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temperature, From 1970 and with PERSONAL SKILLS Mother tongue Italian Driving licence Other languages English excellent excellent German fair fair


Academic year: 2021

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P ED PERSONAL IN WORK DUCATION A JOB A NFORMATIO EXPERIENC AND TRAININ APPLIED FO 2012 – no 2008 – no 2007 – no 2001 – 200 1979 – 198 1978 – 200 1970 - 197 196 ON

Pier E

pe ww Sex Ma CE NG OR Semico semicon Senior i • hig (loc • pho sys Special „ „ ow CTO VI ow CTO FE ow 07 87 01 78 Consult Founde Ansaldo Ansaldo Ansaldo 69 Doctor

Enrico ZAN

zani@pzconv ww.pzconverte ale | Date of b onductor and e nductors. industry expe h power sem comotives, me otovoltaic sola stems experience: photovoltaic silicon and t high-power power conv ISPA srl (silve ERRANIASO tant and Foun er and Genera o SpA: Manag o SpA: Manag o SpA: High P in Physics – U


verters.com ers.com birth 16/02/19 electronic ind ert in technolo iconductors m etro rolling mi ar cells manuf reliability ana c solar cells

thin film depos semiconduct ersion system er printing sola LIS srl (pv mo nder of PZCO al Manager of ger of Photov ger of Semico Power Semico University of G 945 | Nationali ustry expert: gy and design manufacturing ills, etc..) facturing facto lysis of and modules sition systems tors compone ms ar paste) odules) ONVERTERS f POSEICO S voltaic Activity onductors Un onductor Tech Genoa - Italy ity Italian photovoltaic s n of productio g and related

ories and rela

s realised bo s (amorphous ents and rela

srl S.p.A.


hnical Respon

solar cells and

on line of: electronics ap ated applicatio

oth with mul s silicon, CIGS ated applicatio nsibility d high power pplication ons in outdoo ti-mono cryst S, CIG and C ons in traction r talline CdTe) n and


O PERS ADDITIONAL Com Organisational / SONAL SKILL L INFORMATIO From 197 Mother tongu Other languag Engli Germa Fre Span mmunication sk managerial sk Job-related sk Other sk Driving licenc Projec LS ON 70 The the includin cryostat electron While w I was le and with ue Italian es Lis sh ex an nch nish ills ▪ good c ills . leaders ills ▪ good c ills ▪ Reliabi ce ▪ B cts Europe

esis was deali ng all technolo t, resistivity an nics and semi working in Ans eader of many h EU Photovo UNDERSTAN stening xcellent fair communication ship of a group command of qu

lity and durabil

an Projects (B ng with Solid ogies related t nd thermome iconductor tec saldo, I took p y R&D progra oltaic and Tra

NDING Reading excellent fair fair fair skills gained th of 60-100 peop

ality control pro

ity issues BRITE progra State Physic to that range o etry measurem chnologies fo part in many m ams with Italia

nsportation p Spoken in excel fai hrough my expe ple ocesses (curren am), managed s, condensed of temperatur ments). I subs r the large are management n Universities rograms. SPEAKING teraction Spo llent ir erience as sale ntly responsible d by Dr. Zani f d matter at low res (supercon sequently spe ea semicondu courses and s, Italian Minis oken production excellent fair es manager

e for quality aud

for Ansaldo o w temperature nductivity, vac ecialized in uctors sector. R&D program stry of Resear WRITING excellen fair dit) or Poseico: e, cuum, ms. rch G nt


1994 1996 2001 powe 4-1997 COM 6-1998 RAPS semic -2003 HIMR modu er semiconducto RADE (Compr SDRA (Reliabili conductors use RATE ( High tem ules for railway

or device manu ressed Reliabili ity of advanced ed in railway tra mperature IGBT traction and au ufacture ty Determinatio d high power action) T and MOSFET utomotive applic on) Bertin, Sieme R&S, T cation) Sieme Ferraz , etc.

ens R&S,. Eupe Mittel, FS, SNC ens R&S, Fiat, I z, Eletrovac, eu

ec, ABB CF, DB, etc

Infineon, upec, etc.


Seleccted Publications High po Zani, P.E. “The evol applicazio Zani, P.E. on traction Physics a Fratelli, W power sem Railway R Pirondi, G Press-Pa on Solid S Pirondi, G og IGBTs Camera, character (Switzerla M. Portes power dev Genova; F E. Gorbia deep leve INFM (Isti P. E. Zani di trasport 2003 Photovo 1. Ag-BA M. PRUD Departme L. SARDI Ansaldo U (Received Active and 2. SOME CELLS L. SARDI Divisione C. CANA Istituto Ele P. DAVOL Istituto di V. VALBU Istituto di (Received Solar Cell 3. MODU DELLA TE Pier Enric Pzconver FERRAN ower semicond , Fasce, G. Ferla ution of power de oni dell’elettronica , F. Bifulco, F. Fa n vehicle failure a and Analysis” , Gla W. Nerozzi, M. Zav miconductor used Research, Firenze G. Nicoletto, P. Co cked IGBT” , MR State Electronics G. Nicoletto, P. Co for Press-Packin C.Crovetto, F.Fas rization of High Po and), 1999. sine, P.E. Zani, P.

vices using proto February 2001 a, R. Mosca, M. P el and simulation ituto Nazionale F i, F. Fasce, M. Po to: stato dell’arte

oltaic activity:

