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2 Why we strive to be the best 3

Why we strive to be the best

Growing Stronger

Allcott Hire Pty Ltd is one of Australia’s largest privately owned hire companies. With a passion for quality service and a strong community spirit, Allcott Hire is committed to being Australia’s leading equipment hire company.

We employ over 200 staff and have in excess of 30 locations in NSW, QLD, ACT and Victoria. Over the past 12 months, we have merged and integrated four companies into one, which enables us to better serve our customers and provide a very extensive range of equipment and services across the Group.

Allcott Hire services The Hunter Region, Newcastle, Central Coast, Sydney and Wollongong in NSW; Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast in Queensland, ACT and surrounding areas, and Melbourne in Victoria. Our future plans include more Victorian branches along with Perth, Adelaide, Darwin and Tasmania.

Allcott Hire has been trading for over twenty five years- formerly as Active Hire Group, and our future is now consolidated. After the recent restructure, Allcott Hire has identified several new opportunities for expansion, which will roll out over the coming months. We are committed to growth and expansion.

Our range of equipment, already one of the most diverse in the industry, is constantly expanding to cater to our growing customer base in construction, building maintenance, traffic management, compaction, excavation, access equipment, industrial products and our DIY customers, and their ever changing needs.

We pride ourselves on providing the very best service and value for money to all our customers, and with over 30 locations throughout NSW, Queensland, ACT and Victoria, we’re never too far away!

Mike Cotter

Managing Director

We pride ourselves on providing the very best service

and value for money, to all our customers!


For further information visit: www.allcotthire.com.au


Small Compaction

For use with gravel and asphalt compaction, light construction and maintenance. Often used on roadways, driveways, car parks, sports fields and landscaping.

Available Products

1.5 Tonne Double Smooth Drum Roller 2.5 Tonne Double Smooth Drum Roller 3.5 Ton Foot Roller

4 Tonne Smooth Drum / Pad Foot Roller 5 Tonne Smooth Drum / Pad Foot Roller Remote Control Trench Roller

Large Compaction

Used for larger applications such as heavy construction, major road works and motorway construction. Our extensive range of heavy compaction rollers come with enclosed cabs and are air conditioned for operator comfort.

Available Products

8 Tonne Smooth Drum / Pad Foot Roller 12 Tonne Smooth Drum / Pad Foot Roller 15 Tonne Smooth Drum / Pad Foot Roller 15 Tonne Smooth Drum VIO Roller 18 Tonne Pad Foot Roller

20 Tonne Smooth Drum / Pad Foot Roller 20 Tonne Multi Tyre Roller

Allcott Hire stocks a large range of rollers, excavators, bobcats and light compaction equipment to suit the requirements of civil and excavation companies as well as government departments and landscaping contractors.

Compaction & Excavation




These tough and durable machines are a must have for most building sites. Used for lifting and shifting materials, levelling sites, spreading soil and materials, ripping, digging and boring, and much more. Our small Bobcats are ideal for landscapers and small tight sites whilst our large Bobcats are strong enough to tackle the biggest of tasks.

Available Products

Small – 1.5 Tonne Large – 2.5 Tonne

Bobcat Sweeper Attachment


Excavators come in a range of sizes and can be used in many different applications. All of our excavators are designed to make light work of the toughest jobs and are serviced to the highest standard to ensure efficiency. A large variety of buckets and accessories compliment the various sizes available.

Available Products

1.6 Tonne

Hammer Attachment - 1.6 Tonne 3.5 Tonne

Hammer Attachment - 3.5 Tonne 4 Tonne, 5 Tonne, 8 Tonne Grader

In addition we stock

excavators from

1.5 Tonnes to 8 Tonnes

with many attachments

to cater for your

specific needs.

Compaction and Excavation


6 For further information visit: www.allcotthire.com.au

Portable Buildings

Allcott Hire can boast one of the youngest stocks of portable buildings in the hire industry. Our ranges of temporary buildings cater for all site requirements and can be adapted to suit many applications.

