Inviting applications for the Award of University Gold Medal in Ph.D Programmes

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The Dean

Postgraduate Studies

Punjab Agricultural University


1. All Deans of the Constituent


2. All Heads of the Departments


All Faculty Members

Punjab Agricultural University


Memo No. PG.IV.AU.2020/




olti ...



Inviting applications for


Award of University Gold Medal in Ph



Programmes - 2020-21

You are requested

to advise the





College/Department, who have completed their Ph.D. programme within 8 semesters or

less by 31st December, 2019 with an OCPA 8.00/10.00 or above (i.e. student admitted in

January 2016) to apply for the award

of University

Gold Medal 2020-21. Student can

apply through application form (enclosed)


the consideration for the Award

University Gold Medal in Ph.D. for the

year 2020-21.



applications may

reach this office by 31.01.2021. The rules/

criteria for the award is enclosed


Encl: as above.




Postgraduate Studies

CC: University Data Cenh·e, DEEIT, for uploading the same on the PAU Website.









! I



63. Item No. C-2 Starting of University Gold Medal In Pti.D •. programmes.

The Academic Councll considered the Item and approved tht institution of 5 Gold Medals for Ph.D. Programmes as under:

a) 5 PAU Gold Medals for Ph.D. may be started.

b) Followtng departments are grouped for the award of PAU Gold Medal to PhD. pass out In each of the group: ··

··-Sr. No. 2. 3. 4. 5. Disciplines. M1dal11

Soll Science, Agronomy, Soll


Water Englneeflng, PAU Gold .1edal In Crop Agricultural Meteorology, Farm machinery & Power Production & Engineering, Energy Science & Technology. Mechanlzatlc n

Plant Breeding & Genetics, Biotechnology, Entomology, Plant Pathology

Fruit Science, Vegetable Science, Floriculture &

Landscaping, Forestry & natural Resources, Food Science &

Technology, Processing & Food Engineering, foods &


, PAU Gold I ~edal In Crop

lmprovemen and

Protection .

PAU Gold Medal In,

Horticulture, Forestry, Value Ac dition and Nutrition.

Extension Education, Extension Education & Communication PAU Gold Medal in Management, Economics, Sociology, Business Agricultural Social Administration, Family · Resource Management, Human Sciences

Development end Family Studies, Apparef & TeXtlle Science

Chemistry, Biochemistry, Botany, Mlcroblology, Zoology. PAU Gold Medal in Basic Sciences


< ~-· ' ' r ~




1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.


8. 9.

Rules for Award of University Gold Medal In Ph.D. Programmes

The award shall be khown as "PAU-ICAR Gold Medal in - \

. .... : (Suf:>je,et to the approval of ICAR)

The medal shall be awarded at the Arfnual Convocation of the University.

Only those candidates who have obtained their degree during the calen ar year preceding to the year of the Award shall be eligible.

The candidate must have published/accepted at least one research paper fro Ph.D. rese_arch w~rk 'in a Jc;iumal having NAAS rating of more than 6.

The candidate must have obtained minimum OCPA of 8.00/10.00.

The candidate must not have registered for more than 8 semesters of stu ies for completing the C!ocloral programme. The candidate who has discontlnu their studies during this period will not be eligible. ·

The candidate· should not have obtained "F" grade in any credit course.

The candidate should not have.opted for S/US grades in credit courses oth r than deficiency courses and research in the Doctorate programme.

The student who improves the OCPA through compartment examination or t rough any other means shall not _be considered-eligible to compete for the medal:

10., A stud$nt who was placed on conduct probation/expelled from hostel or call ge or univers?ty/rusticated for any act of indiscipline shall not be eligible for the medal

11. In casd two or more candidates obtain the same score, the candidate with igher OCPA lat the end of the degree programme shall be entitled for the medaL I more than orye candidate has earned the same OCPA and the same score, then the ward shall be given to the student younger in age.

Scorecard '

1_ OCPA 45 marks

(The score for OCPA


be calculated


OCPA x 10 x 0.45) . 2. Thesis . .



3. Research Publications and Patents•·20 marks

Total· 100 marks

*Research Publications & Patents:

Agricultural Research Journal

>6<7 >7 < 8 >B < 9 >9 NAAS rating NAAS rating


rating NAAS rating 1 marks 3 + Impact Factor 4 + Impact Factor 5 + Impact Factor 6 + Impact Factor

. Patents flied/Software or Prototypes registered/models/methods/IPR option • 3 marks each ·





The Pean Post Graduate studies will post the circular in this regard on the unive ity website and to the Deans of the Constituent Colleges In the first week of November. Ellg ble

candidates need to apply for the award during December every year. The candidates- ill

s~bmit the application along with Provisional Degree Certificate, transcript of Ph D.,

p!blications and patents etc. In PDF format. ~pplicatlons will be screened and verified by he

c ncemed Heads of the Departments . .The score for . quality of research, based on

p sentation of.the thesis (out of 35 marks), will-be awarded by selection committee. he

e aluation reports of the external examiners may also be obtained from the Registrar, P U b the Dean, Postgraduate Studies to account a part of the above 35 marks of quality of

th sis. ·

Selection Procedure

The date of oral presentation shall be announced by the Dean Postgraduate Studi s at least three weeks in advance through web site as well as through circular to the Deans of

the constituent colleges. Head of the DepartmenVMajor Advisor will also inform-the applic nt .

about the date of presentation. After the presentations have been made, the committee sh II ·

award marks to each. candidate out of maximum .35 marks. The marks obtained by t e

candidates on the basis of the academic achievements (maximum 65 marks) shall not e

.avbilable to the m1:1rnbers of the evalu!itlon committee. After the committee has



m rk~ for the presentation (out of 35 marks), the Dean P~stgraduate Studies shall add t e

m rks obtained on the basis of academic achievements to the marks· scored throu h

pr sentatlon an;d the Committee shall place the score card of all the candidates along wi


its recommend~tions before the Academic Council for consideration of the award f

•p U-ICAR Golf Medal in Ph.D" ih each category.


comm tttee:

The Selection Committee for the award will be as under:

Dean Postgraduate Studies Deans of the respective Colleges Concerned Heads of the Departments Concerned Additional Dirc!ctor of Research Addltlonal Director of Extension Education

Concerned Dean PGs Nominee of College_

Chairperson Member Member Member Member Member



Application for the University Gold Medal in Ph.D. programme

in the field of ____________________________________________


Name of the student in full:


Admission No.:


Present Address:




Educational Qualifications

Sr. No.






Ph. D. completed on (Please enclose copy of Degree/PDC)


Title of Thesis


Name & Designation of Advisor


List of publications (Published/Accepted) that have arisen from Ph.D. Research work

Sr. No.

Title of the publication

NAAS rating

10. Patent filed/Software developed/Prototype registered/Models/Methods/Varieties/

IPR Options (if any), pl add proof.

Sr. No.



Certificate by the student:


12. Certificate by the advisor that the information submitted has been verified and true.



Recommending note by the Head of the Department.


14. Forwarding note by the Dean of the College.




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