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Digital Transformation

The Internet of everything

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7+ Billion


Living Longer



Social Reform

End of capitalism?



ICT solutions ?







Smartphones, tablets, connected objects, … Permanent connectivity and interactivity blur the boundaries between real and virtual worlds.

Mobile technologies are the medium of the

digital transformation

Unlimited development and storage capacities, available on demand “As a Service” have unlocked the creation and deployment of digital projects on an unprecedented scale .

Cloud computing is the platform of the digital transformation

Global, customizable, open, ... Their activation allows to consider the world from a complete new algorithmic and predictive point of view.

Data are the fuel of the digital transformation

Social technologies disrupt the traditional relationships and pyramidal organization of our society. They enable the disintermediation of organizations. Empowerment is the citizen pilot of the digital transformation


Smart machines



Adapted from Gartner

By 2020, the

majority of

non-routine career

paths will be

disrupted by

smart machines

in both positive

and negative


Virtual Personal Assistants Natural Language Aides Smart Advisors Autonomous Vehicles Machine Focused Helpers Smart Robots

Internet of everything

Internet of things Internet of industry Internet of energy Internet of data Internet of you Internet of health 50 billions of connected things by 2020 (Cisco) Internet of …


“Classic” Internet of things [1]

Koubachi revolutionizes the way objects and things in your household are communicating with you. They want to identify the potential of

Smart Objects and create new possibilities of use, new services, and a simpler yet more

powerful user experience.

Koubachi accurately determines the vitality of your plant and sends you a notification with

precise care advice at the right time.

“Classic” Internet of things [2]

A car is stopped 92% of the time. That is why Volkswagen has launched a partnership with Keyzee to propose

the dematerialization of the keys. Thanks to a smartphone, everyone can

allow access to his car to a friend, colleague, …



The Regent Street app uses the beacon technology which allows shoppers to receive alerts from the stores they pass via their Bluetooth connection. Beacons have been

installed along the street at participating stores so when shoppers

visit Regent Street they receive tailored content about everything from brand new in-store promotions, upcoming events and exclusive offers only available for visitors to the street

on that day.

Source :

Internet of you … quantified self : to empower and inspire you to live a healthier, more active life.

We design products and experiences that fit seamlessly into your life so you

can achieve your health and fitness goals, whatever they may be.


Internet of the body

A medical sensor attached to the skin like a temporary tattoo could make it easier for doctors to detect metabolic problems in patients and for coaches to fine-tune athletes’ training routines. The entire sensor comes in a thin, flexible

package shaped like a smiley face.

Source :

Internet of Data

Finalist at the startups competition at LeWeb 2012 (IoT), Qunb is a DaaS

aggregation platform where it is possible to interact and cross different

data sources. Described as the "YouTube" of data, it allows users to

“consume“ specific data and to see them in the most accurate format.


Internet of Data

A way to measure rainfall using mobile phone network signals has been put into practice across a whole country.

Rain absorbs and scatters mobile phone signals in a way that can be analysed to yield an overall rainfall picture. The trial in the Netherlands, outlined in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, showed the method is

comparable to radar and rain gauges.

Internet of Data

Source :

AXA Seed Factory is a seed fund specialized in digital services related to insurance and banking businesses. For the first

time, an insurer will directly collect data, which will be provided on a voluntary basis, for the health of its customers.

Beyond the fun aspect of such a partnership, changes are already possible with the establishment of fee schedules may

take into account the physical or dietary habits of each activity. There is also the problem of security of personal


Internet of energy supply

Source :

Internet of energy A new way for people to save energy that is social, fun and simple. Online platform

that helps users understand their energy use with actionable insights, that scores them against their Facebook friends and that rewards them with real prizes. Facilitates both smart grid rollouts and energy


Internet of energy / industry

Solar-powered. Wireless. Data-driven. Solar-powered trash can reduces carbon footprint, cuts costs. Big Belly trash cans compact the trash they receive and call for pickup when they are full. Fewer pickups means savings on truck fuel and

maintenance staff time.

Source :

Internet of [personal] industry 3D printing marketplace and community, empowering designers to bring amazing products to life. Through Shapeways, designers gain access to the best industrial 3D printing technology, capable of manufacturing products with complex designs in a wide range


Industry 4.0

"Industry 4.0" : a revolutionary factory that integrates Internet technologies in its manufacturing process. This revolution is

powered by the digitization of economic and productive exchanges. A global interconnected system, in which machines, products and systems communicate constantly.

Source : & General Electric


Internet of health Mobile platform for respiratory health management.

Through sensors, mobile apps and services, Propeller helps reduce the

cost of care while delivering better quality of life for individuals with

chronic respiratory disease.

Source :

Internet of health

Source :

The Smart Sock is worn by your baby as he/she sleeps. It collects heart rate, oxygen, and sleep data

and sends it via Bluetooth 4.0 to the parent's smartphone. Your infant's data is then pushed to

the cloud and is available to any internet connected device.


Connected cows

A connected cow transmits 200 mb of data each year.

Source : Orange &

From 3D Printing to

… human augmentation

A survivor of a serious motorbike accident has had pioneering surgery to reconstruct his face using a series


Pros and cons


Cloud computing / APIs.

Big Data.

Business need for

cost reduction.

Apps infrastructure for


Falling costs of

embedded technology.

M2M services.

Lack of standards.

Networks concerns

(WiFi, 3 & 4 G,

Bluetooth, NFC, …) &

slow deployment of IPv6.

Viable energy sources.

Privacy and people.

Integration of solutions

with enterprise IT.

Believability of solutions

by businesses.

Security concerns.

Partly adapted from Gartner

Key 1. Remember the 4 axes.

Mobile, Cloud Computing,

Empowerment & Big Data.

Their interaction drives

the digital transformation.


Key 2. An algorithmic world

Those who will be able to control,

understand and transform data

will have the power.

Key 3. The materialization of the digital.

We enter the third digital revolution.

The first has digitalized information.

The second has digitalized relationships.


1. La connaissance et les gains


2. L’éducation.

3. La santé.

4. Industrialisation et


5. L’Etat.

Le pouvoir et l’argent s’installent

sur Internet. Le portable entre nos

mains prend la place du chapelet.

Facebook est une communauté

sans Dieu, mêlée de confession. …

Bientôt, semées sous votre peau,

les puces feront partie de votre

corps. Vous serez votre propre

robot. Un autre monde est déjà au

travail. Tout ce que la science est

capable de faire, elle le fera.


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