Available Products Available in

Site Office Small: 3.6m x 2.4m Medium: 4.8m x 2.4m Large: 6.0m x 2.4 Meal Room Change Room First Aid Shed

Ablution Blocks

Ablution Blocks can be supplied with tanks or can be connected to a sewer and are suitable for worksites, events, shutdowns or any instance where temporary facilities are required.

Available Products Available in

Ablution Blocks Small: 3.6m x 2.4m Large: 6.0m x 2.4

With one of the largest fleets of portable toilets in Australia, Allcott Hire has you covered when you need to provide temporary facilities for your site or function. Allcott Hire now stocks a large range of portable buildings including site sheds, lunch sheds, change rooms, first aid sheds &

Portable Site Accommodation



Portable Toilets

Widely used across many applications such as residential construction, public events, trade shows, maintenance shutdowns and general construction sites. Toilets are serviced on weekly or fortnightly intervals or as per requirements. Allcott Hire has one of Australia’s largest and modern portable toilet fleets.

Available Products

Full Function Portable Toilet Sewer Connect Toilet Trailer Mounted Toilet Disabled Toilet Portable Shower Unit


Suitable for secure storage on construction sites. Can be delivered via tilt tray or a Hiab can be used to place in position.

Available Products Available in

Containers Small: 3.6m x 2.4mLarge: 6.0m x 2.4

Our full range of portable toilets

and buildings are amongst the

newest in the industry and we

pride ourselves on maintaining and

servicing your facilities better than

any other provider in the market.

Ablution Blocks and can deliver and pick up from site. From a stand alone site shed to a large site compound, Allcott Hire has you covered.

Portable Site Accommodation


8 For further information visit: www.allcotthire.com.au

Rubbish Chutes

Rubbish chutes are an easy way to transport rubbish and debris from any level of a building. They are able to be attached to scaffold, windows, slabs and can be counterweighted. There are multiple opening points for various floors and hoppers for the top of the chute.

Temporary Fencing

Widely used throughout the construction industry, temporary fencing can also be used for public events, surrounding pits and holes or as a security barrier for building sites.


Variety of cages include gas cage, rescue cage, brick cage, man lift cage, fork truck cage.

Do you have some BIG power requirements? Need a large pump? Need a fence, a prop or a rubbish chute? Allcott Hire Industrial is here to help with all of these products and more. Already our industrial division services many large customers including rail and road authorities, large

Industrial & Power Generation

Water Carts

500L and 1000L carts are available. 500L tanks can be trailer or ute mounted. Best used for dusty construction sites, road works, remote watering and fire fighting.



Power Generation

Large range of silenced diesel generators are suitable for construction, mining, infrastructure, events, site power, shutdowns and TV productions. Most come with multiple outlets both single and 3 phase. All distribution boards are available in various sizes.

Available Products

4.5kVa Diesel Generator 100 kVa Diesel Generator 10 kVa Diesel Generator 200 kVa Diesel Generator 20 kVa Diesel Generator 250 kVa Diesel Generator 40 kVa Diesel Generator 375 kVa Diesel Generator 50 kVa Diesel Generator 1250 kVa Diesel Generator 60 kVa Diesel Generator Distribution Boards 75 kVa Diesel Generator Leads and Accessories


Available Products Available in

Strong Boy Props

Designed to hold and support walls whilst working underneath Titan Props Designed to hold up to eight times the load as a

steel acrow prop

As one of the newest

divisions in the Allcott Hire

network, we are constantly

expanding our range of

products to cater for your

growing needs.

construction companies, production companies and many more. Now established in NSW, ACT, Queensland and Victoria, our Industrial divisions can make any big job seem small!

Industrial & Power Generation


10 For further information visit: www.allcotthire.com.au

Lighting Towers

Allcott Hire’s lighting towers have been designed and manufactured for use in applications including construction, industrial, road works and civil works. The compact

durable design of our towers are the preferred choice for infrastructure such as rail, road, water and energy.