ASED THICK-FILM DENZIATI, L. MOR ent of Physics, Un USE, Genova, Ita d April 14, 1988; i d Passive Elec. C FEATURES OF and S. BARGIO Elettronica Indus LI ettrotecnico, Univ LI and M. PRUDE Fisica, Università USA Fisica, Università d January 5, 1983 ls, 11 (1984) 51 – ULI FOTOVOLTAI EMPERATURA N co ZANI rters and IASOLIS srl 201 ductors: a, S. Musumeci, “ evices: from thyris a nella trazione” F sce, M. Pasquale analysis”, 5th ESR asgow (UK), 199 varella, A. Camer d in railway tracti e, 1997. ova, M. Portesine RS 97’ Power Sem Vol. 42, No.12, p ova, M. Portesine ng” , MRS 98’ Pow sce, M. Pasquale ower press-packe Pampili. M. Mari on irradiation tech Portesine, P. Pam

of the effect of life Fisica della Materi ortesine, P. Pamp 2003 ” Convegno M FRONT META RO, B. MORTEN niversity of Mode aly

in final form June Comp., 1989, Vol THICK FILM TE ONI striale, Ansaldo, G versità di Bari, Ba ENZIATI à di Modena, Mod à di Genova, Gen 3; accepted Augu – 67 ICI: DIAGRAMM NEL CICLO GIO 12 “L’evoluzione dei stors to MOS-GT Firenze, (I), 1989 etti, M. Portesine REF European S 94. ra, M. Pasqualett on: the European e, M. Pasqualetti. miconductor Mate pp.2303-2307, 19 e, M. Pasqualetti, wer Semiconduc etti, M. Portesine, ed IGBT”, EPE 9 nelli, P.G. Fuochi hnique” Silicon W mpili, P.E. Zani, M etime reduction in ia), Genova; Feb pili, “Componenti o AEI Elettronica ALLIZATION OF N, F. SIROTTI ena, Italy e 10, 1988) l. 13, pp. 133-150 ECHNOLOGY FO Genoa (Italy) ari (Italy) dena (Italy) noa (Italy) ust 26, 1983) A EMPIRICO DE RNO-NOTTE componenti di po TO”) Giornate di s ,; “High power se Symposium on Re ti, M. Portesine, P n Project RAPSD P.E. Zani “Therm erial and Devices 998

P.E. Zani, A. Cam ctor Material and

, P.E. Zani, G.Bot 99’- Power Electro i, M. Lavalle, M. B Workshop , INFM ( . Bianconi, P. Co n proton irradiate bruary 2002 elettronici di alta di potenza nei si SILICON SOLAR 0 OR THE BACK M ELLA DURATA IN

otenza: dal tiristo studio “Lo stato d emiconductor relia eliability of Electro P. E. Zani, “Relia DRA”, WCCR 97’ mo-mechanical s s, Boston (USA), mera, “FE-Model Devices, Boston tto, S. Tenconi, “E onics and Applica Bianconi “Axial lif (Istituto Nazionale ova, R. Menozzi “C ed Si p-i-n diodes” a potenza ed alta istemi di trasporto R CELLS METALLIZATION N FUNZIONE DE re al MOS-GTO” ell’arte delle ability evaluation ron Devices Failu bility of advanced - World Congress simulation of a mu 1997; also publis ing and physical

(USA), 1998. Electrical and the ations, Lausanne ftime control in hig e Fisica della Ma Characterization ” Silicon Worksho affidabilità per sis o: Bologna; Mar OF SOLAR ELLA VARIAZION ” (Trad: based re d high s on ultichip shed testing rmal e gh ateria), of op , stemi rzo NE


Ce I, t and Hig sem Se Sin and cha In wa I w the she I m ma Ele In Fin Fro pow ertification: he undersign d my career gh Power Sem miconductors emiconduttori. nce 1980, my d design of t argers and ac 1980 I design as mono and was also invol e Volcano and

elter for Italian maintained th anagers, foun ectronic Comp 2007 I left P nemme) and I om 2012 I a

wder and scre


ned, certify tha in Ansaldo S miconductor a s in Ansaldo y capabilities the PV arrays ccumulator ar ned and cons multi-crystalli ved in the de d Tremiti islan n national res he full respon nded a private ponents. POSEICO S.p I am now Chie am also Chie een-printing p malaya K2 (550 at to the best S.p.A., one of activity with te o and, from have covered s and of inve rrays) to the s structed the fir ine silicon wa esign, product nds pv system search centre nsibility (inclu e company, PO p.A to found a ef Technology ef Technology paste for PV a 00 meter altitu t of my know f the world’s l echnical resp that date o

d all the tech erters, section static structure rst production afer (squared tion and cons ms and produ CNR (Photo) uding Quality OSEICO S.p and design t y Officer. y Officier of V applications. ude) shelter wi wledge and be leading integr ponsibility. Up n, I had the nical aspects ning of the pla es, the safety n line of photo 100x100 mm struction of se

uced and tes ). y Control and .A., maintainin he new phot VISPA srl (Fin ith pv modules elief, these da rated electrom to 1978, I wa e full respon s of the plant, ant, grid conn

issues and te ovoltaic solar m top dimensio everal photov sted the pv m d Safety) up ng as core bu tovoltaic facto nemme and V s made by dr. ata correctly d mechanical e as in charge nsibility of th

from the ele nection, dime esting.

cells and mod on at that time voltaic power modules (doub to 2001, wh usiness the H ory of FERRA Vismunda srl) Pier Enrico Za describes me engineering g of developing he Business ectric enginee ensioning and dules in Italy. e) plants. I desi ble glass) for

hen, togethe High Power Se ANIASOLIS s ), a brand ne ani in Ansaldo e, my qualifica roup, foundin g the technolo Unit called ering (dimensi d design of b The material

gned and ins the Himalaya r with three emiconductor srl (Messina g ew activity in o, 1985 ations ng the ogy of Unità ioning battery l used stalled an K2 other rs and group Silver


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