.

Desert Storm: A Forgotten War by Alberto Bin, Richard Hill, and Archer Jones,

Aerospace Power Journal, Summer 00, p. 122.

Gulf War: The Complete History by Thomas Houlahan, Marine Corps Gazette, Jan 00, p. 78.


World Boom Ahead: Why Business and Consumers Will Prosper by Knight Kiplinger, Airpower, Fall 99, p. 125.

The Last Hundred Yards: The NCO's Contribution to Warfare by H. J. Poole,

Marine Corps Gazette, Jul 99, p. 85.

The Israeli Army: 1948-1973 by Edward Luttwak and Daniel Horowitz, Marine

Corps Gazette, Feb 85, p. 77-78.


2011, American Association of Community Colleges Annual Conference,

presented “It’s All About The Community” along with Dr. Randy Smith, President Rural Community College Alliance, and Dr. Michael Chipps, President, Mid-Plains Community College.


1991-92, Literacy Volunteers of America, Alexandria, VA., volunteer 2010, West Plains Rotary, Committee Chair, Professional Service 2011, Rural Community College Alliance, Board Member




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