Available Products

4000w Lighting Tower 6000w Lighting Tower

VMS Boards

Widely used by councils, road authorities, traffic

management companies, retail and for public or sporting events, variable message signs come in various sizes and configurations. Messages can be updated remotely and given the portable nature of these signs, you can get your message out to almost anywhere.

Available Products

Small VMS Board - 200 Medium VMS Board - 300 Large VMS Board - 400 Double VMS Board Radar Message Board

Allcott Hire is one of Australia’s leading suppliers of traffic management equipment to the government and private sectors. Allcott Hire has an enormous range of specialist equipment designed specifically for the traffic control industry. Some of our range includes lighting towers, variable message boards, road liners, traffic signs and water filled barriers. We employ experienced

Traffic Management



Arrow Boards & Traffic Lights

Both used mainly by traffic control companies for roadworks or public events, our traffic lights and arrow boards are solar powered making them very low maintenance. They are also towable making them very flexible. They are able to withstand all weather types and both are very easy to set up and operate.

Road Plates

Road plates come in various sizes from 1.2M x 1.8M to 3.0M and beyond. Used for covering excavated holes/pits, protecting driveways and as traction control for muddy/soft worksites/zones. Able to withstand several tonnes of weight depending on size.

Rumble Grids

Our Rumble grids are able to be pinned together and come in sizes of 3.0M x 2.4M and 3.0M x 3.6M. They are designed to Australian standards to effectively open the tread of the tyre for maximum removal of dirt and mud from cars and trucks.

Crowd Control - Pedestrian Barriers - Bike Rack Fencing

Excellent for events and for directing or barricading

pedestrians, our pedestrian barriers come in solid steel frame (bike rack fencing) and hard plastic panels. Both are relatively light weight and easy to move and are widely used for sporting events, expos, concerts and for public transport stations during large events.

Roadliner and Triton Crash Barriers

Water filled barriers are used to provide a more substantial barrier in circumstances such as road works (speed limits apply and may vary depending on region). These barriers are also used as a stronger deterrent for pedestrian control and with the addition of barrier fencing can provide extra protection whilst working around holes or pits.

Traffic Management

staff who understand the nature of the dynamic traffic industry and can respond

to your requirements when and where you need them. Our fleet is amongst the youngest in Australia and is maintained to the highest of standards to ensure it performs brilliantly at all times, day or night.

Traffic Management

Ground Protection Mats

Ideal for protecting grass and landscapes from pedestrian and light machinery / vehicles. Also used to protect cables and leads from damage.


12 For further information visit: www.allcotthire.com.au

Allcott Hire boasts one of the widest ranges of hire equipment in Australia. If there

is a piece of equipment you require, you can bet Allcott Hire will have it. That is why

thousands of customers rely on Allcott Hire everyday for everything from a pump to

a jack hammer or an angle grinder to a possum trap! We really do have it all and with

Air Compressors and Tools

Our wide range of air compressors cater to all requirements and vary in size from 2 CFM to 390 CFM. They are available in petrol, electric or diesel depending on the size and the type you require. We also stock a large range of hoses, attachments and air powered tools.

Available Products

75 – 390 CFM Compressors Large range of Air Tools Hoses and Accessories

Cleaning Equipment

Soap it, blast it, scrub it, sweep it or suck it up! It’s all here. No matter how big the mess, we’ve have the tools to make light work of the clean up.

Available Products

Electric Pressure Washers Petrol Pressure Washers Power Heads

Hot Water Pressure Washers Industrial Vacuum Cleaners

Concrete Tools

Working with concrete can be frustrating, expensive and dangerous, so it is important to have the right tools for the job. Our range of concrete equipment covers all aspects of concrete including grinding, cutting, drilling, levelling and of course laying. We also stock a large range of diamond tools to compliment our concrete equipment.

Available Products

350mm and 400mm Quick Cut Saws Brick Saws Floor Grinders Finishing Tools Core Drills General Hire

General Hire



General Hire

over 30 branches located in Queensland, NSW and Victoria we can get it to you fast and

on budget.

