What You Need to Know About Student Life in South Korea

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Research Interests

Critical study of schools as organizations, communities, and institutions in local/national and

global/comparative contexts; examination of leadership and education as portrayed in popular texts; public schooling as mechanism of social control.


July 2000 - present: Associate Professor of Education, College of Education, Department of Education Policy Studies, The Pennsylvania State University.

August 2002 – June 2003: Visiting Associate Professor, Graduate Institute of Elementary Education, National Pingtung Teachers University, Pingtung, Taiwan.

August 1994 - June 2000: Assistant Professor of Education, College of Education, Department of Education Policy Studies, The Pennsylvania State University.

July, 1990 - August 1994: Graduate Research Assistant, Ogburn-Stouffer Center for the Study of Population and Social Organization, National Opinion Research Center, The University of Chicago.

September, 1989 - July, 1990: Graduate Research Assistant, Midwest Administration Center and Center for School Improvement, The University of Chicago

October, 1985 - June, 1989: Mathematics Teacher, Detroit Public Schools, Detroit, MI.

January, 1976 - June, 1985: Mathematics/ Social Studies Teacher, Dearborn Public Schools, Dearborn, MI. Education

Ph.D. in Administrative, Institutional, and Policy Studies, Division of Social Sciences, The University of Chicago, June, 1994.

Master of Arts in Education, The University of Michigan-Dearborn, Rackham School of Graduate Studies, December, 1985.

Bachelor of Arts in Political Science (With Distinction), The University of Michigan, December, 1975. Recent Editorial Work

Editorial Board Member, Journal of School Leadership, 2006 to present.

Senior Associate Editor and Book Review Editor, American Journal of Education, May 2003 to present. Refereed Articles and Chapters

Shouse, Roger C. & Sun, Jinai. (Forthcoming). Friendly Habitat, Endangered Species: Ecological Theory and the Demise of a High School Mandarin Program. Educational Administration Quarterly. (First published on-line 10/12; http://eaq.sagepub.com/content/early/2012/10/05/0013161X12462386.abstract). Roger C. Shouse

Associate Professor of Education The Pennsylvania State University

200 Rackley Building University Park, PA 16803 rcs8@psu.edu


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Recent Presentations, Lectures, and Discussions

Shouse, R. (2013, March). Organizational Learning and Taiwan School Reform. Paper presentation, meeting of the Comparative and International Education Society, New Orleans, LA.

Invited lecture, Remembering Ivan Illich, panel/forum, Penn State University, Dec. 3, 2012. “Deschooling.”

Invited speaker, Global Human Resources Forum, Seoul, Korea, Nov. 4, 2011. “Fostering Creativity in Schools: Problems and Opportunities.” (Also delivered at the Korean Educational Development Institute, Nov. 5, 2011.)

Invited speaker, Seoul National University, Division of Education, Nov. 2, 2011. “Educational Reform in Different Cultural and Institutional Contexts.”

Sun, J., & Shouse, R. (2011, May). Barriers to multicultural initiatives: The case of Mandarin and Arabic foreign language in an American high school. Paper presentation, meeting of the Comparative and International Education Society, Montreal, Canada.

Sun, J., & Shouse, R. (2010, March). Can Chinese fever exist in America? A question of habitat. Paper presentation, meeting of the Comparative and International Education Society, Chicago, IL.

Chiang, Y., & Shouse, R. (2010, May). Between respect and devotion: Taiwanese teachers' perceptions of job satisfaction and attitudes toward educational reforms. Paper presentation, meeting of the American Educational Research Association, Denver, CO.

Chiu, Y., & Shouse, R. (2009, October). Exploring the links between personality traits, professional stress, and coping strategies among mentor teachers in Taiwan. Paper presentation, meeting of the Asian

Conference on Education, Osaka, Japan.

Keynote Speaker, 2008 International Conference on Education Management, National Pingtung University of Education, Pingtung, Taiwan. Understanding the Limits of School Reform: A Cultural Perspective.

(With Lee, Soojeong) Family Culture and College Choice: A study of South Korean Students in the U.S.. Presented at American Educational Research Association, New York, NY, March 2008. Academic Press Revisited: Balancing Rigor and Freedom In American Schools. Invited paper

presentation, Waterbury Summit on Secondary Education, University Park, PA, June, 2007. (With Lee, Soojeong) Prestige Oriented Views of College Entrance and Shadow Education in South

Korea: Factors Influencing Parent Expenditures on Private Tutoring. Paper presentation, Annual meeting, American Educational Research Organization, International Studies SIG, April, 2007 Invited discussant, IEA International Research Conference, International Association for the Evaluation

of Educational Achievement, Washington, D.C., November, 2006. Grants, Awards, and Nominations


Course Development Grant, “Comparative Educational Leadership: Taiwan.” Penn State College of Education, Office of International Programs, January – June, 2010.

Travel/Research Grant, “Taiwan School Leadership.” Penn State Office of International Programs. January – June, 2010.

William L. Boyd Mentoring Award, received from Education Policy Studies Student

Association, May, 2010

Freshman Student Teaching Excellence Award, Penn State Residence Life, 2008. Nominated for Penn State Excellence in Advising Award, 2006.

Nominated for Penn State Excellence in Teaching Award, 2003.

Research Grant, "School Restructuring and its Differential Impact across School Socio-economic Context." American Educational Research Association, June 1998 - May 1999.

Susan Colver-Rosenberger Prize for "constructive and original research at the dissertation level." Awarded by The University of Chicago, Department of Education, June 1997.

Spencer Post-Doctoral Fellowship, National Academy of Education, June 1995.




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