Demolition Equipment

Allcott Hire is one of Australia’s top hire equipment providers to the demolition industry. Our range of products are tough and durable enough to withstand the demanding nature of demolition, which is why many of Australia’s leading demolition companies rely exclusively on Allcott Hire for tools and equipment.

Available Products

Electric and Air Powered Breakers Demolition Saws

Hammer Attachments for Excavators 2 Tonne Tipper

Landscaping & Gardening

Allcott Hire has a huge range of equipment for the landscaping contractor. With one of the largest ranges of mini excavators, dingo’s/kanga’s, trenchers, rotary hoes and many other commercial grade equipment for the landscaping and gardening industry.

Available Products

Mini Loaders - (Dingo / Kanga) Trenchers Rotary Hoes Plate Compactors

Other Items

Available Products Electric Tools Ladders Pumps Trailers Welders General Hire


14 For further information visit: www.allcotthire.com.au

Need to get up high?

Available Products Available in

Scissor Lifts Electric 19 Foot Electric 20 Foot Electric 26 Foot Electric 32 Foot Diesel 26 Foot Diesel 32 Foot Diesel 40 Foot Knuckle Booms 34 Foot Electric/Diesel 40 Foot Electric 45 Foot Electric 51 Foot Diesel 60 Foot Diesel

One Man Lift

Electric 20 Foot Manual 30 Foot

Towable Cherry Pickers

12 Metre 15 Metre

Allcott Hire’s access division has a large range of modern access equipment for every requirement. All of our scissor lifts, knuckle booms, boom Lifts and man-lifts are expertly maintained to ensure perfect reliability. If you are not sure what you need, take advantage of our site inspection service where one of our industry experts will visit your site and advise the most appropriate machine for your job.

Mechanical Access



Forklifts & Telehandlers

Designed to load or unload trucks, containers or warehouses our range of forklifts are strong and reliable. Long term hire rates are available. Fast becoming an essential for every building site, telehandlers are able to work in most environments no matter what the terrain.

Available Products Available in

Fork Lifts 2.5 Tonne Container Mast (LPG) 3 Tonne (LPG) Telehandlers 2.5 Tonne Telehandler 2.5 Tonne Rough Terrain Buggy Fork Accessories Rotator Side Shift Container Ramps Man Cage Fork Jib Extension Tines 4 in 1 Bucket Sweeper

Aluminium Scaffolds is a specialised provider of scaffolding solutions to all industries and are proud to be part of the Allcott Hire family. With over 25 years of experience and a dedicated team of industry professionals, Aluminium Scaffolds are the obvious choice to assist with your tricky access requirements.

Scaffolds are available for Hire and Sale - Phone: 02 9648 4240

Material Handling/


Aluminium Scaffolds



BRENDALE Unit 1-2, 36 Deakin St Ph: (07) 3852 6546

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COOLUM 11-19 South Coolum Rd Ph: (07) 5446 1644

LABRADOR 332-338 Brisbane Rd Ph: (07) 5500 5545

MAROOCHYDORE 10 Kayleigh Dr (Buderim) Ph: (07) 5443 7455

NOOSA 18 Eenie Creek Rd Ph: (07) 5449 8711

ROCKLEA 1468A Ipswich Rd Ph: (07) 3710 6300


ALEXANDRIA 72 Collins St Ph: (02) 9310 3100 ARTARMON 62 Whiting St Ph: (02) 9906 4766

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BROOKLYN 580 Grieve Pde Ph: (03) 9315 5700

OAKLEIGH SOUTH 1033 Centre Rd Ph: (03) 9579 2722


ALUMINIUM SCAFFOLDS 174 Adderley St, Auburn NSW 2144 Ph: (02) 9648 4240 Fax: (02) 9648 5217


Unit 26B, 1 Maitland Place, Norwest Business Park, Baulkham Hills, NSW 2153 PO Box 7424 Baulkham Hills, NSW 2153 Ph: (02) 8848 2200 Fax: (02) 8848 2280


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